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011 - Pula and protecting smallholder farmers through insurance

On this episode, Vikas sits down with Rose Goslinga, Founder and CEO of Pula. Pula is the first Venture Lab company that is providing agricultural insurance to smallholder farmers around the world. Rose explains how she identified the crucial need for insurance to help protect farmers from droughts, floods and pests, and ultimately live more secure lives. Through Pula, Rose helps to mitigate risks to farmers and provide them with farming advice so that their customers “can be the best...


010 - Lidya and Tech Enabled Lending for Small Businesses in Nigeria

On this episode, Vikas sits down with Tunde Kehinde, Founder and CEO of Lidya. Lidya has created a mobile and online platform which allows small businesses to apply for financing, get assessed and receive capital in 1 day or less. Tunde explains how his background and prior startup experience led him to found Lidya, and how he is building a scalable fintech platform that “can deliver a solution…that makes sense for the small business owner”.


009 - First Circle and Expanding Access to Credit for SMEs in the Philippines

On this episode, Vikas sits down with Patrick Lynch, Founder and CEO of First Circle. First Circle uses an all-digital process to lend at scale to small businesses in the Philippines that have historically been ignored by banks. Patrick explains how technology is allowing him to lower the cost of servicing his clients, and how he is building a scalable and impactful business where “every dollar of revenue made is a function of their clients winning.”


008 – RevolutionCredit and Proving the Future is Not the Past

On this episode, Vikas sits down with Zaydoon Munir, Founder and CEO of RevolutionCredit. RevolutionCredit helps consumers who might otherwise be denied access to loan products prove their creditworthiness to lending institutions by using tutorial videos and simple financial quizzes. Zaydoon shares how RevolutionCredit’s unique model allows financial institutions to look beyond past performance to gauge someone’s likelihood to pay a loan in the future.


007 – Kopo Kopo and Building on the Rails of Mobile Money in Kenya

On this episode, Vikas sits down with Ken Kinyua, CEO of Kopo Kopo. Kopo Kopo was the world’s first platform for helping small businesses accept mobile payments, and has since expanded its offering to include an unsecured merchant cash advance product called Grow. Ken tells Vikas all about the FinTech environment in Kenya, the evolution of Kopo Kopo and how the startup world has changed his life.