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Prep - Post Mortem Arc 1

This is the first of a series of Post Mortem episodes in which Nik and Ben go over how the previous arc went, what is coming up, and what they learned. We go over highlights from the past 4 actual play episodes, as well as do just a little world building. We also get into how Forbidden Lands actually plays, and how our players felt in the first arc of this campaign. We tend to trade GMing respnsibilities in each arc, so beginning next week, Ben will be taking over for the next story...


Play - And You Were Okay With That?

The Grey Earls are left to clean up their mess after the first with the Rust Brothers. Eramis has a showdown. Hardar gets to know a Sister of Heme. and Olex gets a new permanent roommate. The Earls get a chance to explore the Hollows. Music by Meydän:


Play - Fight First, Questions Later

The Grey Earls engage in their first combat in the Forbidden Lands. Listen as they stumble through mechanics, make questionable decisions, and in the case of Stek, try and run away for a solid 45 minutes unsuccessfully. Addison snipes from the trees, Olex gets a spear in the back, and more on this episode of “Adventures In…” Music by Meydän:


Play - Of Iron and Fire

In this second episode of the actual play season of Adventures In… the Grey Earls get to know the rust brothers, free and elf, and get into a fight most people would call unwise. Adventures In… is a podcast about all parts of role playing games. “Prep” episodes are devoted to the Co-DMs getting ready for their sessions together, and “Play” episodes are actual play with their weekly group. Set in Free League’s RPG system “Forbidden Lands,” this podcast will take you on an adventure with...


Actual Play

In this episode “Adventures In…” goes actual play! Join Nik and Ben in the Forbidden Lands with their players as they begin their campaign. Join Stek the peddler, Adison the hunter, Voss the fighter, Hardar the rouge, Eramis the wizard, and Olex the tied up elf as they set out on a journey unlike any other. Nik DMs this first week, and our players come face to face with the Rust Brothers…


The final prepisode

In this final episode of prep Nik and Ben mostly tie up some loose ends. The exciting news is here! In the show notes! The next full-length podcast will be the start an actual-play campaign set in the Forbidden Lands. Our players that we have built this world for will join us in exploring it. In the mean time, thank you for joining us to this point! More Adventures are just on the horizon…


Nuts and Bolts

In which Nik and Ben ramble on about a few odds and ends about their game including quest design and coordination, starting cities, and how to share a character. This is the penultimate episode in our preparation series. Episodes have been getting few and far between and we switch gears into actual story planning, and we don’t want to spoil anything!


Final Faction Frontier

In our final faction pitch episode Nic and Ben hammer out the details of a few smaller factions. They talk about the horse riding people of the Quards and Galdanes, as well as the Order of the Maiden in Free League’s Forbidden Lands. We also want to apologize for the delay in this episode. Ben had significant computer issues that led to cancelled recording sessions, issues retrieving the file for edit after a successful recording, and just general headaches. All is well now though, and more...


Fast Pitch: Four Factions for the Price of One

The third episode is a series of faction pitches in which Nik and Ben flesh out the history of the Forbidden Lands and the factions that occupy the Ravenlands. After two episodes of very depth pitches Nik and Ben manage to give brief pitches, covering four factions in one hour! Ben is pitching the Congregation of the Serpent, and the Halflings and Goblins. Nik pitches the Raven Sisters, and the Redrunners. These episodes are all about building fascinating foundations for amazing stories to...


Orc Society Pitch

In this episode Nik pitches his ideas for a new description of Orc society in the Forbidden Lands. In a previous episode Nik mentioned wanting to change the Orcs wholesale to make sure the Orcs had personhood from the very beginning and make playing an Orc more appealing to our group. This is the second in a series of faction pitches where Nik and Ben go back and forth fleshing out the world our players will explore when our campaign starts.


Nobody Pitches a Dwarf

This is the first episode in a series where Nik and Ben take turns pitching their ideas for factions in their Forbbiden Lands campaign. This series will be ongoing for until all the factions have been outlined and major NPCs introduced. In this episode Ben pitches his vision for the dwarves in Forbbiden Lands, and Nik asks a lot of good questions. Also, Ben appologizes for calling the dwarves boring in a previous episode, they are extremely interesting.


Tools of the Game Master

In this episode Nik and Ben talk about the tools they use to plan and run their games. Ever want to know about the tools to run games online? They talk about that. Looking for ways to organize your game? They talk about that. Want to know which tools help plan a game with a co-GM? Well yes, they talk about that too. A game master needs a robust tools box, and this episode is a guide to starting your toolbox to run games, record your games, and play games online.


Diversity in the Forbidden Lands

Ben and Nik discuss Emerald City Comic Con, Diversity in the Forbidden Lands, and factions in their campaign.


The Forbidden Lands

Ben and Nik go over the details of the Forbidden Lands RPG system.