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Ep 40: A Grand Finale with All The Feelings

How do we say goodbye in the grandest of ways? We voyage to a land of flashbacks, jinglecrafts and one of our shamefully-favorite childhood TV shows. Let's just say we'll all be Saved by The Good Advice. With the help of a special guest, our producer & editor, Juliet Hinely, we’ve made you a super nostalgic thank you note, so you’ll never forget us! Our episode references in this show: Peach Christ in “Ep 27: Peaches Christ & Veruca Bathsalts—mothering a cultural scene”...


Ep 39: Architecting an Artful Exit

Is it possible to leave a job with grace, respect, and a feeling of success? This episode explores how to quit your job well. Thanks to a listener letter from Architecting an Artful Exit, we dive into the emotions, the logistics, and the conversations required to make an elegant exit. We’ll even sing you a never-ending song that will motivate you to practice (endings). Today’s guest is a creative career advice podcast celeb. Kathleen Shannon is one half of the duo behind the wildly popular...


Ep 38: Frustrated Sugar Mama with Dr. Sue Johnson

What do you do when you’re dreaming big, but your partner is just snoozing? What if you feel bitter about footing the bill, but your long-term relationship isn’t budging? This episode explores relationship questions that affect so many couples: How do we understand ourselves and our mates? How do we truly communicate in a relationship? Thanks to a listener letter from Frustrated Sugar Mama, we two-step our way through these questions and more. We even learn the The Protest Polka! Momma B &...


Ep 37: A Second Helping for The Holidays

Just in time to make you say “I love the HoliYAYs,” we’ve dusted off our very first MomNet episode. Hear Detective Momma B PhD sleuth her way through some hearty family-induced stress scenarios. If you’re already on your second listen, we promise this episode just keeps getting butter. More about the Iowa Butter Cow: Advice from Mom is a production of Wise Ones Advice Services. It was produced by Juliet Hinely & Rebecca Garza-Bortman. Editing...


Ep 36: Poetry Corner: "Children Learn What They Live"

How do childhood experiences affect our adult behaviors? We're getting literary to find some answers with one of Momma B PhD’s favorite poems! .·:*'`*:·..·:*'`*:·.·:*'`*:·..·:*'`*:·.·:*'`*:·. MOMMA B’S GOODIE BAG OF HELPFUL LINKS The complete poem: “Children Learn What They Live” by Dorothy Law Nolte, Ph.D. More background on the poem: More about...


Ep 35: Attack of The Cringe with Dr. Ellen Hendriksen of Savvy Psychologist

Have you ever been haunted by an ancient memory? Or spooked by an intrusive thought? This Halloween episode explores the fears that many of us experience. Thanks to a listener letter from Anxious in Ann Arbor, we dive into social anxiety and cringe attacks, whilst crafting you a waterproof metaphor for your anxiety. Momma B is especially thrilled for you to meet today’s guest, Ellen Hendriksen, Ph.D. She is a clinical psychologist who helps millions calm their anxiety and be their authentic...


Ep 34: Sexless Sourpuss with Erika Moen from Oh Joy Sex Toy

What do you do when you like sex way more than your partner? This episode goes places this mother-daughter duo never imagined when they are asked to answer a listener letter from Sexless Sourpuss. How will Rebecca deal when a show topic threatens to end her 27-year moratorium on talking to Momma B about S-E-X? We are so excited for you to meet our guest for this show, Erika Moen, the talented cartoonist behind “Oh Joy Sex Toy” and co-author of the upcoming book, Drawn to Sex: The Basics,...


Ep 33: Resenting My Rich Friends with Gaby Dunn

Have you ever felt jealous of a friend’s good fortune? Do those feelings get uglier when you know that their financial freedom is thanks to parental help? This episode answers a listener letter from Resenting My Rich Friends, and explores material resentment, the mental health implications of jealousy monsters, and what to do when everyone around you has an in-home bowling alley. We are thrilled to include the guest advice of Gaby Dunn, host of the podcast and the upcoming book, Bad with...


Ep 32: Self-Care Sammiches with Lizz Winstead & Negin Farsad

Whether you’re building an organization, pitching your big idea, or harnessing your creative brilliance for social change, we are serving up some self-care sammiches in our first-ever advice cooking show and what might be our kookiest episode yet! We have two amazing self-reflective comedians as guests: Lizz Winstead is the founder and chief creative officer of Lady Parts Justice League and one of the top political satirists working today. As co-creator and head writer of Comedy Central’s...


Ep 31: Looking to Plant with Anna Sale

Taking root in a new place can be hard, especially if it’s the 13th new place you’ve lived in the last 12 years! This episode answers a listener letter from Looking To Plant, and dives into understanding mood disorders, what it means to be a survivor, and the symbolism of a single succulent! We are pleased to start off Season 3 with guest advice from the brilliant Anna Sale, the host and managing editor of Death, Sex & Money —WNYC’s interview show about the big questions and hard choices...


Ep 30: The Daughters of Dr. T — a summer update

Ready for an update to the story we started in Season 2’s finale, Ep 23: The Mystery of Dr. T? Well, we’re coming out of summer-mode so to use the PhDC, aka a psychologist’s daughter’s card. Rebecca gives an update on the story that started with a message from her newly-discovered half-sister and asks her own mom for advice on how to deal with an evolving personal narrative that has rattled Rebecca’s identity. .·:*'`*:·..·:*'`*:·.·:*'`*:·..·:*'`*:·.·:*'`*:·. MOMMA B’S GOODIE BAG OF HELPFUL...