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Officer Anderson - SE2EP5

Today we have a special guest joining us. Officer Willy Anderson is a long time friend and a fan of the podcast. We wanted to hear a little more about his life as a police officer and share some fun stories. Hope you enjoy.


Pre marriage Episode - SE2 EP4

Dave is going to be married in a little under two weeks. We take a little time to talk about what marriage looks like and what are things no one ever talks about that might come up. A chance for Joe to share a little bit of knowledge after 16 years of marriage. Be sure to listen in. Also, if you ever want to hit them up you can send an email to


Church and Homosexuality - S2E3

Today we discuss how the church might interact with a person living a homosexual lifestyle. This is a very big topic and we have several questions and ideas that we wanted to work through together. It's not our goal to come to a definitive understanding but rather a better one. What we do know for sure is that God's mercy covers all sin and that the Holy Spirit is able to convict and redeem. We want to make sure we don't get in the way.


Career Choices - S2E2

Life doesn't always go according to plan. We look back at choices we made and ideas we had about what our careers look like. Things turned out quite different but we are still working. We want to encourage you too!!!!