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The Window

In this episode we discuss relationships and an idea we have titled "The Window". It's a fun topic for us to discuss, and we hope that it helps any of you out there battling in the dating world.


Episode 6 - Family Communication

This is episode number 6 where we continue our series on communication and more specifically communication in the family. We do our best to offer some different insights based on our different stations in life as husbands, fathers and sons. We also got some new intro music from our friend George and we give some tips making the most of your sleep. Even if you don't really get any. We hope you enjoy the show. Be sure to hit us on social media on Twitter and Instagram @after10_podcast or via...


Episode 5 - Keys to Communication continued...

This week (while it is a day late...) we finish our thoughts on "Keys to Communication". Dave finishes his thought from when the recording was cutoff last week, and Joe gives his response to what he believes are good keys to communicate. As you listen we hope that there is opportunity for you to relate and most importantly, for you to be encouraged.


Episode 4 - Keys to Communication, sort of

Today we were going to begin a series of depth discussions surrounding different aspects of communication. While we did get started it looks like a technical glitch prevented from the second half of that discussion from recording. So, we'll work on continuing this next week and we want to thank you for bearing with us as we educate ourselves on this. We want to give you our best because you deserve it. Have a great week!!! Talk to you soon.


Episode 1

This is our first episode! Thank you for stopping by and listening. We are currently planning on posting one new episode every other Saturday. That might change it might not. We'll see. In this episode we introduce ourselves and our podcast. Explain a little bit about who we are and why we are doing this. Hope you enjoy. Please be sure to follow and connect with us.