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Getting DEEP, every Saturday.

Getting DEEP, every Saturday.
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Getting DEEP, every Saturday.






057 - Alicia, Hyenas, and Bears OH MY!

This week on the ATHP the gang has a visitor from far away... nahhhh she's from San Diego, but she's been living in Ethiopia for two years. What else? Hyenas are intense, the gang names all the different kinds of bears, and college is not necessarily worth its economic burden in social currency. Subscribe to the All Too Human Podcast on iTunes, TuneIn, and Stitcher. The ATHP is live every Sunday on twitch, and all of our episodes are cataloged on Youtube! if we...


056 - Shitty Buddhism

This week, Cameron's brother got married and everyone drank WAY too much. The chemical concussion on our brains is real, and we've been feeling down because of it. That said, nothing matters, so who cares? (Listen and you'll get it) Subscribe to the ATHP on iTunes, TuneIn, and Stitcher, listen every Sunday live on Twitch and if you wanna continue the conversation, hit us up at


055 - The Culture Club

This week on the ATHP, Cam and AJ get deep about "why do we value productivity more?" Why isn't it generally acceptable to just go home and do nothing with our feet up watching garbage television? Why do we have to produce? What does it mean to have a "productive day?" Is a nonproductive life worse than a productive one? Sometimes it feels like it. If you've got thoughts, email them to If you wanna tune in live, check in next Sunday on...


054 - Season 2 Pilot

The ATHP is finally back and recording again! You know us, we take breaks. This was just one really long break. You get it. A lot's happened. We do a quick tour through our summers and then get to talking at Elon Musk, A.I., Trump, protesters... life, liberty, the pursuit of property... etc etc. Email us at if you've got anything to say!


047 - 7 mm.



046 - Back in Brack

The ATHP is back after a miserable attempt at podcast about a month ago. We've ironed out the technical difficulties and we're back for blood! The ATHP Strikes Back, Return of the ATHP, it's all applicable to this sequel. Artificial intelligence hasn't killed us yet, we're still alive and still recordin'. The ATHP is recorded and streamed live on, but you can find us on iTunes, TuneIn, and Stitcher after the fact. Please subscribe and give us a shout in the reviews and comments....


045 - The R-Word

This week the boys talk to an old friend who was previously a parachute rigger. We talk Oregon, California, skydiving, snowboarding, and other shit. It's a regular ATHP hang. What else? Everyone in Oregon gets free baja blast? What the hell? If you find yourself screaming into your headphones wishing we could hear your input, shoot us an email at Subscribe to the ATHP on iTunes, TuneIn, and Stitcher or you might look back in your last moments alive and feel the...


044 - The Magic Man

This week on the ATHP we bring in undeadmanwalkin from the social media everywhere to do magic for us! AND HE NEVER DOES. Instead, we just sorta mention that he does magic, and we discuss the weight of the world being suddenly slammed upon his spine while riding his bike in Japan. Did you know the emergency number in Japan is 1-1-9?? What else? We continually drink while the mics are rolling and the conversation gets more and more real. Subscribe to the ATHP on iTunes, TuneIn, and Stitcher....


043 - Now Live on Twitch!

This week on the ATHP, the podcast goes live on Twitch! Now you can see the guys argue and complain in full color with visuals. This does mean however, that the podcast will need to develop some finesse whenever the discussion turns to porn or prosthetic dicks (like that'll ever happen). Once the podcast gets underway, Cam discusses becoming serious about his instagram profile and perpetuating winning values on social media. What else? Space X launched a rocket this week and some of us...


042 - Rose Hips Don't Lie

The ATHP boys are getting fatter as this holiday season continues, though Pat's been at it since he was a 180 lb. middle school boy. Science might save the day as the gang reads up on and weighs the the benefits of taking 1,564,000 milligrams of Rose Hips Extract. Also, Cam’s 5’ 7” testosterone drops to 94 every time Pat says 5’ 10” is short. What else? Star Wars is still a thing, but some old dogs just shouldn't be taught new tricks. If you've got thoughts, comments, questions, concerns or...


041 - What Else is Interesting?

Back in the saddle after taking a week off. Any comments, questions or nudes? Shoot them over to Subscribe to the All Too Human Podcast on iTunes, TuneIn, and Stitcher


040 - Black black Friday

This week the ATHP gang is joined by Karl to get real deep about race politics in modern middle class America in the true spirit of Black Friday. If you're feeling like this variety of overachiever, email the show at with any comments, questions, or your favorite nude. We're doing a scrapbook of our listeners. Subscribe to the ATHP on iTunes, TuneIn, and Stitcher and send it to 15 of your friends or else the NSA will kick down your door right NOW.


039 - Blended Bros

This week on the ATHP, the guys record a short episode brainstorming some bets and challenges that would serve to waste more of their time leading up to their inevitable mortal end. Email the gang at if you wanna throw in a wild idea! Also, subscribe to the ATHP on iTunes, TuneIn, and Stitcher or else your mother never loved you.


038 - Alex Tries to Defend the Alt-Right

This week the ATHP seeks to solve the problems of the world. Alex joins the guys to discuss his ever evolving political views and the room quickly becomes a workshop on the ideas. Is the Alt-Right inherently racist? Is it okay to be white? What are American core values? To MAGA, or not to MAGA? What else? Cam has to play the game and discusses how disturbing it is to dissolve his identity. Subscribe to the ATHP on iTunes, TuneIn, and Stitcher if you believe in America. Email us at...


037 - Nothing Creators

AJ and Pat go indoor skydiving and live to tell the world exactly what it costs and exactly how loud the machinery is. Cam goes to a concert and realizes no one likes rock music who isn't his dad's age. What else? Nowadays people are all about creating content that's content for the sake of content. And that's the ATHP fairy tale. Subscribe on iTunes, TuneIn, and Stitcher, tell all of your friends in Japan and Ethiopia, and if you're feeling feisty shoot us an email at...


035 - AJ's a Burner Now

The ATHP Team made their way to San Diego's regional Burning Man event and AJ has drank the kool-aid. Next week! We go to New York. Subscribe to the All Too Human Podcast on iTunes, TuneIn, and Stitcher so you'll never miss a day in the life of these hippies. Any questions, comments, or concerns... go check if we care by shooting us an email at


032 - Turn Your Head and Cough

This week Cam's got a cold, and the cough is audible throughout the podcast. He sends his apologies over the internet. Please send all complaints to More importantly, the boys discover that there's nothing sexier than bowling a 300 game, and that is exactly the quest the ATHP boys promise to fulfill in the near future. AJ and Pat catch Cam up on everything he needs to know about video games and outdated slang for the week. Pat hates talking to people. AJ hates...