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A fresh way to discover, explain and normalise living with allergies, asthma and eczema, with Quentin, Ruth, Alice and guests just itching to talk..

A fresh way to discover, explain and normalise living with allergies, asthma and eczema, with Quentin, Ruth, Alice and guests just itching to talk..
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A fresh way to discover, explain and normalise living with allergies, asthma and eczema, with Quentin, Ruth, Alice and guests just itching to talk..






Eating Out: The food service industry must do better! Live audience podcast from FoodMattersLive 2019 at ExCel.

The first of two podcasts recorded in front of audiences at the Food Matters Live 2019 conference. Do restaurants and food establishments really look after allergy customers? What impact has Natasha's Law had, and is Owen's Law a good thing? Can mobile Apps help allergy sufferers, and would you trust them? Ruth, Alice and Quentin are joined by blogger Lindiwi Lewis @the.allergy.table, Nathalie Newman @intolerantgourmand and her 8 year old son Callum (he's got 28 allergies!), and our great...


Burgers, Baristas, Allergy heaven in Ambleside and Food Matters Live

This week the Allergy Today team discuss another avoidable anaphylaxis death, milk cross-contamination in coffee shops and Ruth contracts painful shingles from the methotrexate she's taking to come off topical steroids. Meanwhile Quentin gets excited by Waitrose flagging up recipe changes and we call Lucy's on a Plate in Ambleside - Ruth's absolute favourite allergy-friendly restaurant! We talk to Bryony Mansell-Lewis, the organiser of Food Matters Live, the largest food producer exhibition...


Adrenaline Injectors: 10 Lifesaving Tips - live from @AllergyShow, Liverpool

Recorded in front of a live audience at the Allergy & Free From Winter Show in Liverpool, Ruth and Quentin are joined by Tanya Ednan-Laperouse from @NatashasFoundation, Aimee Allen, a primary school teacher and @AllergyStarts blogger and Dan Kelly from @_MayContain. We discuss Auto-injectors ("Epipens"), demonstrate how to use them properly, ask why TV and Hollywood gets it all wrong, the shortcomings of these devices and we give you our Top 10 Auto-Injector Tips for surviving an...


Consultants and GPs who get it wrong. Clare's allergy mum story ...and a nod to Eric & Ern.

Quentin, Ruth and Alice in conversation with Clare Hussein (@Allergy_mumof1 on Instagram), her journey discovering and dealing with her daughter's allergies, eczema and anaphylaxis. Unhelpful and often incorrect information from the medical profession add to the frustration. Clare's story will ring bells for many parents struggling to cope with their children's allergies. Listen out for a classic Morecambe & Wise moment... Recorded in four different places at the same time!


It's true - Peanuts May Contain Nuts!! Airport Perfume: Tasty Tapas: EpiPen FlashMobs

Ruth reckons she got shingles from methotrexate, Quentin shuns exquisite tapas in Madrid, Robbyn Snow (the Allergy Show) tells us how they keep visitors allergy-safe, Environmental Health Officer Karen Martin tells us why peanuts come with a "May Contain" warning, how she polices the food trade and who she'd close down if she had a magic wand. We get ready for our live podcast in Liverpool on 3rd November. See you at The Free From Show Winter 2019!!


Bear Grylls, bees' poop, unlawful kebabs and Dan Kelly from May-Contain

Ruth finds the perfect allergy-friendly restaurant. Quentin's egg allergy catches him out - again! Bear Grylls suffers a major reaction to a bee sting and we discuss take-aways who don't know what's in their kebabs. Our guest is the wonderful Dan Kelly who blogs and pods as @_MayContain. His mission is to normalise allergies for younger age groups, making it OK to carry your Epipen and teach friends how to administer it. He's a real inspiration!


Baby + Allergies + Mum + Doctor = Dr Stephanie, The_GP_Mum

Ever wondered how much doctors know about allergies? In this unmissable AllergyToday Special, we talk to Dr. Stephanie Ooi, "The GP Mum" who, whilst holidaying on a tropical island, discovered her 5 month old baby had severe allergies. Even though she's a GP, she was unprepared, and so began her own journey: living with allergies. Now she helps other parents via Instagram (@the_gp_mum) and at her practice. Quentin, Ruth and Alice get a consultation.


Coeliac disease brilliantly explained. Rebecca's daughter eats the fireplace

Coeliac disease is a serious auto-immune disease where gluten damages the small intestine. It affects 1 in 100 people, yet 70% of sufferers haven't been diagnosed. Coeliac UK's Lorna Gardner explains all. We talk to supermum Rebecca Smith whose daughter Bethany was eating erasers, chalk, and bits of the house. She thought it may be due to Bethany's Type 1 diabetes but her own research led to a coeliac disease diagnosis and miraculous recovery. #coeliac #celiac


Cruise Ship food woes, Dr. Glenis Scadding on asthma, Quentin got stoned !

Asthma inhalers explained, who should and shouldn't use them, why Western countries are more prone to allergies. Ruth and Quentin rate food choices, allergy information and staff knowledge on-board two cruise ships. Our guest, Dr Glenis Scadding makes a surprising wish.


Fixing Eczema, May Contain labels are rubbish, Ruth goes to A&E.

Rebecca Bonneteau, the Eczema Expert, talks about fixing eczema by diet instead of creams and steroids. Labels on food are simply not good enough, as Ruth found out when she missed the word "milk" and ended up in A&E. Quentin's brushes his kids with olive oil and we cant decide if a good scratch is better than sex! #allergy #eczema #chocolate #maycontain


Michelle Berriedale-Johnson, Auto-Injectors, Food labelling, Beer.

Allergy guru Michelle Berriedale-Johnson is our guest. She's had a huge impact on the industry with her books and FoodsMatter website crammed with information. She founded the FreeFrom Awards which really helped promote quality free-from food in supermarkets and independent suppliers. Meanwhile, Alice learns about #Epipens, Ruth prepares for cruise, Quentin thinks he's allergic to beer and we discuss the pitfalls of that notorious ‘may contain’ labelling…


Pret, Natasha's Law, Festival Food .... and spit.

This week we hear how Ruth and Quentin have navigated various allergy minefields - a festival and a business meeting with lunch Alice bought at Pret a Manger. Quentin also speaks with Natasha Ednan-Laparouse’s mother, Tanya all about Natasha’s Law and the pioneering work of their charity, Natasha’s Allergy Research Foundation. #allergytoday


Allergy Today Podcast - Preview Episode 01

A sample preview of the new Allergy Today Podcast. Down to earth, honest and informative, a fresh way to talk about allergies, asthma, eczema and hay fever, to make life easier for anyone coping with allergies. Quentin, Alice and Ruth with guests, experts and people like you. Subscribe and share, talk to us @allergytoday