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Visionary entrepreneurs, thought leaders and change makers can discover how to boost influence, expand income and create a business that they love. Profit amplifier Melanie Benson hosts and invites influential guest experts to share essential insights to achieving bold goals.

Visionary entrepreneurs, thought leaders and change makers can discover how to boost influence, expand income and create a business that they love. Profit amplifier Melanie Benson hosts and invites influential guest experts to share essential insights to achieving bold goals.


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Visionary entrepreneurs, thought leaders and change makers can discover how to boost influence, expand income and create a business that they love. Profit amplifier Melanie Benson hosts and invites influential guest experts to share essential insights to achieving bold goals.




Episode 225: How Psychology-based Email Marketing Transforms Your Business Results With Rob and Kennedy

You’ve probably heard that to increase sales in an online business, you need to have a list. But just having a list isn’t where the value to your sales's what you do with that list! Emailing your list consistently can have a huge impact on your sales and your authority. But just sending out emails isn’t going to cut it. How you write those emails and what you say in the emails makes a big difference in whether or not they are ever read. Rob & Kennedy found that using psychology...


Episode 224: How to Trust Your Decision Making and Take Bigger Risks in Business

Successful Entrepreneurs routinely take risks that overwhelm most people. “No risk, no reward” mindset. Sometimes decision-making has so much risk attached it’s easy to get paralyzed. Wonder how fear can affect your ability to trust your gut? Listen in on Amplify Your Success Podcast episode 224 as I share how to hear your intuition as you learn how risk taking is not only good for you, but also for your business. Join in the conversation in the Amplify Your Authority Facebook Group!


Episode 223: Entrepreneurial Biohacks for Business Success With Angela Foster

Tune in to any social media platform and you will immediately be inundated with memes like, “Hustle Harder” and “You Can Sleep When You Are Dead.” This advice is counter to everything that Angela Foster stands for. Having left her legal career due to health problems from pervasive stress, Angela set out to discover how to heal and fuel her body for long-term success. Along the way, she became an expert in sleep quality, exercise and nutrition hacks that help entrepreneurs make better...


Episode 222: The Common Path to Uncommon Success With John Lee Dumas

“Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.” — Albert Einstein When John Lee Dumas started his daily podcast ten years ago, this was his one a man of value. Having served in the military for four years, John spent six years wandering and questioning, overcoming PTSD and trying to find his value. Ten years later John has a multi-seven figure business working 5 days a month. It’s an uncommon level of success that affords him a lifestyle and a...


Episode 221: The Secret to Creating Profitable and Impactful Events With Dannella Burnett

Live events are a powerful way to build your email list and attract clients ready to invest in your online business offerings. But for most of the world, the global pandemic immediately shut off the ability to host live events safely. Virtual events are on the rise, but hosting 200 people on Zoom can lead to poor turnout, low-quality sales, and burnout for everyone. On Amplify Your Success Podcast episode 221, expert event producer Dannella Burnett joins me to reveal how she’s helping...


Episode 220: How To Attract An Unending Flow of High End Clients

If you are attracting the wrong types of clients instead of high end clients, you might feel overwhelmed or disconnected. Instead of springing out of bed in the morning, eager to start your day, you might find yourself procrastinating, burned out, and drained before you’ve had your first cup of coffee! As you grow and evolve in your business, you’ll want to level up the kinds of clients you work with. High end clients are exciting, inspiring, and challenge you to bring your “A Game”...


Episode 219: Using Personalized Video to Improve Sales Conversions With Matt Barnett

If you are scaling your business and are serving a lot of clients who you may never meet, how can you make sure you stay engaged with them as they move through your customer journey? It's a conundrum that keeps many service providers small. But Matt Barnett found a better way to celebrate customer milestones and engage prospects -- personalized video. . On Amplify Your Success Podcast episode 219, Matt Barnett, founder of Bonjoro, joins me to share how to use personalized video to connect,...


Episode 218: The 5 Bucket Legal Success Framework for Entrepreneurs With Heather Campbell

As an entrepreneur, wouldn’t it be nice to know that your business is protected both online -- and offline -- from complicated, costly legal snafus? From chargeback requests, knowing what to do with refund requests and how we navigate live events safely, the online business world needs proper legal guidance. 2020 brought a surge of online businesses and virtual offerings, not to mention a new virus that has radically changed how we can do business in person. On Amplify Your Success Podcast...


Episode 217: How to Land TedX Talks to Grow Your Brand With Corey Poirer

Public speaking is one of the leading strategies to share your message and attract ideal clients, but landing a TedX, Goalcast or BLu talk can skyrocket your authority. A branded talk typically only allows speakers with a unique topic and demonstrated experience -- which immediately elevates the influence of the person on stage. Most experts and speakers have “speak on a Ted stage” on their goals list. But getting booked as one of a select few each year can be daunting. On Amplify Your...


Episode 216: 5 Limiting Beliefs Experts Have that Keep Them Feeling Invisible

As an expert-preneur, the quality of our success often depends on how bold we are willing to be (despite limiting beliefs), what actions we take, and what we do to educate our audience on how we solve their most costly problems. Ultimately, making money from our superpowers often boils down to how consistently visible we are. But if the business owner is plagued with doubts, fears and conflict about being more visible and growing the reach of their work in the world, then self-sabotage and...


Episode 215: Create a 6-Figure Website to Generate Leads and Sales with Peter Sandeen

Everyone in business knows they need a website, but is your website actually helping you generate leads to get more business? Or is it driving perfect leads to your competitors? Just because you’ve invested the time and money in a fancy website doesn’t mean it will turn a visitor into a lead (and hopefully a paying client!) There are some important elements that are often missed by entrepreneurs and service professionals that will keep your web traffic engaged and inspire them to join your...


Episode 214: Building Human Connections Through Technology with Brandi Bernoskie

If you run a business with an online presence, or have added a digital experience for your audience, then technology can help you reach audiences across the globe. But using technology can also create distance and disconnects that alienate clients. Brandi Bernoskie has discovered that with the right brand presencing, a business owner can leverage technology to grow without losing authentic connection with their community. On Amplify Your Success Podcast episode 214, Brandi joins me to...


Episode 213: The Anatomy of Hype Marketing with Michael F. Schein

Influential speakers and leaders have always deployed the power of hype to get what they want, and marketers across the globe recognize the power of hype marketing and a compelling message. But is there a line between healthy and manipulative hype in marketing? My Amplify Your Success Podcast guest, Michael Schein says that hype runs our world. Instead of avoiding hype all together, what if you could generate and leverage hype for positive purposes—like helping your client achieve their...


Episode 212: Six Building Blocks of an Influential Brand

When you have an influential brand, it's much easier to grab the attention of your ideal clients and stand out in a crowded market. One of the biggest complaints I hear from clients and emerging experts is they feel like a Best Kept Secret. If you have great talent, can solve big problems for your clients, and still feel like you are getting passed over for your competition, chances are you aren’t shining brightly enough and people just don’t see you clearly. Listen in on Amplify Your...


Episode 211: Make More Money: The Business Owner’s 5-Step Plan for Bringing Home More Cash with Jeff Prager

Can your financial numbers dictate what direction you take your business if you want to make more money? You bet it can. Your numbers tell a story, and the story can reveal whether you are focusing on the right areas of your business. On Amplify Your Success Podcast episode 211, I pick the brain of this 3-time CFO and multi-millionaire business owner Jeff Prager on how to use his five step plan to bring more cash into your business. Jeff shares his own history of failure, massive success...


Episode 210: How to Earn Money With Your Life’s Work...Without Selling Out with Destinee Berman

If you have a business where you sell, teach or deliver training based on your expertise, chances are you understand the value of building a business around your life’s work but you might not know how to earn money with it.. More passion. A true connection to your big why. And hopefully a never ending supply of inspiration! But what happens if you aren’t making money with your life’s work? On Amplify Your Success Podcast episode 210, I talk with Destinee Berman about what steps to take...


Episode 209: [On Air Coaching for Joyce Buford] How to Create a Magnetic Podcast Guest Pitch

If you’ve been thinking about getting your message out there on podcasts and virtual stages, but you are holding back because you just don’t feel confident about the podcast pitch process, then tune into this special edition, On Air Coaching for Joyce Buford, host of SecondWind With Joyce. Podcast guesting is proven to do three things: help you increase your own podcast downloads, attract ideal clients and elevate your authority. But if you don’t know how to deliver a magnetic interview,...


Episode 208: Your Upper Limits and Your Next Level of Success

As you grow to new levels of success, don’t be surprised if you encounter new upper limits. An Upper Limit, a term coined by Gay Hendricks in his book, The Big Leap, kicks in when your unconscious mind feels its hit the top of what feels good to achieve. Think of it like the limiter on your car’s gas pedal, once you hit this limit, and because you don’t fully believe you can have more, you might just start sabotaging your next level of success. I’ve hit these upper limits many times, and...


Episode 207: Be Unstoppable: Living a Life of No Excuses with Victoria Pelletier

A client emergency comes up, a project takes longer than expected, a time-sensitive opportunity comes up and next thing you know months have passed without any progress. Instead of feeling defeated or giving up, look at the excuses you are making. Chances are you’ve trained your brain to make really compelling excuses for why you can’t afford it, don’t have time or know how. So let’s discover a better way, banish those excuses that derail your progress and become unstoppable! On Amplify...


Episode 206: Amplify Your Sales Conversations using Facial Intelligence with Michelle Butt

Have you ever had sales conversations where something went awry...and you just couldn’t figure out what went wrong? Maybe you need a little facial intelligence training? Rapport and connection is critical and any good salesperson and all service professionals know that the chances of a client enrollment goes up when the potential client feels that “Know Like & Trust” factor. But sometimes, you think there is rapport but the prospect just isn’t feeling it! Even though they are saying the...