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Visionary entrepreneurs, thought leaders and change makers can discover how to boost influence, expand income and create a business that they love. Profit amplifier Melanie Benson hosts and invites influential guest experts to share essential insights to achieving bold goals.

Visionary entrepreneurs, thought leaders and change makers can discover how to boost influence, expand income and create a business that they love. Profit amplifier Melanie Benson hosts and invites influential guest experts to share essential insights to achieving bold goals.


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Visionary entrepreneurs, thought leaders and change makers can discover how to boost influence, expand income and create a business that they love. Profit amplifier Melanie Benson hosts and invites influential guest experts to share essential insights to achieving bold goals.




Episode 206: Amplify Your Sales Conversations using Facial Intelligence with Michelle Butt

Have you ever had sales conversations where something went awry...and you just couldn’t figure out what went wrong? Maybe you need a little facial intelligence training? Rapport and connection is critical and any good salesperson and all service professionals know that the chances of a client enrollment goes up when the potential client feels that “Know Like & Trust” factor. But sometimes, you think there is rapport but the prospect just isn’t feeling it! Even though they are saying the...


Episode 205: 3 Steps to Bulletproofing Your Side-Hustle During Uncertain Times with Robert Wright

You’ve got this side hustle idea. Maybe it's a new venture for your current business or you are starting up a brand new business. Do you know when it's time to put the proper legal protections in place? Nine out of ten times, an entrepreneur has waited too long to protect their online business! On Amplify Your Success Podcast, Robert Wright, PLLC, joins me to share the advice he’s given thousands of business owners on when to seek out legal counsel and establish the proper business...


Episode 204: How to Beat Decision Fatigue to Make Better Decisions

The more complicated your business becomes, and the more you scale your growth, the more decisions you’ll have to make. Recently I heard Robert Brus, host of Go All In, talk about Decision Fatigue when he joined me on episode 202. A light bulb went off and I realized how often I have hit this emotional fatigue state when making lots of decisions during growth. Curious, I researched how to beat Decision Fatigue in order to make better decisions faster in my small business. Listen in to...


Episode 202: How to Master Your Mind and Go All-in with Robert Brus

Going All-In means you are fully committed to success and you’ve learned to master your mind. This mindset is very different from many entrepreneurs use in their business. The key is what you do when things get challenging! Do you “double down” and find a way to make it work? Or do you give up and jump to the next idea, hoping THAT will be the winning business? Mindset is so important that I asked author and fellow podcaster, Robert Brus to join me on Amplify Your Success Podcast episode...


Episode 201: Laws for Independent Contractors That Will Keep You Out of Trouble with Nicole Cheri Oden

As a business owner, hiring independent contractors can be a great way to get more done. But these days, there are some tricky laws in the United States (and especially California) that define whether someone needs to be categorized as an employee or an independent contractor. Not to mention the confusion many service professionals are facing with some fuzzy boundaries around client expectations. I asked a legal expert to join me on Amplify Your Success Podcast episode 201 to talk through...


Episode 200: Podcasting for Profits: 5 Lessons Learned After 200 Episodes

I’m celebrating 200 episodes of Amplify Your Success Podcast this week! With “podfade” at an all time high and entrepreneurs abandoning their podcasts because it “just wasn’t working,” I hope you’ll discover in these five lessons learned after eight years podcasting (and two popular podcasts later) how to create a powerful podcast that YOU and your community love. Listen in to hear the same advice I’d give my $22k Amplify Mastermind members and I share from stages all over the world that...


Episode 199: Selling The Go-Giver Way with Bob Burg

Have you ever heard of the go-giver way? Businesses needs sales but selling isn’t always an entrepreneur’s favorite activity. Sales training can help, but there often mainstream systems miss out on the mindset component. Bob Burg, co-author of the Go-Giver series of sales training, has a unique set of values around selling that has become a go-to for business owners and sales people who value giving as much as receiving. Bob joins me on Amplify Your Success Podcast episode 199 for a mini...


Episode 198: Growing a Thriving Membership Site With a 96% Retention Rate with Catherine Watkin

A membership site is a popular business model...but is this the right model for YOU? Membership programs can produce six and seven-figure revenue (while it leverages your time and knowledge.) But not all membership programs work well, and many online business owners launch their membership site only to get a dribble of clients. However, Catherine Watkin has been growing a thriving membership program with a 96% retention rate -- and has discovered there is a very simple reason hers works so...


Episode 197: How to Lead Your Team through a Business Challenge How to Lead Your Team through a Business Challenge with Tony Martignetti

As a leader, there will be times that a business challenge arises and everything you planned goes out the window. Global events (you know, like a pandemic or industry crash) can send your team into a motivational tailspin and productivity drops. Even a simple launch fails and frustration amongst team members can create a need to lead differently. This is the time you need to know how to lead your team through business challenges, according to Tony Martignetti. I talk with Tony on Amplify...


Episode 196: Mindset-Driven Marketing: How to Sell the Way Your Customers Want to Buy with Kristin Zhivago

When it comes to marketing are you taking into consideration your customer’s mindset when they are making the purchase so you know how to sell the way they want to buy? If not, you are missing one of the most important elements of marketing and sales. According to my guest on Amplify Your Success Podcast episode 197 Kristin Zhivago, if you understand the customer’s Mindset, and make an offer that appeals to their specific Mindset, all of your marketing efforts, in any channel, will work as...


Episode 195: 3 Ways to Protect Your Content Goldmine with Barbara Ingrassia

People who create content for their online business are sitting on a copyright goldmine…and they don’t even know it. It’s true—blog posts, photos, articles, podcasts, videos are all Intellectual Property. Even with the best practices, way too many entrepreneurs experience a rude wake-up call and are shocked to find their valuable property on someone else’s website because they didn’t protect their content. So many experts have become victims of content theft, and it is a nightmare to pursue...


Episode 194: Leveraging Podcasting to Grow a Real Estate Coaching Business with J. Massey

Did you start a podcast to help fill your real estate coaching program or to drive leads to your business? Hosting your own podcast is a valuable authority positioning platform, but getting that podcast to drive qualified leads to your own business can be tricky. My guest J. Massey, author of the Cash Flow Diary and host of the Cash Flow Diary Podcast, stumbled into being a podcaster completely by accident! But once he did, he noticed his podcast had a profitable impact on his coaching...


Episode 193: How To Turn Your Competition into Your Best Lead

Your competition could become your #1 lead source -- and you don’t have to pay for expensive FB ads or do anything shady. I generated multiple six figures in my first few years in business by tapping into the prospect pools of my biggest competitors -- and it was always a win-win-win. But first, you’ll need to understand the key principle to unlock this powerful lead generation strategy. Listen in and I’ll share how on Amplify Your Success Podcast episode 193 -- and you’ll uncover one of...


Episode 192: Find Your Lost Leads with Kimberly Weitkamp

We’ve all had lost leads in some way. Have you ever had that perfect conversation with a potential client only for them to “ghost you” and never return? You might wonder, “Should I follow up on these lost leads?” or “Am I being too stalkerish if I email them a few times?” Knowing what to do with those “lost leads” is always a bit of a quandary. Chances are though you’ve lost some leads that you could entice back into a sale! My guest on Amplify Your Success Podcast episode 192 is an expert...


Episode 191: Management Mess to Leadership Success with Scott Miller

Entrepreneurship can be really messy. Once you set your sights on leaping into the 7 and 8 figure revenues as a business owner, that messiness often gets transferred to your style and prohibits your leadership success. A messy leader can quickly derail the growth you’ve worked so hard to create. If you want to scale your business, you’ll need to learn how to lead successfully. My guest on Amplify Your Success Podcast episode 191 knows how quickly leadership can become a management mess....


Episode 190: Take Control of Your Money Instead of Your Money Controlling You with Karen Abrams

Got money issues? Are your bills greater than your bank account and you don’t know how to get ahead? Does your financial situation keep you from investing in your business so you can grow your reach? What if you could take control of your money so you stop feeling like money is controlling your choices? On Amplify Your Success Podcast episode 190 Karen Abrams joins me to share what’s really causing your money issues and how Theta healing can help you break free of money blocks, instantly...


Episode 189: A Simple Formula to Pick Your Best Opportunities to Act On

If you’ve ever said yes to an opportunity only to later discover it was a complete time-suck and didn’t deliver your desired results, then you know how important it is to pick good opportunities. Back in my Fortune 500 days, I learned a very valuable way to weed out the bright, shiny objects to uncover the most aligned opportunities. It all starts with an Opportunity Filter. Here’s just a few of the areas of your business you can use an Opportunity Filter: Knowing what opportunities...


Episode 188: How to Conquer Your Fear of Public Speaking and Step into the Spotlight with Confidence with Victoria Lioznyansky

Does the idea of sharing your message from stage light you up or cause you to want to hide out? Speaking on any stage – whether a 500 person in person audience or a virtual event with thousands – can cause some people to feel so much fear that they shrink away from the opportunity to spread their message and attract clients. On Amplify Your Success Podcast episode 188 Victoria Lioznyansky reveals how to tap into your confidence to share your authentic message while debunking some common...


Episode 187: How to Get Past The Ick Factor to Close More Deals with Christine Schlonski

Have you ever talked yourself out of following up with a potential client? Do you get uncomfortable in sales conversations? Selling is a key part of business success but if you get stuck in The Ick Factor, you might be dropping the sales conversation prematurely, which will significantly impact your revenues. What if you could get past the Ick Factor and master the art of closing more deals with your perfect clients? Well my friend Christine Schlonski teaches heart-based entrepreneurs and...