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Switching on Sprint’s 5G

Adam, Joe, and Jonathan discuss the newly announced Nintendo Switch Lite - gaming for all! Adam spent an afternoon in downtown Chicago checking out Sprint’s new 5G network. Along with some sound clips from Sprint CTO Dr. John Saw, he has something very surprising to share about the state of 5G today. Plus, our Sony Xperia 1 review is in, and Eric Zeman makes and appearance to tell us all about Sony’s latest flagship. Podcast Picks: Coming Soon! Recorded July 12, 2019 Time codes 3:15 – ...


US Government all up in your Google

Adam, Jonathan, and Joe discuss Huawei’s place in the US-China Trade War. Also, US government officials might be coming after your encryption. And speaking of privacy, just how much is your data worth? Many Americans don’t know what phone they’re using or what 5G they’re not using. And finally, the Samsung Galaxy Fold is fixed - find out how! We have all that and more here on the Android Authority Podcast! Recorded July 5, 2019 Time codes 4:25 – Huawei will be allowed to do business with...


Android on your desktop? Android IS your desktop!

Adam Molina joins us from the SoundGuys podcast to talk about speaker cables, and the coat hangers that love them. Meanwhile, we get a great new look at Android Q beta 4’s desktop layout courtesy of Flow Desktop. Microsoft might be working on a new Surface tablet with native Android app capability. Finally, charging your phone through the air may be coming sooner than you think. We have all that and more here on the Android Authority Podcast! Recorded June 27, 2019 Time codes 2:00 – The...


LG V50 5G Podcast review, plus talking Sprint 5G deployment with Richard Self, Director of RF Engineering

Adam and Jonathan sit down and talk to Eric Zeman, Reviews Editor at Android Authority to talk all about the LG V50, LG’s first 5G smartphone. Plus Eric tested Sprint’s 5G network in Dallas Texas, and he tells us all about that. Finally, we had the opportunity to sit down with Richard Self, Director of RF Engineering at Sprint to talk about deploying a 5G network. It’s a fascinating look at LG’s latest flagship, and Sprint’s latest flagship network. Recorded June 26, 2019 Topics...


Google pushes RCS into the Fold

Adam returns from vacation with some Sabotage! YouTube remasters up to 1,000 music videos and bring the RCS protocol to your phone. Meanwhile, Scott Adam Gordon checks in on how smartphones are getting really interesting again. Including the Samsung Galaxy Fold which is rumored to return very soon. Plus, we have the 5Gs with the LG V50 review, and rising smartphone prices due to trade wars. Tech We Like: Elgato Stream Deck Visit Affiliate disclosure: We may receive...


Google Pixel 4 confirmed and E3 gaming

Joe, Jonathan, and Sam Moore talk about Google's confirmed leak of the Pixel 4, E3, Xiaomi Mi Band 4, more E3 and Google Stadia. What is the future of mobile gaming? Recorded June 13, 2019 New! - Connect with us! Time codes 2:30 – Google confirms a render of the Pixel 4 7:40 – Xiaomi Mi Band 4 16:50 – HTC U19e better than Pixel 3a? 36:25 – E3 2019 and Google Stadia The Android Authority podcast is: Adam Doud - @DeadTechnology Jonathan Feist - @JFeist1 / @DroneRushcom Joe Hindy -...


Introducing our new home!

Community is everything for us at the Android Authority Podcast. So we rebuilt our landing page to make it your one-stop shopping for everything you need to know about the podcast. Past shows, subscribe links, host information and more. Check it out today at


Google Stadia and be recognized

Adam, Jonathan, and Joe talk about the Asus Zenphone 6 with a contribution from a vacationing David Imel. We now know a lot more about Google Stadia and two thirds of us have already preordered. We go submarining looking for the selfie camera underneath the screens at Oppo and Xiaomi and we take a look at everything new in the 4th release of Android Q beta. Tech We Like: EarStudio ES100-24bit Portable High-Resolution Bluetooth Receiver/USB DAC/Headphone Amp Visit...


Apple’s WWDC Keynote: Know thy enemy featuring Megan Morrone from TWiT!

WWDC is on and Apple packed a lot into its keynote. Adam and Joe needed an expert, so we snagged the biggest Apple expert we could find - Megan Morrone from the This Week in Tech network! Adam, Joe, and Megan break down all the biggest announcements coming from Android’s main (read: only) competitor. We've got iOS13, Apple Single Sign in, Apple Watch news, iPadOS, Siri, and of course the Mac Pro. It's a smorgasbord of Apple news! We’re all in for a lot of learning here on the Android...


Helloooooo Moto Z4 and the Pixel is on the right track

Say hello Moto to the Moto Z4 and continuing support for Moto Mods! Adam, Jonathan, and Joe look at Moto’s latest not-a-flagship flagship. Adam Sinicki asks the question “Is the Pixel 3a what the Pixel should have always been” and the answer is not as straightforward as you may think. We take a look at the dual-screened Asus Zenbook Pro Duo, and we peek behind the curtain at RealMe’s manufacturing facility. Finally, for App Matters, Joe looks at all the announcements coming out of Pokemon....


Gary Explains: ARM’s new toys and how the SoC works

Gary Sims from Gary Explains joins Adam, Jonathan, and Joe to talk about ARM’s latest CPU and GPU, the Cortex A77 and the Mali-G77. But we go deeper, talking about how an SoC is constructed, and why it is constructed the way it is. What freedoms do OEMs have to tinker? All that and more on this featured story of the Android Authority Podcast! Recorded 5/20/2019 Topics covered Gary Explains: The Cortex-A77 is 20% FASTER! What is cache memory – Gary explains The Android Authority podcast...


Huawei's Woes

This is not a featured story of the Android Authority Podcast, but it is centered on Huawei and the trouble it found throughout the week. What happened? What’s happening now? What’s going to happen? Adam and Jonathan are joined by news hound, C. Scott Brown to dissect and discuss all things Huawei on the Android Authority Podcast. Recorded May 23, 2019 Topics Covered: The Leadup Huawei shows staggering growth in Europe — But will it last? The Ban Huawei has lost immediate access to...


Pixel 3a XL Podcast Review: Not a Nexus

Despite comparisons to its old siblings, the Nexus phones, reviewed Dhruv Bhutani thinks this Pixel 3a XL is cut from a different cloth. The software is incredible, as is the camera. In North America, the price is unbeatable. Beyond that part of the world, the phone carries a much less attractive price tag. But there’s still a lot to love for this phone, and we’re breaking it all down for you. Recorded May 16, 2019 Review: Google Pixel 3a XL review: Come for the camera, stay for the...


Google’s excuses and a new OnePlus in town

Adam, Jonathan, and Joe are joined by Chris Thomas, executive editor of Google’s reason for including a headphone jack in the Pixel 3a series doesn’t sit well with any of them. It’s a great thing for a bad reason. Samsung is fixing the Galaxy Fold and at the same time, Lenovo is showing off a new folding laptop/tablet combo. We look at how a 90htz screen affects battery life, and a nifty new midrange phone with a camera you’ll flip for. Recorded May 16, 2019 Time codes 1:45...


OnePlus 7 Pro Podcast review: 2019 Champion?

David Imel joins Adam and Jonathan to discuss OnePlus’s latest offering. The full written review and video are out, so we settle down for a podcast about the company that never settles. OnePlus claimed on stage that this was the best phone we would see in 2019. Is that the case? Find out here on the Android Authority Podcast review. Recorded May 15, 2019 Reviews: OnePlus 7 Pro review: Bigger and brighter, but is it better? Video review The Android Authority podcast is: Adam Doud -...


Google Pixel 3a: "A" is for “Nexus” featuring Jason Howell from All About Android!

We are joined by distinguished guest Jason Howell from the All About Android podcast/TWiT network. Adam, Jonathan, and Jason discuss Google I/O and the feeling from the floor. Exciting, or just a bit ho-hum? We look at all the new features dropping in Android Q Beta 3, and we get surprising news about the Samsung Galaxy Fold. Finally, just who is that Pixel 3a for? We break it all down here on the Android Authority podcast! Recorded May 10, 2019 Time codes 2:00 - Google I/O 2019 -...


Google I/O 2019 wrap up

The Google I/O keynote is over and we’re left to digest so much of what was announced. We got new advancements in Google lens, Google Assistant, Android Q, Nest Home products, and so much more! Adam, Joe and Jonathan cover everything that came out during the keynote address and what it will mean for the future of Google and Android. Make sure to listen to the very end! Recorded May 8, 2019 Topics covered Google I/O 2019 keynote: Everything you need to know! Augmented reality models...


LG, Motorola: Winners who still somehow lose featuring Juan Carlos Bagnell a.k.a. @SomeGadgetGuy

Adam, Joe, and Juan dive deep into the LG G8 and also examine why LG has seen 9 straight quarterly losses. But at least it didn’t fail as mightily as the Energizer P18k Pop phone with an 18,000 mAh battery. Hadlee Simons takes us on a South African tour of KaiOS on the MTN Smart S, a $17 feature phone in the area. Finally, we look ahead at the Moto Z4 and the continuation of Moto Mods in 2019. Tech We Like: Naztech X1 Active Noise Cancelling Earphones Affiliate disclosure: We may receive...


Samsung vs. iFixit

Adam, Joe, Jonathan, and C. Scott Brown break down the post mortem of the Galaxy Fold, including the last minute takedown of iFixit’s posts. OnePlus is selling tickets to its launch event for the OnePlus 7 Pro. Invitations are open for Mario Kart Tour coming to Android. And we try to figure out what’s up with this whole AT&T 5Ge stuff. Tech We Like: Samsung Galaxy s10 5G (Preorder) Visit Affiliate disclosure: We may receive compensation in connection with your purchase...


Samsung’s Fold Foibles, Apple’s submission, and new best friends

The Samsung Fold is in the wild, but so far, it hasn’t gone well. But is that necessarily Samsung’s fault? We’re not so sure. Some of the issues were easily correctable. Others, not so much. Plus, Apple falls under Qualcomm’s dominance, begging the question - is there a monopoly brewing in the land of 5G? Finally, Google and Amazon are besties again, and that’s great for consumers! David Imel joins us on the Android Authority Podcast. Recorded April 18, 2019 Time codes 1:30 – Samsung...