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The Moto Z3 is bad for my Digital Wellbeing

Recorded August 16, 2018 8:30PM EST Our full review of the Moto Z3 and the Lenovo Smart Display are in, and we're ready to talk about them. Plus, Xiaomi hits us with a new phone and a new sub-brand. No one trusts Huawei and yet no one seems to know why. And finally, Android Pie is concerned about our Digital Wellbeing, and now, so are we! Time codes: 05:00 - Motorola Moto Z3 review: Is the promise of 5G enough? 11:50 - Motorola Moto Z3 vs the competition 12:30 - Lenovo Smart Display...


The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 unpacked!

Recorded August 10 1:00 ET The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is here with a few surprises in store. The Galaxy Watch arrives with Tizen and a week of battery life. Samsung is in the smart speaker business with the Galaxy Home. Fortnite is on Android - mostly. What are the exceptions? We'll run them down here, along with an interview with Epic Games' CEO. The Pixel 3 is revealed in all its notchy glory. And finally, Adam has the definitive final word on the Palm brand revival. Time...


Android Pie - We like pie!

Android Pie is official - the name and the build are both hitting the OTA airwaves as we speak. Seeing as how we’re all about Android, we thought we’d talk about it a little bit. Hosts Adam Doud, Jonathan Feist, and Joe Hindy all discuss the latest update to Android, and the OEM who also released an Android Pie upgrade on day 1! We discuss new features and improvements, updates, and a few things Google removed which leave us scratching our heads. All this and more! The Android Authority...


The Moto Z3, Apple, and Fortnite all take a big number two

Recorded August 3 2:00 ET Adam went to the launch of the Moto Z3 and Verizon’s 5G network - hear his unfiltered hands on look at Moto’s new phone. Huawei knocked out Apple as the number two smartphone seller in the world, but we have to wonder if those numbers are fudged just a bit. Samsung releasing the Galaxy Note 9 early might be just what it needs to perk up slower sales. Sony still can’t sell a phone to save its soul. And finally, we take a look at how Epic Games is handling its...


Android P and the Google Assistant Showdown!

Recorded July 26 8:00 ET Android P’s final beta has hit the airwaves, and Pixels and Nexi are downloading furiously. What does this mean? We’re that much closer to finding out the elusive Android P name - oh and gesture navigation too. Android O has taken the world by storm - doubling its install base to...10%. This is actually really good news for Android and Android users and we explain why. In an assistant showdown, Google Assistant reigned supreme in every category except one - and...


Google, we no longer trust you

Recorded July 20, 2018 We pit the OnePlus 6 against the best smartphone camera on the market. Also, great news, because you can put away the tinfoil hats for now. Google is doing its best Microsoft impression by getting sued for anti-trust laws. We look at the value that Moto Mods add to the ecosystem, and finally we round up the features we want to see in our 2019 flagships. It is a very busy time around the Android Authority network, be sure to check in with, Drone Rush, and...


OnePlus’s promises and Samsung says so long to Tizen

Recorded July 12, 2018 Samsung is saying hasta la vista to its own operating system Tizen in favor of WearOS for its next smartwatch. What?!?! Plus OnePlus proves that it’s way up there in customer communications. A $2,500 phone makes an appearance in proving one of our hosts has “the gift”. We learn a lot about HTC, past, present, and future. And finally, we round things off with some discussions on how to make your phone work better. It is a very busy time around the Android Authority...


Featured Story - Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Rumor roundup

Recorded July 8, 2018 One of the biggest devices of the year is just a few weeks away. Is the Note a spec bump, or is it the big beefy powerhouse you’ll want in your pocket? All of that will be covered in this featured story of the Android Authority Podcast. The Android Authority podcast is the weekly podcast where we look at all the top stories from the past seven days and drill down into the details. But in this episode, we are doing something different. This is a different kind of...


Wistful Memories of Samsung's Past

Recorded June 26, 2018 Adam Doud, Jonathan Feist, and Joe Hindy talk about the OEMs that pushed out Android Oreo the fastest and the results may surprise you. Plus, Android Authority readers are all stuck on a phone from the past. Plus, as much as Adam loves the Axon M, another OEM almost beat ZTE to the punch - none other than Samsung. Plus, we look at AT&T’s new cord-cutting TV service and how it’s already leveraging the Time Warner merger. It is a very busy time around the Android...


The Android Authority Podcast is back!

The Android Authority Podcast is back, bringing you all the top stories of the past seven days. Hosts Adam Doud, Jonathan Feist, and Joe Hindy will give you the news, opinions, and commentary every Friday. Plus, we'll be bringing you bonus episodes with our featured stories. These episodes will take a deep dive into a single topic that needs a bit more love. From interviews with industry insiders to flagship phone releases, our featured stories will give you an in depth look at the topics...


From out of the silence...

What's going on here? What's all this music? What does it mean? #AAPodcast See you soon...


Podcast Final - AAP/FDP #115

Joshua Vergara, Joe Hindy, Jonathan Feist, Lanh Nguyen, Nirave Gondhia, David Imel and Adam Molina are on deck for the final AA Podcast. We have nothing but gratitude for everyone that joined us for the run. We leave you with knowledge: Dr. Hindyana Jones, Jr., often shortened to "Hindy", is a main character of the Android Authority franchise. George Lucas created the character in homage to the gaming heroes of 1980s. The character first appeared in the 2011 film Raiders of the Lost XDA...


OnePlus 5 Guys | podcast

Joshua Vergara, Joe Hindy, Jonathan Feist, Lanh Nguyen, Nirave Gondhia and David Imel get together to chat about how the end is nigh, sadly. This is our officially announcement that the end of the Android Authority Podcast is one week away. Shout out to us with #AAFinalPodcast on Twitter to share your favorite moments from the last 131 episodes of the show, we'll try to get them all into the final show. We're sad to see the end to our little show, but we're here with our second penultimate...


114: Word of the day: Penultimate

Joshua Vergara loves the word "penultimate," he just doesn't like what it means for the show. Jonathan Feist, Joe Hindy, David Imel and Adam Molina join in to chat technology on this penultimate episode, #114 of the Android Authority Podcast. We start with a fun discussion on our wallpapers of choice, followed by discussing what HTC needs to do to survive, then we finish off by suggesting that $1000 is, or is not, too much for the upcoming Note 8. It is a very busy time around the Android...


113: Salty about being salty

That's right, our lovely listeners, the Android Authority Podcast is coming to a close in a couple of episodes. Listen to this week's episode for more information about it and how you can enter to get some love from us during our final episode in a couple of weeks. Send your favorite moments from the AAPodcast using the hashtag #aafinalpodcast and we might send you some Google Play credit! With Jonathan Feist out with car troubles, the rest of the gang gets together to talk about the...


112: E3 and Teddy Bears

Jonathan Feist, Joe Hindy, David Imel and Adam Molina get together to chat technology in episode 112 of the Android Authority Podcast. Josh is off to New York for his birthday - Happy Birthday! Back at home we're chatting E3, with all the great video games coming soon, particularly in VR, we're talking OnePlus 5, failings of major phone manufacturers, Pixel phone stats and features and we ask how many hours per day we use our devices. A major topic on the week, Amazon purchased Whole...


111: Assisted Off the Grid

Joshua Vergara, Jonathan Feist, Joe Hindy and David Imel get together early Sunday morning to chat technology in episode 111 of the Android Authority Podcast. We talk about tech in general, but two main topics guide the show, the HTC U 11 and smart assistants. Apple has a pod now, Amazon's Alexa continues to shine, but Google Home is catching up. The debate turns to software vs experience vs hardware, all the while considering practicality of it all based on current capabilities and...


Podcast Special: Computex 2017

Joshua Vergara (@jvtechtea) hung out in Taipei for Computex 2017. Joined by returning and special guests Nicole Scott (@nicole_scooter) from Mobile Geeks, Chris Velazco(@chrisvelazco) from Engadget and Michael Josh (@michaeljosh) from Gadget Match, the team talk about the show, Taipei, technology in general and reveal a little of the life behind the scenes. It is a very busy time around the Android Authority network, be sure to check in with, and for...


110: The Essential show

Jonathan Feist, Joe Hindy, David Imel and Adam Molina get together to chat technology in episode 110 of the Android Authority Podcast. Andy Rubin has a new project on the go, called the Essential Phone, we may have, essentially, over-used that pun. Next up is new devices from LG, including the V30 and G6 Pro, followed by a look at the DJI Goggles and a poll on our site, how old is your phone? It is a very busy time around the Android Authority network, be sure to check in with,...


109: Spark Watch

Joshua Vergara, Joe Hindy, Jonathan Feist and David Imel get together to chat phones, watches and drones in episode 109 of the Android Authority Podcast. We share some final thoughts on Google I/O, but mostly we're talking Android O, which, actually, is little more than an emoji conversation. It's okay David, you'll survive the blobs. DJI has announced a small new drone, the DJI Spark threatens to be the drone that puts drones in mainstream. Wearables rear their head again, we've all used...