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Mates, we have new Mates!

The clash between Google and the EU took another step, and maybe not for the better. Google’s event made it look a lot more like Apple and Amazon, and we discuss. The Huawei Mate 20 Pro, Mate 20, and Mate 20 X gaming phone are official. The Asus ROG phone is the gaming phone of your dreams. Tech We Like: eufy Smart Plug Mini By Anker Visit Recorded October 18, 2018 Time codes: 1:55 - Google altering business model of Android to comply with European...


Everything you ever wanted to know about 5G (but were afraid to ask)

5G is coming, and at the Motorola Z3 launch event in Chicago, Verizon was all over that 5G train. So we rounded up three experts, from Qualcomm, Motorola, and Verizon to talk about it. Then we brought in Android Authority’s resident engineering expert, Robert Triggs, to wrap it all up in a nice neat little bow for you. It’s our next featured story of the Android Authority podcast! Recorded October 17, 2018 @ 1:00pm EST Articles for further reading: What is 5G, and what can we expect from...


When Three Cameras Just Won’t Do

We give a eulogy to Google Plus, Google’s fallen social network. 66% of our podcast will miss it quite a bit. The Razer Phone 2 is out now and it is doing a lot of things right. Samsung introduced us to the world’s first phone with four cameras on the back in the Samsung Galaxy A9. Also, Samsung might be leaving the headphone jack out of its flagships late next year. Are the headphone jack’s days (even more) numbered? Tech We Like: Logitech G910 Orion Spark RGB Mechanical Gaming...


Google Pixel 3 launch: An event 45 days in the making

It’s finally here! The Google Pixel 3 is official, and to celebrate we podcasted live immediately following the event. Google introduced us to the Google Home Hub, the Pixel Slate and the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. We were joined from the show floor by Managing Editor Kris Carlon for his first impressions as well. Be sure to join the conversation using the hashtag #AAPodcast on twitter, and we’ll see you there! The Android Authority podcast is: Adam Doud - @DeadTechnology Jonathan Feist -...


#Phonepocalypse Now!

Microsoft is becoming best buds with Android, allowing you to use your phone on your computer. That’s pretty next level. We have an avalanche of phones headed your way in October - we’re breaking them all down here. Our full review of the LG V40 ThinQ is in, all five cameras and a sweet DAC. We got our first look at the Nokia 7.1 - the surprisingly awesome midranger. Finally, Google assistant got a fresh coat of paint and we like it. Tech we like - Royale RoWrite Recorded October 4,...


Happy Birthday Google and Android!

Both Google and Android had birthdays this year - 20 and 10 respectively. This is a double dose of milestone birthdays and we have a lot to talk about because of it! We’ve got it all - inside tips on how to get the most out of Google’s services, a couple of throwbacks to the birth of Google and Android. It’s all here on the Android Authority Podcast! Recorded September 27, 2018 Time codes: 2:25 – Google turns 20: The 20 biggest milestones in Google’s history 12:40 – Android turns 10...


Smart displays and bad excuses for removing headphone jacks

Google might be including their new Home Hub device in their October event, but we have a review of the JBL Link View right now. Manufacturers keep leaving out the headphone jack for no reason and new devices are leaking like a rusty faucet. This podcast is sponsored by MNML Cases. Check out and use the promo code “AAPOD” to get 15% off your order. September 20, 2018 8:30PM EST Time codes: 1:45 - Google Home Hub smart display rumor 6:40 - JBL Link View review 12:10 - Bad...


The Good, the Bad, and the Beauty of OnePlus

We check in to see what Android’s main competition Apple is up to. Turns out it’s up to about 1,100 bucks. OnePlus is delighting and frustrating it customers with its upcoming OnePlus 6T. We are rapidly approaching an age where three cameras just won’t be sufficient anymore. And Google is shuttering its Inbox email client to mixed reactions. This podcast is sponsored by MNML Cases. Check out and use the promo code “AAPOD” to get 15% off you order. September 13, 2018 8:30PM...


Samsung knows when to fold ‘em

We take AI photo enhancement for a spin with the Huawei P20 Pro, the LG V35s, and the Google Pixel 2. Samsung is bringing us a folding phone, and likely this year. We discuss. Chrome 69 is Google’s 10th birthday surprise with some major enhancements. And by the way, Google wasn’t to kill URLs as well. Multiple OEMs are launching beta testing for Android Pie, and much more quickly than we expected. And finally, OnePlus looks to open a physical store in France and we’re not so sure that’s...


Is Bluetooth Dangerous? NO! Part 2

You may be wondering - with all the headphone jacks disappearing from our phones, and Bluetooth quickly becoming more and more common - is Bluetooth dangerous? Where do we turn for answers? Google of course! But the search results of Google are littered with lies and false information; so much so that it’s hard to tell what’s true? Well, wonder no more. We’ve teamed up with our friends, the SoundGuys to learn about Bluetooth, and other forms of non-ionizing radiation. Part 1 of this podcast...


Wear OS Got a Brand New Coat

We discuss the new design of Wear OS and the usefulness of smartwatches in general. Fortnite fumbled it’s Play store-less launch much to Google’s delight, but Google was a little bit of a jerk to them because of it.It’s IFA-week so we’ve got a gaggle of device launches including the Mi Band 3, the Honor Play, and more. Plus, we take a look at Hollywood’s version of our gadget future and discuss which one we’re closest to today. Don’t forget to answer our question of the show: What 5 apps...


Full Frontal Google Pixel 3 XL

Jonathan Feist is our friend from and he’s here to tell us all about the two biggest drone announcements of the year - the DJI Mavic 2 Pro and the Mavic 2 Zoom. Everything you could possibly want to know about the Google Pixel 3 XL is already out there - photos, camera samples, box contents, headphones - you name it, we know it...45 days before its announcement. We break down the five best premium apps you can buy for Android right now. And finally, we take a long look at...


Everything Android at IFA 2018 in Berlin

Android Authority is going to be at IFA 2018 in Berlin. This podcast is our roundup of what we expect to see at Internationale Funkausstellung this year, including an exclusive look at new gradient colors on the Huawei P20 Pro, two new gaming phones from Honor and ASUS, a new phone from BlackBerry - the Key2 LE, and a new phone from Nokia. We're excited about the ASUS ROG Phone, and possibly the LG V40, but we'll have to wait and see! Join us as we speculate about things to come. The...


Samsung Galaxy Note 9: The Podcast Review

One of the biggest devices of the year is here, and our reviewer is in the studio to tell us all about it. Is the Note 9 the best smartphone money can buy? Does it earn the comma in its price tag? We brought in the reviewer of the Note 9, David Imel to tell us all about it. It's fast, it's huge, and the S Pen is awesome, but is it the best phone of 2018? David bears all on this featured story of the Android Authority podcast. The Android Authority podcast is: Adam Doud -...


The Moto Z3 is bad for my Digital Wellbeing

Recorded August 16, 2018 8:30PM EST Our full review of the Moto Z3 and the Lenovo Smart Display are in, and we're ready to talk about them. Plus, Xiaomi hits us with a new phone and a new sub-brand. No one trusts Huawei and yet no one seems to know why. And finally, Android Pie is concerned about our Digital Wellbeing, and now, so are we! Time codes: 05:00 - Motorola Moto Z3 review: Is the promise of 5G enough? 11:50 - Motorola Moto Z3 vs the competition 12:30 - Lenovo Smart Display...


The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 unpacked!

Recorded August 10 1:00 ET The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is here with a few surprises in store. The Galaxy Watch arrives with Tizen and a week of battery life. Samsung is in the smart speaker business with the Galaxy Home. Fortnite is on Android - mostly. What are the exceptions? We'll run them down here, along with an interview with Epic Games' CEO. The Pixel 3 is revealed in all its notchy glory. And finally, Adam has the definitive final word on the Palm brand revival. Time...


Android Pie - We like pie!

Android Pie is official - the name and the build are both hitting the OTA airwaves as we speak. Seeing as how we’re all about Android, we thought we’d talk about it a little bit. Hosts Adam Doud, Jonathan Feist, and Joe Hindy all discuss the latest update to Android, and the OEM who also released an Android Pie upgrade on day 1! We discuss new features and improvements, updates, and a few things Google removed which leave us scratching our heads. All this and more! The Android Authority...


The Moto Z3, Apple, and Fortnite all take a big number two

Recorded August 3 2:00 ET Adam went to the launch of the Moto Z3 and Verizon’s 5G network - hear his unfiltered hands on look at Moto’s new phone. Huawei knocked out Apple as the number two smartphone seller in the world, but we have to wonder if those numbers are fudged just a bit. Samsung releasing the Galaxy Note 9 early might be just what it needs to perk up slower sales. Sony still can’t sell a phone to save its soul. And finally, we take a look at how Epic Games is handling its...


Android P and the Google Assistant Showdown!

Recorded July 26 8:00 ET Android P’s final beta has hit the airwaves, and Pixels and Nexi are downloading furiously. What does this mean? We’re that much closer to finding out the elusive Android P name - oh and gesture navigation too. Android O has taken the world by storm - doubling its install base to...10%. This is actually really good news for Android and Android users and we explain why. In an assistant showdown, Google Assistant reigned supreme in every category except one - and...


Google, we no longer trust you

Recorded July 20, 2018 We pit the OnePlus 6 against the best smartphone camera on the market. Also, great news, because you can put away the tinfoil hats for now. Google is doing its best Microsoft impression by getting sued for anti-trust laws. We look at the value that Moto Mods add to the ecosystem, and finally we round up the features we want to see in our 2019 flagships. It is a very busy time around the Android Authority network, be sure to check in with, Drone Rush, and...