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Food Is For Nourishment

Obesity in the United Estates is at an all time high. Over 39% of the adult population are obese. According to Doctor Charles Denman, the problems stem from our lifestyle. He tells Lisa Casarez and Vikki Luna we need to change how we relate to food. We need to stop using food as a crutch for our emotions. For example, eat out of boredom; we eat out of frustration; we eat out of loneliness. The first thing we need to do is to change our relationship with food. We need to think of food as...


Live A Healthy Balanced Life

Photo by: Austin Neill/ Unsplash In today's podcast Lisa Casarez and Vikki Luna share their commitment to weight loss for the month of April. They tell us how it sometimes takes a health crisis for people to realize the need to change their life style. It is so important not to wait until something goes wrong. Take care of your body now and it will take care of you in the future. Treat it like the temple it is because it is God's masterpiece. Ask God to help you in your quest for a healthy...


The Most Powerful Little Thing

In this episode, we sit down with our precious friend Reverend Bryan Lee Martin. he is the author of Kindness Is The Most Powerful Little Thing in the World. We discuss how a simple smile can be contagious and much needed. Throughout all of our backgrounds, we see what the lack of kindness can do to our society. A simple smile to a stranger can communicate through all barriers, an understanding of love. Reverend Bryan talks about his book and why it's needed in a world of utmost distraction.


Live The Life You Have Imagined

Imagine yourself at 60 years of age having to start your life over... well, that is exactly what happened to Janie Jurkovich. Janie is our guest in today's podcast. She talks very candidly with Vikki Luna and Lisa Casarez about how her life changed drastically when her husband of 35 years left her. She tells us her life was a real mess and she was in a lot of debt. Then, just when she was at her worst, divine intervention guided her to the world of writing. She started writing a blog and as...


Building People of Significance

In this week's podcast, Lisa Casarez and Vikki Luna talk with guest Lorraine Sepeda. Lorraine works as a job developer with the program CalWorks within the educational institution of Fresno City College. The program is funded through grants by the Department Of Social Services in the county of Fresno. CalWORKs is dedicated to providing services to low income parents, currently receiving cash aid, who are seeking to become self sufficient through education. Once the parents graduate from...


Steps Are Ordered

Photo by: Luca Bravo /Unsplash Do you ever wonder why you are going through a particular event in your life? Why are you experiencing whatever it is and others are not? Well, as Lisa Casarez and Vikki Luna tell us, God orders our steps with an ultimate goal in mind. Sometimes the answer doesn't reveal itself until much later in life, then everything clicks and all makes sense! Your experience during those steps you took will help others identify with you. Sometimes the experience is a...


Being Accountable To God

Some people say there is a disconnect in our society. We walk around angry, never taking responsibility for our actions, always blaming someone else. In many instances, our anger follows us from childhood. This anger or resentment prevents us from having meaningful relationships. It keeps us from bonding and truly loving one another. Vikki Luna and Lisa Casarez talk with Doctor Janet Olivares who has a PhD in Christian Counseling. She runs the Rapha Christian Counseling Center where they...


An Effective Leader Prays

Photo by Ismael Paramo - Unsplash Just recently Vikki Luna and Lisa Casarez participated in a prayer breakfast for leaders in the city of Fresno. Afterward they felt empowered and invigorated by the words spoken in this meeting. They share with us the importance of prayer to leaders. They believe every leader should ask themselves if they are leading following God's word. Are you doing everything within your ability as a Godly leader to bring heaven on earth? Vikki and Lisa tell us that in...


The Power Of Human Connection

"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." -Maya Angelou In today's podcast Vikki Luna and Lisa Casarez talk with Mary Swarts from Send Out Cards. They discuss the importance of building relationships. How people, in general, are looking for connection. The company Swarts works for was founded by Kody Bateman who believes the key to business success is to create genuine relationships,...


Ministering To Women

The Light HousePamela Cutting The Light House Recovery Program is a non profit organization that helps women recover from drug and alcohol addiction. Their goal is to help the women in the recovery program become a productive, contributing member of both their family and their community. Vikki Luna, director of the Light House Recovery Program, along with Lisa Casarez, discuss in this podcast with their guest, Pamela Cutting, what her role is as a therapist to the women and their families....


Let Social Media Serve You

Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unslapsh Social Media has been around since the 1990s when bloggers first came on the scene on the internet. Bloggers used this medium to share their experiences or beliefs and people around the world could read their message. Social Media grew rapidly after 2001 when the first ever profile based platform took hold in our society. Although social media is a great communication tool, it can also be a tool for misinformation and for predatory use. Vikki Luna and Lisa...


In The Meantime…Waiting For God

Photo by Ben White - Unsplash Each life is made up of mistakes and learning, waiting and growing, practicing patience and being persistent.Billy Graham What do you do when waiting for God? This is the question Lisa Casarez and Vikki Luna ask in this episode. For them, the waiting has been easier because the actions they take in daily life are all for God. If you surrender to God you should expect beauty in return. If your motives are all about the "Self", then the waiting becomes rougher....


Focus Forward With Coreen Campos

Focus Forward is a non-profit organization established to help the youth of Fresno County who are in the Juvenile and/ or Child Welfare system. The organization provides the young with programs such as: family strengthening, cultural arts, mentoring, and case management. Today's guest is Coreen Campos, Chief Executive Officer of Focus Forward who tells Lisa Casarez and Vikki Luna how the organization also assists youth in foster care by providing access to clothing, higher education support,...


Big Events

How far we've come. Lisa and Vikki share part of their life journey. This is an exciting episode that we hear how rocky starts bring sturdy foundations. God has a plan for all of us. Most of the time we want it on our schedule. Vikki and Lisa tell us about their humble beginnings. Sit back and listen to the hope that is available if only we can believe.


Elizabeth Sandate-Terrones

"To the world, you may be one person, but to one person you are the world," Heather Cortez Lisa and Vikki sit down with an amazing person. Elizabeth Sandate-Terrones was once one of Lisa's babies and still is to this day. Elizabeth now works with Angels of Grace Foster Family agency. Sit back and listen to her explain why and how she came to the agency. Her amazing story will surely inspire hope in your life.


Fresno Interdenominational Refugee Ministries

Fresno Interdenominational Refugee Ministries or F.I.R.M.’s mission is to share Christ’s love while building communities of hope with new Americans. Why FIRM? Fresno provides a wonderful place for refugees fleeing their countries. They find Fresno’s low cost of living very appealing to families. Many of the communities they serve are Southeast Asian, Ukrainian, and Slovik, African, and Syrians. The Southeast Asian communities generally consist of Hmong, Laotian, Cambodian, and Vietnamese....


Hope Now For Youth

Hope Now For Youth Rev. Roger Minassian started Hope Now for Youth in Fresno at the end of April of 1992. Roger just had ended a 4-day prayer session asking God for direction. During this time Roger met with three local gang members. He remembers one vividly. This young man was 14 years old and lived with his grandmother. Roger asked him about his parents. His mother was a heroin addict and his father was getting out of jail, from a one-year prison term. He also added that his stepmother was...


Jesus Is The Reason For The Season

Merry Christmas everyone. Lisa and Vikki discuss the reason for the season. This time of year we await the coming of our savior Jesus. God sent his only son to be with us and to die for our sins so that we can live an abundant life. We must always be grateful for what we have. This season can always bring hopelessness and despair for whom don't live a life of gratitude. Lisa discusses that she is always ready to save a child. Sometimes traditions need to be changed or start anew. Be ready...


Finishing The Year Strong

The end of the year is fast approaching and most of us are too busy to take stock of our accomplishments for the year. As Vikki Luna and Lisa Casarez tell us most people start the year with an "Ambition Board", or, as Vikki calls it, a "Prayer Tree", highlighting all the things they want to change about themselves or their lives. Sometimes these lists are too broad, too many things to change. They say it is best when you focus on one or two things you really would like to change. Before the...


Developing People And Neighborhoods

In today's podcast Vikki Luna and Lisa Casarez speak to Anthony "AP" Armour, Executive Director of Neighborhood Industries. He opens up about his early years and the struggles he went through being an orphan. As he entered his teen years he became homeless living in a school bus. "AP" believes he is a product of other people's generosity when they rescued him because they saw something in him that was worth saving. He believed God used them to save his life. Now he is paying it forward by...