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9 rules which changed my life

9 Time Management Tips à la Anna Are you using, spending or managing your time? As you know, I look at time management differently, not in the classic way we know it. Time management is not only about techniques and methods. I don’t think that we should apply time management. I believe that we should live time management. That it shall be our daily business about how we use our time. Enjoy my 9 tips !


Create your own rules

CREATE YOUR OWN RULES Today I'll invite you to become someone who creates his own rules. Someone who is a out of the box thinker - and believe me, your boss or yourself is going to thank you for this! Already as a kid, I have made up my own rules. Than at work the same: of course this included many discussions with my bosses - but sometimes they even liked my new created rules! Are you ok with "Oh - that's just how it is. These are the rules." Well I'm not. I’m asking you to think about...



Often we are shut in our homes, offices, cars, trains, airplanes and we have those walls around us. Sometimes we need to get rid of those walls. For this, we need to go outside. Nobody can help us better to get rid of your walls than nature. I mean, think about it: Why do you have your best ideas when you are walking at the beach. Or when you are spending time in the forrest? Why are you never ever stressed when you are in nature? Why aren’t you worried anymore, after a long walk in the...


My near-death experience in the mountains

This story changed my life. It’s about my near-death experience and why death became one of my greatest teacher - and still is! I will tell you this personal story because hopefully I will be able to wake something up in yourself - the desire to live, the desire to celebrate that you are still alive and the sparkle of curiosity in life. Because hey, you could be dead, but you are still here, like I am and I think we should stop to deny that death can really be around the corner, even if...


Your Timezones – PODCAST (EN)

Today, let’s time travel together! I mean, did you know, that you have a 6 different time zones in yourself? Are you aware of that? Well I wasn’t until I got to know the topic about the different time perspectives. Of course, this topic would include hours and hours of me talking about it. And that would be far too much time….so I will try to look at the topic with an eagle view. Maybe another time we can dig deeper, but for this time, I’ll try to stay on the surface - which is a challenge...


PODCAST (EN): be yourself – really?

Be yourself - oh really? Let's get into the todays topic right away: 3 different ways to look at the phrase „be yourself“. What does that really mean and what shouldn’t it mean? And why am I, the time expert talking about this? Because if you aren’t trying to be yourself - it’s a huge - maybe one the biggest time thieves in your life. Now is the time to create this life to dare to be yourself. It’s better to fail now, than to have the regrets in the end of your life. One small step after...


Welcome to my universe of time

Dear Listener I'm very happy to invite you to my new Podcasts where I talk about time. What does that mean? That the time is now. It's always time for something, isn't it? Now it's time for this Podcast. Let's talk about my vision of time, the psychology of time, chronobiology (what if we would listen to our inner clocks?) or how to use your time better. This Podcast will improve your stress management for sure. I want you to make a clear mind shift about time management; time management...


“If I had my life to live over again”

I'm a podcaster! :-) So schnell können Träume in Erfüllung gehen. Viel Spass mit dieser Episode, welches eine Episode aus meinem Hörbuch ist. Wir starten mit den englischen Versionen - falls Deutsch absolut gewünscht ist, bitte unbedingt mitteilen. Liebe Liebenden Ich sollte nie erzählen, was ich als nächstes tue, so wie im letzten Blog wo ich geschrieben habe, dass es im nächsten Blog um „die wilden Seiten des Lebens“ geht. Dafür habe ich was anderes und ich hoffe, dass es Dir ebenso...