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It’s enough

It's enough, do less ! Have you ever experienced that your boss says: „Hey buddy, I think you have done enough. You can go home now?“ No, not really huh? For society it feels - as if it is never enough. You can always go higher, faster and deliver more and more. Today, in this episode, I would like to invite you to think about your limit and to find out, when it is time to say: it’s enough. Enjoy! If you get this by email, click here to listen to the podcast 🎙️:...


Problems in life? I have a plan…

Problems in life? Do you have problems in live ? Today I will give you my personal alternative, my problem solving technique: the plan. This is how I handle a difficult life situation and maybe, just maybe, this will help you as well... Enjoy! If you get this by email, click here to listen to the podcast 🎙️: If you want to see my vlog about "Problems in life", click here 📽️ Do you want more...


Spiritual growth with music

Spiritual growth with music ! Are you someone who loves music? Or someone who loves to explore new music? Or just somebody who needs to dance sometimes? If the answer is yes, well, than this episode is for you. It’s a bit different than the usual ones - but do you know how many songs have been written about TIME ? Hundreds of songs! Today I want to introduce you to 5 of them. Is there any style you prefer? I love all kinds of music - really, there isn’t anything I wouldn’t listen to. Just...


Dare to be yourself, the story continues…

Dare to be yourself, the story continues... Dare to be yourself and dare to be authentic. Are you afraid to be judged? If yes, imagine this: It starts that you don’t dare to tell others what you really think. At meetings - where your opinion counts, you are going to be very quiet - because you don’t dare to speak up. At home, you might keep your desires for yourself and not tell your lover. And at work, you don’t dare to ask for a raise. After years of hiding the real you - the day will...


Improve your love life

Improve your love life Let's talk about how to improve your love life - which also means how to improve your life in general. Today it's about love. And I have a few love advices and relationship advices for you. Because in life, there is so much about relationships. It's also about self improvement and self development and the desire for love and life. If you get this by email, click here to listen to the podcast 🎙️: If you want to see my...


I found a secret to slow down time

I found a secret to slow down time Today I will teach you, how to slow down time. Yes, yes I know, how is that possible? But oh yes - today, we will slow down time. Of course I talk about the subjective feeling of time - but that’s how it is: we feel time. But the sensation that time speeds up as you get older is one of the biggest mysteries of the experience of time. And to slow down time, you have to do something - which you have never done before. If you get this by email, click here to...


How to improve your life when you stop and think

How to improve your life when you stop and think. Do you want to know what successful people have in common? Do you want to learn about a tool, which will help you in many life situations. Do you want to know, what it takes, to make a good decision? Yes, well, that’s what we will talk about. If you get this by email, click here to listen to the podcast 🎙️: ‎ If you want to see my vlog about "ONE KEY TO SUCESS", click here 📽️...


How to be disciplined makes a difference

How to be disciplined makes a difference Have you ever said: from tomorrow on, I will start to eat healthy. Or have you ever made a New Years resolution like: This time I will for sure stop smoking. How is it possible that just 10 to 20 % are succeeding? I will tell you how they do it. And yes, in this podcast we will talk about DISCIPLINE. But don’t be scared. Actually you should know; I have never really been a disciplined person - until a few years ago. That was, when I started to...


No more worries about the future

No more worries about the future We all worry at times. Occasionally for good reasons. But in general we worry too much. And often, we worry about our futures. Like: "What am I going to do in life?" Or: "What if I don't find my purpose?" Or: "What if this and that will happen!" We are worrying about stuff, which haven't even occurred. Today, I will give you an advice which has always calmed my rumbling worries in my little head. Enjoy! If you get this by email, click here to listen to the...


How to be an optimist can change your life for the better

How to be an optimist Today, in AnnA's podcast: It's always in our hands how we will react in a certain situation. This has a lot to do with our mindset. And: we can learn this. My personal thoughts about being an optimist is to look for the beauty in everything. In every place. In every moment. In everyone. Enjoy this podcast where I talk about the ONE tool I used to train my optimism. For me, that was so much fun. I hope for you too. If you get this by email, click here to listen to the...


My solution for a life without stress

My solution for a life without stress Today, in Anna's Podcast : When I started my own company - I was told, that I would have to work my butt off, if I want to achieve my dreams and visions. And do you know what? That is true. BUT: there is an enormous thing missing. And that will be todays topic: how to work hard - without burning out. And I will give you 7 ideas for your daily life on how to really go for it and how to slow down. If you get this by email, click here to listen to the...


My 11 best morning rituals

MY 11 FAVOURITE MORNING RITUALS Today I will provide you with 11 simple, maybe slightly different ideas on how we can start off this machine of ours. With rituals for body and soul. Feel free to pick your cherries and enjoy. Email link for: 🎙️ Podcast here : 📽️ Vlog here : Full Audio Book Have a good day : best wishes from me to you ! AnnA Jelen


Learn to let go

Learn to let go My dear listener out there. It’s time to let go of something. There is always something to let go. Today I will give you 5 ideas of what and how you could let it go. Let me present to you the 5 examples and how letting go would be a very nice solution. Number 1: LET GO OF STRESS Number 2 : LET YOUR „WORRIES-ABOUT-THE-FUTURE" GO Number 3: LET GO OF WHAT OTHERS THINK ABOUT YOU Number 4:. EMBRACE CHANGE The bonus one: if you start something new, than dot dot dot… Have fun!...


How stress affects you badly

How stress affects you badly In life stress is unavoidable. But the fact I’m going to tell you about, will hopefully make you consider stress in a different way and hopefully you will do everything to reduce it! It’s not just bad for our health, it makes us bad people. Yes - you heard right: because we behave totally different under stress. Usually we behave in a bad way! Let's make a difference.


The truth about yourself – my daily ritual – Podcast

The truth about yourself - do this daily ritual How are you today? You might answer: fine and you? Well, thanks for asking. Fine as well. And thats it? How often do we ask others, how they are? Often right? But how often do you ask yourself how YOU are? Let me give you one of my daily habits I cannot live without.


9 rules which changed my life

9 Time Management Tips à la Anna Are you using, spending or managing your time? As you know, I look at time management differently, not in the classic way we know it. Time management is not only about techniques and methods. I don’t think that we should apply time management. I believe that we should live time management. That it shall be our daily business about how we use our time. Enjoy my 9 tips !


Create your own rules

CREATE YOUR OWN RULES Today I'll invite you to become someone who creates his own rules. Someone who is a out of the box thinker - and believe me, your boss or yourself is going to thank you for this! Already as a kid, I have made up my own rules. Than at work the same: of course this included many discussions with my bosses - but sometimes they even liked my new created rules! Are you ok with "Oh - that's just how it is. These are the rules." Well I'm not. I’m asking you to think about...


You need this energy of life

Often we are shut in our homes, offices, cars, trains, airplanes and we have those walls around us. Sometimes we need to get rid of those walls. For this, we need to go outside. Nobody can help us better to get rid of your walls than nature. I mean, think about it: Why do you have your best ideas when you are walking at the beach. Or when you are spending time in the forrest? Why are you never ever stressed when you are in nature? Why aren’t you worried anymore, after a long walk in the...


My near-death experience in the mountains

My near-death experience in the mountains This story changed my life. It’s about my near-death experience and why death became one of my greatest teacher - and still is! I will tell you this personal story because hopefully I will be able to wake something up in yourself - the desire to live, the desire to celebrate that you are still alive and the sparkle of curiosity in life. Because hey, you could be dead, but you are still here, like I am and I think we should stop to deny that death...


Optimal Thinking

Today, let’s time travel together! I mean, did you know, that you have a 6 different time zones in yourself? Are you aware of that? Well I wasn’t until I got to know the topic about the different time perspectives. Of course, this topic would include hours and hours of me talking about it. And that would be far too much time….so I will try to look at the topic with an eagle view. Maybe another time we can dig deeper, but for this time, I’ll try to stay on the surface - which is a challenge...