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Aquatic Wetline, a tropical fish keeping podcast that does aquarium keeping shows for both freshwater and saltwater. Aqua Alex provides fish keepers with information and entertainment on the fish hobby we all love.

Aquatic Wetline, a tropical fish keeping podcast that does aquarium keeping shows for both freshwater and saltwater. Aqua Alex provides fish keepers with information and entertainment on the fish hobby we all love.
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Aquatic Wetline, a tropical fish keeping podcast that does aquarium keeping shows for both freshwater and saltwater. Aqua Alex provides fish keepers with information and entertainment on the fish hobby we all love.






Fish Keeping 101 Beginner Guide: Setting up & Planning your First Aquarium

The Tropical Fish Keeping Hobby has been getting more popular over the last few years and for good reasons.Fish tanks have been proven to be a great stress and high blood pressure reducer as the fish help soothe the mind and soul and make you feel calm and enjoy the watery scenery. Many people either enter the aquarium hobby from a family member who had a tank but no longer wanted it, or they want a new pet. Movies like Finding Nemo and Finding Dory have also caused kids to want to rush...


Life in the Ocean on AW: Tropical Fish from Hawaii and the Pacific

Tropical Fish Keeper's, Please welcome to Aquatic Wetline the Saltwater Life series! This is the Saltwater verision of Life in the Amazon!!! But, this series is called Life in the Ocean! I will be discussing the various tropical fish, inverts, and other forms of life that live in various oceans! Do you want to find out where your saltwater tropical fish come from? This will be a very unique and fun show to do! I think we will all have a blast learning about the different species of fish...


The Cichlid Cave- Chocolate Cichlids, Severums, Uaru & South American Cichlids

On our 2nd episode of the Cichlid Cave here on Aquatic Wetline with Aqua Alex, I am going to be discussing my favorite cichlids that hail from the Amazon and South America. Thousands of freshwater fish that come in the aquarium hobby are from the Amazon and of those thousand a good 400 or so are cichlids. Common cichlids include discus, angelfish, oscars, severums, pike cichlids and more but there are some special kinds of cichlids that come from South America as well! PLANNED FOR THE...


Aquatic Wetline Special: Invasive Fish Species in USA

In the aquarium trade, thousands upon thousands of tropical fish from all around the world both freshwater and saltwater enter the USA and the fish hobby. Some of these fish can include fish that grow too large for novice fish keepers to care for like pacus, arapimas, clown knife fish, gars, sharks, lionfish, groupers, and more! What happens when you introduce a foriegn tropical fish in the ponds rivers lakes and oceans of the USA? Find out on this episode of Aquatic Wetline. PLANNED FOR...


Aquatic Wetline Aquatic Fish TRIVIA!! Game: April 2017

I, Alex Cardinale the host and as a fish keeper am proud to announce that Aquatic Wetline presents to you the very first Fish Keeping Trivia game! That's right this is a fun aquatic trivia game where 8 tropical fish keepers enter but only 2 tropical fish keepers will survive. There are 2 awesome prizes!!! 8 Tropical Fish Keepers enter the tank but only 2 walk out as champions!!! Which Fish Keeper will become the first ever Aquatic Wetline Champion??? Aquatic Wetline Triva Information and...


Aquatic Wetline 2017 Easter Aquarium Special: Rabbit Fish Chat and MORE!!!

HAPPY EASTER FISH KEEPERS FROM AQUA ALEX CARDINALE, AQUATIC WETLINE, BILL ARNT, AND YOURFISHSTUFF.COM!!!! It's Spring which means it's great weather! Time to set up those outdoor ponds!!! It is also Easter one of the most joyful holidays of the year. On this episode of Aquatic Wetline, join me as I present to you a very special Easter themed aquarium/fish keeping show packed with plenty of awesome tropical fish chat! PLANNED FOR THE SHOW: ~ DISCUSSION ON EASTER THEMED AQUARIUM FISH ~...


Aquatic Wetline's Tropical Fish MANIA 1 !!

One Week after Wrestlemania, Aquatic Wetline FEELS THE MANIA! But, fish keepers will NOW have the chance to feel the MANIA! Aquatic Wetline and proudly present to you Aquatic Wetline Tropical Fish MANIA. A once a year spectacle that fish keeper's can look forward too. Hear tropical fish keepers at their grind talking about what they love, plenty of tropical fish chat, and it's the Battle of the Fish where fish go head to head to walk out as the Aquatic Wetline MANIA...


Aquatic Wetline Fish Keeping Hall of Fame: Corydoras Breeder Lynn Mathney

REST IN PEACE THE LATE GREAT CORYDORAS BREEDER LYNN MATHNEY!!! Our very first inductee to the 2017 Aquatic Wetline Fish Keeping Hall of fame is the great Corydoras Breeder Lynn Mathney! Lynn Mathney was very instrumental in setting up Aquatic Wetline's success and also becoming the first repeat guest to garner attraction and attention from the listeners who even requested Lynn to be back on to the show to discuss corydoras catfish. Lynn left a HUGE impact on the aquarium hobby from her...


Keeping Corydoras Catfish in Aquariums: Tribute to Lynn Mathney

From the lakes and rivers of South America into your freshwater community aquariums comes a little catfish called a Corydoras catfish. Cory cats as they are often called are small catfish usually not exceeding more than 4''. Don't let their size fool you as corydoras catfish live in schools and they have a whole lot of personality. The late great Corydoras breeder Lynn Mathney is the one who taught me and got me interested in corydoras. Lynn bred gold and green laser corydoras as well as...


Aqua Alex discusses why Water Changes are IMPORTANT!!!!

Having a show quality aquarium with nice reef fish or saltwater fish or even Freshwater fish is an awesome accomplishment and a tank you should be proud of. In order to keep your tank looking pristine and your fish happy and healthy water changes need to be done!!! Water changes provide the fish cleaner water and get rid of any unwanted wastes that otherwise will cause high ammonia levels. Find out the benefits and when to do water changes tonight. PLANNED FOR THE SHOW: ~ Discussion on why...


Aqua Alex's Dream and Favorite Fish Plus Huge Fish Room Update

On this special episode of the Aquatic Wetline on this Sunday evening, I am LIVE from my fish room sitting next to my fish tanks relaxing and I have some awesome topics in store for all of you my great fish keeping listeners!! I decided to have a fun fish keeping show today and talk about something that I am interested in and something I would have fun in talking about and hopefully you will have fun listening too. I am going to talk about some of my all time favorite fish species, I will...


Aqua Alex's Favorite Aquarium Memories

Tropical Fish Keeping is known to be a hobby. But I personally think of it as a Living Art. Us fish keepers personally get to create a piece of the oceans or rivers of the world as we keep some of the most exotic fish and inverts in a fish tank in our houses. It takes years to have the perfect show aquarium and when you finally have your tank set up perfectly you have created an underwear natural real painting. All of us fish keepers have memories whether it is setting up our first...


Keeping Moray Eels in Aquariums

Moray Eels are a very interesting species of saltwater fish. They are a TRUE eel unlike the freshwater spiny eels. Moray Eels are well known for being intimidating and striking fear in people due to the way they move their mouths, but they don't do it to strike fear that is how they breath. When people think of Moray Eels, they think of the giants like the green moray and the giant moray eel. But there are many different kinds of morays, with many topping out at 2-4' which makes them...


Aqua Alex's WORST Aquarium Disasters & What to do when Storms Strike

I have been keeping tropical fish since the age of 12. In my 11 years of fish keeping, I have suffered through many aquarium and fish disasters. I want to tell you about my disasters so that you can learn from them and now what to do in case it happens to you. Us fish keepers are always scared of tanks cracking, power outages, losing fish from storms, and massive fish losses but with the right knowledge we can help keep these situations postitive. Planned for the Show: ~ Discussion on my...


Aqua Alex's Funny and Not So Funny Local Fish Store Stories!!!

All fish keepers love going to their local fish stores. You would be lying to yourself as a fish keeper if you say you don't like buying fish from the local fish store. Every single fish keeper likes going to the store viewing all the tanks picking out fish purchasing fish and equipment. But, there are all kinds of fish keepers out there and all kinds of employees. I bet you all have seen funny things and have a store to tell about the local fish stores you go to. That is what I am going...


Aqua Alex's MAJOR Announcements for Aquatic Wetline & Tropical Fish Chat

Aquatic Wetline © is truly becoming an iconic tropical fish keeping podcast. In 2013 when I first created this show, I never imagined that this show would take off as it did and 4 years later it has become a worldwide tropical fish keeping show. I have people who listen to my show worldwide and email me telling me they loved the show and want more. Over the past 4 years, I have got the fish keeping audience hooked and interactive with the show and now here in 2017, Aquatic Wetline © will be...


Aquatic Wetline: Controversial Fish Keeping Topics Part 1

The tropical fish keeping hobby is definately a fun hobby to be in. Not only do you get to recreate a part of the Amazon and other big rivers or a piece of the ocean in your living room, office, or bed room but you also get to experience the joy and ups and downs of raising tropical fish, This is a hobby that will definatley have it's ups and downs. Every hobby has controversy and there is a shit ton of controversy in the fish hobby. Aqua Alex over the next few months is going to break down...


January 2017 Aquatic Wetline Saltwater fish of the month: Dogface Pufferfish

It's time to find out the Saltwater Fish of January 2017! We have debuted the Freshwater Fish of the Month and now it's Saltwater Aquarium fish lovers turn! This month's Saltwater Fish of the Month is a personal favorite fish of mine and a fish that a lot of saltwater fish lovers keep, the dogface pufferfish. Known to be very personable and are fun to keep!!! PLANNED FOR THE SHOW: ~ Information on Dogface Pufferfish and how to keep them ~ Different Kinds of Dogface Pufferfish If you want to...


Aquatic Wetline's Aquarium Tuber Challenge

Most of you are probably asking yourselfs.... What the hell (WTF) is the Aquarium Tuber Challenge? Well, the Aquarium Tuber Channel is a HUGE Youtube sensation right now for tropical fish keepers. It's a challenge where you respond to the original posters questions and then you nominate other people to answer the questions. Aquatic Wetline takes on the challenge and invites fish keepers to answer the questions on the air. ALL OF YOU ARE NOMINATED! Aquatic Wetline is proud to be the only...


The Cichlid Cave on Aquatic Wetline: Introduction to Cichlids

I want to let you know that I, Aqua Alex Cardinale LOVE CICHLIDS!!! Cichlids are a genus of fish that are very well known in the tropical fish hobby! Mostly everyone who has a freshwater aquarium has a cichlid of some sort! Cichlids range from very aggressive to semiaggressive to even docile! There are cichlids from all over the world! South America, Central America, North America, and even Africa! Red Devils, Jaguar cichlids, Oscars, Jack Dempseys, Discus, Angelfish are all examples of some...