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Aquatic Wetline, a tropical fish keeping podcast that does aquarium keeping shows for both freshwater and saltwater. Aqua Alex provides fish keepers with information and entertainment on the fish hobby we all love.

Aquatic Wetline, a tropical fish keeping podcast that does aquarium keeping shows for both freshwater and saltwater. Aqua Alex provides fish keepers with information and entertainment on the fish hobby we all love.
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Aquatic Wetline, a tropical fish keeping podcast that does aquarium keeping shows for both freshwater and saltwater. Aqua Alex provides fish keepers with information and entertainment on the fish hobby we all love.






Fish Keeping 101 Beginner Guide: Setting up & Planning your First Aquarium

The Tropical Fish Keeping Hobby has been getting more popular over the last few years and for good reasons.Fish tanks have been proven to be a great stress and high blood pressure reducer as the fish help soothe the mind and soul and make you feel calm and enjoy the watery scenery. Many people either enter the aquarium hobby from a family member who had a tank but no longer wanted it, or they want a new pet. Movies like Finding Nemo and Finding Dory have also caused kids to want to rush...


Life in the Ocean on AW: Tropical Fish from Hawaii and the Pacific

Tropical Fish Keeper's, Please welcome to Aquatic Wetline the Saltwater Life series! This is the Saltwater verision of Life in the Amazon!!! But, this series is called Life in the Ocean! I will be discussing the various tropical fish, inverts, and other forms of life that live in various oceans! Do you want to find out where your saltwater tropical fish come from? This will be a very unique and fun show to do! I think we will all have a blast learning about the different species of fish...


Aqua Alex discusses why Water Changes are IMPORTANT!!!!

Having a show quality aquarium with nice reef fish or saltwater fish or even Freshwater fish is an awesome accomplishment and a tank you should be proud of. In order to keep your tank looking pristine and your fish happy and healthy water changes need to be done!!! Water changes provide the fish cleaner water and get rid of any unwanted wastes that otherwise will cause high ammonia levels. Find out the benefits and when to do water changes tonight. PLANNED FOR THE SHOW: ~ Discussion on why...


Keeping Moray Eels in Aquariums

Moray Eels are a very interesting species of saltwater fish. They are a TRUE eel unlike the freshwater spiny eels. Moray Eels are well known for being intimidating and striking fear in people due to the way they move their mouths, but they don't do it to strike fear that is how they breath. When people think of Moray Eels, they think of the giants like the green moray and the giant moray eel. But there are many different kinds of morays, with many topping out at 2-4' which makes them...


Aqua Alex's MAJOR Announcements for Aquatic Wetline & Tropical Fish Chat

Aquatic Wetline © is truly becoming an iconic tropical fish keeping podcast. In 2013 when I first created this show, I never imagined that this show would take off as it did and 4 years later it has become a worldwide tropical fish keeping show. I have people who listen to my show worldwide and email me telling me they loved the show and want more. Over the past 4 years, I have got the fish keeping audience hooked and interactive with the show and now here in 2017, Aquatic Wetline © will...


January 2017 Aquatic Wetline Saltwater fish of the month: Dogface Pufferfish

It's time to find out the Saltwater Fish of January 2017! We have debuted the Freshwater Fish of the Month and now it's Saltwater Aquarium fish lovers turn! This month's Saltwater Fish of the Month is a personal favorite fish of mine and a fish that a lot of saltwater fish lovers keep, the dogface pufferfish. Known to be very personable and are fun to keep!!! PLANNED FOR THE SHOW: ~ Information on Dogface Pufferfish and how to keep them ~ Different Kinds of Dogface Pufferfish If you want...


Aquatic Wetline's Aquarium Tuber Challenge

Most of you are probably asking yourselfs.... What the hell (WTF) is the Aquarium Tuber Challenge? Well, the Aquarium Tuber Channel is a HUGE Youtube sensation right now for tropical fish keepers. It's a challenge where you respond to the original posters questions and then you nominate other people to answer the questions. Aquatic Wetline takes on the challenge and invites fish keepers to answer the questions on the air. ALL OF YOU ARE NOMINATED! Aquatic Wetline is proud to be the only...


January 2017 Aquatic Wetline Freshwater Fish of the Month: Jack Dempsey Cichlid

I am proud to present to my tropical fish keeping audience a monthly series that will be informal but also fun. This series is called Fish of the Month. There will be 2 Fish of the Month 1 Freshwater FOTM and 1 Saltwater FOTM.It will be informal because on each Fish of the Month I will provide some information based on my experience keeping the said fish! It will be fun because you will get to learn about each fish and how to keep them. January 2017 Freshwater Fish of the Month: Jack...


Aquatic Wetline & Aqua Alex Present: 2017 AW Premiere

Aqua Alex and Aquatic Wetline kick start your 2017 fish keepers and tropical fish hobbyists with a BANG! I present to you on this very first episode of 2017, a action packed tropical fish chat with not 1 not 2 not even 3 but 4 (YES FOUR) fish keeping guests, tropical fish chat, and more!!!!! This is a show you will not want to miss, fish keepers, let's start Aquatic Wetline and 2017 on the right now! PLANNED FOR THE SHOW: ~ SPECIAL GUESTS: Community Fish Lover: Jeremy Stellhorn African...


Fish Room LIVE! with Aqua Alex Cardinale on AW: Episode 1

Tropical fish keepers of Blogtalkradio, are you ready for a LIVE tropical fish podcast that will feature topics that you would like to hear. Topics that will interest you in the freshwater and saltwater hobby. This will be a weekly show that will air every Thursday night at 9 PM ET on Aquatic Wetline! It will be hosted LIVE from Aqua Alex's fish room! Tonight, you are witnessing the great debut of this series! On Thursday January 12, 2017 at 9 PM ET is when the 2nd episode airs and when it...


Aqua Alex's Live Aquaria Diver's Den Review: December 2016

On this episode of Aquatic Wetline, I will be reviewing my recent order from Live Aquaria. I placed an order from Live Aquaria Diver's Den. I have ordered 2 times prior and recieved excellent fish. The Diver's Den gets high praise for the way they QT fish and their excellent shipping procedures. I am a huge fan of Diver's Den. It's my favorite online store. Enjoy this review and thanks for listening. What I got: **** Dogfaced Pufferfish (Arothron nigropunctatus) **** Porcupine...


Aqua Alex's Heart Felt Tribute to the Belated Cory Lady Lynn Mathney RIP

I am very sad to announce that my personal friend and fish keeper, the Cory Lady Lynn Mathney has past away! Lynn and I have been friends for over 3 years. We have chatted tropical fish every conversation over the phone we had. She was humbled, honored, and ecstatic about being apart of the Aquatic Wetline and loved chatting corydoras with all of you the listeners. Aquatic Wetline and Aqua Alex will forever morn the loss of one our fundamental guests and supporters, Lynn Mathney. Planned...


Species Saturday on Aquatic Wetline: The Flame Hawkfish

Species Saturday is B-A-C-K on Aquatic Wetline! Every Saturday, Aqua Alex is going to be profiling many different species of tropical fish and inverts from freshwater and saltwater. One Saturday will be a saltwater species and the next Saturday will be a Freshwater species. My goal is to try and cover every species that I can to provide fish hobbyists some wonderful info on a particular species! Our species this week is a Saltwater Tropical fish! This fish eats Shrinps and Inverts but can...


Tropical Fish Keepers of Aquatic Wetline: The Fish Keeper's Q and A Debut!

Tropical Fish Keepers, Aqua Alex is proud to give back to you!!! This is Aquatic Wetline's tropical fish keepers question and answer show! I will be answering all of your questions on both freshwater and saltwater fish and anything aquatic! You can ask a question by emailing or calling in to the show at 1 347-989-8142. Some questions will also be taken from various Facebook fish groups! I hope some wonderful information will be shared on this show. Aqua Alex will...


Aquatic Wetline's 3 Year Anniversary FISHMANIA

On August 28, 2013 I decided to create my very own Tropical Fish Show. I named it Aquatic Wetline. At first, I wasn't good. But after a while I started getting the hang of it and got better along the way. In 2014, I began a partnership with Crayfish Man James Jones as he became host of Aquatic Wetline, we have been friends ever since. Hikari and Carib-Sea have proudly worked with Aquatic Wetline. I've made friends with Donovan Barger, Willy T, Jeremy Stellhorn, and all of you my listeners!...


Road to Aquatic Wetline's 3 Year Anniversary: Diamond Goby Chat

For the last 3 years Aquatic Wetline has always provided fish keepers with plenty of fun and plenty of wonderful tropical fish keeping information, One thing that I've always enjoyed is chatting about a particular speciesbies of tropical fish sharing what I know and I even learn about the fish species too. It's a good way for me to enjoy the hobby and give back something postivie to the fish keeping hobby. In 2015, I started saltwater. One of my first saltwater fish was a diamond goby. I...


Road to Aquatic Wetline's 3 Year Anniversary: Interview with Fish Mart INC

The Road to Aquatic Wetline's 3 year Anniversary begins NOW!!! Mark your Calendars, Sunday, August 28, 2016 at 9 PM ET, 8 PM CT, 7 PM MT, and 6 PM PT, Aquatic Wetline proudly celebrates 3 years of being the only fish show hosted by a fish keeper for fish keepers. For 3 straight years, Aquatic Wetline has provided something for ever fish hobbyist! On November 9, 2013 I had the awesome opportunity to interview Peach Reid owner of Fish Mart INC. Fish Mart INC is the largest tropical fish...


Road to Aquatic Wetline's 3 Year Anniversary: Dave's Pet City LIVE Broadcast!

As the road to Aquatic Wetline's 3 year Anniversary quickly approches, let us remember that the Aquatic Wetline was created to help everyone in the tropical fish hobby whether you are a tropical fish keeper, a tropical fish store owner, or a tropical fish wholesale. Our mission is to provide quaility tropical fish information to all of our fish keeping listens! We've also had the wonderful opportunity to help tropical fish store businesses sell fish! On March 19, 2014 Aqua Alex and the...


American Variety Network News and Announcements: August-September 2016

Fans and listeners of American Variety Network, I have some exciting news to share with all of you on this show!!! If you are a frequent listener of my show, then this show is def for you. I am very excited to announce these news to you and am excited to have an opportunity to be on the air once again!!! Planned for the show: ~ what does American Variety Network have in store for the rest of 2016? ~Any new shows debuting??? PLUS MUSIC AND MORE! VERY SPECIAL GUEST IN THE 2ND HALF OF THE...


Chef Cardinale Cooking Show on AVN: Meat and Poultry Cooking Chat

Chef Alex sure does love meat!!! Hamburgers, steak, chicken, turkey and pork are all delicious!!! If you love meat, then this show will be perfect for you! Chef Alex is going to be discussing meats and poultry on this show. I'll be giving out some wonderful information on meats and poultry. Plus there will be some delicious meat and poultry recipes! Planned for the show: ~ Discussion on different meats and poultry ~ Proper cooking temperatures for meats and poultry ~ Cooking methods for meat...


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