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Why Do I Find This So Difficult to Do?

This question was sent to me by Gerald R. (thanks for the question!): "Why do I find this so difficult to do?" So, I decided to demonstrate that you do not need any special equipment to do a podcast. I recorded this episode on my iPhone while on a morning walk with my dogs! All you need to do is hit RECORD on your smart phone! I used FB Live in this episode, then downloaded it to my computer and uploaded it here to the YouTube Channel for the podcast. I also converted it to audio mp3 and...


What Kinds of Podcasts Are The Most Popular? Part Five

What Kind of Podcasts Are the Most Popular – Part Five Story Telling and Hybrid Formats Story Telling: This is kind of like the NPR stories. It takes A LOT OF TIME to prepare! Do not underestimate the time involved to do a quality program when you are trying to tell a story. NPR may spend weeks gathering audio commentary, conducting interview and fact finding. They may record hours and hours of interviews and audio. Then spend hours more editing quotes from the many audio files and...


What Kinds of Podcasts Are The Most Popular? Part Four

What Kind of Podcasts Are the Most Popular – pt 4 Panel Discussion The Panel Discussion: This type of format is little more complicated to manage. Not only are you going to giving commentary, you will also be asking questions of your multiple guests. One type of podcast in this method, is to have two or more guests with differing views or opinions on a particular topic. I would recommend not more than three panel guests. Otherwise, it will be to easy to lose control of the...


What Kinds of Podcasts Are The Most Popular - Part Three

What Kind of Podcasts Are the Most Popular – pt 3 Solo Commentary The Solo Commentary Podcast: This is probably the easiest type of podcast you can put together. It is basically the format I am using for this podcast, “Ask Bob.” It may be the easiest to do, but is also harder to accomplish. Many people are not able to do this type of podcast, because you actually have to carry on a conversation with other people, even though you are talking to nobody at the time! That is what I’m doing...


What Kinds of Podcasts Are The Most Popular? Part Two

What Kinds of Podcast Are the Most Popular – Part Two The One on One Interview The One on One Interview: This is the most common form of podcasting. If you can book an interview with a very well known person who can give tremendous value to your particular niche audience – you can grow tremendously! There are a lot of podcasters who use this particular format. But, you must be a good interviewer! There are many podcasts out there where the host is not a good interviewer, and it shows. I...


What Kinds of Podcasts Are The Most Popular? Part One

What Kinds of Podcasts Are The Most Popular - Part One So, the question for today is, “What kind of podcasts are the most popular?” Over the next few episodes, I will be giving you the most popular methods of podcasting in use today. There may be a couple others that are used but not that popular. But I’m going to focus on the major ones. A quick summary, and remember, this is only a summary because beginning with the next episode, we go into detail. But so you can have the types here,...


How Do I Build An Audience?

Today, I want address the question, “How Can I Build an Audience?” The processes are wide and varied for this. I cannot cover all of the possibilities. But let me cover some of the more popular methods of building your podcast audience. First and foremost, you should be podcasting to a specific person or group. This is called your “avatar.” Every episode should be designed to bring value to that one, perfect person. The perfect individual that needs the information you are going to...


Will Anybody Listen to Me?

Today, I want address the question, “Will anybody listen?” The simple answer, in my best lawyer voice is, “That depends…” I know, I know, that is not really an answer. But it definitely applies to podcasting. Someone who is just starting out may end up thousands of downloads per episode. Someone who has been doing this for years may only have a handful of downloads per episode. But, one thing that is for sure – if you do not have a podcast, NOBODY will be listening! Now, that being...


What Would I Talk About?

Today, I want address the question, “What will I talk about?” This is topic of concern to many who are thinking of starting a podcast. It is also a topic of concern for many who already have a podcast! But it doesn’t really have to be that hard! Let me ask you a question? What is it that people ask you to help them with? It could be your profession. That is a definite possibility. But let’s also say you have a hobby that you are passionate about. Your podcast could be about your...


Is Podcasting Cost Effecient?

Today, I want address the question, “Is it cost efficient?” One of the reasons podcasting has become so popular is because it costs little to almost nothing to get started. Compared to traditional radio, podcasting is literally pennies for every dollar that would have spent in traditional radio. Let me explain it like this… If you went down to your local radio station and asked them to put you on the radio, they would do a couple of things (believe me, because I’ve had to jump through...


Is Podcasting Complicated?

Is Podcasting Complicated? Today, I will answer the question, “Is Podcasting Complicated?” Again, the quick answer is “No.” But it can become complicated if you do not pay attention to what you are trying to do. With that in mind, let me briefly address this topic. First, as I talked about on the prior video, you need a computer. You will need some sort of internet connection. You will need a microphone. The microphone could be your cell phone, the microphone that is on your laptop or...


Is Podcasting Difficult to Do?

Is Podcasting Difficult to Do? Today, I will answer the question, “Is It Difficult to Do?” Quick answer is “No.” But there are some things that you need to pay attention to in order to produce a quality product. If you do not have a quality podcast in this day and time, your listeners will probably only end up being your family and close friends. If you want to expand your reach, you should invest in a few pieces of equipment that will improve your quality. Now, if you are doing a video...


What is a Podcast?

WHAT IS A PODCAST? Today, I will answer the question, “What is a Podcast?” First, a podcast is a modern form of blogging. When blogging was introduced, it transformed the way information could be delivered to the masses. Instead of writers submitting countless articles to countless magazines, etc. in trying to get their articles published, blogging was created. With the expansion of the internet, bloggers soon found they could bypass the corporate world of magazines and interact with...


Ask Bob - Who Am I and Why Should You Listen?

This is an information episode about "Ask Bob" and why you should listen!