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Since 1987, the Gray brothers have been flying the flag for loud rock n roll - sharing their passion via radio, a fanzine, record label, online blog....and now... a podcast ! Better buckle up and hang on - it's time for the Australian Rock Show ! Note: we have a valid licence (registered with APRA AMCOS) to legally play Australian music - Invoice No: OL-177






Since 1987, the Gray brothers have been flying the flag for loud rock n roll - sharing their passion via radio, a fanzine, record label, online blog....and now... a podcast ! Better buckle up and hang on - it's time for the Australian Rock Show ! Note: we have a valid licence (registered with APRA AMCOS) to legally play Australian music - Invoice No: OL-177






Episode 159 - Mr. Ratboy Interview

The Golden Rat are a Tokyo-based outfit comprised of guitarists Mr. Ratboy and Hiroshi The Golden Arm. They are set to release their debut album ‘We Got A Right’ – a fifteen song collection/interpretations of tunes which inspired both musicians during adolescence. Mr. Ratboy has plugged in and played with some of rock n roll’s elite: Sour Jazz, Motorcycle Boy, Pillbox, Bebe Buell, Jeff Dahl, Marky Ramone & The Intruders, Kevin K and Freddy Lynxx to name a few. On show #159 of The Australian Rock Show we are joined by Mr. Ratboy to look over the new Golden Rat album - and to also talk though his amazing rock n roll journey. Dig it! Music by: The Golden Rat, Mr. Ratboy, Motorcycle Boy, Pillbox, Sour Jazz, The Saints - thanks to Dimitri Monroe Buy The Golden Rat - We Got A Right Australia: Rest of world: Hiroshi The Golden Arm: Sour Jazz: Chris Barry i/v: Dimitri Monroe Blog:


Episode 158 - Tony ‘The Kid’ Robertson Interview

Since first plugging his bass into an amp as a Brisbane teenager, Tony ‘The Kid’ Robertson's loud, rock n roll journey spans 40-plus years. It's a journey that has seen him play with some of Australia's most iconic rock outfits. On show #158 of the Australian Rock Show, The Kid joins us for a lengthy interview, and we talk about everything...from the relentless gigging with Wasted Daze, his time in red-hot Brisbane band The 31st, playing pinball with the Ramones, before joining the Hitmen in the early 1980's. We also chat about his stints in the New Christs and Screaming Tribesmen, his work as an actor, and of course, talk a lot about The Naked Lunch - the outfit he formed in the mid-80's - who are set to release a new studio album shortly. All this plus lots more. Essential listening ! Music by: The Naked Lunch, The 31st, Screaming Tribesmen, Skyhooks Photo: Steve Teece | thanks to Mark Louttit


Episode 157 - Udo Dirkschneider Interview

On show #157 of the Australian Rock Show, we chat with Mr Udo Dirkschneider - original frontman for loud German outfit Accept, whose iconic voice helped to define the heavy metal genre. Udo has just released 'My Way' - a seventeen song collection of cover versions that have influenced him throughout his life. From Motörhead, Judas Priest and AC/DC to Frankie Miller, Billy Squier, The Sweet, Frank Sinatra and more, Udo stamps his mark all over this superb collection of tracks which is a must-listen. Besides talking through some of the material contained on 'My Way', we discuss future plans and of course, dig into some Accept history as well ! Play loud. Music by: Udo Dirkschneider, Rose Tattoo Buy Udo's new album 'My Way' :


Episode 156 - Kent Steedman Interview

As a founding member of the Celibate Rifles, guitarist Kent Steedman needs no introduction. On episode #156 of The Australian Rock Show, Kent joins us for a detailed chat, where we look over parts of his rich rock n roll history. We talk about everything - from playing CBGB's and Denmark's Roskilde Festival to opening for INXS....the Blind Ear and Heaven On A Stick albums, gigging with the New Christs and Italian outfit Yage, plus much more. Kent shares wonderful memories of vocalist Damien Lovelock and we also talk over the recently released Rifles LP 'Damo The Musical'. We speak about his gateway into rock n roll, highlight some of his production work, and discuss a couple of his favourite blues players (Robert Pete Williams and Magic Slim). We talk about the importance of tea and transcendence in his life, chat about his solo album Set Yourself Easy and crank loud, live tunage from the recent Celibate Rifles album 'Chasing Chocomel'. Dig it ! Music by: Celibate Rifles, Kent Steedman, The Saints Order Damo The Musical, Chasing Chocomel or Set Yourself Easy here: or e-mail:


Episode 155 - Mick Adkins Interview - Rogue Sharks | Rose Carleo Band

The Rogue Sharks are soon to release their brand new album 'In For The Kill' and this riff-heavy, twelve song outing scores very high marks. On episode #155 of the Australian Rock Show, lead guitarist Mick Adkins joins us to talk over the upcoming new album and we dig into some band history as well. Mick also gives us an update on his other musical activities - including the Rose Carleo Band - who, we are excited to learn - have new material due for release this year too ! Tune in, play loud. Music by: Rogue Sharks, Stevie Wright.


Episode 154 - Nicke Andersson Interview - Hellacopters

'Eyes Of Oblivion' is album number eight for The Hellacopters - their first release since the 2016 reunion - and sees them back at the top of their game. On episode #154 of the Australian Rock Show, lead vocalist/guitarist Nicke Andersson joins us to look over the new album in detail. We also dig into his rock n roll history, his passion for art, recall the Hellacopters 1998 Australian tour - and chat about some of his favourite Australian bands too. Dig it ! Music by: Hellacopters, The Monarchs, Powder Monkeys, Casanovas


Episode 153 - Leadfinger, Rot TV, The Stripp, Suzi Moon, Sons of Cobra + more !

On episode #153 of the Australian Rock Show, we crank more hot new tunage from around the planet. We also chat with Harriet and Graham from Melbourne outfit Rot TV - about their fiery debut album and check in with Charlotte Jenkins from Canberra outfit Charlotte and the Harlots. If it's rock n roll you came for, it's rock n roll you're gonna get. Crank it up ! Music by: Leadfinger, Charlotte & The Harlots, Sons of Cobra, The Stripp, Hoodoo Gurus, Hitmen, Cyanide Pills, Suzi Moon, Raising Ravens, Rot TV, Pete Wells Band.


Episode 152 - Heavy Roller, The Poor, Electric Purrs, Cranford Nix + more !

On episode #152 of the Australian Rock Show, we crank hot new tunage from around the planet. We talk with Luke from Heavy Roller about their killer debut album and also check in with Will from hard rock outfit Black Whiskey. Whether it be rock, punk, heavy metal, alternative, pop, hard rock, blues or whatever - if it's amped up and delivering the goods - you'll hear it here. Tune in and play loud. Music by: The Poor, Heavy Roller, Proton Energy Pills, Psychotic Turnbuckles, Electric Purrs, Chris Masuak/Juke Savages, Pat Todd & the Rankoutsiders, Howlin' Threads, Black Whiskey, Cranford Nix. The Poor: 01:41 Luke Earthling (Heavy Roller) Interview: 12:31 Proton Energy Pills: 32:35 Psychotic Turnbuckles: 38:55 Electric Purrs: 42:45 Chris Masuak/Juke Savages: 46:34 Pat Todd & the Rankoutsiders: 51:02 Howlin' Threads: 59:05 Will Clayfield (Black Whiskey) Interview: 1:03:37 Cranford Nix: 1:25:10 Heavy Roller: 1:31:25 i-94 Recordings The Yassville Skyline Radio Show: Australian Rock Show Tip Jar: Subcribe to our YouTube channel:


Episode 151 - Zakk Wylde Interview

Black Label Society recently released their eleventh studio album - the riff-heavy masterpiece 'Doom Crew Inc.' - and many fans are already hailing it their best release yet ! On show #151 of The Australian Rock Show – Black Label Society main man and guitar icon Zakk Wylde joins us to look over the new album. We talk over some of the songs on the record and also what the band have planned for the coming months. We also explore some of Zakk's rich rock n roll history - including; memories of his first Australian tour with Ozzy in 1998 (and co-writing one of Ozzy's biggest hits) along with his acting role as Ghode in the 2001 film 'Rock Star'. We speak about Ozzy's longtime collaborator Bob Daisley and Zakk also shares memories of his former band-mate, drummer Randy Castillo. Essential listening ! Music by: Black Label Society, Olivia Newton-John


Episode 150 - End Of Year Special | New Releases

On episode #150 of the Australian Rock Show, we see out 2021 by cranking hot new tunage - and also spin songs released in recent months, that may've passed you by. Whether it be rock, heavy metal, punk, alternative, pop, hard rock, blues or whatever - if it's amped up and delivering the goods - you'll hear it here. Music by: Hellacopters, Gwyn Ashton, Wicked Smile, Even, Swedish Magazines, Jupiter 5, Undermines, Hoodoo Gurus, Stonetrip, Tumbleweed, Johnny Casino, The Monaros and The Neptune Power Federation. Tune in, play very loud !


Episode 149 - Phil Bowley Interview

Since the late 1970's, guitarist Phil Bowley and his lightning fast fingers have been a key ingredient of many cool outfits....from the leather and studs of Shy Thunder, to the crunching riffs of White Widow, the melodic raunch of Rags n Riches to the street-level sleaze of the Candy Harlots - and most recently, the loud and brooding tunage of Melody Black and Dept. of Gloom. The one constant for this six string king is volume - and lots of it ! On episode #149 of the Australian Rock Show, Phil joins us to look over his life in rock ‘n’ roll and we cover many highlights: supporting Dio in 1986, opening up for AC/DC in 1991, performing at the first 'Metal Crusade' concert in Sydney in 1985 - his time in the Candy Harlots (and recording their Five Wicked Ways album), gigging with cricketer Brett Lee's band and much more ! Play very loud. Music by: Dept. of Gloom, Shy Thunder, White Widow, Supernaut, Phil Bowley


Episode 148 - Mark Alexander-Erber Interview

Over the past few years, there's been a stack of great new music coming out of Australia, which has in turn - helped to make the local scene stronger than it's been for some time. One of the reasons why the music scene is thriving is due in part to a label called Golden Robot Records - who are consistently releasing new product and in the space of a few short years - have grown from a relatively small label - to one of the most prolific and well respected names around. On episode #148 of the Australian Rock Show, we are joined by CEO and label founder Mark Alexander-Erber where we chat about the past, present and future of Golden Robot Global Entertainment - and talk all things rock n roll as well ! Tune in - play loud ! Music by: Leadfinger, The Church, Rose Tattoo, AC/DC, Asteroid B-612


Episode 147 - Dave Talon Interview

If you're a music fan who digs hooks and melodies, then 'Deal Breaker' - the new album from Poor Little Things is right up your alley ! Guitarist Dave Talon first crashed the scene in the late 90's with Rollerball - a riff-heavy Gold Coast outfit who (much like the 1975 film which inspired their name) have gone on to achieve cult-status. On episode #147 of the Australian Rock Show, Dave joins us to talk over some Rollerball history and also recalls his gateway into rock n roll. We cover his time in Clifford Hoad's Kings Of The Sun, look over the new Poor Little Things album 'Deal Breaker' and lots more. Dig it ! Music by: Poor Little Things, The Angels


Episode 146 - Ricky Rat Interview

For more than thirty years Detroit’s Ricky Rat has been creating killer rock ‘n’ roll – from the legendary Trash Brats to the Kevin K Band, the re-united Dead Boys and his own solo material with the Ricky Rat Pack, he is the genuine embodiment of motor city rock 'n' roll with a story to tell and songs you need to hear! On episode #146 of the Australian Rock Show, Ricky joins us to look over his life in rock ‘n’ roll, his recent single 'She Feels Like A Good Thing', future plans and lots more. Get hip ! Music by: Ricky Rat, Brian McCarty, Trash Brats, The Angels


Episode 145 - Remembering Alan Lancaster

Alan Lancaster passed away recently - leaving behind a back catalogue of loud, rock n roll riches. As a member of Status Quo, Alan became a rock n roll giant and was loved by fans the world over. For more than half his life, Al called Australia home and after leaving Quo - was a member of popular outfits The Party Boys and then The Bombers. On episode #145 of The Australian Rock Show, we honor Alan's memory by cranking some of our favourite songs and chatting with some of his former band mates: John Brewster, Tyrone Coates, Kevin Borich, John Swan and Paul Christie. Sound engineer David Quinn shares some memories of Al, as does Jason Hodgson from Barrel And Squidger Records. We also check in with T.M.G roadie Ron Clayton, journalist Steve Mascord and friend of the show Leigh 'Lemmy' Wilson. If you're a friend or a fan of Alan Lancaster - this one's for you. Music by: The Bombers, The Party Boys John Brewster: 6:50 Ty Coates: 36:35 Kevin Borich: 52:34 John Swan: 1:07:25 Paul Christie: 1:36:20 David Quinn: 1:52:25 Jason Hodgson: 2:19:55 Ron Clayton: 2:45:00 Steve Mascord: 2:51:55 Leigh Wilson: 2:59:25


Episode 144 - Jeff Apter Interview

The incredible rock n roll created by Bon Scott and AC/DC, will forever be loved by millions. However before joining AC/DC in 1974, Bon had done a ten year apprenticeship in bands such as The Spektors,The Valentines and Fraternity. His life and musical legacy is celebrated in a new publication by Jeff Apter titled 'Bad Boy Boogie: The true story of AC/DC legend Bon Scott'. On episode 144 of the Australian Rock Show, Jeff joins us to talk in detail about the book and to look over the life of Bon Scott. Tune in, crank it up ! Music by: AC/DC


Episode 143 - Carmine Appice Interview

The label 'rock n roll royalty' is reserved for a certain few and our guest on this episode, the iconic and influential drummer Carmine Appice falls into that category. If you're a lifelong and devoted fan of rock n roll, it's a fair bet that Carmine's name will be littered throughout your record collection - via Vanilla Fudge, Cactus, King Kobra, Beck, Bogert and Appice, Rod Stewart, Blue Murder and many many more. The classic Vanilla Fudge line-up have just released a new single, ‘Stop In The Name Of Love’ - stamping their authentic sound right across this Supremes classic. On episode 143 of The Australian Rock Show, Carmine joins us to talk over this wonderful new release. We also talk about Rod Stewart's Australian tours in the 70's, producing Japanese singer Carmen Maki, appearing on the mid-80's Hear 'n Aid project and much more. Play loud.


Episode 142 - Marc De Hugar Interview

In the late 1980's, the Candy Harlots were undisputed kings of Sydney's underground music scene and for a time, were dubbed 'Sydney's biggest live secret'. One of the key ingredients to the band's pulsating, hard rock sound was the lightning lead guitar - provided by teenage guitar wizard, Marc De Hugar. Combining catchy rock n roll, with a well-choreographed stage show - the Mark Easton-fronted Candy Harlots attracted major label interest early on - and also gained a large local fan base. On episode #142 of The Australian Rock Show we are joined by Marc De Hugar and talk in detail about a variety of subjects: from his early years and gateway to guitar, to connecting with Rory Gallagher on Gallagher's 1991 Australian tour. We look over his time in the Candy Harlots, handling lead guitar in a mid-90s version of the Screaming Tribesmen, through to recording with Gold Coast outfit Dragonfly. All this and lots more ! Play loud. Music by: Candy Harlots, Dragonfly


Episode 141 - Sherry Rich Interview

Since the early 1980's, Sherry Rich and her guitar case have travelled many miles. From gigging at local dances in Bribie Island, playing to large rock crowds with Girl Monstar - or performing with Courtesy Move in's a musical journey that has resulted in some enduring, highly acclaimed albums. She has recently released a new album 'The Divine Crimson V' and on episode 141 of the Australian Rock Show, Sherry joins us to talk through some of the tracks on the new record, how the album came about and much much more. Tune in ! Music by: Sherry Rich, Died Pretty


Episode 140 - John Waite Interview

With the release of his stunning new album 'Wooden Heart - Acoustic Anthology' - John Waite reminds music fans of his class and talent, weaving his beautiful voice through a stripped-back collection of songs. Waite possesses one of the most recognizable voices in rock n roll and in a career spanning over four decades, has written, recorded and amassed a back-catalogue of musical riches. On episode #140 of The Australian Rock Show, John Waite joins us to look over the new album. We also chat about his early days in Lancashire, his time in London, The Babys, his solo career, album artwork, Johnny Thunders, AC/DC, his 2018 Australian tour and much much more ! Essential listening.