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Barry Phillips Meets ..Ellen Murray Transgender Activist and Human Rights Campaigner

Ellen Murray is Executive Director of Transgender NI a not-for profit organisation that campaigns for the rights of transgender and non-binary people in Northern Ireland. Born in 1993 and raised in West Belfast, she founded GenderJamNI a trans youth group and three years later set up the Belfast Trans Resource Centre the first such centre in the UK and Ireland. Ellen is herself transgender having begun her own journey from male to female in 2013. In a BBC documentary recorded recently she...


Barry Phillips Meets ...Michael Cameron, Playwright, and writer of "Ruby!" the story of Ruby Murray

Michael Cameron is a former Northern Ireland Civil Servant turned playwright. Born in Belfast in 1965 Michael left school in 1981 with just 2 O Levels and joined the Civil Service the following year. He soon worked his way up the ranks working towards the end of his career as a Political Liaison Officer and Private Secretary to various Ministers witnessing first hand some of the most turbulent times in recent British/Irish history. In 2015 he left the Civil service for health reasons and...


The Legal-Island Story (Part 1)– From concept to start-up to industry leader

Since becoming an entrepreneur 21 years ago Barry Phillips has owned a property company, a travel business and developed products for sale to a global market but he is best known for founding Legal-Island the island of Ireland’s No.1 compliance and training organisation. In the first of four episodes tracing the development Legal-Island, Barry Phillips about what prompted him to set up in business, his early challenges and some of his biggest mistakes. Introduced by MD Jayne Gallagher this...


Barry Phillips Meets Paul Roberts, Ashton Community Trust, Belfast

Paul Roberts is CEO of the Ashton Community Trust in Belfast. Born and brought up in North Belfast Paul and his nine siblings grew up during the Troubles in an area that suffered one of the highest levels of violence of anywhere in Northern Ireland. It includes many areas synonymous with the conflict – the New Lodge, Ardoyne, Rathcoole, Ballysillan and Woodvale. In the 25 years he has been at the helm the Trust has grown from a small community business into a highly successful regeneration...


Barry Phillips Meets The Ironmen of Norn Iron on Motivation, Self-Discipline & Optimum Performance

In this special episode Barry Phillips sets out to see if what he remembers about his own Ironman journey sits with what other ironmen learnt about themselves when training for and completing extreme endurance events. Barry asks them about how they maintain their levels of motivation, he they get the best out of every training session and what they do to reward themselves for consistently high levels of input and output. Barry concludes by sharing what he learnt from his Ironman training...


Barry Phillips Meets Leadership –5 Key Development Areas -5 Quick Wins –in Association with ASCL(NI)

This special episode recorded at the Titanic Hotel, Belfast (18th October) is taken from the annual conference of the Association of School and College Leaders. Barry Phillips covers five key areas of leadership, identifies quick wins and aims to leave the audience of head teachers with homework to do. For he argues that conference “Takeways” should really be “Workaways”. Changing the habits of leaders in any field requires application and hard work. The five key area are : # Recognition #...


Barry Phillips Meets Liz Weir

Liz Weir a business woman, festival director and children’s author, but perhaps best known for her role as a professional storyteller sharing stories of Ireland’s past not only locally in libraries, pubs, prisons and at festivals but on the international stage as well.. In 2002 she won the inaugural International Story Bridge Award of the National Storytelling Network. Many more awards were to follow helping her travel the world with her craft sharing her stories in countries as far away as...


Barry Phillips Meets Conor Devine

Conor is an entrepreneur with his finger truly on the pulse in terms of business activity going on in Northern Ireland having worked for many years in commercial property and more recently in debt management and alternative funding for those in business. In August 2007 he was formerly diagnosed with MS. His response was to hit the illness head on. He self-medicated, he followed a plant only diet and started competing in endurance races. He’s the author of two books. He has delivered...


Barry Phillips Meets – Special Episode

This episode is a bit different…. We thought it’s time to hit the pause button and review some of the most popular content thus far. So sit back and enjoy hearing from Bill Wolsey OBE, Mary McKenna MBE, Judith Gillespie CBE, Gavan Wall and many others.


Barry Phillips Meets Hilary Woods

Hilary Woods is Principal of Belfast Royal Academy which is widely recognised as one of Northern Ireland’s top post-primary schools. Her teaching career began at Ashfield Girls School, and continued at Wallace High School and then Victoria College where she was Deputy Principal by the time she left in 2014. Her first permanant tenure as Principal was at Antrim Grammar school during which time the school topped the GCSE league tables in Northern Ireland with 100% of pupils gaining 5 GCSEs...


Barry Phillips Meets Michael Bruce

Michael Bruce with his younger brother Kenny founded Purple Bricks the online estate agency famous for offering to sell your house in the UK for a fixed fee of just £845 inclusive of VAT. Purple Bricks was recently valued at £240million. Michael, and his younger brother Kenny and four older sisters were brought up by their single mother in a council house in Larne in the 70s and 80s. His first experience of work was when he was still a school boy doing a milk round in the morning and...


Barry Phillips Meets Sarah Travers

Sarah Travers – Journalist, T.V Presenter and Media Consultant. Sarah made her name as a journalist who got the most out of interviewees by giving them a full blast of her positive energy, charm and charisma. But how would she get on when in the hot seat herself? Full of glamour and style and never short of words Sarah Travers shares a huge amount in this podcast. From her big secret she kept from her bosses at the BBC to how she dealt with imposter syndrome in the early days of her T.V...


Barry Phillips Meets Judith Gillespie - Full Version

Before joining the RUC as a police constable Judith Gillespie was rejected twice by the organisation she was to go on and lead with distinction years later. She once stated “When I joined the force in 1982 men were issued with firearms and women handbags things were very different then.. “ Not only did Judith Gillespie face institutional discrimination but also misogynistic treatment from some male colleagues. How she responded is just one of the many remarkable revelations in this...


Barry Phillips Meets Judith Gillespie - Short Version

Before joining the RUC as a police constable Judith Gillespie was rejected twice by the organisation she was to go on and lead with distinction years later. She once stated “When I joined the force in 1982 men were issued with firearms and women handbags things were very different then.. “ Not only did Judith Gillespie face institutional discrimination but also misogynistic treatment from some male colleagues. How she responded is just one of the many remarkable revelations in this...


Barry Phillips Meets Gavan Wall part 2

A successful criminal defence barrister for many years, Gavan is now a serial entrepreneur owning a stream of SPAR and Subway stores across North Belfast. In a remarkably candid interview, Gavan talks about the only defendant ever to truly scare him, paying protection money and dealing with employees who steal. What he has to say about how to walk into the house every evening, even after a long hard day at work, is advice every parent should follow.


Barry Phillips Meets Gary McCausland

Gary McCausland is one of the UK's most successful property developers with a string of successful prestigious developments to his name, mainly in London. Recently, he decided to "come home" and develop here beginning in earnest with The Gallery - a collection of 58 apartments on the Dublin Road, Belfast along with a café/bistro. In this fascinating interview Gary explains why he believes that Belfast is now not only a safe place to invest but a good one too. His next project, One Bankmore...


Barry Phillips Meets Bill Wolsey

Please note this episode contains some bad language. If you are easily offended you are advised not to proceed. By any stretch of the imagination Bill Wolsey is a remarkable man. Born to staunch socialist parents in Belfast in the 50s Bill borrowed all the money his parents had to start his first pub in Bangor. He now has a portfolio of pubs, restaurants and hotels including of course, the five star Merchant Hotel in Belfast. “Give people a product or service your staff are proud of and...


Barry Phillips Meets Niall McKeown

Aged 25, Niall McKeown started Ion Technologies creating what was at the time the world’s first email marketing engine with customers including Reuters, The European Bank. Goldman Sachs and Apple. Today, he makes his living as a digital disruption expert/educator helping people throughout the world understand digital development strategies and how to use them to find new space. He is co-author of the book "The 7 Principles of Digital Business Strategy" and a Visiting Professor at the...


Barry Phillips Meets Richard Wigley

Richard was born in New Zealand and raised in a family of six boys and one girl. He studied in the US before embarking on a career playing the Bassoon for the Halle Orchestra, Manchester. It was here that he began his career in orchestral management which also took him to the Royal Northern College of Music and to the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra where for ten years he worked as general manager. Richard accepted the post of Managing Director of the Ulster Orchestra in February 2016 at a time...


Barry Phillips Meets June Burgess

Born in Whitehead June Burgess attended Belfast High School before studying Landscape Architecture in Gloucester. After a brief spell in Swansea as a surfer by day and a singer in a band at night she eventually re-located back to Northern Ireland to work as the lead consultant on the landscaping for Clarendon Docks a £3million state of the art re-development project. In 2006 she established the national horse jumping trials in Northern Ireland which developed into an international event for...