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We love craft beer. Join us each week as we enjoy a pint or two around casual conversations with the awesome people that make our favorite beverage. Covering the trends, science, and business of beer with a handful of terrible jokes thrown in. Grab a pint, have a seat, and tune in! Hosted by Tim Dennis and Brian Hewitt.

We love craft beer. Join us each week as we enjoy a pint or two around casual conversations with the awesome people that make our favorite beverage. Covering the trends, science, and business of beer with a handful of terrible jokes thrown in. Grab a pint, have a seat, and tune in! Hosted by Tim Dennis and Brian Hewitt.


Atlanta, GA




We love craft beer. Join us each week as we enjoy a pint or two around casual conversations with the awesome people that make our favorite beverage. Covering the trends, science, and business of beer with a handful of terrible jokes thrown in. Grab a pint, have a seat, and tune in! Hosted by Tim Dennis and Brian Hewitt.






E337: Our Mutual Friend Brewery with Jan Chodkowski

Come and share a brew with Our Mutual Friend I once heard a story that when a mobster introduces someone to another mobster they're introduced as "a friend of ours" if that person is also in the mob. I was excited to think that Our Mutual Friend Brewery had some mob ties but, unfortunately, the name simply refers to beer being something everyone can enjoy, a mutual friend. Despite my extreme disappointment we still had an amazing conversation with Head Brewer Jan Chodkowski. He's pretty...


E336: Brewing up Diversity with Black Brew Culture and Ale Sharpton

Mike Potter and Ale Sharpton are on a mission to bring craft beer to minority communities, and to bring those communities to craft beer Most of the 9,000+ craft breweries across the US are white-owned businesses with predominantly white clientele. There's nothing inherently wrong with that, and that doesn't automatically mean anyone is excluded. But, having representation of your community in anything can make you feel much more included. And that's where Ale and Mike come in. Mike Potter...


E335: Annual Oktoberfest Blind Beer Tasting

Break out the Festbiers and Marzens We made it another year to one of our favorite shows, it's time to taste Oktoberfests! 12 beers, 6 guys, pretzels and brats and kraut. Good times. Nothing fancy here, we're not BJCP judges or Sissyrones, we just know what we like. We sample the beers and pick our Top 3 based solely on how much we enjoy them. We also share some stats and fun facts about Oktoberfest in Munich. Origins, changes in the beer, and the rules for serving your beer at...


E334: Why you should homebrew your own beer, mead, or cider

Why homebrew with all the great beer that's already available? With all the great beer available at every corner today it's easy to say there's no reason to homebrew. When we started brewing there was good beer available, but not like it is today. Big stouts, funky saisons, and NEIPAs weren't that easy to come by. Brewing it ourself was a way to get beers we couldn't get otherwise. Plus, homebrewing is fun. Creative. Scientific. Social. There are plenty of reasons to homebrew other than...


E333: How NOT to Start a Damn Brewery with Kelly Meyer

Kelly Meyer isn't saying not to start a brewery, just maybe you shouldn't. If you do, he's got a few life lessons to share with you. Like many others Meyer got caught up in the allure of owning a brewery. He and his wife had ran and sold a successful business so the brewery was his fun project. Make beer, make friends, make money. It's that last part that ultimately made his dreams go flat. After nearly a decade in the business Meyer sold New Braunfels Brewing Co., the brewery he founded....


E332: Gnarly Barley Brewing Co.

Skateboarding is not a crime This week we sat down with Joey Charpentier, head brewer at Gnarly Barley Brewing Co. in Hammond, LA. The brewery opened in 2014 and within a few short years were named one of the Top 50 fastest growing breweries in America. Gnarly Barley continues to grow and are in the process of opening a restaurant next to the brewery. Charpentier was there from the beginning but started off with slightest less glorious jobs. He shares how the brewery got started and the...


E331: Fertile Ground Beer Co. introduces Brewery 2.0

Fertile Ground Beer Co. brings Brewery 2.0 to Jackson, MS Mississippi moves at its own pace. A bit slower, more relaxed. Most folks don't get caught up in trends and hype. Of course, this can be an issue for craft beer since it loves both of those things. Despite the boom in most areas Jackson hasn't had a single production brewery open since 2019, when the lone brewery (Lucky Town) closed. A few months ago Fertile Ground Beer Co. brought brewing back to The City with Soul. Introducing...


E330: Paredolia Brewing Co.

That's Pair-uh-dole-ee-uh Pareidolia - The tendency for perception to impose a meaningful interpretation on a nebulous stimulus, usually visual, so that one sees an object, pattern, or meaning where there is none. Faces in clouds? Jesus on toast? Pareidolia. Pareidolia Brewing Co. is also a brewery in Sebastian, FL, on the Treasure Coast. Owner Pete Anderson joined us and we yammer on about beer and cheese. We love good cheese and just had a fancy new shop open in Atlanta. Maybe we'll do...


E329: Making our run with Dry County Brewing Co.

What's up, party people? Dry County Brewing Co. is about the celebrate their 6th anniversary. We've known founder Trey Sinclair since the brewery was just a dream. Well, mostly. We met Trey when he was contract brewing a couple beers and spreading the word about them around his hometown. When the brewery was just being built we stopped by for a preview. Check it out right here.... Since our preview way back in 2016 DCBC has expanded to offer spirits and cider...


E328: Fitz and the Gang with Great Lakes Brewing Co.

Great Lakes Brewing Co. is going strong 34 years on We all know cans are cool. Right? All the hype beers come in cans. Great Lakes Brewing Co. has been around since before cans were cool for craft. Good, craft beer came in bottles, and the macro stuff was shoved into cans. When you're 30+ years old in American craft beer you're going to have some fans that still think a craft beer needs to come in a bottle. That's exactly why classic like Edmund Fitzgerald Porter (aka Eddie Fitz, aka Fitz)...


E327: Juneau's Devil's Club Brewing Co.

Devil's Club is not weed. Sorry. What's up, Y'all? How's your week gone? I'd say this week was busy but that just seems to be the way life goes anymore. It's hot here in Georgia again, we got some cool temps in the 80s this week. As a huge contrast to that we talked to Evan Wood and Jake Ridle from Devil's Club Brewing Co. in Juneau, Alaska. When we mentioned our upper 90s heat wave i think they both were ready to pass out. I've never been to Alaska. Maybe I'll jump on one of the cruise...


E326: Fireside Chat with Orpheus Brewing & Beer and Fire

Talking today's hot news with some cool people UPDATE: Things move quickly in the world of craft beer. In this episode we discuss Brewery X's purchase of Modern Times. Only Brewery X ended up backing out of the deal and now Maui Brewing purchased them. Our details are out of date, but the general discussion still holds up. Rather than featuring a specific beer or brewery on this week's show we decided to invite some friends in to share a few beers and talk about some of the happenings in...


E325: Clowning Around with Bircus Brewing

It's good to be back. Did you miss us? Brian's feeling all better and it was great to get back in the studio. We're joined this week but the crazy crew from Bircus Brewing in Ludlow, KY. FYI, it's pronounced "beer-cus." Brand Acrobat Jilliam Francois, Sales Manager (fancy title pending) Matt Cremeans, and Brewmaster JD fill us in on the origins and future of their brewery. Bircus is what you get when a Ringling Bros. clown opens a theater/circus and realizes all the money is made on...


E324: Brewery Employee Satisfaction Report 2022

From brewer to beertender, how satisfied are brewery employees with their jobs? "I want to be a brewer." Every homebrewer has had the thought cross their mind. But, once you land that dream job at a brewery, will you be happy? Like any job, there are many factors to consider. Pay, benefits, management, training, etc. It may be a "cool" job but working in a brewery is still a job. Andrew Coplon from Craft Beer Professionals and Michael Varda from Craft Beer Advisory Services surveyed...


E323: Diving into Mexican Lagers

Summer is coming and it's time for some Mexican Lagers Mexican Lagers are so hot right now. The CEO of Constellation brands even goes as far as saying he believes Modelo is about to become America's favorite beer. The data kind of supports that claim, with Consellation's brands (including Modelo, Pacifico, and Corona) seeing 14% growth in the most recent quarter. Craft breweries are cranking out more Mexican Lagers as well. Most are simple drinkin' beers akin to a Pale Lager / Clara. But...


E322: Hip Hop to Hops with Atlantucky Brewing

Craft Collaborations inspire Nappy Roots to open Atlantucky Brewing If you're a regular listener of the show then you've heard us talking with the Nappy Roots crew a few times before. We met the guys back in 2017 as they brewed a collaboration with Monday Night Brewing, Front Porch Pale Ale, to go along with the album of the same name. We were a young show at the time and thrilled to land an interview with the Grammy-nominated quartet. Fish Scales, admittedly the most passionate craft...


E321: Diving into Snafu Brewing Co.

Snafu Brewing Company is your new favorite dive bar If you love a taplist full of classic beer styles then this episode is not for you. However, if you're intrigued by the R&D department of a brewery including a NutriBullet, beer, fruit, and cereal you're in the right place. Snafu Brewing Company has been called a "dive brewery." Koon that's fair, and accurate. Snafu likes to have with their beers and wants everyone to feel welcome. When a guest asked if they could bring their goat to the...


E320: Kros Strain Brewing Co.

Kros Strain Brewing Co. shows us what's happening in Nebraska beer We met the crew from Kros Strain Brewing Co. when they visited Atlanta for The Juice Strikes Back festival in 2019. This invitational beer fest brought some amazing beers to Georgia and introduce a lot of new breweries to the Peach State. We chatted at the time about getting together for a show and it's only taken us three years to make it happen. Better late than never. Co-founder Bobby Kros and Head Beer Pusher Jeff Hardy...


E319: San Diego's The Original 40 Brewing Co.

The Original 40 Brewing Company is a new OG We caught Cosimo Sorrentino just in time to talk about San Diego's The Original 40 Brewing Co. before he heads for Lazarus Brewing in Austin, TX. Cosmo's a San Diego native and spent time brewing in Europe before returning home. When asked about the departure he shares that he likes where the beer scene is in Austin and wants to be a part of that, also the overall culture of the city. And, of course, BBQ. As we chat with Sorrentino about brewing...


E318: Cherry Street Brewing and DJ Jelly

Hanging out with Cherry Street Brewing and The Real DJ Jelly Cherry Street Brewing's original location in Cumming, GA isn't far from Atlanta. But city folk aren't big on leaving their circle so Cherry Street was somewhat of a hidden treasure in Georgia beer for a while. Us folks out here in the 'burbs can be scary, ya know. The opening of a 2nd location in Alpharetta put them closer to the masses, and within a distance more people weren't too scared to visit. Their beer is worthy of the...