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Burnt Hickory Brewery talks about everything

Burnt Hickory Brewery's Scott Hedeen is part idea man, part madman I first met Scott Hedeen when Burnt Hickory Brewery was just a few months old. Over the years he has become one of my very favorite people in the whole world. He's also very high on the list of people that drive me crazy. It's a weird relationship, but it works. Hedeen is an idea man. He's constantly thinking (and talking) about what's next. For him, for others, for everything. The wheels are constantly spinning. This makes...


Oktoberfest and German Beer

O'zapft is! Oktoberfest is coming, and we're ready Munich Oktoberfest officially kicks off on September 22nd for 2018. Germany's largest volksfest has been going strong for over 200 years. Traditions have changed but the beer keeps flowing, a lot of it. This week we're joined by Ryan Folgegren and Jamey Adams from Arches Brewing in Hapeville, Georgia to sample a dozen American takes on Oktoberfest beers and share our favorites. We talk about the history and traditions of Oktoberfest, German...


Brewvangelism with Oyster City Brewing Co.

Oyster City Brewing Co. is spreading the good word of craft beer in the Florida Panhandle There's not a whole lot in Apalachicola. When visitors to this small coastal town asked for a local beer, the best they could do was from a brewery a couple of hours away. The owners of the Owl Cafe and taproom saw an opportunity and after plenty of practice and planning, they opened Oyster City Brewing Co. in 2014. Clayton Mathis has been a craft beer fan since college and is now the Head Brewer at...


Craft Malt with Riverbend Malt House and Atlanta Brewing Company

Riverbend Malt House makes craft malt for craft brewers Hops get all the love when it comes to craft beer but malt is getting more attention thanks to a small network of craft maltsters. For brewers in the South, Riverbend Malt House in Asheville, North Carolina offers up several barley, wheat, and rye artisan malts from locally sourced grains. By working with local farmers, Riverbend reduces the average food miles travel for their malts from 3,000 to about 300, reducing the carbon emissions...


Welcome back Atlanta Brewing Company

New people, new beers, and an old name for Atlanta Brewing Company Opened in 1993, Atlanta Brewing Company is the oldest production brewery in Georgia. They started with that name but changed to Red Brick Brewing Co. in 2010, named after their most popular beer. It’s surprising that our oldest brewery is only 25, but with that little Prohibition thing in America and Georgia’s historically awful brewery laws, that’s quite a feat. Others have come and gone, some moved on to open other...


Monks Meadery - Georgia's First Meadery

Monks Meadery says there's a story in every drop Monks Meadery owner Justin Schoendorf started his business because the brewery scene was already "crowded" in Georgia with four breweries here, and he wanted to offer something different. He started homebrewing beer in college and eventually migrated to meadmaking. He enjoyed it, and so did his friends, and Georgia's first meadery was born. Schoendorf tells us exactly what mead is, we talk about the growth in popularity and availability,...


Against the Grain and Nappy Roots

What's luck if you ain't from Kentucky? The founders of Louisville, Kentucky's Against the Grain Brewery got their start because they weren't satisfied with the way beer was being represented in their town. After a disappointing visit to a local brewpub, whose brewhouse sat unused in a dark and dusty corner, they hunted down the owner and offered to buy the place. Today, Against the Grain Brewery and Smokehouse is nestled in that spot at Louisville Slugger Field, home to baseball's minor...


IPA Talk with Tim and Brian

Tim and Brian pontificate on the many styles of IPA We had a guest lined up for this week, we were all set up and ready to go, but we weren't able to connect with them. We're all about making lemonade (or maybe a nice lemon Gose) out of lemons so we fired up the mics and freestyled a short show. We're sampling some IPAs so we discuss the many styles of IPA and if all IPAs are really IPAs. We also introduce a fairly new team member, Sam Kempe. Sam's been behind the scenes for a while, he's a...


Arcadia Ales

Arcadia Ales are British Inspired, American Brewed Michigan has a thriving craft beer scene and Arcadia Ales has been a part of it for over 20 years. Originally based in Battle Creek, an expansion brought them to Kalamazoo where their brewery sits on 400' of riverfront allowing visitors to launch their kayaks and canoes, or just relax and have a beer. For most of their history, Arcadia brewed exclusively via a process unique to most American breweries. All of their beers were fermented in...


Common Bond Brewers

Common Bond Brewers is helping revitalize Downtown Montgomery, Alabama Many homebrewers have a dream to open their own brewery. For Common Bond Brewers co-founder Andrew McNally the dream grabbed him in 2014 after participating in a homebrew competition with Good People Brewing in Birmingham, AL. As he drove home her pondered life, liberty, and starting his own brewery. He decided then that he was going to make it happen. Andrew partnered with his friend Tim Doles and the two set out to...


Reformation Brewery

Reformation Brewery prepares to 'Set Beer Free' at their second location Woodstock, GA is a fairly small community about 30 miles north of Atlanta. It's been my home for 14 years and Reformation Brewery's home for nearly five. When I moved here the "big" news/controversy in town was the opening of a new Super Wal-Mart. Many of the city's elder residents didn't think we needed that kind of growth, the old Wal-Mart was just fine (it wasn't). Now, the Downtown Woodstock area is lined with shops...


Two Tides Brewing Co.

Two Tides owner James Massey talks about the journey from CPA to IPA Savannah, Georgia's Two Tides Brewing Co. is only four months old but they're already making waves with their IPAs and sour beers. While getting his accounting degree, Owner and Head Brewer James Massey started homebrewing. After college, he became a CPA and spent several years shuffling numbers before deciding it was time to start his brewery. Savannah already had a few breweries but James wanted to build in an area where...


Hop Soul Brewery - The 5th Segment

The 5th Segment with Hop Soul Brewery Hop Soul founders Justin and Elizabeth Crandall were in Atlanta over the 4th of July holiday and joined us in the studio last week. Our featured guest was Chris Meadows of Elkmont Exchange, but we wanted to give a bit of info on Hop Soul as well. I mean, they did take time out to come visit us, it's the least we could do. After the regular taping we kept chatting and we realized we still had some good info to share so we turned the mics back on and......


Elkmont Exchange and Hop Soul Brewery

Elkmont Exchange brings craft beer and charcuterie to Knoxville, TN Above Photo: Elkmont Exchange You may be surprised to find out that a brewpub in Tennessee was founded by a team whose first brewing venture was in Saigon (or is that Ho Chi Minh City?) Vietnam. Alex Violette started his boozy career at Upslope Brewing in Boulder, CO where he met Bethany Lovato, a craft beer industry veteran. After falling head over heels for each other they had the opportunity to move to Vietnam and open an...


Beer and BBQ Pairing

Get ready for the 4th of July with Beer & BBQ pairing tips Just in time for the mid-week (don't you hate that?) holiday, The Beer Sommelier Matt Simpson and Smyrna Beer Market owner Brandon King join us to offer up tips on pairing your backyard BBQ with some tasty brews. Simpson is Siemens/Doemens Bier Sommelier Certified, a Kansas City Barbecue Society certified judge, former instructor of Beer Education at Atlanta's Emory University, and craft beer consultant. His expertise has been...


Old Nation Brewing Co. and NE IPA

When Travis Fritts and Nate Rykse started Old Nation Brewing Co. they brought 14+ years of brewing education and experience with them. They'd dedicated their lives to learning the technical aspects of brewing as well as the differences in brewing methods and ingredients across different cultures. The result is a brewery that blends these different methods and ingredients to produce unique beers. Initially, the beer they offered was "very traditional and technically accurate." Director of...


New Realm Brewing Co.

New Realm Brewing Co. is booming on the Beltline In early 2018, New Realm Brewing Co. opened on the Beltline in the heart of Atlanta. Co-founders Carey Falcone, Bob Powers, and Mitch Steele aren't new to the beer business. Falcone and Powers have worked various roles in the industry for over 25 years. Steele managed fermentation for three breweries as well as new beer development at Anheuser-Busch, and prior to starting New Realm, he was the Brewmaster for Stone Brewing in California. Steele...


Hardywood Park Craft Brewery

Hardywood Park is determined to 'Brew With Purpose' Hardywood Park Craft Brewery's founders Eric McKay and Patrick Murtaugh have known each other most of their lives. After sampling some homebrew on a farm in Australia the stage was set. After many years working in the craft beer industry, they were destined to open their own brewery. McKay became Richmond, Virginia's first Certified Cicerone and while attending brewing school Murtaugh found out his family's brewing history goes back several...


von Trapp Brewing

In the land of hazy IPAs, von Trapp loves their lagers von Trapp brewing in Stowe, Vermont is smack in the middle of NE IPA country, but they're all about lagers. Founder Johannes von Trapp was inspired by the lagers her sampled while visiting the countryside of his ancestral home on Austria. With a goal to brew an American version of these beers, von Trapp Brewing opened in the lower level of Trapp Family Lodge's DeliBakery. Today, they're brewing 50,000 gallons of beer each year and...


Terrapin ATL Brew Lab

What's better than beer and baseball? On this Memorial Day weekend, we celebrate these two great things. Terrapin's ATL Brew Lab is located in the Battery, home of SunTrust Park and the Atlanta Braves. We talk to the crew from the Brew Lab about brewing beer for ballparks, creative brewing at a smaller facility vs. a larger production brewery, and the sheer joy of Fox Brothers country fried ribs. TRUCK AND TAP'S BEERS OF THE WEEK: A bevy of Terrapin ATL Taproom beers, including an English...