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Episode 20: Dig In Your (Sock) Heels

Since Gigi of The Knitmore Girls has been knitting a mountain of socks with Sarah’s Non-Euclidian heel pattern, we thought it would be fun to talk today about a smattering of different sock heels and which sort of feet they (generally) fit best. Flap Heels Pros: Easily adapted to higher and lower insteps, use a… Continue reading Episode 20: Dig In Your (Sock) Heels


A Special Behind the Wool Announcement

You may have noticed that the podcast has been coming out a bit more sporadically lately. Please listen to this short announcement for an explanation.


Episode 19: Spreading the Obsession (or, Teaching Others to Knit or Crochet)

Many people will pick up needles or a hook and some yarn at some point in their lives. So what is the key to getting them to stick with it? Guideline #1: Make sure the person learning really wants to learn. Many people will try to knit or crochet on a whim because they think… Continue reading Episode 19: Spreading the Obsession (or, Teaching Others to Knit or Crochet)


Episode 18: Knitting with Color

Stripes – No special yarns or techniques needed, just knit your preferred number of rows or rounds in one color, drop it, and change to the next color. This video has lots of tips for striped knitting. This website is a great way to see how your variegated yarns can work with planned pooling! Mosaic – Still… Continue reading Episode 18: Knitting with Color


Episode 17: An Interview with Lisa of Fibernymph Dyeworks

Sarah is soloing on this one; this interview took place while Sarah and Lisa were at the TNNA summer show. We talked about how she got into dyeing yarn, where she finds her inspiration, and some of her plans for the future. Lisa’s Web site can be found here. Her business Instagram account is @fibernymphdyeworks… Continue reading Episode 17: An Interview with Lisa of Fibernymph Dyeworks


Episode 16: Listener Questions (Impossible Episode 1)

From KrazyKatKnitter: “I’d like to hear about blending fibers to make a specific yarn. So, how and why would you blend wool with alpaca and if you are spinning your own yarn how would you add nylon or silk to your yarn.” Blending fibers gives you the “best of both worlds” so to speak. If… Continue reading Episode 16: Listener Questions (Impossible Episode 1)


Episode 15: Behind Design

*Full disclosure: We are both designers and have patterns for sale on Ravelry. We are not doing this episode as a way to plug our patterns but rather as a way to share our knowledge. There are two main routes for publishing knit and crochet patterns: self-publishing or publishing through a third-party publisher (print/online magazine,… Continue reading Episode 15: Behind Design


Episode 14: An Interview with The Ross Farm

We’re doing things a little differently this time, and interviewing some lovely people. Amy Manko and ScooterPie the Shepherd Guy are the owners of The Ross Farm and The Ross Farm Fibers Mercantile, which can be found at 78 N Main Street in beautiful Washington, PA. Amy and Scott raise nine different breeds of rare… Continue reading Episode 14: An Interview with The Ross Farm


Episode 13: Art vs. Craft

Apologies in advance for a few audio glitches – we’re trying to figure out how to fix those in the future! Art: the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power. Craft: an activity… Continue reading Episode 13: Art vs. Craft


Episode 12: The Dirty Dozen

The different fiber types, and how to care for them: Acrylics and man-made fibers Can be tossed into the washer and dryer, and frequently come out better for it. The heat from the dryer can “kill” the acrylic a little, making it softer and more pliable. Once acrylic is blocked (I usually do this with… Continue reading Episode 12: The Dirty Dozen


Episode 11: Your Perfect Sweater

Don’t be afraid of making sweaters! Sarah and I are here to get you squared away to make your perfect sweater, that fits you well and will last a long time. If you can read a pattern, you should try a sweater! By the way, we try to use craft-inclusive language, but know that we… Continue reading Episode 11: Your Perfect Sweater


Episode 10: Setting Yourself Up for Success

What do you need to do before you start working on your latest project? Today we’re talking about best practices to keep your crafts tidy, and are mainly focusing on knitting, crochet, and spinning. The best way you can start any project is by picking a good pattern. Look for something well-written, easy to follow,… Continue reading Episode 10: Setting Yourself Up for Success


Episode 9: Let’s Talk About Socks, Baby!

Hi everyone! Today we’re going to be talking about socks – how to make them, and how to make them last. As a note, we’re going to focus on knitted socks. You can crochet socks, but Sarah and I don’t have enough experience with crochet to comment on those. I would guess that a lot… Continue reading Episode 9: Let’s Talk About Socks, Baby!


Episode 8: Crafting on a Budget

By this point, we’ve probably all realized that fiber hobbies aren’t exactly cheap. You need a certain amount of tools and materials to get started, and I for one always recommend that people work with the best tools and fiber that their budget will allow. Today we’re going to talk about all of the ways… Continue reading Episode 8: Crafting on a Budget


Episode 7: New Years Fiber Resolutions

Happy New Year! Resolution 1: Stash Organization This is a great time to go through and “toss” your stash. Go through it and check for any mouse, moth, or other pest damage. Make sure that all of your yarn is in good shape, and if something looks like it has been messed with, isolate it… Continue reading Episode 7: New Years Fiber Resolutions


Episode 6: Spinning Tools

Hi everyone! If you haven’t listened to Episode 5 yet, you can listen here: Episode 5, All Things Spinning. There was a small microphone malfunction in this episode, at about the 10 minute mark. Sorry, we’re still learning how to use our equipment! The easiest way to get into spinning is with a drop spindle.… Continue reading Episode 6: Spinning Tools


Episode 5: All Things Spinning

The first in our spinning series – Episode 6 will include ways to select spinning tools, and this Episode will cover the basics. We think that everyone should give spinning a try! It helps you understand yarn structures, how different fibers work together, and gives you more knowledge to make better yarn selections. Spinning is… Continue reading Episode 5: All Things Spinning


Bonus Episode: Knit Life Survey

Hi everyone! We were tagged by Lisa from the 90% Knitting podcast to complete the #KnitLifeSurvey, and thought it would be a great opportunity for you to learn a little bit more about me and Sarah. What sparked your interest in knitting? How and when did you learn to knit? What is your favorite cast… Continue reading Bonus Episode: Knit Life Survey


Episode 4: Fiber Festivals

Y’know what going to Disney world is like for kids? That’s what fiber festivals are like! Essentially, they’re conventions for fiber artists and crafty folks. There are vendors, classes, workshops, and tons of people who are excited about the same things you are. They tend to draw tons of vendors from all over the country,… Continue reading Episode 4: Fiber Festivals


Episode 3: Wool Online

Today we’re talking about the online aspect of the fiber world – for a long time, you probably learned to craft from people you knew, but the online world is making things easier to learn and more accessible. is the most common and most used online fiber network. It is a pattern and yarn… Continue reading Episode 3: Wool Online