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Stargazing: What does the future of work look like? - With Saurabh Govil

We've heard a lot about the way new tech, particularly in the form of artificial intelligence, virtual reality, robotics and the likes will disrupt the world of work as we know it? So what will work really look like in the next 10 years? We have with us Saurabh Govil, President and Chief Human Resources Officer at Wipro who converses with Belong's Chief Evangelist Aadil Bandukwala on Belong's Official podcast channel.


The Blueprint Of Building Digital Talent - With Amit Aggarwal

The IT/ITES sector in India is accelerating at a rapid pace. The world's changing rapidly and the IT industry is trying to change even more rapidly to stay ahead of the curve. It is time to address the need for class apart digital talent in organizations. We have with us Amit Aggarwal, CEO IT-ITES sector Council and Skills council at NASSCOM who is here to share the Blueprint of Building the organisation's Digital Talent and what organizations should be looking up to and change with Belong's...


The Growing Importance of Upskilling, Reskilling, and the Digital Learning Norm - With Nishchae Suri

Each organisation must become a Learning organisation if it has to survive sustain & grow. Today, organisations need to learn more than even before! The reality unfortunately is that most organisations are institutionalising mediocrity when excellence is a possibility. We have with us Nishchae Suri, President Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa at EdCast who converse with Belong's Chief Evangelist Aadil Bandukwala.


Driving Global Business Strategy Through Workforce Innovation - With Leena Nair

Innovation is the key to success of an organization. People are the only asset that innovates, and innovate is the only path to sustained and breakthrough performance. We have with us Leena Nair, CHRO at Unilever who converses with Belong's Chief Evangelist Aadil Bandukwala the need to build a distinct talent model that delivers sustainable competitive advantage through workforce innovation.


Transforming the Science of Sight and Sound into Spectacular Experiences - With Ashim Mathur

Belong's Chief Evangelist Aadil Bandukwala chats with Ashim Mathur, Senior Director Marketing, Emerging Markets at Dolby Laboratories on Transforming the Science of Sight and Sound into Spectacular Experiences on Belong Accelerate.


How CTOs Can Best Work With Recruiters - With Vinodh Kumar Ravindranath

The demand for tech jobs continues to trend upwards and it is getting increasingly difficulty to hire tech talent. How can CTOs work with recruiters to ensure that this gap is filled between candidates and organisations can benefit with this relationship. Join Belong's CTO Vinodh Kumar Ravindranath chat with your host Aadil Bandukwala Belong's Chief evangelist on Belong Accelerate.


Building a Culture that Fosters Agility - With Sanjay Menon, Managing Director, Publicis Sapient

Constant digitisation and technological advancement has become a foe to organizations. The only way to combat this is for organizations to adopt Agility. We have with us the Managing Director of Publicis Sapient, Sanjay Menon who shares the need for organizations to foster agility Belong's Chief Evangelist Aadil Bandukwala.


Why pro sport is decades ahead in recruiting - With James Cullens

Dominant pro sports teams create sustained success through a series of personal decisions. So, what can the #HR domain learn from #ProSports? James Cullens, the Executive VP HR at SNC - Lavalin a converses with Belong's Chief Evangelist Aadil Bandukwala on Why pro sports is decades ahead in recruitment and shares his insights. Tune in now!


Ways Artificial Intelligence Could Revolutionize HR - With Chaitanya Sreenivas

HR has not been known to evolve or revolutionize technologies, which is until now. The disruptive innovation in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is gaining momentum, propelling HR into 'The New Age'. Find out how AI could revolutionize Human Resource with Chaitanya Sreenivas, VP & HR Head IBM India & South Asia on Belong's official podcast channel Accelerate with your host Aadil Bandukwala.


The New Age Business Mantra in the Digital Age - With Sudhir Tiwari

Here to discuss the new age business mantra in this digital age is Sudhir Tiwari, Managing Director at ThoughtWorks India who converses with Belong's Chief Evangelist Aadil Bandukwala on Belong's official podcast channel.


Don't Hold People Accountable, Develop Accountable People - With Girish Menon

How can we accelerate businesses? The simple answer to this is to invest in talent. We have with us Girish Menon, Swiggy's Head Human Resources with our host Aadil Bandukwala on Belong’s official podcast channel on the importance of developing accountability in people and not just hold them accountable. Take a listen!


People-first: Recruiting in a Tech-Driven World - With Manmeet Sandhu

We have with us Manmeet Sandhu, Chief People Officer at PhonePe who shares with us some key insights and guidelines on hiring the right talent and on structuring a People First Recruiting strategy in a Tech Driven World with our host Belong's Chief Evangelist, Aadil Bandukwala on our #podcast channel.


Designing Experiences Through Buy-in & Alignment from all Stakeholders - With Emrana Sheikh

Pitching an experience or idea, today, requires more than just getting everyone in the room to agree that it's worthwhile because the key to getting things done often is involving your stakeholders in the design process itself as a way of persuasion but this can only be done if they understand what you understand. Here to share her valuable insights is Emrana Sheikh, Enterprise HR head - India & South Asia at Johnson and Johnson who converses with Belong's Chief Evangelist Aadil Bandukwala...


Mindfulness & Compassion: Core Business Strategies for 21st-Century Leaders - With Dayanand Allapur

Sometimes doing the right things isn't the most efficient. Getting the trust of customers and employees can consume time and resources, but eventually, we all know that it leads to better long-term stability and effectiveness. How can leaders build core strategies through the mindfulness concept, the selfless concept and compassion. Belong's Chief Evangelist, Aadil Bandukwala converses with Dayanand Allapur, Global Head of Human Resources at Cognizant in this exclusive podcast on Mindfulness...


Data Science & Machine Learning: Decoding the Secret Sauce - With Madhu Gopinathan & Bhrigu Joshi

Founded in the year 2000, Make My Trip has become the 'Best Travel Portal India' and with dynamic pricing from the entire airline vertical and the hotel booking engine, 'MMT' has become a household name. Listen to Madhu Gopinathan, Vice President, Data science and Bhrigu Joshi, Director, Human Resources, who converse with Belong's Chief Evangelist, Aadil Bandukwala on the importance of Data Science in a data driven industry and how Make My Trip was able to leverage it at scale.


Unlocking New Value through Business Model Transformation - With Shelagh Goodwin

Today, products or services are not the only things which are becoming obsolete. Organizational processes, systems are no longer creating much value. To seamlessly account for digitization of business and the consumer side, new ideas are mandatory, and the whole business model is increasingly becoming the new source of innovation. Join Media24's Head HR, Shelagh Goodwin who talks to Belong's Chief Evangelist Aadil Bandukwala to understand the need for organizations to modify they business...


Tapping the Inner Teacher: Turn Busy Leaders into Teachers - With Rajkamal Vempati

In this world of megatrends, successful organizations understand that coaching, guiding, and teaching no longer belongs solely to the L&D teams. Leaders need to take up the mantle of learning if they wish to build efficient workforce. But the primary question still remains, How do we engage these ‘busy’ leaders and transform them into tutors? Listen to key ideas from the Head Human resources at Axis bank, Rajkamal Vempati as she talks to Belong’s Evangelist, Aadil Bandukwala about this...


Measuring the ROI and Business Outcomes of Employee Experience - With Madan Nagaldinne

When you enter the field of human resources, it only takes a few months to observe that an indisputable natural law - that is engaged employees do better work. How does one ensure that people are always and continuously aligned and engaged? Tune in to this podcast as Belong's Chief Evangelist Aadil Bandukwala gets people and talent insights in conversation with Madan Nagaldinne - Chief People Officer at Compass.


The Data Revolution: A Guide to Analytics for People Leaders - with Madhavi Lall

Belong's Chief Evangelist Aadil Bandukwala converses with Madhavi Lall - Managing Director and Head Human Resources at Deutsche Bank on how data science has become an essential business tool today and how business leaders can really get started with something as broad as people analytics.


How iconic brands can stay relevant amidst changing consumer preferences - With Rajeev Dubey

Belong's Chief Evangelist Aadil Bandukwala converses with Rajeev Dubey - Group President - HR & Corporate Services, CEO - Aftermarket Sector and Member of the Group Executive Board of the Mahindra Group on the variations in consumer preferences and on the challenges faced by iconic brands to stay relevant at this time.