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Bench Time #43: Scenery, Trees, Grass, and other plant stuff in model railroading

For the 43rd Episode of the Bench Time Podcast, this week Brett and Todd Wiley discuss scenery involving trees, static grass, bushes, and all the other necessary vegetation associated with making a layout go from boards and white plaster to simulated mother earth. They also cover how they apply it in a city/urban layout that involves a lot of concrete sidewalks and roads and all of the unusual places people don’t think of but it commonly appears, plus all the many different types of...


Bench Time #42 - Brett & Todd and Model Railroading with your kids +more

This week we’ve been crazy busy on the layout and some family things, but we’ve managed time to get episode 42 done a little early (recorded monday). Brett’s been working on his waterfront as usual and though it seems like it’s been forever that he’s been working on this thing, he is actually making progress, but it’s just a TON of layers. It should be photographable later this weekend for all to see. Todd is wrapping up the Danby Saw Mill and if you’ve been on our Facebook live videos...


Episode 41: Organization and Storage on your model railroading workbench

Is your workbench and surrounding area complete mayhem or an OCD design studio? This week on the “Bench Time” podcast, hosts Brett and Todd Wiley of HO Scale Customs explore and discuss the many ways the manage their work area when they model. From the types of workbenches the the way they organize and store their spare parts, paints, glues, tools, supplies, details, and unfinished kits, You will hear how each have contrasting styles and ideas with unique reasons that allow them to work...


Bench Time #40 - Bill Sartore of Microlumina Model Railroad Structure Lighting

This week on the Bench Time Podcast we explore another segment of fine-scale modeling that is all too often neglected and understated. Lighting! The niche within our niche. Who better to teach us a bit more about the subject than our special guest, Bill Sartore of Microlumina at Bill shares with us all the facets of using lighting to take your modeling to a deeper level and kicking up that visual delight we all get when we turn down the lights and create an entirely...


Bench Time #39 - Ron Pare of the Modelers Guild & Just Another Scale Modeler on Youtube

Listen, we know, we know, we messed up and said it was episode 40 in the intro to the show, we were just too excited to hit that mark and we messed up. It's actually episode 39... Sorry for the premature milestone! This weekend brings in the Fall season, and here on the Bench Time Podcast we will kick off the cooler season by hosting Canadian Modeler Ron Pare of the Modelers Guild facebook group, and youtube channel Just Another Scale Modeler. Ron is an excellent detail modeler who has...


Bench Time #38 - Fine Scale Model Expo with Hal Reynolds, Jimmy Deignan, Doug Foscale & Bob Seckler!

Today on HO Scale Customs “Bench Time Podcast” we present an extra special episode on the upcoming Fine Scale Model Expo 2018 held this November 1-3 in Albany NY! We have as our guests this week four awesome guests who make it all happen for this power packed, amazing show that brings you every aspect of fine scale modeling! We have with us Hal Reynolds, Jimmy Deignan, Bob Seckler, and Doug Foscale all at one time on the cast, and they tell us every single detail and aspect of this upcoming...


Bench Time #37 - Gluing Acetate windows, squaring up walls, detail parts & some special announcements!

This week we open up with a new segment, our Patron questions of the week! We’ve got three good questions to kick off this new part of the show, all three are great ones that we all run into every time we start up a new project. Patron Questions: Want to submit a question? Visit our Patreon Page and become a part of the show! We’re also excited to announce some news about next week’s show where we’ll have 4 great modelers who’ve created the Model Rail Expo and turned it into a...


Bench Time #36 - Ken Anderson of Sippers and Switchers of North Carolina

Happy Labor Day Weekend to our fellow Modelers! This week’s Bench Time Podcast we are joined by special guest model railroad specialist Ken Anderson! Ken does it all! From structures to scenery, fine detailed scratch building to rail operations His work is beautiful, creative, and has a touch of Southern U.S. charm that you don’t often see modeled. The normally obvious in real life detail, Ken brings to you in miniature and it will make you stop and ask yourself, “Hey! Why didn’t I ever...


Bench Time # 35 - Dan Raymond Artistry of Vehicle Modeling

Become part of the show Good Friday Morning to our fellow Fine Scale Freaks! Join us this week on the Bench Time Podcast with expert ho scale vehicle modeler Dan Raymond! We had a blast this week speaking with Dan about how he achieves the amazing details and artistry of vehicle modeling. His trucks and cars are virtual masterpieces in transportation miniature. His vehicles can be found on countless famous model railroads across the country including the world famous Franklin, South...


Bench Time #34 - Ron Poidomani: Fellow Fine Scale Modeler & NMRA Award Winner

Help us keep the show going, get some cool stuff, become a patron! TGIF fine scale modeling friends! On today’s Bench Time Podcast, HO Scale Customs hosts special guest and fellow structure modeler Ron Poidomani. Ron is a super detailer when it comes to building fine scale structures and scenery and has won several noted contests including the NMRA’s best structure at the NMRA convention last year in Orlando and the Railroad Model Craftsman awards with a photo spread of his Waterbury Pen...


Bench Time #33 - Featuring Kathy Millatt

This Friday we have another extra special treat on the Bench Time Podcast. We take you international to the UK with our special guest Master Fine Scale Modeler, Artist, and expert on scenery, Kathy Millatt of Kathy Millatt Modeling and her YouTube Channel filled with some of the very best videos we have seen on techniques in all aspects of modeling, and in particular fine scale modeling and scenery! But not just model railroading! She does military modeling, science fiction, and so many...


Bench Time #32 - Friday workbench talk about laying track, new models, some layout work and more!

Happy Friday to our modeling friends! This week on the Bench Time podcast we go old school! Back to the meat and grits of fine-scale modeling like when the show began! Just Brett and Todd talking about the projects on our benches, structures getting those special or final touches, and some chatter about our take on trackwork and what works and doesn't work for us. So sit back, grip onto that hobby knife tightly, drybrush those boards or just grind your molars if you must! And have a great...


Bench Time #31 - Jimmy Deignan of Railroad Kits & Jason Jensen

TGIF Modeler friends! Check out this week’s Bench Time podcast Episode 31 with Jimmy Deignan owner of Railroad Kits fine scale craftsman kits! We talk with him about the many facets of his business, The acquisition of all the Fine Scale Minatures (FSM) detail castings, his love of the hobby and the many many inspiring modeling friends he has made in model railroading. And you will get to hear about his acquiring of legendary ho scale layout Pennsy Middle Division (originally built by...


Bench Time #30 - Frank Varga of Facebook Group Model Railroad Structures & Scenery

Support us on Patreon! On this special extra episode #30 of the Bench Time Podcast our guest is super size, large structure, urban scenery fine scale artist Frank Varga. His structures are a marvel of extreme detail, and his city scenes on his layout are jam-packed with everything your mind and eyes can think of. On his tall ho-scale buildings that borderline skyscrapers in scale, there is no details spared. We’re not just talking about on the roof or on the ground level, but from top to...


Bench Time #29 - Featuring Dave Frary

This week we are very excited to have world-renowned modeler Dave Frary on the show. We go over everything from his modeling past, his work with George Sellios, some of his photography work with model railroading and Model Railroader magazine, and a little bit about his past outside of model railroading which included set building on movies, Construction and a whole lot more. This week's episode is a long one and we were just absolutely excited to get Dave on the show, and I'm sure many...


Bench Time #28 - Some catching up with Todd & Brett's Projects & More

This week we get back to what's going on on our personal benches. From both of our busy workbenches, we record this episode and go over the projects we have going on including some scratch builds, new kits and some layout work on a bridge installation. We also go over a couple topics from an user email about downspouts and chainlink fences. We encourage your feedback by sending us an email at This weekend we'll be doing a lot of work on our model railroad...


Bench Time - Special Edition with FOS Scale Models - The Terminal Limited Run Kit

Join us on this mid-week special edition of the Bench Time Podcast where we talk with Doug Foscale of FOS Scale Models about his limited run kit, The Terminal. We go over the inspiration of this limited run kit, a little bit about each of the buildings that FOS Scale Models have put into it. We also get a little bit of a history lesson of the change and evolution of the travel industry. And about the last 20 to 30 minutes, towards the end of this special episode you can also get some good...


Bench Time #27 Featuring Fellow Modeler Dave Kruiswyk

This week we have fellow modeler Dave Kruiswyk on the show and we get back to some of our roots of the podcast where we talk primarily about our modeling and what we enjoy most... Things on our workbench! Dave is very active online and if you want to follow along with what he has going on with his work and on the workbench, you can follow his Facebook page, Dave's Workbench. We really enjoyed having Dave on the show and we're really excited that he came up with the name for the new...


Bench Time #26 - Featuring Jeff Grove of Carolina Craftsman Kits

This week we feature special guest Jeff Grove of Carolina Craftsman Kits. We cover a little bit of his past in model railroading and go over some of the ins-and-outs of his model building and kit manufacturing history. We also talk about our build of The Tucker Factory Kit - An original design by Howard Zane


Bench Time #25 - Featuring Bruce Nickerson from Seaport Model Works

We've got Bruce Nickerson from Seaport Model Works on the show this week and we're talking a lot about waterway and waterfront modeling. It's a nice way to add a little more depth and character to your layouts/dioramas and adding water doesn't need to be a complicated and difficult task. The great thing about the models and kits that Sea Port Model Works has is that they sell scale boats and ships that are great for people who want to model boats or maritime vessels. So you don't need to be...