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Episode 16 - Wade Macleod

Welcome to Episode 16 from Beyond the Big Red Truck Podcast! I'm very honoured to have spent some time, and shared an intimate conversation with Pro Hockey player, Wade Macleod and his wife Karly. Wade has been a star on the ice and on his journey, has been tested both mentally and physically for many years, but what no-one could have predicted with a career that was looking so promising, is that Wade's biggest test would was still to come. In 2011/12 season, his second year playing pro for...


Episode 15 - Chris Duquemin

Welcome to Episode 15! Today I had a gamechanging conversation with "body engineer" and amazing human, Chris Duquemin. Chris was a successful mechanical engineer for over 20 years and then, while struggling to find some relief from a shoulder injury, had an a-ha moment. Using traditional therapy and a "band-aid" approach, Chris found that nothing was actually "fixing" his shoulder. He was still in pain, so Chris sought out a non traditional therapist to help him truly heal. The method was to...


Episode 14 - Eric Kussin "We're all a little Crazy"

Welcome to Episode 14 from Beyond the Big Red Truck Podcast! today I had an amzing conversation with Eric Kussin, founder of, We're all a little "Crazy" - Movement To Break Mental Health Stigma. We’re All A Little “Crazy” is a 501c3 founded by 15-year professional sports executive, Eric Kussin, bringing together Athletes, Celebrities, and Expert Practitioners. After a successful career that started at the NBA League Office, and led to senior management positions with a number of...


Episode 13 - Dion Gonzales & Jeff Dorchester iRel8

Welcome to Episode 13 from Beyond the Big Red Truck! Today I shared an amazing conversation with two amazing guys, Dion Gonzales and Jeff Dorchester co-founders from iRel8. Dion is successful entrepreneur and executive with a proven history of creating and delivering successful products domestically and internationally and Jeff is an experienced and successful designer, entrepreneur, and executive with decades of passion andinnovation in the technology space. Jeff and Dion used their...


Episode 12 - Dan Kerrigan Jim Moss - Firefighter Functional Fitness

Welcome to Episode 12 from Beyond the Big Red Truck Podcast! I'm super excited to share this conversation I had with Dan Kerrigan and Jim Moss. Two amazing humans, fitness experts and the authors of the best selling book, Firefighter Functional Fitness. Dan is a career chief officer, published fitness author and presenter on the local and national levels. A passionate firefighter health and wellness advocate, he works with the IAFC, NFFF, and NVFC in efforts to reduce health-related LODD’s....


Episode 11 - Allison Tai

Welcome to Episode 11 of Beyond the Big Red Truck Podcast. Today's episode is an epic conversation with Allison Tai or on social media as Yo Mama So Fit. Allison is another amazing, inspiring human who is not only an entreprenuer and owner of VANCITY OCR ninja gym in Vancouver, BC, she also has the most Toughest Mudder Podiums on the planet, more than any other man or woman, with 7. 7 podiums including 3 wins! In the past six weeks or so, she has been in Australia where she competed and won...


Episode 10 - Theo Fleury

Welcome to Episode 10 of Beyond the Big Red Truck Podcast! In this episode I had an epic conversation with retired NHL Super Star, Theo Fleury! On the ice, Theo was a phenom at every level he played. He played on four NHL teams, scoring 1088 points in 1084 games, winning the Stanley Cup in 1989 with the Calgary Flames and won an Olympic Gold Medal with Team Canada in 2002. However, as we find out in this conversation, believe it or not, Theo's biggest accomplishments in life came after...


Episode 9 - Gil Mendoza

Welcome to Episode 9 of Beyond the Big Red Truck Podcast. Warning! This episode has some language that might be offensive to some listeners. Today, I had the honour of having an amazing conversation with a new friend of mine, Gil Mendoza. We talk about his life growing up in Watts California, influenced by gang life, the only life he knew. Until his dad wanted a better life for the family and moved to Lakewood California. That's where his life changed and we talk about the one moment and one...


Episode 8 - Bob Tewksbury

Welcome to Episode 8 from Beyond the Big Red Truck Podcast! Today I share a conversation with another amazing human, Bob Tewksbury. After playing 13 seasons in the big leagues, making the all-star team, winning 110 games as a pitcher with 6 teams, mostly the St Louis Cardinals, and taking a perfect game into the 8th inning against the Astros, Bob is currently the mental skills coach for the San Francisco Giants. Not to mention, he was the mental skills coach for the Boston Red Sox World...


Episode 7 - Barry MacDonald

Welcome to Episode 7 of Beyond the Big Red Truck Podcast! Today, I share the conversation I had with a good buddy of mine and TSN 1040 radio host, Barry MacDonald or as he’s known on air and to his buddies, BMAC! From his humble beginning’s at CKWL in Williams Lake to the ground breaking sports highlights show Sports Page and then gracing the airwaves at TSN 1040 as co host on the BMAC, Donnie and the Moj show. Barry shares highlights from his illustrious broadcasting career, his ups and...


Episode 6 - Jen Hamilton

I’m so excited to share this inspiring conversation with Jen Hamilton, CEO of Oxygen Yoga & Fitness! Jen has been a dynamic and compelling leader in the fitness industry for over 16 years and was the founder of Cardio-Core Bootcamp, a national fitness franchise company that boasted 59 locations at the time that Jen decided to move on to other endeavors. When the opportunity to help build the Bootcamp Program at Oxygen Yoga and Fitness was presented to her, she saw the benefits that were...


Episode 5 - Dai Manuel

Welcome to Episode 5! In this episode we’re switching gears! Today, I spoke with the King of Awesomeness, Dai Manuel! So who is Dai Manuel you ask? Dai Manuel empowers thousands of people to lead a FUN-ctionally fit life through education, encouragement, and community. He models his work based on 5 F’s: Fitness, Family, Finances, Faith with an overarching roof of FUN, built on a rock-solid foundation of Health. Dai is an award-winning writer, executive performance coach and certified...


Episode 4 - Stephen Raghoobarsingh

Stephen Raghoobarsingh is a Canadian-born therapist residing in Vancouver, British Columbia. He received his Master of Arts degree in Counselling Psychology from the Adler School of Professional Psychology in Chicago, Illinois after completing his undergraduate psychology program at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, British Columbia. Stephen has extensive experience in a variety of sports and has dedicated more than 20 years of professional service to the community through his work with...


Episode 2 - Lionel Crowther

Lionel Crowther is a firefighter in Winnipeg, listen to his story of how with one call, his life and many others were changed forever in less than ten minutes. He suffered massive burns to most of his body, others did too, and two firefighters did not go home that day. He shares the impact this has had on him and his family for over ten years and how they are having a positive impact on the world and the burn survivor community as a result.


Episode 1 - Welcome

Welcome to the Beyond the Big Red Truck Pocast and Episode 1! This episode will focus on why Beyond the Big Red Truck? What’s in it for you, and a brief rundown on my story and my unwavering desire to inspire! Listen with an open mind, take what you need, leave what you don’t and after all is said and done, I’m positive you will be motivated and inspired to make some positive changes in your life. Here we go