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30: I Gotta Go To Work ft Rob Madden

We had a full house of testosterone as we ramble through current events and explore a few different relationship topics: Condoms! Keri Hilson reports on Georgia's HIV Statistics Celebrity Deaths Kim K's activism Commentary on Amber Rose's Interview Jesse William's Child/Spousal Support Is Through The Roof Jim Jones Arrested Do Women Realize Their Personalities Aren't Great? How Do You Get Over A Relationship? Is Jealousy A Bad Thing? Plenty More Conversations and Laughs!


29: Talking Like It's Just You And Me

News is incredibly slow or we are just finding more ways not to care. Either way, we prefer to make jokes instead. Target removes "Baby Daddy" Father's Day Cards From Shelves Superfly IHop is now IHob Family Reunions Are The Worst Jamie Foxx Accused Of Foul Play Would You Date A Woman With A Male Best Friend? Can You Trust A Woman With A Side Partner? Talking Vs Texting We Unpack Being A Side Chick To a "Loyal" Dude vs Dating A Cheater Alot more foolishness is involved. Tune In!


28: A Word From Our Sponsors

Apparently we didn't care about much of what's going on in the world this week so we made a whole lot of something out of nothing. This week we had the pleasure of unpacking: Are Prison Conditions Fair? Toblerone Tunnels?! People Taking Pictures When They Start Hitting The Gym NBA Finals Are A Wrap Can You Hit An Aggressive Kid Being Violent Towards You? Halloween Movie 7 Signs That A Man Is Being Unfaithful If A Woman You Always Wanted Showed Interest While You Were Already Involved,...


27: Off Guards Are The Best ft Telesa Hines

A lot to unpack this week as we have an open discussion with our long time friend, artist and creative Telesa Hines. This week we discuss: Roseanne's Race-charged Tweet Jamie Foxx is Spawn NBA Finals Drake In Blackface? Kim K Meets With Donald Trump Are We Listening To Kanye West's Album? Men Celebrating Final Child Support Payment Is There Anything In A Man/Woman's Past That Would Prohibit You From Dating Them? Dating Your Opposite Is There A Path To Love? Could You Date A Woman Who Used...


25: #TeamYanny But Kinda Laurel

First off let's put this Yanny vs Laurel thing to bed. Let's Talk Movies: What If Andrew Dice Clay wrote for Marvel Fahrenheit 451, BlackkKlansman, Superfly, Deadpool 2 What are Honorary Degrees? Santa Fe School Shooting Racial Slurs On The Adult Film Set Betting on Sports Does Age Matter To Men? What Is The Purpose of Flirting? Do Men Really Know What They Want? What Is A Marriage? Male Strip Clubs And A WHOLE LOT MORE LAUGHS, TOPICS AND FOOLISHNESS!


24: This Your America ft Hannah

We are back for this week's look at what's trending in current events and our attempt at socializing different dynamics of several themes including: Childish Gambino's This Is America The Trainwreck That Is The R Kelly Lifetime Movie Schools Removing Analog Clocks Because Kids Cant Tell Time Fabolous and Emily Happily Ever After Tokyo Toni Sets The Record Straight Does It Matter How Many Kids A Man Has Girl Trips Are To Fool Everyone Else Are Women Really Crazy? Much More Foolishness!!! Oh...


23: Free Thought Ain't Cheap

First of all, Ross and Rachel were on a break. So we unpack: Is It Ok To Have A Fling If Your Relationship Is On A Break? How Many Kids Is Too Many? Is There An Upside To Cheating Should You Express Your Feelings To A Woman Who Is Involved? We also dive into an assortment of social and current events with plenty of laughs!


22: This Hurts Me More Than It Hurts You

In more unimportant current events that we made important, the guys are here to discuss: Kanye West and Donald Trump Bill Cosby Convicted! Meek Mill Freed! Janelle Monae Comes Out Of The Closet? Could You Ever Be A Sugar Daddy? Staying With Someone Who Gave You An STD Women Unable To Find Good Men Because Of Karma (A Deep Dive) Could You Date An Adult Film Star? Plus, A Bunch Of Other Topics And Foolishness Too Lazy To Document.