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50: Episode Fiddy (Black Beauty)

Pancakes Family! We reached our 50th episode! We start off on a somber note due to recent events but prayers and condolences go out to those impacted with the recent shootings across the nation. We are still going to have a great time to bring joy! Mass Shootings Voting Blindly Iggy Azalea vs Bang Bros Teddy Riley Wayne Brady Sky Diving Can Women Be Too Aggressive? Are Some Women Intimidating? Alot more, so go listen now!


49: Crying & Lying

Hi Pancakes Family. The current events you are about to hear are just that. Current. We don't care but hey, let's make jokes anyway. Halloween Costumes Kanye West Has A Change of Heart Mr. Feeny Foils Burglary Madea Is Dead Voting Season Larsa Pippen Files For Divorce If Someone Spits At You And Misses, What Is The Response? Sex On The First Date Are Lies That Enhance The Relationship Okay? If Your Partner Has A Wondering Eye Are They More Likely To Cheat? Stalking vs Investigation Much...


48: The Slave Trade Cruises

Yo Pancakes Family, we are back with another crazy adventure of an episode. We are going to talk about alot so get comfortable. Zaxby's Cups Are Deceptive Black Face and Megyn Kelly Halloween is a Dud Chris Paul and Rajon Rondo Have A Fight Should There Be A 4pt Shot In the NBA? Ashanti Sells 24 Tickets Titanic 2 Would You Take A Slave Trade Cruise? Is It Ok To Ask Your Significant Other To Move For You? Are There Plenty Good Men Available Or Are Women Bad At Picking? There is alot more but...


47: In It To Win It

Yo, Pancakes Family, Sugar Hill was MIA but we had guest co-host G Hop come through and hold it down as we talk about all the current events that we really dont care about BET Hip Hop Awards Did Vic Mensa Go Too Far? Colin Kaepernick Allegedly Makes IG Model Pay For Her Flight To See Him Quincy Jones and Ray Charles Do Heroin N word causes uproar TI and Melania Trump What Does It Take To Keep A Woman Happy? Alot more addictive content!


46: What About The Fries?

Hey Fam, hope all is well. Let's just save the small talk for this episode as we discuss: Kanye West visits Donald Trump Who Has The Best Fries In Fast Food? Terrence J Crashes $200k Car Connor McGregor Gets Pummeled Amy Winehouse Hologram Tour What Are We Watching On TV? Is Not Saying Anything The Same As Lying? What's The Minimum Time It Takes To Marry Someone? Plenty More Laughs And Jokes This Week!!!


45: MAFA (Make America Flat Again)

Hi Pancakes Fam, we have all testosterone here this week, so brace yourselves for what we got going on: Presidential Notification Alerts Lindsey Lohan Tries To Save The Day Flat Earth and MAGA Hats R. Kelly Is Exposed! Again. NBA Has Returned Insecure Season Finale Is It Okay To Sleep With Someone For Money or Opportunity? Women Revealing Sexual Assault Years Later Alot More. Tune In!


44: It's Subjective

According to the women, it's subjective. But check out ALL of what they had to say. Let's cut to the chase: Do Girls Pee In The Shower? Should Your Partner Help With Child Support? How Should Bills Be Handled In A Relationship? Is It Okay To Sleep With Someone For Money or Opportunity? Much More But You Have Listen!!!


43: I Don't Know Who Needs To Hear This

Hi Pancakes family, are yall good? We are. And we got a bunch of topics to cover. Let's talk about it. Screen Cracks State Of The Culture Suge Knight Gets 28 Yrs Kevin Hart Vs Katt Williams Joint Accounts Is The Intent To Cheat Equally As Bad As Cheating? Hyphenated Last Names Alot of Laughs and Content! Enjoy


42: Don't Get Hit Crossing The Street

Hi Pancakes Family, we got some stuff to talk about: Taco Bell Is The Best Mexican Restaurant John Legend EGOT status Katt Williams Talks Tiffany Haddish Nicki Minaj vs Cardi B Nike's Kaepernick Campaign Serena Cheated! Lawrence Hive is back! Your Mother in Law offers 5 million to leave her son/daughter alone, would you take it? Much more laughs and jokes. Special Guest @Teekayy_31


41: Come On Bobby!

Hi family. We got you covered with some laughs, some pains, and some food for thought. Why I Stopped Going Out The Bobby Brown Story Whitney Houston vs Patti Labelle Is Power over? Burt Reynolds and Mac Miller passed Eminem vs Machine Gun Kelly Geoffrey Owens Job Shaming Do You Ever Pay Your Debt To Society? Should A Man Be Jailed For Not Paying Child Support? Much Much More To Enjoy!


40: Don't Play With Me

Hey Guys, It's 3 Hours so yeah, we talked about it. :)


39: Shamelessly Plugged

Hey yall. This should be fun. Did We Ever Figure Out How To Say Goodbye To Yesterday? MTV VMA Awards Debacle New Edition Over? Lil Wayne Looks Bad UFC Worth 7 Billion Dollars Kobe Bryant Teacher Hosts Adult Webpage Should Your Girlfriend Hangout With Your Friends? Can Your Significant Other Visit Their Ex For Closure? Much More So Sit Tight!


38: Gone Til November

Hey guys, we have ALOT to discuss this week, so get comfy. RIP Aretha Franklin/ Is She The Greatest Singer of All Time? Are Churches Taking Advantage Of People? Omarosa leaking audio footage Ciara and Russell Wilson Marriage A Sham? Guns in the Airport TV Watch: Insecure, Power, Love Is Dating A Famous Person's Ex Are Quickies Necessary? Is There A Difference Between "Love You" and "I Love You" Why Can't Men Improve Themselves Without Scrutiny? Plenty Plenty More!


37: Can You Feel It?

Let's take a look at all these current events that aren't really events at all Should You Propose With Less Than A 3 ct Ring? What Is The Benefit Of Having You Around? If She Proposes & You Say No, Should She Stay? Is It Ok To Lie To A Woman If She Ends Up Liking You? Much More!


36: Girls Love Initials

Hey, Bigger Than Pancakes here for your listening pleasure. What's going on with: Kim Kardashian, Tyson, and LGBTQIA? 258k Child Support Payments! LeBron James Opens School Face Tattoos Is There A Such Thing As Love At First Sight? Should Current Boyfriend Give You Money For Your Kids? Does The Love Of Your Life Exist? Are Soulmates A Thing? Mercedes or Marriage? Much More Compacted In This Episode!


35: Thank You For Coming

Hi again. It's me Bigger Than Pancakes. In a world of news that don't matter, let's at least make jokes about it: Filing Corporate Complaints Breastfeeding Kanye Gives Genius Advice Serena Williams Racially Charged Drug Tests Would You Date A Virgin? What's Worse: An Affair or Cheating? Do You Tell Your Current Partner If You Had Sex With Somebody You Both Bump Into?


34: If You Had My Love

This is a wild one! Don't say we didn't warn you. Paris Jackson Comes Out 43 Kids and 30 Baby Mamas Michael B Jordan and White Women! Dating Younger Women What Age Is It Appropriate For A Kid To Start Dating? Are Men Purposely Hurting Women Or Do Women Have Unrealistic Expectations? Calibrating the 1-10 Rating Scale of Attractiveness ALOT MORE!


33: Everybody Versus Everybody

We got all the current events we don't care about covered including: Thailand Boys Rescued! Kevin Hart vs Mike Epps Power Video Vixens Papa Johns Founder Steps Down Would You Share A Bed With A Gay Friend? Is Money The Ultimate Equalizer When Dealing With Women? Tune in, this one is wild!


32: Send Nudes

Just listen already. LOL.


31: Scorpions & Catfishes

Our good friends Rob Madden and Knowledge joins us for this weeks take on all the current events that we don't care about and relationship topics that we take a look at including: Joe Jackson Passed Away Luke Cage Catfish Resumes Production A Revisit to Sex Dolls Drake's Album Release Spending Your Partner's Savings Men Being Honest About Their Flaws If You Didn't Cheat But Tried To, Does She Have The Right To Be Upset? Sit Tight, This Is A Long One.