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81: Nintendo Switch: The Fanticipation Episode

The Big N is launching a new console in March and we weigh in on what we love (and of course loathe) about this exciting and innovative offering from the gaming company we grew up cherishing. This informative discussion segues into what we are looking forward to in 2017 in the realm of pop culture, and as always we’ve got a few surprises for our singular fan in Germany. Best enjoyed with syrup-drenched French toast before that first obligatory Saturday beer.


78: A Very Bitfaced Christmas

I’m not sure about Christmas cheer, but we certainly spread enough alcohol around the Bitcave this week to tide us over until minimally New Years Eve. What do you really want for Christmas? We attempt to answer that query between shots of eggnog and whimsical wishes for a better 2017. This episode is best enjoyed with overcooked potatoes and a wicked hangover.


77: Indie Game Con - Part One

We set out on a new adventure to an independent video game convention to make a lot of new friendships with people making some incredible software. Dave Gottschalk with Payback is looking to make your dream of getting paid to play games a reality. Speaking of reality Daniel and Chris from Fourth Axis warp our perception with their virtual reality title Children of Uum, which is (absolutely) stunning! We also get the undeniable pleasure of getting giddy about audio with multi-award winning...


69: KaPow! Comics and Coffee Grand Opening Part 2

As promised here is part two of the edited live stream from the amazing grand opening at KaPow! Comics and Coffee. Tyler and Eric sit down with Super Dave Raines and The High Priestess (no muggle names) from Super Dave Raines and the Big Show (among other ventures), also actor and prolific cosplayer Steve Perkins who was both kind and talented enough to perform his whole conversation in character. This episode is best enjoyed with a bag of Skittles and sour cream and onion potato chips.


60: Our Forty Favorite Games from Generation 7

That’s right, forty. Matt Dawkins takes a break from shenanigans (for possibly the last time) only to bring most of them here. Thunder chunky is the only way to describe our episode this week, we fill it over the proverbial brim with our favorite games of last generation. If you missed any of these titles you need to drop what you’re doing now and go back and indulge. Tyler’s list is full of ridiculous choices, while everyone else brings you legitimately great games. This episode is best...


55: A Little Too New Wave For My Tastes

Jordan Mohler was our inspiration to take the jump into the world of podcasting, and after a long delay he has finally returned to our little corner of the internet to update us on his project of passion, the ever evolving but always excellent Kill The Music. We talk about new music, our podcasting heroes, some of Jordan’s upcoming guests, and of course make way too many references to Back to the Future. This episode is best enjoyed day drinking with a large bag of fake cocaine.


53: Southern Fried Gameroom Expo

Pinball and gaming expert extraordinaire Bryan Grantham makes a triumphant return to the Bitcave to talk about the upcoming Southern Fried Gameroom Expo being held June 10th, 11th, and 12th at the Renaissance Atlanta Waverly Hotel and Convention Center. Atlanta locals should stop by to play over 250 different arcade and pinball games, and if you’re into tournaments they all come free with the small price of admission. There’s also tons of tabletop gaming, movie screenings, and you can even...


49: You’re Actually Whiter Than Your Girlfriend

Project Hype’s Danny “The Black Remote” Hale finally makes a triumphant return to the Bitcave where we discuss Street Fighter 5, Pokken Tournament, Super Smash Brothers 4, and the multitude of challenges that come with managing and organizing weekly fighting game tournaments. We delve into our individual issues surrounding the gaming community both locally and globally, addressing a question on everyone’s mind: “Why are most gamers assholes?” This episode is best enjoyed with a box of...


48: Are You There God? It’s Me, Drunk Tyler

You never pour your own sake in the Bitcave, and we certainly poured a ton of it before this episode. A celebration hostfull in honor of the new studio, Tyler takes the reigns this week to give his opinion on Batman vs Superman, Lord of the Rings, and World of Warcraft. Eric renders Doug speechless with a little redemption from long ago, all while Derek “Burton” Guster comments inappropriately. This episode is best enjoyed with a plate of sushi and a large Sapporo.


47: Awkward Cosplay Boners

Nick Gochis from Geeks Gone Rogue doesn’t have anything against growing crops, he fell deep for Monster Hunter at a very young age and never gazed backwards. We talk about misbehaving at conventions, Pokemon, and our mutual love for the Hitman series. This episode is best enjoyed with half a bottle of Nyquil and some hot and sour soup. Stop by and see Nick, Chris, Tammy, and Lauren at the Colorado Springs Toy and Comic Con if you are local!


46: The Search for Zod’s Dick

If the title wasn’t indication enough, this episode is filled to the brim with major spoilers for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Doug and Eric aren’t tossing any mealy fruit, instead bringing a discussion about what they loved and didn’t appreciate so much about the highly anticipated film. This episode is best enjoyed with a corn dog and some Granny’s peach tea.


45: Bit Club Massacre

Here it is, the episode where we finally take Bitfaced on the road to visit the set of Strip Club Massacre. Interviews with stars Alicia Watson, Mark Law, Layla Pendley, Danielle McKay, Courtney Riggs, Erin Brown, producer Dave Leskie, and of course director Bob Clark ad co-writer Bruce Kilroy! Learn about the challenges of making an independent horror movie with a cast and crew that treated us like family. This episode is best enjoyed with your favorite yacht rock tunes playing on...


44: Park Bike Jousting and 64 Quests Gone Awry

Sony gets the spotlight this week as we discuss Street Fighter 5, Firewatch, Axiom Verge, and another console exclusive Tyler still won’t even let me talk about here. We also discuss all the titles we are excited about this year including Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst, Uncharted 4, Mighty No. 9, Persona 5, and many more. It’s all about the games this week before we kick off two weeks of gore and lap dances. This episode is best enjoyed with two grilled cheese sandwiches just slightly burned on...


43: Satellite Intel Core 3 Inside Windows 7 Energy Star

We love Amanda Blitch so much that we edited fifteen minutes out of this episode in order to protect the future of Nintendo. Mario Kart strategy intertwined with commentary about nothing you ever cared about mixed with a pinch of Jodie Sweetin. This episode is best enjoyed with a glass of hard cider and a copy of dick jokes written by Johnny Appleseed’s lost uncle. We’ll definitely pleasure you the entire episode and not just the nine minutes Eric promises.


42: Every Which Way but Focused

Movie expert and prolific internet journalist Benjamin Rakofsky is the living embodiment of IMDB, an endless barrage of facts and trivia from every era of Hollywood cinema. We talk Oscars, Superman II, Green Lantern, and also discuss some of our favorite films from the past year. This episode is best enjoyed with a tub of popcorn and a Cherry Coke. Fixing the Oscars The Black Hole Green Lantern


41: An Evening with Geeks Gone Rogue

If you’ve been to a convention around the Colorado area in the past three years, chances are you’ve seen Geeks Gone Rogue bringing passion and dedication to every custom piece that they create. Chris, Tammy, Nick, and Lauren sit down with us to discuss the origins of their business and their immense love for conventions, cos-playing, and the camaraderie and fellowship of the geek community. This episode is best enjoyed with spiced rum, new found friends and alliteration. Geeks Gone Rogue...


40: Back Up in your Ass with the Resurrection

Tyler didn’t think The Force Awakens was that great. Now that we have your attention, this is the episode that puts 2015 snugly to bed. Eighteen of our favorite games from last year are discussed, as well some of our biggest disappointments. Eric is still angry that he forgot to mention his new favorite movie Ninja Busters, but he will be pairing it with Miami Connection from now on.


39: Space Castles and Robots

The title says it all, we were planning to sprint across the finish line and ended up stumbling face first. Steaks were won and friendships were cemented and Bitfaced 2015 is put firmly to bed, snug in the hopes of future conversations about Star Wars and our favorite games of the year. Tyler is upstairs working on a new kata, Eric is taking life twelve steps at a time. This episode is best enjoyed while your best friend chugs a beer in your face.


38: Our Disparaged Pasts

This week we get together with our official streamer Zach Thoma and talk about some games that got worse ratings than the Twilight movies. Some of these may now be considered cult classics, but it doesn’t change the fact that a 2/10 on review websites is almost as bad as Saving Christmas. Until Eric edits this title and copy, we’re going at this just like a close friend of ours, raw.


37: This Is Not the Episode You’re Looking For

If there’s one guy who we’d follow to the Toche station without question it’s this weeks guest David Frizell, he finally brings his vast knowledge of the Star Wars universe to the Bitcave before all of this imperial hype breaks loose like Shabba-Doo. This episode is best enjoyed with a bowl of C3P0’s and some 2 percent milk!