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Episode 31 - Kanye is Superman with his MAGA Hat

Black Coffee kNOw Sugar kNOw Creme returns with episode 31. Brother Kenny shares that he put his oldest son on adderall. Kanye West visits the White House. Brett Kavanugh is sworn into the US Supreme Court. Jason VanDyke is Guilty. Is #MeToo a lost cause and more... Thanks for your Support!!!!


Episode 30 - Begin with the End in Mind...The Fall of 'America's Dad'

Black Coffee kNOw Sugar kNOw Creme returns with Episode 30. We discuss the Bill Cosby sentencing and keep a legacy alive. We also delve into the Brett Kavanaugh hearings for the Supreme Court Nominee. Nike almost dropped Colin Kaepernick and continues to to support Republicans 3-times more than Democrats. Should you worry about Credit before Std's and Urbana High's new discipline policies has hit a rough patch in the early portions of the school year. Can't thank you enough for the...


Episode 29 - "We Rollin With the Champs over Here" Ft. Shaun Livingston

Black Coffee kNOw Sugar kNow Creme returns with Episode 29. Brother Kenny makes amends with some classic music selections. We then Make a phone call to a 3-time NBA Champion Shaun Livingston of the Golden State Warriors to talk about his path to making the NBA and how he's been able to last for 15 seasons. Shaun talks about his college recruitment, his decision to go to the NBA out of High School, NBA pay periods, life with GSW, being cut twice on Christmas Eve and much much more. Shaun...


Episode 28 - "I ain't going back n forth with you N words"

Black Coffee kNOw Sugar kNOw Creme returns with another episode. We begin our coverage of the tragic murder of Botham Jean in Dallas. Brother Timothy explains why the hit song "Smile Bitch" by Lil Duval should not be celebrated. Barack Obama pays a visit to Champaign, IL. A Couple is facing legal issues over a GoFundMe funds totaling $400k. Thanks for your continued support!!! Enjoy


Episode 21 - "We'll name this podcast later....We talked about A LOT"

Black Coffee kNOw Sugar kNOw Creme is back with another episode. We Begin with the Dismal report say RIP and offer condolences to Joe Jackson, Junior Guzman and Antwon Rose. We talk about Permit Patty and what the spirit of Entrepreneurship represents. Dame Dash confronts Lee Daniels about an unpaid loan. Terry Crews testifies about being groped and Sarah Huckabee Sanders is denied service at a Virginia Eatery. And a favorite party song "THe Electric slide" is really about a vibrator. Enjoy


Episode 20 - "I'm Good Love, Enjoy"

Black Coffee kNOw Sugar kNOw Creme podcast is back with another episode. We begin local with an update on Jericho Baptist Church court proceedings. Police kill man in Danville and an 18 year old man kills 2 men and wound a 3rd. What does that do for the investigation of the cop killings. Donald Trump and his administration enforce illegal immigration laws, then signs a bill to not separate children from their families. We end the episode with etiquette and what to expect when a man wants a...


Episode 18 - #BlackMoneyMattersMore to ABC

Black Coffee kNOw Sugar kNOw Creme returns with another episode. This week we discuss Roseanne show getting cancelled from ABC and what it means for over 200 employees. We also have a conversation about when someone puts their career over their family. Are parents preparing boys for the real world? 30 year gets evicted from parents house and can you preach black and sleep white? ***NOTE, we mentioned in the episode that it was #17....It's actually #18*** Enjoy


Episode 17 - Montverde Academy's Own Featuring Jordan Caroline

Black Coffee kNOw Sugar kNOw Creme sits down with University of Nevada hoops player and Champaign Native Jordan Caroline. we talk about his childhood, his NFL Father and Grandfather, Leaving Champaign Central to enroll at Montverde Academy. The journey to College at SIU and University of Nevada respectively. Does the NCAA tournament live up to the hype as a player, and exploring the NBA draft process. Enjoy!!!


Episode 16 - Did Jesus form a Charter School? "This is America!!!!

Black Coffee kNOw Sugar kNOw Creme returns for another episode. This week we discuss the Champaign unit 4 decision to deny the Charter School proposal. We touch on University of Florida decision to snatch up kid's who got excited upon graduating. We also talk about Bill Cosby's conviction and the death of a Legacy. We conclude with breaking down Childish Gambino's new music Video "I am America." Enjoy!!!


Episode 15 - Wake up Mr West Ft. Reese T

Black Coffee kNOw Sugar kNOw Creme podcast returns with another episode with a special guest. Rapper Reese T. The panel discuses Kanye West latest remarks linking slavery to a choice. We then discuss Reese T latest project and critique his music and career.


Episode 14 - Kanye Loves Donald Trump

Kanye West had Twitter Blazin. Black Coffee No Sugar No Creme speaks on Kanye West series of tweets. We have a impromptu conversation about men and therapy. Meek Mill is released from prison.


Episode 13 - Queen Bey is the G.O.A.T ...We Cancelling Starbucks?

Black Coffee No Sugar No Creme returns with another episode. This week we address the Starbucks situation. Kenneth makes his claim that Beyonce is the greatest performer of all time and should Black business owners conceal their identity in fear of being discriminated against? Enjoy!!!


Episode 12 - Tristan "3rd trimester" Thompson & Unit 4 Charter School Business

Black Coffee No Sugar No Creme Podcast is back with another episode...We talk about Tristan Thompson getting cold feet again with a woman pregnant in her 3rd trimester. Did Loni Blair visit Dr Miami or did she do a lot of lunges and squats? No matter what...She has a great future behind her. We conclude our episode talking about the proposed charter School in the Champaign Unit 4 district . #BlackCoffeeNoSugarNoCreme


Episode 11 - No Separation between Church & State

Black Coffee No Suger No Creme is back with another episode. we discuss the 50th Anniversary of Martin Luther King's Murder, shooting at Youtube. Danny Ray Thomas murder at the hands of a Cop originally from Champaign, IL and the News Gazette article about Jericho Baptist Church


Episode 10 - "Get High" Episode with NuMed Cannabis dispensary

Black Coffee No Sugar No creme podcast sat down with Grant & Sean fron the NuMed Urbana Dispensary to talk everything medical Marijuana. Strains, how to get a card, how they treat patients, the highest they've ever been


#TBT - The Wes "Quantrel" Hedrick Episode

Black Coffee couldn't record a regular show today but We felt the need to give our loyal listeners some great content to get you by until we get back together next time. Meet Quantrell Hedrick, a Champaign native that grew up in less than ideal conditions and became a Howard University Graduate and now a financial planner. Amazing journey that's just beginning. Definitely want to get QH on a future episode.


Episode 6

Episode 6 by


Episode 9 - The Verdell Jones III Episode

Former Indiana Basketball player Verdell joins the Black Coffee No Sugar No Creme podcast to talk about his new business Venture Keto diet and takes us on blast from the past of his Basketball career...Brother Timothy We Miss You!


Episode 8 - Gotta know when to Fold

Episode 8 when is the best time to part ways with a vehicle. Savior's Day Weekend recap. Drake donates a Million Dollars to charity and it's not just a write off. Moniques visits The Breakfast Club and Ask DC


Episode 7 - You Bets Not Come For The King

Black Coffee...No Sugar No Creme returns with another episode...This week we get ratchet and discuss Blac Chyna sex tape, Fergie Anthem, LeBron James getting attacked and the use of the N word. Also end the episode with Barbershop etiquette