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Learn from Coach Doc on how to prepare as an athlete in both body and mind!

Learn from Coach Doc on how to prepare as an athlete in both body and mind!


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Learn from Coach Doc on how to prepare as an athlete in both body and mind!




Unheard Voices Part 2

The second half to the discussion on race in America.


Unheard Voices Part 1

Coach Doc was asked to take over another podcast to give voices to the unheard, including himself. Well, it should be heard here too! Listen, learn, reflect, and wait to speak!


Stack Good Habits

We learn from people who have been there before us. For anyone who has ever dreamed of a career as an athlete, you should know the ways to get there can be very different than expected. Check out Coach Doc's interview with former NFL and CFL player Chandler Jones and his journey to becoming a coach at Idaho.


Elixir of Youth

We get fit and healthy to be able to live our best life in the moment but also to prepare for our best life down the road. As I get older and look at my Father and my children, I want to make sure I am around and healthy. Once an athlete, always an athlete, just like today's guest, Greg Warlow. Join Coach Doc and Greg for a wonderful conversation on all thing's health, fitness, and wellness.


Free To Play

Sports isn't always equal. People of lower socioeconomic status typically play sports like basketball because the only thing you need is a ball. The money, fees, and politics that go into youth sports has become something that continues to change the playing field. Today Coach Doc speaks with Matt Fondy, professional soccer player, about his non-profit, Oakland Genesis and what they are doing to combat this issue.


It's Just Not Right

Coach Doc gets the opportunity to speak to an extraordinary woman today. The discussion begins with her experience as a USA Rugby Women's Premier League player for two decades to her work with the Last Prisoner Project on social justice in Cannabis to advocating for the passing of Psilocybin therapy on the Oregon ballot. Anna Symonds shares her talents in so many different arenas, it can't help but make for a great conversation.


Tactic Performance

New technology allows athletes to enhance their output and performance. Coach Doc is always on the hunt for tech he hasn't heard of before. Today, Coach Doc speaks with CJ Wellington of Tactic Performance about his use of Sparta Science and Force Plate Technology.


Keep Developing

Young athletes dream of making it to the pros but many have no idea what that entails. This week Coach Doc interviews Super Bowl Champion Antoine McClain about his journey and how he has made a commitment to help other athletes fulfill their dream in sports and beyond, in life.


Whole Food Muscle

So you say I should try a plant based diet... Why? Where do I start? Is it really for me? Coach Doc gets all these questions answered by Dr. Robyn Odeegard of the Whole Food Muscle Club.


The Next One Up

There is a moment in every athlete’s life when their number is called. The unseen work an athlete puts in to prepare for this moment greatly determines the outcome. Coach Doc brings in Grant Parr of GameFace Performance to discuss this process, finding your why, and what makes great leaders.


Cannaphyll: Can You Feel It?

The use of Cannabis is becoming more prevalent among athletes and fitness enthusiast as well as the general masses. While former pro athletes are finding way to share the greatness and variety of products, it is our jobs as consumers to ask questions. So… Coach Doc brought in Jude Bond, CEO of Cannaphyll to share about a hemp extract topical that is beneficial for all, especially athletes.


What's for Dinner?

Athletes and fitness lovers win their battle in the gyms of the world but their is one other battle they must fight... in the kitchen. We have to know what to put in our bodies for the desired outcomes and to pair effectively with our workouts. That's why Coach Doc brought in Alexis Manning, Co-Owner and Sports Nutritionist at The Facility Sports. We have to eat but eating the right thing is a different beast.


My Contribution: Bleav in Humanity

Our character is revealed in the midst of a crisis. COVID-19 has created a real situation. My contributions to share from a place of love; 1) Free workouts from home, 2) Free Live PE class for kids every day, 3) Live Treadmill HIIT classes for free, 4) Guided Meditations, 5) Q&A for parents on what the hell to do with your kids, and 6) Q&A for parents with children with Autism in conjunction with some other professionals. All through YouTube and Facebook Live. Just hit me up @onecoachdoc. We...


Living in Neutral

Mental toughness is a common concept among Sports Psychology and athlete training but explained by Dr. Nicole Detling, it takes on a whole new feel. Coach Doc discusses the approach used by Headstrong Consulting and how positive and negative self-talk should be described as well as living in neutral.


Train Your Pain

If you have ever had body image issues or faced the struggle of an eating disorder, listen to the inspiring journey of Kavvy Sonhos, the first IFBB (Fitness Body Builder) turned High Fashion Runway Model. Learn about the bodybuilding industry and what it’s like to live in Kavvy’s world.


Life as a Warrior

Today, Coach Doc gives you a show within a show. Coach Doc was interviewed on the podcast When Your Sport Ends. He shares this interview with you to give light on his life and transformation after sports as well as highlighting the wonderful show hosted by Brooke Bierhaus and Don Sutton. Check it out, both the episode and the podcast When Your Sport Ends


Aspiration... The Engine of Progress

If you are a practitioner of any profession that deals with clientele, you want to listen to this. If you are a sports psychologist who believes in what you're doing... you want to listen to this. If you are an athlete that wants to optimize their performance... you want to listen to this. If you are anyone, in any field, who wants to be elite... you get the picture. Take the journey with Coach Doc as he interviews internationally renowned Sports Psychologist and Mental Performance Coach,...


Victim vs Victor

There are some things that happen that are not in your control but you have a choice in how you respond to them. Will you be a victim or will you be a victor? Meet Joe Delegrave, one of the greatest wheelchair rugby players in the world, a Paralympic athlete, but also a husband, father, and speaker who inspires people all over the globe to answer this question for themselves.


Drink Water & Drive On



The House that Kobe Built

Coach Doc grew up in Los Angeles and has been a Lakers fan all his life. This episode is a thank you to Kobe Bryant and shares a glimpse of his greatness, through hard work, commitment, & dedication. We should all strive to burn as hot as Kobe. These examples may give you some ideas, inspiration, or simply allow you to marvel at his greatness and reminisce about the life of a loved one. R.I.P. Kobe, Gigi, & all who were unfortunate to have their lives taken in this terrible tragedy.