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Learn from Coach Doc on how to prepare as an athlete in both body and mind!

Learn from Coach Doc on how to prepare as an athlete in both body and mind!


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Learn from Coach Doc on how to prepare as an athlete in both body and mind!




Aspiration... The Engine of Progress

If you are a practitioner of any profession that deals with clientele, you want to listen to this. If you are a sports psychologist who believes in what you're doing... you want to listen to this. If you are an athlete that wants to optimize their performance... you want to listen to this. If you are anyone, in any field, who wants to be elite... you get the picture. Take the journey with Coach Doc as he interviews internationally renowned Sports Psychologist and Mental Performance Coach,...


Victim vs Victor

There are some things that happen that are not in your control but you have a choice in how you respond to them. Will you be a victim or will you be a victor? Meet Joe Delegrave, one of the greatest wheelchair rugby players in the world, a Paralympic athlete, but also a husband, father, and speaker who inspires people all over the globe to answer this question for themselves.


Drink Water & Drive On



The House that Kobe Built

Coach Doc grew up in Los Angeles and has been a Lakers fan all his life. This episode is a thank you to Kobe Bryant and shares a glimpse of his greatness, through hard work, commitment, & dedication. We should all strive to burn as hot as Kobe. These examples may give you some ideas, inspiration, or simply allow you to marvel at his greatness and reminisce about the life of a loved one. R.I.P. Kobe, Gigi, & all who were unfortunate to have their lives taken in this terrible tragedy.


Super Bowl Coaching

The Super Bowl is upon us! Rarely does Coach Doc give game analysis but the coaching behavior of the NFC and AFC Championship games was worth the breakdown. Listen to Coach Doc explain the coaching behavior that propelled two teams while hindering two others & his coaching behavior suggestions to keep an eye on for … Continued


Rehab Heroes

If you play sports, at some point in your career, you will sustain an injury. It may be minor, like a sprained ankle or it could be career ending. Trying to get back to the field of play is one of the toughest things an athlete has to go through but we rarely hear from … Continued


Goldilocks Rules the World

I only recently heard of “the Yips.” That’s because I don’t watch much baseball and in other sports, we call it choking. I had to learn more, so I brought in the “Yips Removal Expert,” Dr. Tom Hanson. What unfolded in this interview went far beyond the yips, beyond sports, and into a realm of … Continued


Food Insecurity

It’s not what you think. Food insecurity is a real thing that many athletes deal with on a daily basis. I dealt with it all throughout high school. Imagine trying to go to school, study, practice, train, play a game, maximize your academic, athletic, social, emotional, and human potential on an empty stomach. That’s exactly … Continued


Control the Controllable

A day late but right on time as a Christmas gift to all athletes, coaches, and parents. What we focus on becomes our reality. Check out Coach Doc’s interview with Josh Burger on how he utilizes Sports Psychology as the ultimate tie breaker to help athletes reach their maximum potential. Happy holidays to you all … Continued


Prioritizing Relationships

Football and many others sports have been equated as an analogy to life. For Coach Doc & his best friend and the Head Football Coach of Pasadena Poly, Chris Schmoke, relationships are the most important thing in life. How does that translate in a football program? One word… LOVE. It sounds counter intuitive for such … Continued


Concussions Treated as PTSD

More awareness and attention have been given to concussions and CTE over the past decade but many people still don’t have the proper information. Not much is said about the prevention and treatment of concussions or how football catches a bad reputation surrounding this topic. That’s why Coach Doc brought in a Sports Psychology Clinician … Continued


Are Those CBD Socks?

Train, play, recover. Train, play, recover. Rinse and Repeat. This is the life of an elite athlete. However, following this cycle is not about simply putting in the work. It is also about knowing how to put in the work properly, especially for recovery of the physical, mental, and emotional state of an athlete. Join … Continued


Riding a Bike to Sacking a Quarterback

Science is about evidence. Proof of concept can be shown when applications of the science are constant. With this mission in mind, Brett Yarris of BiokinetiX Fitness Technology, sets out to show the applications of science through elite sports training, social skills development, and teaching individuals with developmental disabilities how to ride a bike. Let’s … Continued


Advanced Fighter Safety

The fight game and combat sports can be a dangerous place for an athlete but they love what they do. As a fan, I love watching two athletes dig deep and test what they are made of, in the tradition of hand-to-hand combat. In all sports, folks have been trying to find ways to train … Continued


Put on Your Mental Toughness U.N.I.F.O.R.M.

Athletes must have grit. They must be determined. They must be warriors that are strong and resilient. They have to be dedicated and have a strong work ethic. These are all common phrases we have heard before in sport. Most think this simply boils down to the sport specific behaviors they engage in to train … Continued


I Talk to Me

We all talk to ourselves. How we talk to ourselves plays a big role in the outcome. Positive self-talk can be a tool used to shape your behavior and enhance the probability of reaching your desired goals. It is not the end all, be all, in performance, but if done properly, it can be advantageous … Continued


You Are An Athlete

This week Coach Doc talks general health, fitness, and defines what it is to be an athlete. Dr. Nicholas Green, founder of BehaviorFit, joins the podcast to share some of his case studies of how science can be used for everyone who wants to increase their fitness levels, whether they consider themselves an “athlete” or … Continued


Lady Kill Face: A Vessel for Discipline

Warriors live in honor, training for the moment they may display that honor in battle. Coach Doc shares with you a true warrior, “a vessel for discipline,” who has committed her life to battle. If you are a fighter, a warrior, or ever wanted to be one, take a listen. If combat makes you cringe, … Continued


We’re Not Dispensable Assets

Coach Doc shares a very personal story surrounding a devastating injury as an athlete and brings in Dr. Julie Slowiak to talk about some of her research and work that is helping deal some of the issues mentioned. If you are an injured athlete or have ever been through an injury, this is something you … Continued


Data Don’t Lie

Coach Doc interviews Kirk Kirby and Wes Lowery from Team ABA LLC on the ways in which they are shaping the world of science and it’s application to athletics. If you are looking to take your team to the next level, these are the folks you need to call!