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Tune in as hosts and sports management professors Charles Campisi & Tony Dick give you weekly discussion and interview legends from your Cleveland Browns!

Tune in as hosts and sports management professors Charles Campisi & Tony Dick give you weekly discussion and interview legends from your Cleveland Browns!


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Tune in as hosts and sports management professors Charles Campisi & Tony Dick give you weekly discussion and interview legends from your Cleveland Browns!




Myles Garrett, Alex Van Pelt, and 157 lbs. of weed…

Chuck and Tony felt the Myles Garrett story would dominate this podcast, but Greg Robinson’s arrest with 157 pounds of marijuana is another bad news story for a team that can’t seem to avoid them. Alex Van Pelt’s press conference on Wednesday is also discussed and the guys are pleased with most of what their … Continued


Browns Decide Having Defensive Staff is Right Move

Chuck & Tony are back to discuss the Browns Defensive Coaching Staff and if they like what they see in the new hires. With lots of coaches and front office staff taking on new responsibilities for the first time, will this be the same old Browns or will this new staff be able to execute … Continued


Will the Browns Go Without a Defensive Staff in 2020?

Chuck returns from the Super Bowl in Miami, Tony is booking his event tickets for the Summer Olympics in Tokyo and both have been busier than the Browns in the past week. Kevin Stefanski took over as the Browns Head Coach on Jan. 13th, yet he still has to complete the coaching staff on the … Continued


Cleveland Browns Super Bowl

With the Super Bowl today and Chuck in Miami for the week and Tony in Cleveland, they discuss the new hires and the future for the Browns. While Tony believes analytics now runs the building and is slightly distraught for the lack of “football” guys, Chuck thinks the football guys had, at least, 16 years, … Continued


Do the Browns not need coaches?

Chuck and Tony discuss the lack of progress that has been made with the coaching staff. It’s been 10 days since Kevin Stefanski was named coach of the Browns and the coaching staff is barely filled in with no defensive coaches currently on staff. Does this delay mean the Browns are missing out on the … Continued


Are You Happski with Stefanski?

Chuck & Tony discuss the hiring of Kevin Stefanski and the process of hiring. Tony is comfortable with the hire and Chuck is onboard with trusting DePodesta with this decision. Join us as we take a trip down coaching history memory land and debate the idea of the Monday morning ownership meeting and the game … Continued


Browns 2020 Head Coaching Search Explored

Chuck & Tony discuss their opinions on the Browns search for a new head coach, the time they’re taking in making the decision, the group of individuals involved in the decision-making process, and decide who they think the Browns will select. They also discuss the roles of Paul DePodesta and VP of Player Personnel Alonzo … Continued


The Season Wraps and Freddie is Fired

The Browns have problems in Cincinnati to close the season by once again refusing to run Nick Chubb. The three game skid to end the season and the Browns playoff hopes cost Freddie Kitchens his job. A discussion ensues on the initial hiring of Freddie Kitchens and who a potential replacement might be for 2020. … Continued


Are the Browns Phoning It In?

With Chuck in Florida and Tony in Ohio, we discuss the Browns battling the Ravens for nearly the first 30 minutes last week, but Tony feels they may have had the wind knocked out of their sails during the last two minutes of the first half. Does this lead to a dampening of spirits for … Continued


Can the Browns beat the Ravens again?

After losing a game everyone had penciled in as a winner since the schedule was announced, how do the Browns move forward to face their nemesis and AFC Central foe Baltimore Ravens? It’s nice that Nick Chubb and Jarvis Landry have made the AFC Pro Bowl squad, but has any Browns player actually improved during … Continued


Stayin’ Alive as Browns Look Ahead to Cardinals

The Browns stayed alive in the playoff win with a victory over the 1-11 Cincinnati Bengals. We take a peek back at last week’s solid, if uninspiring, victory and look ahead to what awaits in Arizona, where the frisky 3-9-1 Cardinals await. Do the Browns have what it takes to make a late season playoff … Continued


Playoffs?!? Playoff?!?

With playoff chances as good as the chances Freddie Kitchens gets picked up as an underwear model for Calvin Klein, what are the expectations for the Browns this week against the Bengals. Also, we look back at the Steelers game and try to figure out how Duck Hodges and Bennie Snell beat the Browns. Should … Continued


It’s Steelers Week…can the Browns focus?

Need something to listen to when Crazy Uncle Joe mentions the impeachment hearing, then tune into Bleav in the Browns with Chuck Campisi and Tony Dick. Tony’s finally done smacking his head after the first eight games of the season, but he’s worried about the Browns ability to tune out the nonsense and focus on … Continued


Moving on to the Dolphins…

We move on from the Myles Garret debacle and focus on how the team performed in the other 59 minutes and 52 seconds of the game against the Steelers and look ahead to the Dolphins. The Browns offense was functional against the Steelers, but the plays still seem to be coming in late. The defense … Continued


The Myles Garrett Situation

Chuck and Tony give you a quick hitter into their thoughts on the Myles Garrett situation.


Was it Resurrection Sunday for the Browns?

Has the Browns season been resurrected? Are the Browns a good team? Tony says, “No” and then picks the Browns to beat the Steelers. It’s a confusing time to be a Browns fan. Against the Bills, the defense showed up like Browns fans had been expecting and the offense did enough to win. Will the … Continued


Fire Everyone but the Marketing Department

Chuck & Tony have come to wish the 2019 playoffs farewell and challenge all comers at the appropriate address for the Browns facility… Was the preseason hype all hype? There’s hope the Browns can salvage something from this lost season; however, Tony believes the focus is on everything but football and that the Browns are … Continued


Browns vs. Broncos Week & Is Freddie Kitchens a Halloween Pretender?

It’s Halloween, is Freddie Kitchens a pretender as the Browns Head Coach? Was he coat-tailing Todd Haley’s offense? If it’s as simple as not committing penalties and avoiding turnovers as Kitchens has said, why haven’t the Browns been able to do that for the first seven games? Who the heck is Brandon Allen and does … Continued


Browns – Pats Week: Can we stop the train to 300 wins?

The Browns won the Bye Week as nothing crazy happened; however, as Halloween approaches, will Baker Mayfield have the Sam Darnold experience and start seeing ghosts? Will Bill Belichick get to 300 wins against his former team? Will the Browns do as Tony suggests and ride Nick Chubb to victory? Is Baker criticizing the officials … Continued


Bye Week Could Not Have Arrived Sooner…

Coming off a tough loss to Seattle, Chuck Campisi and Tony Dick discuss the Browns continued struggles and Tony is ready to start peeling the stripes off of guys’ helmets. No one’s exactly sure what’s wrong with the offense, the defense, or the players who aren’t in the lineup. And we’ve got Baker throwing behind … Continued