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BPC - Episode 197 - Rock the Junction 2019 Part Two

The Grand Junction Brewing Co.’s event that kicks off our summer each year was another huge success. Sadly Rock the Junction 2019 had to come to a close but we had a blast with all our guests. We can’t thank our good friend Mr. Jon Knight for letting us be part of this grand, annual event. Tune in for the 2nd hour of Rock the Junction as we rap with friends from Tin Man Kokomo, Rian Umbach of Field Brewing, Kimmy Shivers Kercheval of Jan’s Village Pizza, Tim Palmer of Primeval Brewing, and...


BPC - Episode 196 - Born Again Virgins aka Popcorn Stains

Recorded on May the Fourth at the home of Pauly Gee(the e’s are silent), the boys got together to drink and discuss some of the most important topics of our time while enjoying some cold craft brews from The Lost Abbey and 18th Street Brewery. Tune in as the conversation flows from Helen Keller, non-religious/religious mumbo jumbo, vintage video games, End Game spoilers, and more hatred for the overrated Nirvana and the Foo Fighters. Shout outs this week include: Jeremy Brown;...


BPC - Episode 195 - Are you sure that's 10%? - Pigs at MashCraft

After hanging out at Pies and Pints 2019 earlier this year and Jordan & Griswold stopping by for some happy hour libations the week before, we were finally able to get the Pigs together for a visit to Mashcraft Fishers....and it was well worth the visit. We walked up to the counter, looked at the board and said...."We need one of each". That's where the fun began. We greedily took flights of every beer they had on the menu. Everyone was especially astonished by the IIPA LUPU Imperial IPA...


BPC - Episode 194 - Rock the Junction 2019 Part One

One of our favorites festivals and the kick-start to each summer is and will always be Grand Junction Brewing Co.’s Rock the Junction. Live music and plenty of incredible craft beer from the many local breweries that bring their tasty creations to Westfield each May to raise money which all goes to well deserved charities. Grand Junction owner and festival founder, Jon Knight kicks off Part One of this year’s annual event with the Pigs. Tune in to hear about the charities and why they are so...


BPC - Episode 193.2 - Pigs at 10-56 Rerelease

Pigs at 10-56 Rerelease We are re-releasing our recent show at 10-56 Brewery due to some editing issues which we have since cleared up(thanks to our wonderful IT piggy, Pauly G). We had too much fun with some of the most creative and all around nicest brewers in the biz, Mike and Erica. They do too much and give back too much to the community to not show them the respect due that we have for them. So, tune in and get your butts out to 10-56 Brewery in Knox, IN to meet the fine people...


BPC - Episode 192 - New Belgium Tap Takeover at Tippy’s

The Pigs spend and entertaining evening once again at Tippy’s in Winamac, IN. Dougy’s main squeeze, Mikki, jumps in again to review some brews and the Pig’s bodyguard, Griswold brings along his better half, Becky, to keep him in check. The gang was in for a treat as Tippy’s was taken over by New Belgium Brewery. New Belgium Ranger, Lisa Kerman, delights their palates with some old favorites and some fresh suds new to the Pigs such as the delicious Black Lager. Lisa gets into some history...


BPC - Episode 191 - Tippy’s Belgium Pregame Show

Paulie G, D Fresh, Mikki, and the Gris took some time before the Belgium Brewery Tap Takeover at Tippy’s to enjoy a few craft brews from their Tavour crate as well as a specialty from Founders. Before things got crazy the gang tried a few new brews include a sour plum from Carolina Bauernhaus, a coffee stout from Modern Times, a wild (no pun intended) sour Experiment from the Anchorage Brewing Company, and Dougy cracks open a Founders CBS just for our good friend, Tippy’s owner, Shiela...


BPC - Episode 190 - South Bend Bound - Ryan’s Castle

Deep into a number of rounds the gang continues to spiral into drunkenness with talks of music and nonsense. Part Two of an afternoon of craft brews at Ryan’s casa is almost as entertaining to listen to as it was to be there. Tune in as the beautiful Mikki, Dougy Fresh, Pauly G, Ernie, Rick, and Ryan do some bonding and kill a few more brain cells. After the show, start filling your own Tavour crate at Cheers! Be sure to check us out Sundays on Indy...


BPC - Episode 189 - St Patrick’s at Alley’s Alehouse

Jordan, Paulie G, and the Great and Powerful Security Griswold head to Indy’s Biggest St Patrick’s day tent party at Alley’s Alehouse. This was one crazy party from start to finish. We talk about things St Patty’s, and get to hang out at one fantastic party. We get a chance to sit down with Jack the GM of Alley’s and talk about the party and the pigs. We are also joined by the lovely and talented Mel Reffey of Red Remains. We have a few other special slightly inebriated guests on to share...


BPC - Episode 188 - Pigs, Pies, & Pints 2019

The Pigs love this annual charity event. Pizza pies and craft beer and all the funds go to furthering education. An amazing time each and every year and this year did not let anyone down. A packed house with lots of great craft beer and local pizza fueled the party. Anya from Arts for Learning help the boys kick off the shindig and tells some of the many things they do for the community and what’s coming up after Pies and Pints is behind us for the year as well as how you can donate after...


BPC - Episode 187 - When You Can't Find Sasquatch Just Say Fuggit!

The pigs head to Bier Brewery north to meet up with Uncle Jerry. We start off with some sexy yet oddly disturbing conversation. We soon turn our attention to the fantastic lineup of Beers that Darrin the head brewer of Bier has whipped up. We discuss their brewer again and come to a realization…He is elusive like a big foot, could Darrin really be sasquatch? Uncle Jerry leads us through their exciting new awards and their new taproom. This is an amazing place. Tune in to find out how to get...


BPC - Episode 186 - Who Brought The Cold Duck?

Welcome to this episode of Blind Pig Confessions where we go back to one of our favorite places Redemption Alewerks and sit down with Brandon the owner. We get to discuss everything going on with Redemption. We talk about beer styles, pepper beer, and Worm Wood Beers. “Goodbye Dan Gohr”, and now Goodbye Horses is stuck in your head. We wish Dan all the best in his new ventures. Find out what exciting things are coming up at redemption and about Paulie G’s Cold Duck. Tags: Dan Gohr, Jekyll...


BPC - Episode 185 - The Pigs Talk Brews and Tunes

Hanging out at the Douglas residence in South Bend Indiana with the host, Ryan Douglas, and friends Rick Greenless, the sexy Michelle Dickey, and Ernie. The day was sponsored by 10-56 Brewing and Tavour who provided some tasty craft beer which fueled the afternoon. Only think better than talking about music and beer is listening and drinking beer. Crack a cold one and tune into the latest from the Pigs and be on the lookout for Parts 2 and 3 when things tend to get really weird. Shout...


BPC - Episode 184 - Kevin Thorn Part Duex

Loosened up and ready to go, the boys take up some more beers and bourbon with their bff, Kevin Thorn Fertig and their new friends from Primeval Brewing, Tim Palmer, and the Parker Mortgage Team and host of the night, Mike Partin. Tap into Part two of a blurry evening as the gang samples So Happens It’s Tuesday from The Bruery, and some delicious bourbon from Four Roses. They discuss some of their favorite every day priced bourbons and Kevin shows his musical skills and takes out the...


BPC - Episode 183 - Kevin Thorn - Boys Just Wanna Have Fun

Always bigger than life and never needing an introduction, WWE’s Mr. Kevin Thorn once again joins the boys for an evening of amusement and consumption of some fine bourbons and craft brews. Now going by his Christian name, Kevin Fertig, the myth, the man, the legend, has put breaking backs aside to help people become home owners. Accompanying the gang is the man behind the Parker Mortgage Team, Mike Partin, and the soon to be open craft brewery in downtown Noblesville, Primeval Brewing’s...


BPC - Episode 182 - Bedtime Stories at Hot Carl’s

Back for another round, or six, Pauly Geee, Dougy Fresh, Mikki, Troy and Paula Lawmaster, Keith Oden, and Mike Olivarez get back in the groove at the Taco Shack. More Dougy dirt and talk of aliens, parachute pants, Abba (the greatest band of all time), and bad beers while consuming some more craft beers from around the country delivered by the best beer app out there, Tavour. Tune in for what could be the start of a reoccurring segment with the Ptown gang. Maybe one day you too can join...


BPC - Episode 181 - Big Lug with Burch

Enjoy one from the vault. In a not so distant past, the Pigs spent an evening to enjoy some great craft beer and food with their good buddy and local musician Chris Burch at the Big Lug Canteen. Along with the usual, sometimes disturbing conversation, this is one of the first appearances of Tex Mex and the episode Cowboy quit the band . . . and then came back. Tune in for a listen into past and then rush down to Big Lugs for some fresh brews. A big thanks to Mr. Burch for the use of his...


BPC - Episode 180 - Hot Carl’s Taco Shack

Somewhere in the outskirts of Northern Indiana is a hidden treasure where men can be men and women can shake their head and roll their eyes at their stupidity. Paulie G and Dougy Fresh took the wrong exit and ended up at Hot Carl’s Taco Shack and ran into some good friends, Troy Lawmaster, Keith Oden, and Mike Olivarez and decided to turn on the mics and record the evenings shenanigans. Co-hosting for the evening and trying to be the only voice of reason among these idiots was the lovely...


BPC - Episode 179 - Pigs & Brokers at Goodfella’s

The boys spent another fun afternoon at Goodfella’s in McCordsville with their good friends from Monon Beverage Brokers. Bar Manager, Aubrey Roy, tried to keep the kids on track through the afternoon with some of the craft beers and fine Italian cuisine available at Goodfella’s. Whether you’re taking your family out for some award winning pizza or fantastic Italian food, or just an evening out for drinks in a cozy atmosphere, Goodfella’s should be your destination. Tune in to hear more...


BPC - Episode 178 - Dead Squirrels Tear up The Yard Line

Some of our favorite and most reoccurring guests, Jim, Donny, and Jamie of Dead Squirrels unite with the Pigs at The Yard Line for an evening of craft beer, Pabst Blue Ribbon, and possibly far too much laughter and inappropriateness for one night. Before the boys hit the main stage to entertain the crowd, they spent some time pre-gaming with the Pigs and as usual, things quickly got out of hand. Tune into hear what’s going on with the Squirrels as well as some random discussions on musical...