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BPC - Episode 153 - Pigs & Founders at Tippy’s Two (Premium)

Pigs & Founders at Tippy’s Two (Premium) The tap takeover night was going to well to call it quits with Founders Brewing Co.’s Adam Lepper and Tippy’s owner, Sheila Jimenez, so the boys hung out for another power hour of laughs and more Founders brews to keep the party going. A few local home brewers (AJ Berger, Kenny Fisher, & John Crist) joined the round table discussion and talk about some home brewing hits and disasters. Adam delivers some beer mixing tips and sorts out some...


BPC - Episode 152 - Blood, Sweat, & Beers

The Pigs were delighted to cover the 1st annual Blood, Sweat, & Beers hosted by the fine folks of Round Town Brewery and Indiana On Tap on a beautiful afternoon in Indianapolis to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Mackenzie Schenk, owner of Round Town, sat down to start the show and explain her thought process behind this wicked day of brew ha-ha and Brewery Beer Olympics. Although the Pigs helped shape some of the Olympic games, Mack wanted to turn things up a notch and start the games with a...


BPC - Episode 151 - Rock The Junction 2018

The pigs take on Westfield at the 3rd annual Rock the Junction (A beer fest that’s all about local charity) sponsored by none other than Grand Junction Brewing. Jordan, Doug Fresh, Pauline G, and Tex Mex along with their security guard Griswold try beer from many breweries along with some special guest interviews from Grand Junction, Taxman, mad Anthony, Tin Man, Ash & Elm Cider Co., Four Day Ray and even Evan Williams himself. Learn about the horrible prank played on Jordan by the Great...


BPC - Episode 150 - One Well Brewing After Hours

United in Kalamazoo, Michigan, the boys, Pauly G., Warren Kluck, Dougy Fresh, Ryan, Carol (Matt Patricia) Guzman, Jerry Huener, and Ernie, get buzzed up on some savory brews from One Well and discuss some of the most important topics challenging our Nation today. Just kidding, it’s just beer talk and nonsense as usual. They discuss Jerry’s lady (Alexa) issues, Michigan sports, Norte Dame hockey, the Kalamazoo Promise, bad roommate stories, and for a special treat, Tales of Romance by...


BPC - Episode 149 - High on Founders at Tippy’s

Owner and operator of Tippy’s, Sheila Jimenez, invited the Pigs into her place once again for brews and laughs, this time fueled by some glorious craft beer from Founders Brewing Co. Sales Rep, Adam, Barry White, Lepper, brought the good time with a plethora of groovy brews including, Rubaeus, Solid Gold Premium Lager, All Day IPA, Green Zebra, and the luscious, limited release KBS. Be sure to get Tippy’s before the kegs run dry! The night was kicked off with a typical Dougy Fresh rant...


BPC - Episode 148 - Go-To Beers and Trey Deuce on a Boat

This is a roller coaster ride of an episode. The boys return to Alleys Alehouse to hang out and talk about their 1st times (with beer), their go to beers and their developing palates. Paulie G, Tex Mex, and Jordan round out the Pig crew on this one. We are joined by special guest the elusive A.J. Lalani, and Chris Clark. We start off diving into our beer pasts, our favorites and some old school experiences. Suddenly things derail way and I mean way off the track and we learn about...


BPC - Episode 147 - Brews Theatre

Brews Theatre Enjoy a look back with one from the vault. Recorded shortly after Super Bowl 50, one of the most boring bowls of all time, an agitated Dougy Fresh, Jordan, and Cowboy talk beer and movies. Or at least attempted to talk about beer and movies before it turned into a “What grinds my gears” episode and how much they truly hated Super Bowl 50 and just about everything that went along with it. (They apologize to any Coldplay fans who may be offended in advance.) Tune in to...


BPC - Episode 146 - King Jerry

It was a cold night in April and the boys decided to seek shelter in a quaint little tap room down in the city. As we walked in we noticed the wooden furniture gave this place a warm and cozy feeling. We looked around to see chalk boards that were decorated so well they looked like they belonged in an art museum. One entire wall was covered with awards from every possible beer competition out there. Then from across the room a Distinguished Gentleman came walking towards us, in slow motion...


BPC - Episode 145 - One Well Brewing – Fat Man Tears

One Well Brewing – Fat Man Tears Dougy Fresh, Pauly G. and Kluck spent an amazing afternoon with good friends and an abundance of beer at One Well Brewing in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Other friends making the voyage, Ryan Douglas, Jerry Huener, and Ernie sat with One Well’s, Carlos Guzman, for a day of beer and bonding as they learned more about this wondrous brewery. Couldn’t have picked a better spot to spend National Beer Day. Arriving just after lunch, the place was already packed as they...


BPC - Episode 144 - Juicy Beer (The Deuce & Fresh Love Affair)

Part two of the recent Jordan Kitchen series was a dark beer and laugh fest with Pauly G., Dougy Fresh, Jordan, and friends, Griswold and local comedian, Trey Deuce and his lovely wife. It’s typical for the Pigs to derail quickly . . . but we never even made it on the tracks on this one. Lots of great beers from Brewdog, Barehands Brewery, as well as a few we couldn’t quite rave about. But the conversation never slows as we get a little TMI on Dougy’s biscuits, some insight on Pauly’s...


BPC - Episode 143 - Kitchen Shenanigans Part 1

In this episode the boys return to their roots and record a good old-fashioned home recorded show with lots of beer sampling and crude humor. Dougy Fresh, Paulie G and Jordan are joined by Security Griswold and the one and only Trey Deuce to discuss some good and not so good brews from Green Flash, Fat Heads, Volbier, Lagunitas, Bison Brewing, WarPigs and the infamous Evil Twin. We learn some interesting facts about Paulie G’s Tongue, the effects of Blueberry on your throat, and even a...


BPC - Episode 142 - Savor Lebanon

Let us take you on a journey. A journey back in time, to the year 1994 when Brendan had flowing lochs and was headbanging to his favorite 70’s metal bands, Pat had brown hair and was wearing his signature shell necklace, and Jordan actually had hair. Wait! It’s not the 90s it is Savor Lebanon. The boys head up north to attend this once a year beer, wine, and food festival. The DJ this year made us feel nostalgic for our youth as he turned out all the best and worst of the 90’s. Indiana On...


BPC - Episode 141 - Pies and Pints 2018

The 3rd annual Pies and Pints has come and gone and once again left us wanting more. So many tasty brews and pies filled the room at the Ivy Tech Community College Culinary and Conference Center along with jhhugames and music from DJ Kyle Long. Pauly G., Dougy Fresh, and Jordan enjoyed spent another fun evening meeting new beer friends and reminiscing with old friends. Arts for Learning Development Director, Jennifer Collins, gives the ins and outs of this special event where all the...


BPC - Episode 140 - Buck Nasty Size It (Kettle Top Brewhouse)

BPC - Episode 140 - Buck Nasty Size It (Kettle Top Brewhouse) “On a long and lonesome highway East of Omaha“ Wait! There is no Bob Seger in this episode, but we sure do miss our cowboy, just like Kinky Kelly missed his Donkey. In this episode the boys travel to Anderson to meet with Kyle Buck, and the ne of owners of Kettle Top Brewhouse, Daniel Hiles. We have Papa Smurf, Jordan, and Tex-Mex with Special guest Dr. John and of course of Security guard Griswold is present as well (This was...


BPC - Epsiode 139 Two at the Ewe, Steve’s Used Boxers Porter

Part two of our series from the Crooked Ewe Brewery & Ale House in South Bend, IN with Pauly G., Dougy Fresh, Warren, owner- Sean Meehan, Chef- Alain Michel Helfrich, and friends, Melissa, Kendall Smith, Jerry Huener, Wesley August, and Ryan Douglas. We dig deeper into the craft goodness of the Ewe while we discuss some of our many Michigan ties, Jerry’s Do’s and Don’ts of his upcoming retirement, how to get fired from Bob & Dave’s carwash, some drunken ramblings and opinions, and our new...


BPC - Episode 138 - Grand Junction Brewing Co.

This episode finds the boys of the Blind Pigs returning to the town of Westfield to drink some beer at a fan favorite brewery, Grand Junction. Paulie G and Hunter lead the way with the help of Griswold, special guests Mike Hofferman and Jon Knight of Grand Junction round out this motley crew for a fun filled evening talking, history, brews, and life in general. Anyone want their very own Griswold sticker? What’s the Gris scale? Ever wonder how the Hefeweizen style of beer got its start?...


BPC - Episode 137 - Pints at Primanti's

So, the boys travel to Pittsburgh to check out the world famous Primanti Brothers. Well not really Pittsburgh but Noblesville is close. Hunter, Tex-Mex, Jordan, and Griswold are Joined by FDR’s own Brian and Mitch! We get to sample some amazing food and drink some great FDR Air Raid beer while we learn all about this awesome Pittsburgh based bar and restaurant. We get to talk to Logan the manager about the history and inner workings of Primanti Brothers. This episode is full of good...


BPC - Episode 136 - Tipsy at Tippy’s

Tipsy at Tippy’s Pauly G. and Dougy Fresh get nutty (it will make sense when you listen) at the newly located Tippy’s in Winamac, IN. Still serving their great, well known, pizza and wings, Tippy’s now has a full bar with a variety of domestic and craft brews on tap. Co-hosting for the evening, and taking great photos as always, is Dougy’s crush, the beautiful Michelle Dickey. Arriving first on the scene to scope the place out, Pauly was bit nervous when he wandered into a restaurant...


BPC - Episode 135 - It's not the size of the frame, it's what you build around it

Blind Pig Confessions is geared towards a 21 and older audience, explicit lyrics and good fun humor contained within. In this Episode Paulie G, Jordan, Tex Mex, and Griswold sit down with Brian and Dave of Quack Daddy’s Donuts and explore the world of Beer Pairings. We pair up some Evil Czech Bigsby, and Maple Bacon Donuts then move on to Scarlet Lane Dorian, and Bier PDG with a host of other donut styles. Did you know that these guys have 118 different donut combinations? Have you ever...


BPC - Special Release - Beer School and Open Stage

The boys of the Blind Pig Confessions are excited to do this special release show. We are back at Alley’s Alehouse on a very special night. The kick off to the 2018 Beer School Season, and Niko’s open stage on its new night immediately following beer school. Tex Mex, Jordan, and Griswold sit down to chat with Nick Wengler about his move to Thursdays and to get some inside information about the national act that is coming on stage. We are then joined by the lovely and Talented Mel, the...