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BPC - Episode 176 - LaSalle Tavern Part Two, Loaded

The boys were pretty hopped up for show number two at the LaSalle Kitchen and Tavern due to their gracious host, Casey Dvorak, and his amazing staff keeping the table full of food and glasses overflowing with malt and barley nectar. . . and some incredible bourbon. Tune in for Part Two as they get silly with the evenings entertainment, the Low Lifes, and the beautiful and talented, Lauren Steinhofer. Things go off the rails early and often in this one, so grab a cold one and strap in for...


BPC - Episode 175 - Taver or Tavour, you be the judge

Hunter, Dougy Fresh, Paulie G, and co-host Jeremy Brown, get looped on some dark brews including some fruits delivered from new show sponsor, Tavour. Paulie G stumbled(pun intended) upon Tavour while killing time surfing the web before a recent show, nudged Dougy Fresh about this interesting craft beer delivery app, and the two filled a few virtual crates of brews from around the country and waited for the magic to happen. Unlike most of those other craft beer clubs out there, Tavour gives...


BPC - Episode 174 - The Pigs Roll at 1205 Distillery

Paulie G, Cowboy, Tex Mex, Dougy Fresh, and their co-hosting buddy Alan get down at 1205 Distillery with owners Brad and Nolan. Since opening their doors in the Fountain Square neighborhood in 2014, an area of Indy booming in the craft and music scene, 1205 has quickly become a must stop for great cocktails and conversation. You can’t have a great cocktail without a great spirit and 1205 does not disappoint. Flavorful gin, smooth whiskey, incredible rhubarb liqueur, and a wild gem distilled...


BPC - Episode 173 - The Wife Tastes Good Care of Us

Staring out a show a little looped may or may not have been the best way to go. You decide. But no matter what the outcome, it was a blast. We’re not certain as to the why, but Hunter’s wife was gracious enough to let the boys sit around, drink, swear, and eat her food for another hour as they enjoyed far too much great beer. They begin with some ESB from Back Step Brewery and continue to gush over this wonderful brewery once again before moving into a few Wisconsin brews brought back from...


BPC - Episode 172 - Tippy’s Boo Brew Fest

Sheila Jimenez always throws a fun bash and her Halloween Brew Fest at Tippy’s was no exception. In the depths of Tippy’s cellar, costumed freaks and craft beer lovers mingled in the dark and enjoyed some fines brews, wine, and meads. Sheila and her sister Sarah Brewer sat with Dougy Fresh, Cowboy, and Paulie G before the scare fest began and talked brews and nonsense. Listen as the gang gushes over Dr. Manahan’s special, spicy pumpkin ale and vent over cheap, fake Anheuser craft beers. A...


BPC - Episode 171 - Halloween from Pearl Street

With Halloween right around the corner, the boys decided to talk scary movies and a whole lotta nonsense with Pearl Street owner, Dave Andrus, Summer Harper, and evil Vinny. Lots of delicious craft brew fueling this episode along with some tasty bourbon. Tune in for another rousing show at Pearl Street and then be sure to make your way there for some of the best pizza the city has to offer along with the best craft beer to wash it down. Ask to have your picture taken with Vinny and maybe...


BPC - Episode 170 - Kammy’s Kause Music Fest Part II

Kammy’s Kause Music Fest Part II As always, an amazing time was had at the two day music festival dedicated to one very special little girl, Kammy. From its humble beginnings 15 years ago to the unstoppable juggernaut now hosted at the Hoosier Racing Park and Casino, Kammy’s kause has raised over $400,000 for 4p- (also known as Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome). If you haven’t been, this should be a must add to your next summer’s calendar. You get to enjoy two days of incredible live music from...


BPC - Episode 169 - Pigs on Pearl Street

The boys spent a rousing afternoon in Geist at the Pearl Street Pizzeria and Pub with a quiet Vinny and owner, Dave Andrus, enjoying some fine local craft beer and bourbon and getting to know more about roots of Pearl Street and probably too much about Cowboy. Dave was just glad he showed up in pants. (We can’t promise he left in them. . . ) Tune in to hear Dougy Fresh and Dave bond over their Michigan heritage and love of Pabst Blue Ribbon, some bottle or can debate, Dave’s soon to be...


BPC - Episode 168 - Pigs & Pink Shots, Grapefruit Friday

The Pigs and gals of Pinkshots bring “family friendly” to a new low. Be sure to put the kids to bed before tuning into this provocative edition of Confessions. Sabine and Nicole team up once again with Dougy Fresh, Cowboy, and Paulie G along with friends, Jerry Huener and Sabine’s better half, Mr. Emmit Muckles, for a afternoon of splendid brew fuel from Burn ‘Em Brewing and more inappropriate laughter. Lots of birds and bees discussions, Nicole describes being sober drunk, Cowboy...


BPC - Episode 167 - Noblesville Brewfest 2018

BPC - Episode 167 - Noblesville Brewfest 2018 It was that time of year again. The annual Noblesville Brewfest & Wine Garden at Noblesville’s Forest Park. This is our third year attending this great Brewfest with some of the widest varieties of wine and fresh draft and bottled beer to temp the taste buds and cure the long summer heat. Lots of activities and prizes given out throughout the afternoon as well as a live band and a silent auction all for a great local cause. All proceeds, as...


BPC - Episode 166 - Pigs dine at LaSalle

A festival of delights was had in South Bend, Indiana when the Pigs had the pleasure of spending a glorious evening filled with friends, conversation, live music, and some of the best craft beer and bourbons around. Casey Dvorak, Manager and craft beer expert of the LaSalle Kitchen and Tavern, invited the boys in for drinks and to learn more about the history behind this special place. Everyone in the city knows The LaSalle Grill is the place in town to go when you want to experience some...


BPC - Episode 165 - 15th Annual Kammy's Kause 2018 - Pt. 1

Cowboy, Dougy Fresh, and Paulie Gee(e's are silent) are back one again to graciously cover this amazing two-day music festival and benefit. The event that started back in 2004 for one very special girl is now bringing families and friends from across America and beyond for a weekend of celebration and to bring awareness and more support for those affected by 4p-, also known as Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome (WHS), an extremely rare chromosome disorder. As always, the Pigs bring their own brand...


BPC - Episode 164 - Primanti And Redemption

Jordan, Paulie G, Tex-Mex, and Griswold assemble at Primanti Bothers and are joined by the one and only Sir Dan Gohr of Redemption Alewerks. Also Joining us on the show is Manager of Primanti Brothers Jeremy Pittsford and a Dynamite Drop in from Abby Scott of Primanti’s (No Cue Cards were used in the making of this show). The boys enjoy some fabulous brews from Redemption and get to sample some amazing Primanti Brothers food. Sit back and enjoy a roller coaster with many twists and turns....


BPC - Episode 163 - Pinkshots Burn ‘em up, The Wetlands

The 2nd show with our good friends Nicole and Sabine of the Pinkshots Podcast got a bit crazy, as we expected, and we’re delighted. Fueled again by some amazing beer from Burn ‘Em Brewing, Cowboy, Paulie G, and Dougy Fresh kick back with the ladies and talk sex, a little beer . . . but mostly sex. Any chance of being “Family Friendly” went out the window at about the two-minute mark. Joining the gang once again at Burn ‘Em was Jerry Huener, Burn ‘Em founder, Blake Murray (when he wasn’t...


BPC - Episode 162 - Pour to the People

Cowboy and Dougy Fresh spent a wonderful afternoon in Traverse City, Michigan with their new comrades at The Workshop Brewery. Founder Pete Kirkwood and his Minister of Propaganda, Jessica Rohloff sat and drank with the Pigs and talked shop, beer shop 101. FOH Manager and bartender Greg Manley kept the afternoon powered and the table full of fresh brews as Pete gives some of finer details of their many beautifully delectable suds. Love and suds continuously flow through marvelous...


BPC - Episode 161 - Senor Bob

Another segment from the home of Hunter. Dougy Fresh, Cowboy, Hunter, and Paulie G (formally known as Pauly G) kick back once again to sample some brews and do what friends do best. . . make fun of each other. They started things off with a Saison from a young brewery in northern Indiana, the Koonzt Lake Brewing Co. then shuffled through some Wisconsin brews including beers from MobCraft Beer, and 3 Sheeps Brewing Company. Hunter’s wife gives the boys a history lesson on Iowa, Paulie and...


BPC - Episode 160 - Heaters and Dan's Cans

Today the boys return to the original Studio A of Blind Pig Confessions to record an old-fashioned garage show exactly where this show began. Pauly G, Jordan, and Griswold are joined by special guest the Charismatic, Bewitching, Mesmerizing, Beer Guru the one and only Sir Dan Gohr. We explore some unique brews from Georgia, Wisconsin, and even here at home in Indiana. We discuss the difference in Bottle and Can Art. We find out about Dan giving Pauly a “sweater tongue”. We dabble a bit into...


BPC - Episode 159 - Burn ‘Em up with Pink Shots

Dougy Fresh, Pauly G., and Cowboy spent a fun filled afternoon at Burn ‘Em Brewing in Michigan City with a couple beautiful ladies, Nicole Kehoe and Sabine Hankiewicz of The Pink Shots Podcast, who turned out to be as delightfully inappropriate as The Pigs. One of the Burn ‘Em Founding Fathers, Blake Murray, hosted the gathering and provided some of the many delectable brews Burn ‘Em has to offer and delivered some of the low down on the humble beginnings of the brewery and what’s to come...


BPC - Episode 158 - Noblesville Brewfest 2017

Noblesville Brewfest 2017 It’s getting close to one of our favorite craft brew festivals of the year, the annual Noblesville Brewfest & Wine Garden at Noblesville’s Forest Park. One of the widest varieties of wine and fresh draft and bottled beer to temp the taste buds and cure the long summer heat. Lots of activities and prizes given out throughout the afternoon as well as a live band and a silent auction all for a great local cause. All proceeds, as always, will go to the Forest Park...


BPC - Episode 157 - Too Hot to Hook

Too Hot to Hook The Pigs get back to basics with a good ol’ fashioned Home Show for an ode to Wisconsin craft beer. Hunter, who’s been out on a corner for a few months since sponsorship is a bit low this summer, opens his doors to let the Pigs drink and dine at his pad. Pauly G., Dougy Fresh, and Cowboy join Hunter for a rousing afternoon of laughs and some mighty fine Wisconsin brews which featured, New Glarus, MKE, Third Space, 3 Sheeps, Fermentorium, and the heavenly smoky Bacon Bomb...