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Bloody Podcast covers ONLY infamous women in true crime, history & folklore. Every episode has a killer comedian guest and Maria & Lauri bickering.

Bloody Podcast covers ONLY infamous women in true crime, history & folklore. Every episode has a killer comedian guest and Maria & Lauri bickering.
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Bloody Podcast covers ONLY infamous women in true crime, history & folklore. Every episode has a killer comedian guest and Maria & Lauri bickering.





Learn about Jennifer San Marco who went on a killing spree at a postal facility in Santa Barbara in 2006. This is Lauri's topic and she wrote all her notes by hand. Why? No one knows. Follow us on social media - @bloodypodcast PLEASE RATE & REVIEW!


Ep 33. Florida Women & Our Birthdays / Babbs and Maria Lopez

This week we go down to Florida and play the game "florida women + birthday" with our lovely and hilarious guests, twin comedians Babbs and Maria Lopez. We learn about killer kids, angry women at weddings, and popular meth heads, plus we learn that Babbs and Maria have a death pact. Please rate and subscribe! And tell your friends!


Ep. 32: Real Life 'The Orphan'/'Little Man' Story!

Join Lauri and Maria as they discuss the Barnett family who adopted a 6 year girl from Ukraine...or did they? Follow us on social media - @bloodypodcast PLEASE RATE & REVIEW!


Ep. 31: NXVIM Pt 2 / Kash Abdulmalik

We're not done with you NXVIM! We're back with part 2 of NXVIM and the all female sex trafficking ring, DOS led by (male) Keith Raniere. Being that NXVIM is still an active cult, don't let the current lack of a website fool you! If you fear that a loved one may be victim to a cult scam, please reach out to help. A great resource is Sources: FrankReport The Cut The New York Times ArtVoice Captive: A Mother's Crusade to Save Her Daughter from a Terrifying...


Ep. 30: Belle Gibson Interview / Joe Betance

While Maria goes to the woods to recharge, Lauri is joined by previous guest, Joe Betance, as they go through a 60 Minute Australia interview with Belle Gibson. Belle Gibson is known as the health guru of Australia who claimed to overcome an inoperable brain tumor with healthy eating and vitamins. Belle raised over $300,000 for charity and even wrote a book about her ordeal, claiming that the proceeds of her book would go to a family whose son had the same tumor that she did. This was all a...


Ep. 29 The Cult of NXVIM Pt 1 / Pete Zias

NXVIM / JNESS / ESP: Executive Success Programs / DOS (omg pick a name already!) are all the names of a cult and its subsets led by Keith Rainier, Allison Mack and Nancy Salzman. The cult started in the 90's and was taken down in 2018-present by a number of victims who came forward and shared accounts of sex crimes, sex trafficking, extortion, and blackmail all executed by the leaders of the cult. Maria is joined by the hilarious (and very handsome) Kash Abulmalik and their guest, Pete Zias...


Ep. 28: Jennifer "Hiccup Girl" Mee / Ali Lu

This weeks episode covers Jennifer Mee who went from "Hiccup Girl" to "Hiccup Killer" in a few short years. Special guest is the very funny, Ali Lu. Follow us on social media - @bloodypodcast PLEASE RATE AND REVIEW!


Ep. 27: The Sunset Killers - Carol Bundy & Doug Clark

In this episode we discuss "The Sunset Killers." Couple (?) Carol Bundy and Doug Clark were responsible for several murders in Los Angeles, California. We are joined by comedian and co-host of the Beautiful Babies Standup Show, Todd Masterson. Join us as we dive into why Carol Bundy participated in these crimes...or did she? She did. Follow us on social media - @bloodypodcast PLEASE RATE AND REVIEW!


Ep 26. Jasmine Richardson (The Richardson Family Murders)

We ride without a third wheel on this episode of Bloody Podcast! Jasmine Richardson from Alberta, Canada was 12 years old when she willingly took part in the murder of her own family after being inspired by the film Natural Born Killers, along with a 100 other cliches from 2007. We also learn a lot about what shaped Lauri as a woman, including her trip to a heroin den.


Ep. 25: Carolyn Warmus "The Opposite of O.J." / Jany Nicole Stehman

In episode 25 we discuss the woman who inspired Glenn Close's character in Fatal Attraction, Carolyn Warmus. Warmus was convicted of killing her lovers wife. But, there are questions as to whether or not she did it. With special guest Jany Nicole Stehman we dive deep into this crime and of course veer off into many other topics. Follow us on social media - @bloodypodcast PLEASE RATE AND REVIEW!


Ep. 24: Griselda Blanco "The Godmother" (Part 2) / Virginia Jones

We are back for part 2 of the Medellin Cartel Queenpin, Griselda Blanco. Part 1 ended with Griselda fleeing to California. What happens then? Does she get arrested? Does she start a "Love After Lockup" style romance? Does Griselda create an elaborate scheme to get herself out of prison? What story that Lauri's told before will come back on this episode? Find out all that and more! Follow us on social media - @bloodypodcast PLEASE RATE AND REVIEW!


Ep. 23: Griselda Blanco "The Godmother" (Part 1) / Anna Valenzuela

Fueled by the rage that can only be inspired by a bad biopic, we delve into the story of the cocaine godmother, Griselda Blanco. Griselda Blanco was a ruthless drug lord and murderer that reigned in the 1970's, back when Pablo Escobar was stealing bikes for a living. Our guest is the hilarious Anna Valenzuela, stand up and podcast host, catch her on tour in South East Asia and at Big Pine festival. Follow us at @BloodyPodcast on Instagram, rate and subscribe on all the podcasts...


Ep. 22: Female Pedophiles (Part 2) - Mary Kay Letourneau / Amanda Barnes

In the second part of our Female Pedophiles - Teacher Edition series, we discuss Mary Kay Letourneau who was convicted of the child rape of her ex-husband, Vili Fualaau. We have back comedian, writer, director and podcaster Amanda Barnes. Please subscribe and review.


Ep. 21: Female Pedophiles - Teacher Edition (Part 1) / Amanda Barnes

This episode we are sans Maria. Lauri and guest Amanda Barnes discuss female teachers who have had sex with their students. Oddly enough, Chipotle isn't mentioned once.


Ep. 20: Anna Delvey AKA Anna Sorokin / Jerry Hernandez

On the new season of Bloody Podcast we talk about the fake heiress, Anna Sorokin. Anna was convicted in April of 2019 after pulling off a series of cons on a number of high end hotels and the New York elite. She leaves devastation in her wake, but makes it fashion. Our guest is stand up comedian and NHMC alumni writer, Jerry Hernandez.


Season 2 Intro

We've migrated from Bloody Mary Podcast on Libsyn to Bloody Podcast at Anchor, thank you to our listeners for supporting us like a buttery but firm sports bra. We've got so much coming, we're so excited!


Ep. 19: Urban Legends: La Llorona, Bloody Mary, Hanako-San / Jolleen and Xchel Hernandez

Just in time for the premiere of what is guaranteed to be another forgotten horror movie, we go through the history of La Llorona, and her international equivalents: Bloody Mary (UK, America) and Hanako-San (Japan). Our guests are the very happy, very funny couple Jolleen Lunzer and Xchel Hernandez. Check out their podcast Married to Bravo, and listen in on this episode for a look into their lives as a bi-racial couple living with poop shame! Jolleen's audio turned out a little low, so be...


EP. 18: Baba Yaga Pt 2 / Kash Abdulmalik

It's the second part you've all been waiting for! Lauri just couldn't let the story she didn't get to tell go so she woke up Maria and Kash and made them let her record another episode. Find out what Lauri and Kash's new business venture is. What Lauri calls a Russian accent and more importantly another story that kind of involves Baba Yaga! @BloodyPodcast on all social media. Check us out on iTunes, Spotify and Stitcher! Please rate and review us if applicable.


EP. 17: Baba Yaga Pt 1 / Sean McBride

Lauri finally got to do an episode on the Russian fairytale, Baba Yaga. So, of course she made it a two-parter. Who is Baba Yaga? What is Baba Yaga? Why is Baba Yaga? Find out all this AND what parts of Game of Thrones everyone feels bad about. Special Guest: Sean McBride @BloodyPodcast on all social media. Check us out on iTunes, Spotify and Stitcher! Please rate and review us if applicable.


Ep. 16: Guinevere Garcia / Justice Wainwright

TRIGGER WARNING: Our subject, Guinevere Garcia was physically, and sexually abused her entire life, and in order to cover her crimes we need to show what may have driven her to them. Lauri tries giving is random facts vaguely related to aspects of the story, which also triggers Maria. Justice Wainwright is this week's comedy guest, @JusticeBlaine on Twitter, which he loves/hates.