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The Blue-Collar Wealth Podcast reflects on work, money and the lives of blue-collar business owners.

The Blue-Collar Wealth Podcast reflects on work, money and the lives of blue-collar business owners.






The Blue-Collar Wealth Podcast reflects on work, money and the lives of blue-collar business owners.




Episode 10 - Overcoming Challenges in Your Work, Money, and Life

Throughout life we will be faced with what will seem like a constant barrage of challenges in our Work, Money and Lives. Our success in life is guided not always by our wins, but our losses and our ability to learn how to deal with them. Darryl Smith shares more about overcoming challenges in our Work, Money and Lives in this podcast:


Episode 9 - Forced to Retire

It’s Tuesday afternoon and you still don’t feel right, even though you went to bed early last night feeling achy and tired. You continue to go about your day, trying to keep up with the demands of your busy schedule only to find yourself two hours later undergoing surgery that will save your life, yet end your career. Hospitals are full of people who thought it could never happen to them. Forced retirement can happen to anyone and we need to be prepared. Learn more in this podcast.


Episode 8 - Estate Planning for Blue-Collar Business Owners

Darryl Smith shares how estate planning is so much more than just having your will and powers of attorneys arranged. It can be overwhelming at times and it requires us to consider our own mortality. It is a legal process that requires extensive planning and it is best to have someone guide you through the process to ensure it is done correctly to avoid costly mistakes. Estate planning is comprised of our legacy, our stories, our life, and what we want to pass on to the next generation. Learn...


Episode 7 - When is the Right Time to Start Taking Your Canada Pension Plan Benefits

Darryl Smith helps explain the misconceptions many have about the Canada Pension Plan Benefit Program; and explains how the benefits received are based on how much you have contributed to the program and how many years you’ve been contributing into the program. Learn more about the Canada Pension Plan and determine the right time to take the benefits in this podcast:


Episode 6 - The CRA Gift to Blue-Collar Business Owners You Probably Don’t Know About

Darryl Smith shares how for more than 30 years, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has allowed business owners the ability to pay for their family’s health and their employees’ health using pre-tax corporate dollars. However, many business owners still pay for health care using after tax dollars and losing approximately 35% by doing so. Learn more about the Health Spending Account (HAS) and how to start saving your money in this podcast.


Episode 5 - 8 Step Succession Plan for Blue Collar Business Owners

Darryl Smith shares how succession planning can be a very straightforward process; however many Blue-Collar Business Owners may not a have a full understanding of everything involved to properly plan a successful succession plan and sell their company for its full value. It’s a matter of knowing the right questions to ask and having the right people to help prepare the plan. Darryl and a team of other experts will provide guidance, assistance, and the education needed throughout the process....


Episode 4 - Are You Always Working?

In this podcast Darryl Smith shares his insight on understanding the importance of being truly relaxed and getting the necessary mental and physical rest you need you will be on your way to the first phase of achieving “Blue Wealth”. He shares the term Chronic Work Brain that has a very negative affect on Personal Leisure Productivity meaning the time you have for your own personal leisure. Many business owners today, have a hard time leaving work at the office, and continue to think about...


Episode 3 - How We Can Achieve Blue Wealth – The Blue Wealth Blueprint Guidebook Overview

The Blue Wealth Blueprint is a holistic program that deals with both the state of the business owner’s financial life as well as their personal life. It’s about transitioning business equity to personal equity. For many business owners, thinking about retiring and selling their business is very difficult. It’s hard to let go of something that has been part of your life for a long time. However, a lot of business owners may not realize that where they’re going is potentially better than where...


Episode 2 - 10 Tips to Maximize Blue Collar Wealth (Part 2)

In an earlier post, we talked about the first 4 tips/questions on maximizing blue collar wealth. Here is a recap: The first is, my business is going well, why should I stop now? This is the time we start to ask ourselves our core values and what we really enjoy doing with our lives. The second one is, what am I going to do now? It talks about doing some self-discovery, now having the money and time to do things you wanted to do when you were younger. The third one is, what’s my business...


Episode 1 - 10 Tips to Maximize Blue Collar Wealth (Part 1)

Today’s Blue-Collar Business Owner’s (BCBO) are finding their employees are getting more respect from banks then they do! When applying for a loan or mortgage, banks tend to financially underwrite the self-employed as a higher risk then they should. Considering most businesses receive income from a large number of customers who are in effect quasi employers of the business. However, unlike an employee, business owners are in a better position to handle the loss of one of these “employers”...