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Boomsday Prepping is a podcast where Baby Boomers share their thoughts, opinions and daily life experiences. It’s basically a survival guide for boomers in this modern day.

Boomsday Prepping is a podcast where Baby Boomers share their thoughts, opinions and daily life experiences. It’s basically a survival guide for boomers in this modern day.
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Boomsday Prepping is a podcast where Baby Boomers share their thoughts, opinions and daily life experiences. It’s basically a survival guide for boomers in this modern day.




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EP21 - Baby Boomers Sharing their Favorite Things to Do during their Pastime

Everyone in the world has a favorite hobby. It’s very common when you first meet someone, one of the questions you ask is “what’s your favorite hobby?” or “what do you do in your free time?” Some people like photography, some like writing, others like reading a good book. What about Baby Boomers? What are the hobbies that interest them? Are their interests different from those of other generations such as Millennials? The insightful Booms Day Prepping panelists join together to discuss their...


Baby Boomers Interpreting the Aspects of Ageing

A lot of Baby Boomers don’t like terms “senior” or “elderly.” It’s probably because ageing is associated with some undesirable aspects such as declining health, loss of independence, boredom and loneliness. So whether it's positive or negative is a matter of the individual's own emotional intelligence. During their younger days, Baby Boomers were considered to be the most productive and hard working generation the world has ever seen. They built up good careers for themselves and raised...


EP19 - Baby Boomers’ Views on Retirement Planning

Website: Email: Phone: +61 7 3177 9900 Facebook: Twitter: Google+: Linkedin: Pinterest: A podcast for Baby Boomers, by Baby Boomers. A lively discussion on anything and everything that the Boomers experience...


EP18 - Work-Life Balance For Baby Boomers

Work-life balance has become a frequent topic of conversation nowadays among the different generations, including the Baby Boomers. The oldest Baby Boomers have already retired but many of the younger ones are still working and they are preparing for retirement. The marvelous expert panelists of Booms Day Prepping come together to talk about this fascinating issue.


EP17 - Baby Boomers’ Views on Digital Health Care

Due to the many kinds of digital technologies that have been developed over the years, the healthcare industry’s future is really changing before our eyes. Since Baby Boomers are entering retirement age, how will they benefit from digital healthcare? Does it make things more simple or complicated for them? Once again, the Booms Day Prepping panelists come together and share their thoughts on the technological changes of modern healthcare.


EP16 - Baby Boomers - What Inspires Them As They Age?

Everyone need someone or something to inspire them and it’s not just young people who need inspiration - baby boomers are included as well. For baby boomers, it can help them move from just an “ordinary” life to something more engaging and meaningful. Inspiration is something that give us purpose. The magnificent Booms Day Prepping panelists join the program and have an engaging conversation on what inspires them as they age.


EP15 - Baby Boomers’ Views on Aged Care Facilities & Retirement

Baby Boomers were those born just after World War II. They are considered to be the wealthiest, most active and have the most disposable income for food, clothing and retirement programs. They were a generation that grew up valuing hard work in order to make a decent living for themselves and their families. Now the oldest Boomers have already already and many more are entering retirement age. This is the time where they need to think about how to live the remainder of their lives. Our...


EP14 - Baby Boomers’ Views on Spirituality, Religion and Acts of Kindness

The 1960’s dominated social turbulence due to the Vietnam War, Civil Rights Protests, the assassinations of US President John F, Kennedy and Civil Rights Leader Martin Luther King, the Missile Crisis in Cuba, and finally the decade ended on a positive note when the first man is landed on the moon and made history. One event that defines the baby boomers is their rejection of traditional social and religious. In their youth, they challenged authority and push aside religion- things that the...


EP12 - Baby Boomers Generation and Learning more about the Different Generations

Know Your Generations The Booms Day Prepping panelists join together on a very interesting topic: Knowing The Generations. Many people already know about the Baby Boomers, the generation born after World War II. These people grew up in a in a time of great prosperity and an absence of world wars. They were the Flower Children, protesting the Vietnam War and rejecting traditions and society values and challenging authority. This was the generation brave enough to express their thoughts and...


EP11 - Connections - What Matters to You?

One of the biggest risks as people age and enter retirement is the risk of isolation. Boomers need to be mindful about the outcome of a a grief and loss process. This is something that is considered to be complex and doesn't happen automatically. What is it that makes people thrive or die moving into a retirement village/retirement home? Boomers are entering the next stage of their lives which is retirement. They enter a period of personal confusion and even disorientation. It’s a fact...


EP08 - Renewal and Letting Go - What it is and How it's Different for the Baby Boomers

EP08 - Renewal and Letting Go - What it is and How it's Different for the Baby Boomers by Vertical Internet Media


EP06 - Menopause - Physical and Emotional Changes Experienced

Menopause starts affecting women in their midlife. Hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, irritability, mood swings, headaches, low energy rates, low libido and sex drive, anger and depression - all these things affect a menopausal woman, which often leads to more problems. In America, 26% of divorces happen because of the changes in women's emotional state and physical capabilities. Now, how do Baby Boomers deal with all these depressive disorders?


EP05 - Healthy and Positive Aging

Episode 5 is about the power of positive aging. Listen to our experts as they give tips on how Boomers can age gracefully and live their lives to the fullest.


EP03 - Every Penny Counts

Spending the Kid’s Inheritance (SKI) is a concept that a lot of Boomers deal and struggle with when talking about their legacy and retirement plans. How much money will they leave for their children? Who gets what property? What will they use for their own retirement? All these questions were raised in this episode of Boomsday Prepping entitled, “Every Penny Counts.”


EP02 - Emotional Intelligence of Baby Boomers

As self-awareness appears to improve with age, older people tend to have better EQ skills compared with the younger generations. But do they actually have the skills to deal with conflicts? To deal with crisis? To manage or lead others? Episode 2 of Boomsday Prepping answers these questions as we dig into the Emotional Intelligence of Baby Boomers. #EmotionalIntelligence #BabyBoomers


EP01 - Euthanasia, Death, and Funeral - What Do Baby Boomers Actually Think About It?

Baby Boomers have always been marching to the beat of their own drum - a generation of rule-breakers. They’re a generation that has been so independent and has a strong influence to the world, but they are just not done yet. As they live in the last third of their lives, they still wanted to leave their own marks. In this episode, boomers talked about death, euthanasia, and funeral. Generally, they wanted their funerals as a celebration of their lives, and not as a mark of their death....


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