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Boomsday Prepping is a podcast where Baby Boomers share their thoughts, opinions and daily life experiences. It’s basically a survival guide for boomers in this modern day.

Boomsday Prepping is a podcast where Baby Boomers share their thoughts, opinions and daily life experiences. It’s basically a survival guide for boomers in this modern day.
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Boomsday Prepping is a podcast where Baby Boomers share their thoughts, opinions and daily life experiences. It’s basically a survival guide for boomers in this modern day.




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EP44 - New Year’s Resolutions for Baby Boomers

The holiday season is now long gone and many people have a list of goals and resolutions, which generally speaking, doesn’t get fulfilled. This week’s episode of Booms Day Prepping will talk about what do Baby Boomers think about New Year’s Resolutions, how to face new life’s journey and challenges, and some good ideas how to transition into a brand new year of aging for Baby Boomers. Visit to listen to more #podcast episode about the life of baby boomers - active...


EP43 - Defining Spirituality, Spending the Holiday Season on Self-Reflection

In this episode, our panel of Baby Boomers talk about their personal thoughts about spirituality, Christmas and how they spend the holiday season. According to Dr Drew, our resident gerontologist, Baby Boomers get to a stage where the question sits more around the meaning of life, what is life meaning to a person, why are Baby Boomers particularly more or identified as moving towards these thinking patterns as that we get older and in general he believes it's because when looking at the...


EP41 - Transition to Retirement: What to do with the rest of your life?

Three-quarters of our lives are being spent on work, that is why a lot of people view retirement as a transition to freedom. But what happens to you on a day-to-day basis when you have transitioned into retirement? How do you fulfill the rest of your life? What are your expectations of retirement? What to do when your expectations are not met? Visit for more podcast episodes about baby boomers, ageing, and retirement.


EP40 - Helping and Supporting Baby Boomers Living with Incontinence

Incontinence is often an embarrassing problem that affects many baby boomers. It is the lack of voluntary control over urination and/or defecation. The severity of a person's incontinence ranges from occasionally leaking urine to having a sudden, strong urge to urinate and you don't get to a toilet in time. In this Boomsday Prepping episode, Baby Boomers talk about their experiences and struggles with incontinence and how they face it as they age. For more Boomsday Prepping episode, visit...


EP39 - Royal Commission and the Aged Care Crisis in Australia

This week’s episode of our baby boomer show is all about the healthcare crisis in Australia - particularly in the aged care sector and people with disabilities. The Royal Commission is being called to look at the quality of care provided in residential and home aged care to older Australians. It will also cover the challenges of providing quality care to young Australians with disabilities living in residential aged care settings. Our panelists - Wayne Bucklar, Dr. Drew Dwyer, Bronwyn...


EP38 - The Baby Boomer Generation Redefines Ageing and Retirement

Being a generation that never really wanted to accept the status quo, Baby Boomers intend to recreate and redo everything in our world - including the concept of ageing and retirement. In this episode, our panelists headed by Dr. Drew Dwyer talks about how they would like to redefine retirement - baby boomer style. Visit to listen to more #podcast episode about the life of baby boomers - active ageing, health care, and retirement plans.


EP37 - Let's Talk About Sex, Baby! - Baby Boomers and their Sexual Health

Sex is a powerful emotional experience. It’s a tool for improving the personal health and well-being of not only the young, sexy, active people but also of the aging population. In this episode, our topic is all about sex - the sexual health, sexual identity, sexual behaviour, sexual dysfunctions and issues of men and women beyond 50 years old.


EP31 - What's On Baby Boomers' Bucket List?

Episode 31 is all about the bucket lists of Baby Boomers - activities they have never done before and things have always wanted to do. Do they want to travel? Learn a new language? Listen to the entire episode to find out. Booms Day Prepping is a podcast especially created for Baby Boomers - the generation that lived through the Vietnam War, second-wave feminism and the Flower Power movement.


EP30 - Health Is Wealth: Baby Boomers Discussing Naturopathy & Well Being

Episode 30 of Booms Day Prepping is all about health and naturopathy. We are joined by two special guests: Pam Stone, Director of Education Partnerships at the Blackmores Institute and American musical artist Michael Popienko. Booms Day Prepping is a podcast especially created for Baby Boomers - the generation that lived through Beatlemania, the US Civils Rights Movement and the Space Race.


EP29 - Baby Boomers Discussing Ageing Among Indigenous People

Most people say, “Age is just a number.” But how do Baby Boomers really feel about that sentiment? Do they view ageing in the same way as the non-indigenous population? For this episode of Booms Day Prepping, the panelists join forces to share their regarding the issue of ageing among the indigenous population. This weekly podcast looks at issues that concern Baby Boomers. Host Wayne Bucklar is joined by Dr. Drew Dwyer, Bron Williams, Glenn Capelli, Amanda Lambros, Brian Hinselwood and...


EP28 - Young At Heart: Baby Boomers Discussing Their Age

Most Baby Boomers have lived extraordinary lives in their youth - witnessing some of the most momentous events in modern history such as the first moon landing and the birth of environmentalism and modern feminism. Many Baby Boomers have now entered the next stage of their lives: retirement. Are they too old to be doing certain things? We always hear the expression “age is just a number’’ but is really true? Boomsday Prepping airs another exciting episode to discuss this important issue....


EP27 - Understanding the Factors and Impacts of Grief and Loss of Baby Boomers

In our daily lives, we cannot foresee the things that might going to happen whether it is good or bad. Sometimes we always wonder if someone we love might suddenly disappear permanently on this earth and we also always get agitated and deny that fact but we have to deal with it and be ready for it especially for the Baby Boomers. Some of the oldest Baby Boomers have already experienced and handled these kind of situations but others who are in the transition of becoming a Baby Boomer needs...


EP26 - Baby Boomers in Business: Utilizing their Knowledge, Expertise, and Skills

Many people between the age of 52 to 72 still want to remain engaged in business and in their community. Baby Boomers still consider themselves young and passionate to learn things. The question is, do companies still encourage them to keep working? Or is life really over when we reach 60? Our Boomsday Prepping panelists, being in the business themselves, gather to talk about this important subject matter in this new episode. They share their own experiences and knowledge in terms of the...


EP25 - Botox and Anti-aging Treatment: How Baby Boomers View Ageing Physically and Emotionally

According to co-host Dr. Drew, Botox is the most popular, modern, non-surgical, anti-aging treatment. He said that “Botox or Clostridium Botulism. So it's an organism found in the natural environment within our natural environment and it's largely inactive and non-toxic to the natural environment. So it's used to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and it does this specifically by paralyzing underlying muscles within the body.” Some of the reasons why Botox is being used is to it removes...


EP24 - Baby Boomers on Issues Revolving around Raising Children and Grandchildren

Hard work, discipline, resourcefulness and mental focus are just a few of the many values that the Baby Boomer generation have grown up with. But they did pass on those values onto to their children? What are Baby Boomers like as parents? How are they as grandparents? These days there are Baby Boomers who are having children later in life and the statistics continue onto to its upward trajectory. What is it like raising children in their 50’s or 60s’ compared to raising them in their 20’s,...


EP23 - Read To Live: Baby Boomers Discussing the Books that Changed their Lives

Snail mail, the fax machine and CDs have all become things of the past. All of these things have been replaced by modern day technology. Snail mail and the fax machine have been replaced by email and social media networks. CDs have been replaced by iTunes and digital downloading. But what about books? Well many people nowadays prefer to read using ebooks. Is it better than reading old-fashioned printed books? Does it affect the amount of knowledge being shared and absorbed by the readers?...


EP22 - Retiring In Style: Baby Boomers Discussing Retirement Planning

Many Baby Boomers are about to enter retirement age. It’s time to think about what are they going to go in this critical stage of their lives. How important is the aspect of accommodation planning in retirement? What are options that are available? How important is planning before one reaches the critical point? Once again, the amazing Booms Day Prepping panelist come together on the program to discuss this very important issue that concerns all Baby Boomers.


EP21 - Baby Boomers Sharing their Favorite Things to Do during their Pastime

Everyone in the world has a favorite hobby. It’s very common when you first meet someone, one of the questions you ask is “what’s your favorite hobby?” or “what do you do in your free time?” Some people like photography, some like writing, others like reading a good book. What about Baby Boomers? What are the hobbies that interest them? Are their interests different from those of other generations such as Millennials? The insightful Booms Day Prepping panelists join together to discuss their...


EP20 - Baby Boomers Interpreting the Aspects of Ageing

A lot of Baby Boomers don’t like terms “senior” or “elderly.” It’s probably because ageing is associated with some undesirable aspects such as declining health, loss of independence, boredom and loneliness. So whether it's positive or negative is a matter of the individual's own emotional intelligence. During their younger days, Baby Boomers were considered to be the most productive and hard working generation the world has ever seen. They built up good careers for themselves and raised...


EP19 - Baby Boomers’ Views on Retirement Planning

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