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Episode 241 - Frenchsperiences

So, it is cold out, and the snow is here to stay. The term is coming to an end, and Isabelle has a cold. Jon is off to the Santa Claus parade today, he loves that sort of thing. He’ll be on the float for his school. The government of Ontario has cut funding for French speaking services in the provinces. Thanks! Oh and canceled the development of a French university in Toronto, thanks again! Isabelle will be interviewed on Radio Canada about being an artist. This should lead to a three...


Episode 240 - Disgustingly Boring and Stupid

I fear this is the snow that stays until April. Isabelle went to Sudbury yesterday with a friend to see some art. Specifically, the work of Benjamin Chee Chee. I’ve seen the pictures, it looks pretty great. I was in meetings all day about a new initiative at work. Remembrance Day is tomorrow. It is the 100th anniversary of the end of the Great War. It is also a day about the dead, not a day about ‘honouring those in uniform’. (To be clear, I have no problem with honouring those in...


Episode 239 - Superficial Points of Propriety

So light snow today. It’s not sticking to the ground so that’s cool. Also, Isabelle had our snow tires put on yesterday, so, well, she’s psychic obviously. So, Isabelle is wearing her gloves that Greg David gave her! Our legal marijuana arrived on Monday. There are texts, then there are emergency sewing texts. We’ve been watching the Romanoffs, which we both like. We watched episode 1 of season 6 of House of Cards, which led both to the title of today’s episode, and to a pretty good...


Episode 238 - The Trendy Thing of the Year Becomes Something Else

It’s the time of year when the weather is shitty. As an update on last week’s instalment, we don’t yet have our government bought marijuana, but will get it Monday. We also bought Jon a mattress that comes Tuesday. Today we bought a new vacuum! It’s a Dyson. Isabelle is enjoying using it as I type this. People are overly paranoid about crossing the border. We use google at work, which presents challenges now and then.


Episode 237 - Frazzled

So, marijuana became legal this week. So that’s a thing. It’s oddly normalized already. Indeed, I’ve seen someone smoking a joint at a bus stop. Isabelle had a weird experience this week that brought back a flood of bad old memories and experiences. I was in Toronto for about 22 hours Wednesday and Thursday for a meeting of the Council of Ontario Universities.


Episode 236 - Two Ferns and a Globefull of Succulents

We’re going shopping a day early because Isabelle has a thing tomorrow. She just got back from a quick jaunt to the States to pick up a package, I imagine this will come up. Isabelle showed her art to Jon’s class, they were pretty impressed and asked really good questions about the work. Jon really loves the program he is in and is getting a lot out of it. They’ve rearranged the grocery store due to renovations, it is driving me insane. I’m off to the COU again next week, fun stuff....


Episode 235 - Thankgivings

So it is Thanksgiving weekend in Canada. Also, that means I have to cook a turkey, which I don’t mind doing. Hey, fresh turkeys! We were pretty speechless over the SCOTUS stuff. America, you’re really in trouble. The term is in full swing, and both of our classes are going well. Maddie is visiting for a wedding. Isabelle’s art that she showed recently is inspired by Jon. We talked a bit about what it was like a few years back, after being reminded by looking at an old journal we kept.


Episode 234 - Boom, It's a Living Room Loom

Hey, I’m writing this a DAY early. Hey we have a loom! Some assembly required. Isabelle and Jon had a show yesterday and today, that’s pretty great. I think it’s great that Isabelle includes Jon in her work. Indeed this is an actual collaboration between the two of them. We of course talked about the SCOTUS hearings. It is disheartening and disturbing. Not just the hearings and their outcome (which is to be determined) but what women go through every damned day. I’ve been trying over the...


Episode 233 - That's What Turned My Brain Into Mashed Potatoes

And now over to Dave with the weather. Yeah, it’s 5 degrees out as I type this. Probably warmer once we go shopping. It was super windy yesterday, gusts up to 90 km/h, lots of people lost power, and even the hockey game was canceled. Isabelle prevented herself from buying another typewriter. Jon, for reasons unknown, needs more sunglasses. We’ve been watching a lot of Amazon Prime recently, including Jack Ryan (just me) as well as 30 Rock and The Marvellous Mrs. Maisel (both of us). The...


Episode 232 - Eye Fire and Arm Pain

It’s Saturday! Don’t worry, my eye is fine, the title refers to something we said in the podcast. We’re now into the school year proper, things are getting into a routine, and that is good. As Isabelle progresses in her collaborative project with Jon she has been looking back on when Jon was little and we were confused by this agency and that one. It was like we were in the emergency room for 5 years or so. Isabelle got another grant done. People were reasonable in the grocery store...


Episode 231 - I've Been Waiting Five Minutes

Well that's one week of school down, just twelve left to go! Seems like a nice day today, here's hoping everything grocery shopping wise also goes well. Isabelle talked a bit about her experiences with typewriters. Plus, how she once won an award for writing, and another time she won an award for writing but the typist took credit! Are there still typists? A person behaved horribly in the grocery store. I was not impressed.


Episode 230 - Highway Through Isabelle's Mind

Hey, It's Maddie's birthday! She's 25, we're old. Seems a little stormy today, we'll see how that plays out. Friend of the show and Best Episode Ever compatriot Greg David sent us some Wynona Earp (for Jon) and Highway Through Hell stuff (for Isabelle). Oh, Isabelle we have to go to the beer store. School starts up soon, so Isabelle bought some hats and t shirts for Jon. And an electric pencil sharpener. And some antlers. Don't forget, we have to go to the beer store


Episode 229 - Curare Blow Darts

It's a somewhat dreary grey day, though it has finally cooled some. The fall is coming. I was in Toronto this week for a day for a meeting, will this come up while we head our for groceries? Look, I don't know, what am I, some sort of psychic? Yes, I'm clearly writing this before we go out. We had a pretty good talk about institutionalized sexism. Also sort of internalized sexism. Isabelle will be teaching in the fall. Jon's getting his hair cut today.


Episode 228 - Art Retreat, Hell I Just Got Here!

So this one is out a bit earlier than usual on Saturday because we recorded it on a little shuttle mission between camping at Pancake Bay provincial Park and home. Isabelle is on an art retreat this weekend up by Lake Superior. Jon and I came for night one, but once the arting starts, it's time for us to head home. Plus, Jon is not much on anywhere that doesn't have wifi.... We talked about art of course, about how the Group of Seven are hacks (at least as far as I'm concerned) and how the...


Episode 227 - Squeaky Mouthfeel

No, not that Squeaky..... We're back from our whirlwind tour of Quebec and Ontario! That means back to our regular routine too. ISABELLE GOT AN ONTARIO ARTS COUNCIL GRANT. This is a big deal. She will be doing collaborative work with Jon! You may know Jon from such podcasts as 'The Jonathan Files'. There was a cute kid in the store. I got the slowest cashier ever, she's very nice though. Hey, the fire ban has been lifted, maybe we'll have a backyard fire tonight! I FORGOT THE CRACKER...


Episode 226 - Who Doesn’t Love Structure?

We’re driving from Boucherville to London. Isabelle is tired and bored. So let’s pidcast! That ought to wake her up which will keep us alive. I hate all people on the road. se saw some cool stuff in Boucherville including the islands neabry which are a provincial park. Plus we went on bike rides. we took the 407 to avoid people. Did I mention that I hate people? Cool stuff is happening at the university. I’m still not fond of the traveling public. BREAKING: ISABELLE GOT AN ONTARIO ARTS...


Episode 225 - I Love The Patty

It's Saturday. Saturday is when we shop. It's a thing we do. Look, I'm obviously typing this before we go. It's a bit cooler now. Well, I mean it is still summer, but it has cooled down quite a bit. I'm still riding my bike a lot, though less than I'd like. Hey, 13 years ago tomorrow we started Broca's Area, neat. my sister’s husband is in an A&W ad. The roads suck. Could you make art, or do anything, untouched by oil?


Episode 224 - Beer to Gear Ratio

Mid summer. Finally we got some rain and it is supposed to continue. The amazing thing is that we really haven't had any sustained rain since July 2. Isabelle is off to meet a friend at a powwow. There were lots of people at the beer store returning empties, us included. Some of them were clearly stocking up for a big fishing/camping trip. They had pickups. Isabelle will be displaying her wares at Pridefest this weekend which is cool. Hopefully she'll make twenty eight thousand dollars....


Episode 223 - Sooper Dooper Yoopers

So, I was at the Marshall McLuhan Podcaster Roundtables last week where I met up with old friends, but made new ones, including Chris, Mike's wife. The great thing is, they were on a tour of home cities of podcasters or something, so on their way back after visiting Montreal, they came to our place for dinner last night. It was great! We already knew Mike of course, but Chris is great. Oh I made Paella, hence this week's picture. We've had a lot of positive feedback about our last...


Episode 222 - Anniversary 3.0

I'm writing this while sitting across from Isabelle early in the morning. She doesn't know that, and you probably don't care. Hey, remember that TV show 'Room 222'? I'm not sure I ever watched that. I'm clearly just filling up space right now, I'm sure I'll have something much more interesting to add later. I hope so anyway, this is horrible...... So we didn't record in the car yesterday, but instead, went 'old school' and got the mics out in the 'podcasting studio' that is also Maddie's...