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Representing the REAL VOICES of BROOKLYN. Starseed Artists, FRESH MUSIC -- Deep Conversations, Esoteric Interpretations, and ALL THINGS BROOKLYN. Out of Brooklyn We connect the world to each other through music.

Representing the REAL VOICES of BROOKLYN. Starseed Artists, FRESH MUSIC -- Deep Conversations, Esoteric Interpretations, and ALL THINGS BROOKLYN. Out of Brooklyn We connect the world to each other through music.
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Representing the REAL VOICES of BROOKLYN. Starseed Artists, FRESH MUSIC -- Deep Conversations, Esoteric Interpretations, and ALL THINGS BROOKLYN. Out of Brooklyn We connect the world to each other through music.




Brooklyn Music World RADIO : THE BEEGE TOP 10 Black Relationships

Tonight on the Show, we are discussing the bullet points of a healthy relationship. Many people seem to think that it is independence to choose over dependence, but is interdependence the true nature of a relationship? What are the signs of a toxic vs unhealthy relationship? Can a toxic relationship be reformed? Why is it painful to help others over helping yourself. Why a codependent relationship is the hardest to leave. Also, THE BEEGE TOP 10 Black Celebrity couples. On THE MAIN SHOW,...


ASTROGEEKS - Building a Spiritual Business, Tips & Tricks of the Trade

Krena Dean spent 8 years in management and has launched her 1st year as an Astrologer. Get insight into what she has learned about building a business. We will talk about various topics including breaking stereotypes about making money in your spiritual practice, how to use your natal chart to find your currency, how any business can be a spiritual business, and even the importance of branding and using Numerology to place a stamp on your name brand. This is the beginning of hopefully a...


Brooklyn Music World Radio: Decoding Dr. Strange

On Tonight's Episode of the Main Show, we have a jam packed 30min. What's Up Brooklyn? We are talking about the uprising of Swastikas in the neighborhood. We will talk about the dilemma of Kanye West and his Speech at his recent concert, his whistleblowing message and his mental health. And our feature of the Night is a Decoding the movie Dr. Strange by The Beege! Catch us every Wednesday Night on Brooklyn Music World RADIO! at 11pm


Brooklyn Music World RADIO : S2.Episode 2 TOP 10 Reasons Why Trump is President

Every Wednesday Night at 11pm, Catch us on the MAIN SHOW. Tonight we discussing the TOP 10 Reasons why we have Trump for President. We will be looking at voters and the mental state of America through our Top ten list. Also, listen in to what we are bringing to the website. Our new additions to the Shop, and More Developments with Our Music Community.


BROOKLYN MUSIC WORLD RADIO: Season 2, Episode 1 - Presidential Election Results

Welcome back to another season of BROOKLYN MUSIC WORLD RADIO, Season 2 will be compacted with many segments to help propel the information forward in a way that is organized and useful for our listeners. Tonight, our HOT TOPIC is the Election 2016 Results, What does this mean for our community? What should parents say to their children? Also, BEEGE's TOP 10 pick will be based off of the CONSCIOUS Men who put their time and effort to help awaken the people. Here's to a great season on...


Astrogeeks: Intro to Black Moon Lilith

We are back with another Episode of Astrogeeks. In this episode we are uncovering the Origins of the mythological story of Lilith and how this figure is portrayed in your Astrological chart. We begin with strong foundations, bringing along Astrologer, Daddi Longlegz to help us understand the defining meaning of Black Moon Lilith and her sign placements. We will begin with Aries and continue in other series with the rest of the Zodiac. Catch us Every Monday Night at 11pm!


Astrogeeks : 10.3.2016 Daddi Longlegz Astrology and Mercury Leaving Shadow

Mercury Leaving Shadow... What does this mean? How do we utilize the energy to our best benefit? We are bringing on Astrologer, DaddiLongLegz to help us decode the current day transits. Introducing new Astrogeeks to the community is the goal this season! Stay tuned from hearing from new voices as well as a few original Astrogeeks for the Autumnal Season. Read below for more info on tonight's feature: Daddi Longlegz is an astrologer/musician/artist based out of Brooklyn. He has been...


Cosmic Navigator: The Business of Consciousness

Interview with ANGEL718: Question # 1 : The conscious community seems to be growing rapidly. Healing is the new craze it seems. But there still seems to be a divide amongst folks in the community. What do you think is the missing link towards Unity in the conscious community? Question # 2: YouTube seems to play an accessible role in the development of consciousness and healing. Many people turn to YouTube instead of their regular TV programming now. Do you think the hype on YouTube is...


Astrogeeks : Self-Taught Astrology: How to Journey with the Cosmos on your Dolo

We are going against the grain on tonight's broadcast of Astrogeeks. We will talk about the beauty of being self taught and the journey of the focus of the personality through self study of the Sun, Moon and Rising Sign. Enjoy Gemini Brown, Pisces Moon Goddess and Krena Dean cover the journey of the soul and how to begin your personal journey with the stars.



On another episode of #astrogeeks, Krena Dean talks with GEMINI BROWN & PISCES MOON GODDESS on the gifts that babies bring to their family and most specifically their parents upon entrance into this world. We will discuss the importance of knowing your baby's natal chart, and what transits or aspects are important to look out for in challenges and obstacles in the development of your child's personality and experience on earth. How to navigate the cosmos to provide the best environment for...


Astrogeeks: Saturn Square Neptune: Drama!!!

And the #ASTROGEEKS are back! Every Monday Night at 11pm, Krena Dean, Gemini Brown & The Pisces Moon Goddess kick back and discuss the current Cosmic trends of the day. Saturn and Neptune are currently in a tight 90 degree square, this has a lot of spirituality groups coming to a head as belief sets of different levels defend their means of existence! Tonight we are going to talk about the drama ... sometimes people think being a spiritual person means you are jolly and optimistic all of...


RAP WITH BEEGE : PRISON BREAK -- Response to Shooting of Black Men

We are back with another episode of 'RAP WITH BEEGE' Discussing the recent news of the shootings of Alton Sterling & Philando Castle. The media is over stimulating our minds. Tonight we break the mind control of reaction and discuss the truths about how to break out of our own prison walls. Special summer edition of RAP WITH BEEGE! Getting the people ready for the REVOLUTION WILL BE TELEVISED & DIGITIZED!!! Check out for Upcoming shows, blogs & metaphysical sessions...


Astrogeeks - Independence Day & The Natal Chart of the United States

Tonight, we are back with the Astrogeeks, and we will be discussing the Natal Chart of the United States! We have special Astrologers on, Pisces Moon Goddess & Gemini Brown Enjoy a half hour of intense astrogeek analysis. We'll see what the stars have in store for America this Independence Day! Catch us every Monday Night at 11pm on


Astrogeeks Special: Numerology and Relationships w/ Mahogany Righteous

Tonight we have a special #ASTROGEEKS episode, As we study the stars, we explore the various measurements of vibration in one entity. Numerology is like a sister tool to Astrology, and tonight we will have a special guest to help us understand how numbers play an important role in Our lives. Just like in astrology, the Numbers are tied to our birthdays and hold a vibrational message. Welcoming Mahogany Righteous to the show tonight to showcase Numbers and Relationships. This is a can't...


Astrogeeks: Light and Dark of the signs - Duality/Quadruplicity

Tonight we are back with the ASTROGEEKS, bringing you the finale to our light and darkside series. We will be discussing the different sides to Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. Tonight includes #astrogeeks GEMINI BROWN AND PISCES MOON GODDESS... A CATCH US MONDAY NIGHTS AT 11PM ON BROOKLYNMUSICWORLD.COM FOR 30MIN OF #ASTROLOGY AND #SPIRITUALITY TALKS WITH THE GREATEST MINDS RISING OUT OF THE STARSEED MOVEMENT.


Astrogeeks - The Light and Dark side of Libra and Scorpio - Hillary Clinton

We are back with new episodes of #astrogeeks! All summer long bringing you the metaphysics from the hottest Astrologers on the NET. Tonight we discuss the light and dark sides of Libra and Scorpio. We will also dive into Hillary Clinton's chart as she is a Sun in Scorpio. We will be analyzing the natal planets in her chart and we will be looking at the possibility of her win for The Presidential Candidacy of 2016. This is a can't miss episode! Featuring Gemini Brown and April, the Pisces...


NONSTOP UNDERGROUND: Special Collab Rap With Beege Show!! Artists 5.01.2016

On Tonight's Broadcast of NONSTOP UNDERGROUND: A special cross episode feat RAP WITH BEEGE. We are playing NONSTOP Collaborations. 30minutes of Music from The Beege and his Artisan friends. Feat Semi Lay, Brooklyn Bear, Ryan- O'neil, MdubMusik, Krena Dean, Ace Cartar, and the premiere of the newest BEAT JAKKER track. Plus more.. Make sure you catch RAP WITH BEEGE Every Thursday Night at 11pm. Interviews, Music, and Metaphysics. If you are an artist and would like to submit to our RADIO SHOW....



On Tonight's Broadcast of RAP WITH BEEGE, We are playing NONSTOP Collaborations. 30minutes of Music from The Beege and his Artisan friends. Make sure you catch RAP WITH BEEGE Every Thursday Night at 11pm. Interviews, Music, and Metaphysics. If you are an artist and would like to submit to our RADIO SHOW. Go to


Brooklyn Music World RADIO : Episode 15 - Spring Fever: Hyposexuality part 2

A riveting conversation contunues.... Many understand the sexual potency of our culture. But what is hidden behind the Hypersexual image? The Hyposexual. Tonight we will introduce the study of hyposexuality and see how it affects lives in unseen ways. Our Monthly Theme is 'Spring Fever' and we are covering the concepts of sexuality within society. Also, stay tuned for dope music from today's freshest artists from the Underground Scene. If you have an event that you would like to advertise,...


ASTROGEEKS - Episode 12: Full Moon, Darkside of Virgo Bernie Sanders & Beyonce

Astrogeeks round up again to continue our series on the light and the dark side of the signs. We have covered Aries to Leo, and tonight, we will discuss the Light and Darkside of Virgo. We will also look at two compelling Virgos in present day, Bernie Sanders and Beyonce. Both are escalating bountifully in the public eye. What are the reasons? We will discuss it all tonight at 11pm on Special Guest Astrologers, April Pisces Moon Goddess & Gemini Brown