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A podcast where we talk about soccer and other things.

A podcast where we talk about soccer and other things.
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A podcast where we talk about soccer and other things.






Episode 15 - We Are Still Alive

*dusts off podcast equipment* Phew, where have you all been? Just kidding! We could give you excuses for why we haven't released an episode, but that's what the intro of this episode is for! Bryant and Me makes its triumphant return to cover our new obsession: vinyl records, along with some of our old obsessions: - Premier League (specifically Liverpool and Tottenham) - Bryant is oddly calm about the Spurs run of form and we dissect instagram posts to see who is coming to White Hart...


Episode 14 - The Blue Milk Star Wars Special

So Liverpool win in the last few minutes, Trump is officially impeached and the strike ends so Democrats can debate. So what does that mean for our podcast? IT'S ALL ABOUT STAR WARS!! Bryant and me talk about our childhood memories of the originals on Muppet Babies, prequels on one of the hosts first weekends working at a movie theater and recording illegal copies of the original trilogy. We take some time to discuss the next trilogy and the online beef with Disney's takeover of the...


Episode 12+1 - We Support the Triskaidekaphobia Community

WE'RE BACK BABY! The triumphant return (from only two weeks away) of Bryant and Me! We bring a downright jolly episode about a ton of things. A TON: - Ghostbusters Afterlife trailer and how amazing it is. Also, it's nothing like Stranger Things (Thomas will fight you) - A lot of children vomiting - Bryant loves Tottenham, Jose Mourinho and Son's super selfish goal - LFC resigns Klopp to a long-term deal - Both Thomas and Bryant share who they would like their favorite teams to play in...


Episode 12 - Millions of Impeachments, Impeachments for Me

Gobble gobble gobble It's our week before Thanksgiving day special. In this episode, we find out where Thomas records his part of the podcast, and it's totally normal and not at all weird. Also, Bryant actually sounds happy talking about Jose Mourinho becoming the manager of the Tottenham football club of London. We talk about the impeachment hearings and how Jim Jordan is an embarrassment to the state of Ohio, followed by a giddy Thomas talking about Cory Booker's stone cold stunner on...


Jeremy Hollon of CRIS - Bryant and Me Interview Special

The guests we've invited to this show are great people with amazing things to share. We don't want to discount what they have to say by squeezing it into a normal episode, so we've started a new format where our interviews will be shared separately from our normal weekly episode. You can hear the passion of our first guest: Jeremy Hollon who works with Community Refugee and Immigration Services in Columbus, Ohio. Jeremy is a former candidate for the MLS Works volunteer of the year for...


Episode 11 - The Sun is Hot

We've got a barn burner for you this week. Bryant and me discuss the heated big v little battle of Gomez v Sterling, Tottenham didn't lose (!!!) and the PL table makes ZERO sense. We also share a formatting change in our shows (trust us, you'll like it), let you know that snow is cold and very white (like resident serpent Stephen Miller) and discuss a weeeee bit about the impeachment. We give a sneak peek into an amazing interview we had with Jeremy Hollon, who works for Community Refugee...


Episode 10 - Bryants and Me w/ Bryant Elijah

Welcome to a marathon of an episode, but it's filled to the brim with STUFF. Good stuff, specifically. Thank you for celebrating 10 episodes with us! We welcome another Bryant to the podcast, the official Back Up Bryant (BUB) to talk about Chelsea, fun buses, Darlington Nagbe to CrewSC and Christian Pulisic. (56:52) We start off the show with some hockey game shenanigans (again) and our inaugural (??) Christmas Ales of the 2019 holiday, while simultaneously complaining about the WAR ON...


Episode 9 - Monster Mash w/ Jon Corleone

BOO! ryant and mummy has a halloween treat in store with episode 9. The pod welcomes their first ever guest, Crew96 Queen Annes Revenge supporters group dude Jon Corleone, an Leicester City fan, talks about how he definitely was not part of a bad trip to the Canadian border and his love of soft shell crab. (48:30) We discuss how the higher you raise people up the harder the fall. (9:20) Bryant definitely keeps his composure as we talk about the result of Tottenham v Liverpool and our...


Episode 8 - The Sonny Milano Experience

Welcome to episode 8. This episode really has it all: - Talking about a hockey game that happened last week - Bryant was caressed by a stranger - Tottenham didn't lose before we recorded - Liverpool didn't win before we recorded - Bryant is a potty mouth - Pierre Delecto is Mitt Romney is Pierre Delecto - Trump said something horrible (SHOCK!) - New Star Wars looks like a real nerds delight (we loved it) - Bryant attempts to stump me in a rendition of Funny or Die's Trump or Gob...


Episode 7 - Ohio Democrat Debate: Debate Harder

Yippee ki yay boys and girls! It's time for another exciting edition of BRYANT AND ME! Just because the Prem takes a week off, doesn't mean that we do! In this episode, we break down the excitement (ZzZzz) that was the Democrat nominee debate, that may or may not still be going on as I type these words. We pick our debate winners, favorite Amy Klobuchar jokes and talk quietly enough so Tulsi Gabbard doesn't try to come moderate our podcast. We also pick debate losers! Speaking of losers,...


Episode 6 - Vardy Party

In our 6-pack episode, we go through some fun topics and some... not as fun. We start with our thoughts on the validity of the Vardy v Rooney internet feud: are they mad at each other or is this a set up? If it's a set up, is it to make The Sun (boooooo) look bad or to introduce a new Netflix series? Bryant will blame the Tottenham Hotspurs on why he was on his deathbed for days, and you start to hear a hint of Bryant becoming a Wolverhampton fan. Thomas gets real braggy about being a...


Episode 5 - Civil War 2: Electric Boogaloo

Welcome back loyal listener! This week we talk mere hours after Tottenham lost 7 - 2 to Bayern Munich in the Champions League, and Bryant is handling it as well as you'd expect him to... We talk about realistic expectations for Tottenham, and what Bryant expects the team to do in the coming months. We talk about Liverpool's run of form and Bryant gets a little testy during it. We break down the Democrat 2020 best 11 soccer team formation. You won't believe who Thomas has as...


Episode 4 - The BAMies

So we attempted to be more organized to give you a more streamlined episode. So naturally it is almost 20 minutes longer than last week, but there's a good reason! We had our first annual awards show for sports, and mostly not sports, related awards. Next year we will hire a full-time orchestra to play Bryant off when he talks about his award winners... We don't just give away fake awards that no one will get, we also talk about the NEW CREW STADIUM! That's exciting, huh? We also discuss...


Episode 3 - Not Your Grandma's Podcast

In this way too long episode of Bryant and Me, we ask our loyal audience to politely ask a Columbus area soccer team's investor operator to share their stance on the Iron Front logo, Thomas is shocked that Bryant hasn't seen a single episode of Saved by the Bell and we introduce a new segment called Pod Love. In that segment we share what other pods we've been listening to lately. Thank you for listening. We've now available on Apple Podcasts, so please leave us a review! Only leave a good...


Episode 2 - Russian Meat Filled Dumplings

Bryant and Me returns for it's triumphant second episode! No one thought we'd make it this far, but we're not ones to give up easily. In our second episode, we recreate a lot more songs than we should, talk about what's going on with the Champions League, make some jokes about the Europa league (because our rivals are in it), talk about FC Cincinnati's new request for supporters to tattle on one another and we end the show on a strange tangent involving Boy Meets World... We also play the...


Episode 1 - I trust you had a pleasant trip. Fascist!

In our inaugural episode (easier to type than say), Bryant Caves and Thomas Costello talk about the weekend that was for a sad Tottenham fan, fascism and the MLS, Hell is Real derby, and crazy ole Joe Biden! Thank you for listening! While you're here, follow us on Twitter: @BryantAndMe. Brought to you by nothing. We have no sponsorship. We do this for you. We can't be bought until we're bought.