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5: The Tyrod Taylor Enigma with Derek Carty

Mike Leone (DailyRoto.com, @2Hats1Mike) is joined by Derek Carty (RotoGrinders.com, @DerekCarty) to discuss why Tyrod Taylor is such a polarizing quarterback and break down why he has been an above-average quarterback in his time as the Buffalo Bills starter. The conversation delves into many biases fans have when evaluating quarterbacks, from the use of raw stats to preferences for risk takers over safe commodities and the difficulty in accounting for context, such as supporting cast.


4: Passing Trumps Rushing

On this edition of Buffalo Stance: A Bills Podcast, JJ Zachariason of NumberFire joins host Mike Leone to talk about passing value versus rushing value in today's NFL, why Saquon Barkley was a bad pick by the Giants, and teams need to build to succeed in the passing game, both offensively and defensively. #FNTSY #NFL #Bills #NFLdraft #JoshAllen


3: Coping with the Bills Draft

DailyRoto.com analysts Mike Leone and Drew Dinkmeyer rehash the Buffalo Bills' first pick in Josh Allen, draw similarities to the Chicago Bears drafting Mitch Trubisky, and talk about being a fan of a franchise instituting disappointing processes. Timestamps 01:03 Draft Recap 02:04 Oh No - Trade Up for Josh Allen 03:14 Comparing to Bears/Trubisky 05:58 Lack of Infrastructure 08:20 Undervaluing Draft Picks 12:12 Josh Allen Inaccuracy 12:55 Awkward Fan Spots 15:52 Reasons for Optimism 20:18...


2: Should the Bills Trade Up for a QB?

On this episode of Buffalo Stance: A Bills Podcast, host Mike Leone of DailyRoto.com is joined by Matt Kelly of PlayerProfiler.com to discuss why trading up for a QB in the 2018 NFL Draft doesn't make sense for the Buffalo Bills. Mike and Matt talk about the best and worst of the top QB prospects, the ideal draft scenario for the Bills, and other odds and ends regarding the Bills and the 2018 NFL Draft. 02:10 Elite QB or Bust Mentality 03:06 Trading Up is Never a Good Idea 05:17 Don't Chase...


1: WR Matters

On the debut edition of Buffalo Stance: A Bills Podcast, host Mike Leone takes a look at why WR talent is so important to NFL teams, despite often getting overshadowed by QB play/talk. Unfortunately, the Bills WR group looks dreadful, and it's going to put next year's starting QB in a tough spot. Leone analyzes just how bad this group was last year and why it was disappointing they didn't make any attempt at high profile free agent Allen Robinson. On the second half of the podcast, Anthony...