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Episode from Nov 20, 2018

Skunks - "Can't Get Loose" Carbonas - "Move" - Your Moral Superiors: Singles and Rarities [Plugz Cover] Gaunt - "Solution" Predator - "No Face" Rubber City Rebels - "Brainwave" Rabbit - "Wildfire" - When Sharpies Ruled: A Vicious Selection (V/A) Bad Sports - "Why Should I Care?" - Constant Stimulation Nips - "Gabrielle" - The Chiswick Story Jackson Politick - "Psycho-Mania" The United States of America - "I Won't Leave My Wooden Wife For You, Sugar" - United States of America...


Long Hots LIVE!!! on the Show from Nov 13, 2018

Mr. Airplane Man - "Red Light" - C'Mon DJ Purling Hiss - "Water on Mars" - Water on Mars Spacin' - "Titchy" - Total Freedom The Velvet Underground - "Booker T." - White Light / White Heat (45th Anniversary Edition) Scrawl - "Love's Insecticide" - Bloodsucker Stiff Love - "Out of Control" - Attitudes 7-inch Set: Long Hots LIVE!!! in the Studio (Engineer Mike Sin) Long Hots - "Mama" - LIVE on BURN IT DOWN! on WFMU Long Hots - "One Chip" - LIVE on BURN IT DOWN! on WFMU Long Hots - "Die...


The Calm After the Storm from Nov 6, 2018

Curtis Mayfield - "Power To The People (Demo)" - Curtis Roy Ayers Ubiquity - "Red, Black and Green" - Soul Jazz Records Presents: Soul of a Nation Arnold Aldbury and the Casuals - "That's a Bet" - Funk for the People: Rare 45s from the Archive of Robert Perlman Rufus Thomas - "Funky Mississippi" - Stax '68: A Memphis Story [Indeed the crown prince of dance.] 1984 - "There's a Wrinkle in Our Time" - Function Underground: The Black and Brown American Rock Sound 1969-1974 Negative Space -...


Wax Chattels LIVE on the show!!! Plus some seasonal evil. from Oct 30, 2018

The Birthday Party - "Release the Bats" Modey Lemon - "Coffin Talk" - Modey Lemon Leaf Hound - "Drowned My Life In Fear" - Grower of Mushrooms Roky Erickson - "Don't Shake Me Lucifer" - I Have Always Been Here Before [LIVE tonight at Monty Hall (but it's sold out).] Blue Oyster Cult - "Hot Rails to Hell" - Tyranny & Mutation Wild Boys - "Madness Reigns" - Michigan Meltdown, Vol. 2: Twelve More Non-Hits from Pleasant Peninsular Preternaturals and Water Wonderland Weirdos (V/A) Larry and...


Needless Nineties Nostalgia w/ DJ Paul Bruno and Amanda Nazario from Oct 23, 2018

Pavement - "In the Mouth of a Desert" - Slanted and Enchanted: Luxe & Reduxe Guided By Voices - "Wished I Was a Giant" - Vampire on Titus/Propeller Sebadoh - "Gimme Indie Rock" - Gimme Indie Rock Dinosaur Jr. - "Start Choppin'" - Where You Been? Superchunk - "Mower" - On the Mouth Velocity Girl - "Forgotten Favorite" - 6 Song Compilation Teenage Fanclub and De La Soul - "Fallin" - Judgment Night - Music from the Motion Picture Beastie Boys - "Sure Shot" - Ill Communication Jon...


Singles Going Steady 2018 from Oct 16, 2018

Staple Singers - "I'll Take You There" The Packers - "Go 'Head On" The Marathons - "Peanut Butter" The Counts - "Hot Tamales" Hank Ballard & The Midnighters - "I Love You, I Love You So-o-o" Hank Ballard & The Midnighters - "Never Knew" The Revels - "Church Key" Roy Gaines - "Isabella" Wilson Picket - "Ninety-Nine and a Half (Won't Do)" Joe Hinton - "I'm Satisfied" Freddie Waters - "The Winning Horse" Bettye Swain - "I Will Not Cry" 13th Floor Elevators - "Tried To Hide (single...


A Memphis debriefing and QUIETUS live on the show!!! from Oct 2, 2018

Oblivians - "Call the Police" - Desperation Gino and the Goons - "Parasite" Vile Bodies - "SeaSaint Marie Antoinette" - Bleach Blonde in the Deep South River City Tanlines - "Pretty Please" - Coast to Coast Boys Next Door - "Brave Exhibitions" - Door, Door Oh Boland - "First Dog's Death" - Spilt Milk Ethers - "Rip Off" - Ethers Raspberries - "Party's Over" - Starting Over Gentleman Jesse - "Put Your Hands Together" Psience - "X-Ray Eyes" - Gonerfest 15 45 Stephanie McDee - "Call...


En Attendant Ana LIVE!!! on the Show from Sep 25, 2018

Disco Zombies - "Mary Millington" - Drums Over London O Level - "East Sheen" - Pseudo Punk Ultravox - "The Frozen Ones" - Ha! Ha! Ha! Fun Time Objects - "Pedal Fury" - 2 Minute Songs for 3 Minute Heroes [Passions cover. Track 6 but not "Song 6," which does exist and is actually track 7.] Terry Malts - "Mall Dreams" - Killing Time Black Tambourine - "I Want You Around" - One Two Three Four [All Joey Ramone covers] Midnight Mines - "Stations" Deaf Wish - "The Rat Is Back" - Lithium...


"I need more money because I need more drugs." from Sep 18, 2018

Lulu - "Here Comes the Night" The Speedies - "You Need Pop" - Speedy Delivery The Black and Whites - "You're the Only Girl" The Cowboys - "Laugh Enough" - Live at Tony's Garage Really Red - "Crowd Control" 0% - "Colours" - God Hates Young People The Scientists - "That Girl" - The Scientists The Subsonics - "You Don't Know What's Going On" [Exuma cover] Escape-ism - "The Feelings Mutual" - The Lost Record Crime - "Gangster Funk" - Murder by Guitar Times New Viking - "My...


Year Zero, Part II: Smash the System with a Song from Sep 11, 2018

Peter Hammill - "Nadir's Big Chance" - Nadir's Big Chance The Neckbones - "Dead End Kids" - Souls on Fire Thee Mighty Ceasars - "You Make Me Die" - English Punk Rock Explosion Thee Spivs - "Taped Up" Crime - "San Francisco's Doomed" - Murder By Guitar [RIP Johnny Strike] My Dad Is Dead - "Force Feed" - Peace, Love & Murder [1987] Louder Than Death - "Broken Heart" - Louder Than Death [Featuring Saba Lou, King Khan's daughter.] Rik and the Pigs - "Off On" Bebop Deluxe - "Teenage...


Mike Pace LIVE in the studio!!! from Sep 9, 2018

Warren Zevon - "Carmelita (Demo)" Todd Rundgren - "Little Red Lights" - Something/Anything? Donnie and Joe Emerson - "Good Time" - Dreamin' Wild Yol Aularong - "Jeas Cyclo" - Cambodian Rocks Holy Drug Couple - "Waterfalls" - Hyper Super Mega Eric - "Morning Lighthouse" - Eric Harumi - "Hurry Up Now" - Produced by Tom Wilson: Irwin's 2014 Marathon Premium Set: Mike Pace LIVE in the STUDIO!!! Mike Pace - "Troubleshooting" - LIVE on BURN IT DOWN! on WFMU Mike Pace - "Blaster" - LIVE on...