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Business Legends is a podcast dedicated to interviewing today's business leaders so that its listeners can learn from their mistakes, pump up their own inspiration, and grow their bottom line.

Business Legends is a podcast dedicated to interviewing today's business leaders so that its listeners can learn from their mistakes, pump up their own inspiration, and grow their bottom line.
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Business Legends is a podcast dedicated to interviewing today's business leaders so that its listeners can learn from their mistakes, pump up their own inspiration, and grow their bottom line.




Ep. 17 - Culture, Innovation, and People - Jason Taylor

The Litigator himself, Jason E. Taylor, was our wonderful guest today to discuss his successes and journey having an office with five different locations. Learn about his practice at: Learn more about us at:


Ep. 16 - Spongebob, Overcoming Reputations, & Trade - Terry Anderson

Terry Anderson owns Grease Monkey - Huntersville and Grease Monkeys - Pineville. She discusses the specific struggles they've had with ownership transition and encourages entrepreneurs to believe in themselves! Need to get an oil change? Check them out at: Grease Monkey - Huntersville: 14935 Brown Mill Rd. Huntersville, NC 28078 Grease Monkey - Pineville: 9920 Pineville-Matthews Rd. Pineville, NC 28134 Learn more about us at:...


Ep. 15 - Technology and Family Make Life Better - Carol White

Carol White is the Director of HCM Sales at Payroll Plus HCM, where she works with clients to help them streamline and simplify their end-to-end employee processes, automate employee procedures to save time and money, and integrate disparate HR systems under a single platform. Looking for a Payroll OR Human Resources Software Solution? Go to: Learn more about us at:


Ep. 14 - Converting Digital Leads - Reece & Christian

On perhaps our silliest episode start yet, Reece and Christian discuss setting up a process (with a beginning, middle, and end) to capitalize, nurture, and sell digital leads. We discuss mistakes we see people make and ways you can improve your marketing process! Learn more about us at:


Ep. 13 - Creating a Corporate Culture - April Simpkins

April Simpkins is a successful human resources consultant that has a wide variety of experience in providing value to implementing and fixing corporate culture. She has proactively and reactively done consulting, recruiting, and training for over 1,000 companies. Reach out to her through: Learn more about us at:


Ep. 12 - Keeping the Personal Touch - Jeff Redwine and Christian Lofton

Jeff and Christian are two entrepreneurs with over 10 years' experience in the renewable energy sector. Having each served separately in the Peace Corps, they remark and reflect on their time serving those in need. Their company, Renewable Energy Design Group (Or REDGroup for short) prides itself on its personalized customer service, exceeding expectations, and remaining transparent through processes. Thinking about getting a quote for solar panels for your home or business? Find them here:...


Ep. 11 - Grow What You Know - Jordan Flair

Talk about a man with Flair! Jordan Flair's basic rules for entrepreneurship are: positive mindset, take action, grow and engage your network, be a learner, help others succeed, and it's ok to pivot - but never to give up. When not working on (or in) his businesses, he enjoys time with his wife and 2 daughters, hunting for his tee shot in the rough, fly fishing and anything NFL / fantasy football related. Looking to rent or buy - commercial or residential? Find Jordan at:...


Ep. 10 - Crusading for your Cause - Michael Sims

Michael Sims is a large, colorful man with a passion for life and fighting for the legalization and regulation of Cannabis. He tells us about the miracles he's seen and the trials he's faced in a tough industry while working with two business partners. Interested in premium hemp products? Go to: Want to get involved? Check out: ... and learn more about us at:


Ep. 9 - Motivate Yourself to Start Up - Dove Bennett

Dove is the author of the book 30 Ways to Grow your Business. She manages to shift the atmosphere with her fierce style, get-it-done tenacity and creative flair. When not juggling the demands of entrepreneurship, Dove is a motivational speaker and advocate for various causes relating to mental health, entrepreneurship and the epidemic of homelessness. You can meet Dove at: Learn more about us at:


Ep. 8 - Make Networking Work! - Christian and Reece

Yoga pants, having "your guy", and don't be shy! Nothing like being a Business Legend! Today, Reece and Christian discuss their methods and ideals on making networking work for a new entrepreneur, from start to finish. Learn more about us here:


Ep. 7 - Why Security is a Priority - James Clack

With over 15+ years' experience in the surveillance industry, James Clack gives us his insight on the importance of proper surveillance and his opinion on where the industry is headed. Much to Reece's dismay, he didn't bring any spy gadgets or candid cameras to play with (... or did he?) Need a surveillance consultation? Talk to James at: Learn more about us at:


Ep. 6 - Magic Mike and his Magic Minute - Michael Orzech

What do M&M sunglasses, Las Vegas, passion, and branding all have in common? Ask Michael Orzech of Promotion Magic. Michael started Promotion Magic in 2003, and has been helping business owners find the right product(s) to brand their business ever since. Meet him here: Learn more about us at:


Ep. 5 - Websites have a Pulse! - Matt Swanson

Too much coffee, Reece wearing a Luke Kuechly jersey (Go Panthers!), and an expert in website development, hosting, and support. Matt Swanson developed MS Digital Solutions 4 years ago after spending 15 years in the Newspaper space. On this episode, he shares his expertise on what makes websites better and how businesses can use them to their advantage. Meet him at: Learn more about us here:


Ep. 4 - Follow Your Passion and Take Chances - Bryce Gray

Today we interviewed the energetic owner of Crossfit 77, Mr. Bryce Gray. At the age of 23, he discusses the challenges he's faced, what led him to owning Crossfit 77, and how he'd recommend anyone to get started in the gym industry. His best advice? Follow your passion, take chances, and make sure you love it. Learn more about us here:


Ep. 3 - Do a "Lotta" Good - Titus Bartolotta

It's Christian's 30th birthday! Today we are joined by Titus Bartolotta - President of Business Leaders Unleashed (BLU), a premier networking group, CEO and founder of Collaborative Solutions Group, and Founder of the Lotta Foundation. Titus' story is one of triumph, perseverance, and hard work. You can find him at: Learn more about us at:


Ep. 2 - Making Customer Service Count - Dan Mills

Dan Mills, owner of Accent Comfort Services, is a humble, customer-centric entrepreneur who has an incredible work ethic and insight on starting a business with a partner. For close to 40 years, he has been involved in all facets of managing and develping project plans and businesses in the construction sector. Dan and his wife of 37 years, Julie, have lived in the Charlotte area for the last 16 years. Learn more about us at


Ep. 1 - An Inmate to an Entrepreneur - Scott Jennings

We couldn't be more thrilled to have Scott be our very first guest for Business Legends. He has an interesting story and a humble background, from being locked up for selling drugs to starting his own business doing fitness equipment installation, repair, and maintenance. Learn more about us at