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The Nicolas Cage podcast that discusses the insanity and wisdom of the National Treasure one masterpiece at a time. We also go on fun non-Cage movie history tangents. We research Nic Cage so you don't have to.

The Nicolas Cage podcast that discusses the insanity and wisdom of the National Treasure one masterpiece at a time. We also go on fun non-Cage movie history tangents. We research Nic Cage so you don't have to.


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The Nicolas Cage podcast that discusses the insanity and wisdom of the National Treasure one masterpiece at a time. We also go on fun non-Cage movie history tangents. We research Nic Cage so you don't have to.






Episode 104 - Willy's Wonderland: Gorilla Greetings

Don’t miss Donnie's one-man rendition of Les Miserables and Adrian’s solo performance. Donnie and Linda recommend loving the Willy, but Adrian finds no wonder in this Wonderland. Spoilers ahead.


Episode 103 - History of Swear Words, Eps 5&6: Damn that P*ssy

This week, the CHUDs are talking about the last 2 episodes in Netflix's 'History of Swear Words', covering the words 'p*ssy' and 'damn'. Mostly, they go off on tangents and we find out why Linda and Donnie are so fuggin weird (Hint: it's another cousin story).


Episode 102 - History of Swear Words, Eps 3&4: Well Hung for Primates

Listen to this bitch put up with these 2 dicks. This week, we’ve got Big Nic Energy! Also, we become dick wizards. We’re covering the History of Swear Words, episodes 3 and 4, ‘Bitch’ and ‘Dick’. We feel that the new Netflix show doesn’t properly cover the actual history of swear words, so we give a shout-out to our friends who do a great job covering the history of words and phrases - Origin of Speakcies.


Episode 101 - History of Swear Words, Eps 1 & 2: Sh*t F*ck

Linda and Adrian toss some sugar and honey into Donnie's Ice tea, just before we poo out our episode and explore the majestic decency of the F word. Floccinaucinihilipilification


Episode 100 - The Croods 2: 100 Episodes of Cagey Goodness

We’re celebrating Cagemas Day (our sweet baby boi’s birthday) and our 100th episode! Less exciting, we watched The Croods: A New Age. Donnie and Linda found it entertaining (though, not without its problems) while Adrian (as expected) hated everything about it. Join us as we discuss the movie and take a moment to thank some patrons and friends.


Episode 99 - Cage's Comic Voodoo Child: Burger King or Hell?

In this episode, we’re talking about the comic book Nicolas Cage and his son Weston created with the help of Mike Carey, ‘Voodoo Child’. It answers the question What happens when you cross ‘Spawn’ and 'The Crow’ and take away anything interesting?! Plus, we get to find out why Adrian is no longer allowed in family restaurants, Donnie gives us a spoiler for ‘Glass,’ and we share our new segment ‘Burger King or Hell?’


Our Predictions for The Croods 2: Druid Kommander

Hey there, CHUDs! We realized that we covered The Croods before we started our Sequel Return More Harder segment. So, this week we’re discussing our (probably very accurate) predictions for what we should expect to see in The Croods 2: A New Age. Also, we discuss what we would like to see from Nicolas Cage in 2021 and we come up with a masterpiece starring Weston: ‘Druid Kommander.’ Finally, is it just me? Or was Cage putting the OI in FOIN in the trailers for ‘The History of Swear...


Ep 97: Jiu Jitsu (with Len Kabasinski!)

This week the gang goes through the fargate to witness mortal kombat with the aid of our guide and celebrity guest - the one-and-only Len Kabasinski! That’s right, we covered Nicolas Cage’s latest direct-to-streaming movie, Jiu Jitsu! We talk about real Jiu Jitsu (versus whatever this was) costuming choices and classic martial arts movies that were so much better; Linda shares some behind-the-scenes information; and Len imparts some great wisdom for all creative types. Check out his Patreon...


Episode 96 - Grand Isle: Big City Bickering

While Adrian is still MIA, Donnie and Linda covered the 2019 direct-to-streaming feature, ‘Grand Isle’ which features Kelsey Grammer as a low-falutin small-town investigator looking into a rash of missing (or murdered?!) teens, KaDee Strickland as a desperate wife, and Cage as your drunk uncle from down south (HUH HUH). At one point, Linda and Donnie say they didn’t realize it took place in the 80’s, to which Adrian complained that there’s an on-screen message saying, ‘1988,’ but this aint...


Episode 95: Primal (w/Kiara Williams and an Elba Bird-Man)

Apologies for the sound quality and my coughing, but this may be our best episode to date! Donnie and I (Linda) are joined by Kiara Williams! We set out to just discuss Cage’s 2019 movie, ‘Primal,’ but we ended up fixing it and creating an amazing franchise of nightmare fuel! Also, Kiara was kind enough to teach us about Canadian culture in hopes to end the syrup wars. We left an extra bit at the end since the laughs didn't stop. Check out Kiara’s amazing YouTube channel here:...


Episode 94 - Kill Chain: The Curious Assassin

Don’t bother watching Kill Chain, we did it for you! Linda plotted out the beats of the movie like she was hunting a killer and Donnie and Adrian present ‘The Closer.’


Episode 93: Running With the Devil (w/Anthony from Capes on the Couch)

Have you ever wished they had one of those old-fashioned ‘INDUSTRY!’ educational films where they show you the whole process from picking coco leaves to distribution of cocaine while also detailing the value per gram throughout the process? Sure! We all do! Luckily, there’s 'Running with the Devil.' We have our friend, Anthony, from Capes on the Couch join us to try to make sense of our lives after having seen this.


Episode 92: Color Out of Space

Linda has arisen from her grave to discuss ‘Color Out of Space’ and Steve from Speakcies shares his expert knowledge on the majestic Alpaca! Check it out to learn more about Richard Stanley, Joely Richardson, alpacas, and H.P. Lovecraft’s original story!


Episode 91: 2010 Recap

While Linda is still in a coma, the boys’ decide to recap Cage’s work from the 2010’s - of course, this means we’re almost caught up (EEK! What the hell are we going to do?! I don’t want to go! - Actually, don’t worry, we have a plan.)


Episode 90 - A Score to Settle: Rise of the Donnie

With Linda in a coma, Adrian and Donnie answer the call of vengeance on our 90th episode. Seeking to settle a long standing score with Cage’s films. Stay tuned at the end for an ad for our buddies at Hush Hush Society! Linda in a coma - I know, I know, it’s very serious.


Episode 89 - Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse Featuring Kyna from Historical-AF

We were joined by the amazing and joyous Kyna from Historical AF to discuss Cage’s first film of 2019, ‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse”! We discuss the immensely talented cast, Spider-Pig cannibals, and certain sweet 90’s animated series that has ties with this movie. Check out Historical AF at We joined for episode 78 to talk about Nicolas Cage’s ties to New Orleans and go off on Cage tangents!


Episode 88 - Between Worlds: No Lola No!

Remember how awesome Franka Potente was in ‘Run Lola Run’? Good. Keep it that way. We watched and covered the 2018 Cage film ‘Between Worlds’ so you don’t have to watch it and ruin that beautiful, perfect Lola image. Linda says sorry for having her gain set so high. She fixed it since then.


Episode 87 - Teen Titans Go! To the Movies: CJ's Leap

This week, we were happy to be joined by half of Talkin’ Shiz, CJ! We discussed ‘Teen Titans Go! To the Movies’ which allowed Nicolas Cage to fulfill his destiny and become Superman! Half of us liked it and the other half was disappointed. Listen to find out who. Check out Talkin Shiz at


Episode 86 - 211: Where Dreaming Ends

We watched ‘211’ so you don’t have to! Adrian shares some facts about the movie, Donnie creates a way better movie, and Linda confuses the amazing character Colin Robinson with the amazing comic Craig Robinson while trying to thank Ben Robinson. Check out Donnie’s new YT channel: We give a shoutout to our listeners and friends across the world and talk about recording video from public bathrooms.


Episode 85 - Looking Glass: Blucas and the Bandit

This week, the CHUDs covered a movie they couldn’t be more apathetic about. It’s the straight-to-dvd thriller ‘Looking Glass’. Is Robin Tunney the 90’s Kristin Stewart? What’s with Sheriff Riley Finn’s (Marc Blucas) obsession with coffee? Why would you burn a pig carcass that was dumped in your pool? The gang attempts to answer all these questions and more.