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Understanding the Real Survival Advantages Provided By Provenge (Sipuleucel-T) for Men with Metastatic Prostate Cancer

Dr. Tim Richardson talks with Joel Nowak talk about the real survival advantages that the immunotherapy known as Provenge (sipuleucel-T) offers to men, especially men who get the therapy while their PSA is low (Schellhammer data) and men with an African-American background. Along the way, they also talk about what is immunotherapy, how it works, how Provenge is actually administered, its side effects and who should get the treatment and where in their treatment schedule would it be best to...


Prostate Cancer Surgical Incontinence Solutions

Joel Nowak discusses why men who have a radical prostatectomy, or the surgical removal of their prostate gland to treat prostate cancer often suffer urinary incontinence. Urinary incontinence negatively affects a man's quality of life so it is important that men know about their options so they can discuss them with their urologists. Surgically induced urinary incontinence can be dealt with when you have an RP to treat your prostate cancer, learn about your options as well as the risks and...


Using the Oncotype DX Genomic Prostate Score to Decide if You Are A Candidate for Active Surveillance

Mr. Anson Tharayanil, a Medical Science Liaison from Genomic Health rejoins Joel Nowak from Cancer ABCs to talk about another test for men diagnosed with low or favorable medium risk prostate cancer, the Oncotype DX Genomic Prostate Score. The test should be used along side the traditional measures we use like biopsy Gleason Grade and scans to help a man decide if he is a good candidate for Active Surveillance (AS) as opposed to having surgical or a radiation intervention. Biopsies only...


Using The Genomic Health ARV-7 Test When You Are Taking Xtandi, Zytiga or Erleada

In this podcast Anson Tharayanil, a Meical Science Liaison from Genomic Health, Inc. talks with Joel Nowak about their test, the Oncotype DX ARV-7 Nucleus Detect Test for men with castrate resistant metastatic prostate cancer. The test is used to determine if the second line hormone therapies like Xtandi, Zytiga and Erleada will be an effective treatment for men who have the diagnosis of prostate cancer that has left the gland (if they have metastases) and are no longer responding to the...


Learning About Oligometastatic and Metastatic Prostate Cancer and How Cancer Metastasizes

Dr. Ken Pienta from The Johns Hopkins Hospital explains all about metastatic prostate cancer and how it spreads or metastasizes. He Includes in his discussion how prostate cancer is staged, how cancer migrates from the prostate gland to distant sites that can then develop into tumors. In this discussion He clarifies the difference between local invasion and metastatic disease. He also talks about the current reality of our scanning technology, including the new Axumin and PSMA scans and...


Mark Hall's Metastatic Prostate Cancer Journey with Dr. Snuffy Meyers and Provenge (sipuleucel-T)

Mark Hall was diagnosed with metastatic prostate cancer with a PSA of 4,400 and a Gleason Score of 8. Despite these terrible numbers he has been thriving the last four years with an undetectable PSA and a fantastic quality of life! Mark shares his journey, where under the guidance of Dr. Charles (Snuffy) Meyers he went through a heavy regime of hormone therapy treatments as well as the immunotherapy Provenge (sipuleucel-T). Mark has been experiencing a profound four year remission of his...


How To Help A Person Diagnosed With Cancer

Hearing that someone you know or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer is often scary. Not only are you concerned about their health, but many of us are also not sure how to speak with them or offer them help. We want to reach out to them, but we don't know if we should talk about their cancer. We also don't know how we can help them. Joel T. Nowak, a five time Cancer Thriver offers some insights into how you can know how to talk to someone with cancer as wells how you can provide...


Remediating Hormone Therapy (ADT) Side Effects for Men with Prostate Cancer

Joel T Nowak from Cancer ABCs along with oncology nurse Fran Fanning (co-owner of Heavenly Hash) participated in a prostate cancer patient conference sponsored by Prostate Cancer International. The conference was held in Ft. Meyers Florida in March of 2019. They offered a live presentation that described how hormone therapy worked, how it is achieved, its side effects as well as some "grassroots" methods used by men to control the side effects caused by ADT (hormone therapy). Fran's...


Being Diagnosed and Living with Male Breast Cancer - Michael Singer Shares His Story

Joel Nowak from Cancer ABCs interviews Michael Singer, a male breast cancer thriver. Michael, diagnosed at age 50, shares his journey and his advocacy as a man with breast cancer. Three years before learning that he had breast cancer his sister, with whom he lived, was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. She succumbed to the disease one year after receiving the diagnosis. So, when Michael learned about his diagnosis, he assumed that he too would live for only one year. Like many other...


How a Drug Gets Developed and Tested

Joel T Nowak interviews Dr. Maryanne Sadar, who has developed a novel drug target, an investigational treatment, that is a first in class hormone therapy operating on the N Terminal Domain of the androgen receptor. The investigational treatment, Epi-506, is being tested on men with advanced, metastatic prostate cancer. Dr. Sadar describes how the drug target was first identified then how it was tested in cell lines, then animals and now in humans. She also describes the process of having to...


The Angiosarcoma Project

Joel Nowak talks with Dr. Corrie Painter. who is an eight-year Cancer Thriver with Angiosarcoma, a very rare and lethal cancer of the interior of the blood vessels. Dr. Painter is a researcher with the Broad Institute of MIT and Dana Farber. She is instrumental in designing and executing the Broad’s research project, The Angiosarcoma Project as well as their Metastatic Breast and Metastatic Prostate Cancer Projects. Dr. Painter shares her heart wrenching story of being diagnosed with...


The Metastatic Prostate Cancer Project

Joel Nowak interviews Dr. Eli Van Allen, a medical oncologist specializing in prostate cancer, from the Broad Institute, an MIT and Dana Farber collaboration and the Dana Farber Hospital about the Metastatic Prostate Cancer Project. The project is a research project created jointly with patients that are reaching out to men with metastatic prostate cancer and asking them to allow the Broad to have access to samples of blood, saliva, tissue (if there is any) and their medical records. The...