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CD36 The Cost Of Free Speech

Sometimes, Free Speech requires a price to be paid. As a result, in today's polarizing world climate we see violence against political activists, government censorship, self-censorship, "Cancel Culture", etc. Join the Carolina Desis this week as they discuss their observations on these costs, their effects on social media, and why it can still be worth saying what's on your mind in the present day. As always, thank you Yash Mistry for editing this month’s episode!


CD35 The Dating Coach, Varsha Mathur

The Carolina Desis were joined this month by Transformational Coach, Varsha Mathur (@coachingbyvarsha). Varsha is a third generation Desi-American, accomplished master of many career industries so we wanted to get candid advice from someone who’s seen and coaches it all . From the stigma of dating to the taboos of divorce in the South Asian culture, Varsha drops some truth-bombs. We discuss why relationships are the way they are as well as how experiencing a “third culture” affects your...


CD34 Brain Drain

By definition, Brain Drain is the emigration of highly trained or intelligent people from a particular country. India and other surrounding countries experience the Brain Drain epidemic with their society’s top talent seeking prosperous opportunities abroad in countries such as USA or Canada. Why does this happen? What do countries “abroad” offer that makes the move across the globe worth it? What is the impact? Join the Carolina Desis as they pretend to be geo-politicians. Thank you, Nick...


CD33 (Live) Carolina Desis at Clemson

The Carolina Desis were invited back to their alma mater to speak to a class about the Religion & Politics in India from 1800s to the Present, taught by Dr. Mou Banerjee. Thank you to the students: Lucas, Amy, Ethan, Darian, Liam, and Aaron (special thanks to Aaron for bringing us this opportunity) for the fantastic conversation! This episode is a highlight reel of the various topics we discussed. Shout out to Yash Mistry for editing this month’s episode! Disclaimer: all of the opinions...


CD32 Gulab Jamun Cupcake (Weddings with Kiran Mohan)

The episode you have all been waiting for (or at least one of them) is finally here: WEDDINGS! From the planning to the week-long wedding events, the Carolina Desis break it all down with guest Kiran Mohan of Sonaa Wedding & Events (@sonaaevents). Kiran, a Toronto native and recent Charlotte resident, shares her experiences as an accomplished planner and what she wants to bring to the Desi wedding industry in the Southeast US. We discuss the variety and significance of wedding events and...


CD31 Stay Green

CD31 Stay Green by Gurtej Singh & Rashmili Vemula


CD30 Fitness & Business with Dee Gautham

The Carolina Desis have RETURNED. To top it off, they’ve returned with a GUEST. Please join the Carolina Desis this week in their conversation with self-made fitness and nutrition coach, Dee Gautham (@squats_and_samosas). Dee shares her career transition from medicine to tech to full-time fitness and nutrition coach. We discuss the stigmas revolving around fitness, particularly the effect that the South Asian community has on our body image. As a high-achieving, natural-born leader, Dee is...


CD29 Leading By Example with Udit Rathore

Meet Udit Rathore: Delhi born, Charlotte raised, and Boston dwelling. Udit and his family moved to North Carolina in the 90s and built a flourishing academy, Sangrock Blackbelt World. The Carolina Desis and Udit discussed everything from his experience in the US Armed Forces, his family’s Sangrock Blackbelt World journey, and the true meaning and impact of self-empowerment and leadership. Udit is soon launching the Sangrock Initiative, a service to underprivileged students to experience the...


CD28 Hurry Up and Wait

Time. There’s never enough of it! At least, not for the Carolina Desis. Why is it so hard to come by? Is it a side effect of being an adult? Join them this week as they try to unravel the concept of punctuality and priorities in both the Desi and American cultures. Follow @thecarolinadesi on social media to join the conversation.


CD27 Human Architecture, a Conversation with Manoj Kesavan

We had the pleasure of having a conversation with Manoj Kesavan. Manoj is an architect, urban designer, educator, creator, and everything else under the sun within the Charlotte Arts community. He is the Founder and Executive Director of Que-OS, a non-profit organization whose mission is to "transform the way art/culture is created and shared, and how people connect to causes and community." They create open and inclusive platforms for artists and other creative professionals to engage and...


CD26 On the American Dream

The American Dream: the epitome of what is possible, what you value, and what you want to be. The immigrant American Dream is exactly that but is strongly influenced by heritage, culture, and upbringing. Join the Carolina Desis this week as they reflect on what the American Dream is and what it means to them. Follow @thecarolinadesi on social media to join the conversation.


CD25 Silver Minisode

Episode 25 already?! Wow, the silver jubilee. Give us a moment to bask in this ~1 year of existence (thanks to you all!). This week, we spent some time reflecting on our progress, share the evolution of our message, and hint at future projects. There is a lot headed for you all and we are excited to share soon!


CD24 Buyers vs Brands

Have you considered or even noticed how brands permeate through your life? For example, using the brand name Band-Aid when referring to a bandage. The concept of brands and function are prevalent in any industry and any consumer market. The Carolina Desis explore brands from their childhood that are common in a typical Desi-American household. You may recognize them all! From food and beauty to technology and fashion, tune into this week’s episode about various brands, consumerism, the idea...


CD23 Charlotte City Councilwoman Dimple Ajmera

We had the honor of speaking with Councilwoman Dimple Ajmera, for this week’s episode! Councilwoman Ajmera was elected in 2017 and is serving her first term on the Charlotte City Council At-Large and has the proud distinction of being the first Asian-American and the youngest woman to serve. She is passionate about creating a sustainable, equitable and safe Charlotte. Her accolades and accomplishments are endless and nothing short of inspiring, but you will find out just how impressive she...


CD22 Distance

The Carolina Desis are back from the holidays and ready to take on 2018! They’ve had time to reflect on their holidays, which was accompanied by the concept of distance. When is distance good, and when is distance bad? We divided the topic into physical distance and distance as intangible to aid the question. While it is not simple to pinpoint a single answer, we concluded that self-awareness is a key factor in accepting the effects of distance. Tune into this week’s episode to find out how...


CD21 2017 WRAP-UP (Happy Holidays)

It's December already?! We can't believe it's the last Carolina Desi episode of 2017! We wanted to spend some time reflecting on an incredible year, the rise and shift of holiday symbolism, and what the holidays mean to the Carolina Desis. We've come a long way this year and we truly couldn't have done it without YOU. So, thank you to each and every one of you! HAPPY HOLIDAYS and see you in 2018! Follow @thecarolinadesi on social media to join the conversation.


CD20 Stepping UP

When time dictates, you will be required to step up into a role for the benefit of your family. The Carolina Desis constantly ask themselves, “What do I do when the time comes? What steps do I take to make sure my family is provided for at any capacity?”. We continuously try to regain diluted information from financials to traditions through conversations with our parents, but what else have we missed? Tune into this week’s episode to better understand the information gap between our...


CD19 Conditional LOVE (Tips from Danny Tanner)

Is love ever truly unconditional? This week, the Carolina Desis questioned unconditional love as they simultaneously attempted to understand the cultural impact and justification of love with conditions. For example, where is the line drawn on conditions that warrant disownment? Or even as simple as, how {desi} family members show affection to each other - which is rather different from how super dad, Danny Tanner, does so. Hasan Minhaj describes the Conditional Love narrative the best in...


CD18 Clapter, a Conversation with Akaash Singh

Meet Akaash Singh (@akaashsingh)! A fellow American Born Desi Comic (see: Episode 13 with Alingon Mitra), Akaash is a regular on MTV (Wild n' Out, Guy Code), on the cast of Brown Nation on Netflix, and co-host of the American Desis podcast. Born and raised in Texas, Akaash has quite the perspective of growing up Desi in the American South. Before we realized, we went through about 8 topics in our conversation with Akaash and each one is hilarious, yet thought-provoking (as usual, right?)....


CD17 No More LABELS (Mental Health) with Payal Patel

In honor of World Mental Health Day on October 10th, we sat down with Payal Patel to discuss the stigma, assumptions, and systematic challenges surrounding Mental Health Treatment within the Desi community and American culture at large. Payal is a Licensed Family and Marriage Therapist hailing from New Jersey but now settled in North Carolina to start her own counseling practice, Manu Counseling (@manucounseling). Payal has treated numerous clients affected by traumas such as mental illness,...