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WotW: A Simple Plan

Maybe we talked about Sam Raimi too much this episode, but we had to since the title is a Raimi reference. Wes proves himself once again as a master manipulator and political mastermind. The gang does a puzzle while driving Mad Max-style cars. It's a women's elimination day and we get our first cliffhanger of the season.


WotW: To All The Partners I've Loved Before

This week we're "blown away" by the challenge, Turbo almost has to murder someone, and the elimination gets fierce as some questions are answered!


WotW: American Psycho

This week we're down a few hosts but we got plenty of show excitement to make up for it. We finally get to see the Road Warrior challenge, with the teams dwindling we see in the nominations that it might be time to see what happens when the votes are tied, and we get a spinerific elimination that causes one challenger to lose their dinner.


WotW: Liar, Liar

The UK alliance is showing a few signs of weakness, but is it enough to save the Americans and vets from elimination? We see a swimming challenge with an inexperienced swimmer, a puzzle challenge, and a good old-fashioned headbanger elimination. Who will walk away with The Relic? Look out world. No spoilers this episode, so don't be worried about some talk about spoilers later in this episode.


WotW: This Means War

Nany proves herself to be a master of the game, realizing the British alliance proves a real threat. Will she and Wes be able to break up the alliance and drive a wedge into the game? The Challenge this week involves VR and go-pros, and is harder than it looks. With Amanda out and Hill subbing, we're short on notes but we do talk a lot about The Human Centipede. So we've got that going for us.


WotW: In Love and War

I'm gonna publish this episode and go to bed. It's been super fun! But hey, alliances are stressed, people go home, there's a challenge and more. I have nothing else interesting to say about this one. Enjoy it while I go to bed and sleep. Bye.


WotW: The Greatest Showman

This episode we see a mini-final which is a great way to see who will do well in a REAL final. The Challengers have to run up a dune and solve a puzzle, and we see some Challengers crack under the pressure. One Challenger almost quits, another heavy-hitter is brought into elimination, and we see promises of the game being turned on its head next episode.


WotW: It's Complicated

They weren't lying about that double elimination, but before we get that, we get the normal Challenge and see a rivalry come to a head. Sorta. Kinda. Before security breaks it up, I mean. Cara is betrayed by someone she was close to, a Challenge legend gets called out by a newbie, and more in this action-packed episode of The Challenge. Support the show on Patreon, ya know, if you feel like it.


WotW: Casualties of War

The much hyped episode has dropped! We see old rivalries die and new potential ones form. We’re still adjusting to actually seeing the standard Challenge format of challenge, nominations, elimination with a little drama thrown in. Wes shows himself to be a master of Challenge politics with his new alliances and the benefits they give him. And as we all know, a Challenge legend is sent home!


WotW: Hellraiser

We recap our visit to Challenge Mania and went over our stories of meeting Challenge "celebrities", but more importantly meeting other Challenge fans and listeners of Challenged. We rehash this episode including goodies like what a jerk Zach is, an old rivalry that comes to a head, and night full of drama. We're all excited to finally get back to the standard format of challenge, drama, nominations and eliminations.


WotW: Apocalypse Now

We're so excited to be back and we're ready for Season 33! We have our first challenge of the season, a purge, and the standard craziness that comes with the Challengers arriving at their new house. We don't learn much about the format of this season yet, but at least we get the pairings and some potential hookups. Look for us in Chicago this weekend for ChallengeMania! Say hello… OR ELSE.


War of the Worlds: Preshow

Hey, we're back for more! Did you miss us? We're back from our hiatus and ready to talk about Season 33, War of the World, the cast, and predictions on format, speculating who wins and what potential alliances will form between the vets and the newbies. We're glad to be back and ready to talk Challenge with everyone again.


Couch Pilots S16 Ep09: Time Out for Ginger

Have you missed Challenged yet? We're still on hiatus until Challenge returns, but until then you can listen to Tim's guest spot on Couch Pilots reviewing a failed pilot called Time Out for Ginger. Thanks to the Couch Pilot guys for inviting the Challenged Crew along on their flights and get everyone a dose of The Challenge during the hiatus.


Couch Pilots S16 Ep08: Zero Effect

Have you missed us on Challenged yet? Well Bryan and Amanda got a chance to sit in on an episodes of Couch Pilots and if you are a fan of Amanda's laugh you'll get plenty of it this episode. S16 EP08 "ZERO EFFECT" COUCHPILOTSPODCAST.COM * 910-745-6871 * PATREON ** LINK TO ZERO EFFECT ** In this episode we are joined by @challengedGN co-hosts Bryan and Amanda and discuss the 2002 pilot “ZERO EFFECT” starring @Alancumming. This episode has tons of laughs and we dive into this failed pilot....


Final Reckoning: The Finale Part 2

It's finally the final episode of the finale! We go over the reunion, take your phone calls, and talk about offense language. We also go on a self-congratulatory segment about our 100th episode that happened several weeks ago. Thanks everyone for your support for our show, we definitely appreciate it. We're going on hiatus but we'll see you for Season 33!


Final Reckoning: The Finale Part 1

We thought this would be the last episode of Challenged this year, but (in TJ voice) we LIED. I guess we'll be back next week. This time around we discuss the finale, Tim's random run-in with a Challenge legend in an airport, and Hillary sits in briefly so chug that drink! We'll be back next week to cover the 2 part reunion, and talk about our 100th episode and probably take more live calls.


Final Reckoning: The Walking Dead

We're winding down to the finale with the final 5 teams. We get a shocking last challenge with trivia and everything. That's trivia twice in a season! The final elimination of the season is curdled milk and cookies. We finally see the final 4 on their way to the finale. Next week is our last episode of the season, don't miss it!


Final Reckoning: Always Sunny in South Africa

We're getting near the end of this season, but we're still bringing people back from Redemption for their last, final, no-nonsense chance at ONE MILLION DOLLARS! After 2 eliminations to see who comes back from Redemption, some teams are sent home and others move on to roll boulders up a hill in an "elimination challenge". We still haven't quite worked out why or how that's different than a purge but we make our best guess. Another team is sent home. We go over some iTunes reviews and...


Final Reckoning: Scandal

Lots of switching between the Main House and Redemption House this week, and even with a Purge challenge and elimination we don't see anyone go home. An elimination gets all the players frustrated, a nomination is hard to predict with the power vote and numbers that are close and could go either way. With just 2 episodes until the final, we hope to see them pick up the pace soon. Let's send some people home and get to the final!


Final Reckoning: The Leftovers

Our longest show in Challenged history! Big drama this episode with Bananas pushing things a little too far and Devin paying the consequences. Flat pasta leads to a confrontation you wouldn't believe. It's TJ's favorite challenge… TRIVIA! And we spend far too long going over voicemails from all sorts of celebrity fans of Challenged.