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Episode 45: Turtleneck D.cks

The ladies are back after a short break with a guest, Buddy. We talk about Atlanta traffic, drive thru liquor stores, and under age drinking. We discuss the 21 Savage and Bow Wow situations. The difficulties of driving high, superstitions we don't believe in, the importance of being friends with your partner, men getting more attention with wedding rings on, and uncircumcised dicks. Are women as vocal about what they want during sex as men are? Is the mission of giving head to make the...


Episode 44: Girls Like Girls Too

This week the ladies are back with a special guest, Breya. We talk about things that are important to us in a relationship. Our guest tells us how she got into dating girls . We talk about getting fingered, being dickmatized, and getting head with tongue piercings. We discuss scissoring, studs vs fems, taking strippers home, and being a slut for your man. Thanks for listening! Follow us: Instagram: @ChampagneStoriesPodcast


Episode 43: I'm Eating The A$$

This week, the ladies get together and catch up first. Are you making any health changes this year? Who's sex drive is the highest between you and your partner? We talk about vaginal health, sex life with a kid, anal sex, 10 year reunions, and piercings. Would you rather eat ass or have a threesome? Would you eat your placenta? Is sex better after an orgasm? What celebrity man would you have sex with? Would you record a sex tape? Thanks for listening! Rate and review! Follow us: Instagram:...


Episode 42: Guess Who's Getting Married?

The girls are back! We discuss what we've been up to and how we spent our new years. Guess who got engaged on New Years Day? We hear the story of how he proposed and whats next. We talk about the Surviving R. Kelly documentary and why we think it took so long for the women to talk. Why our parents never let us have sleepovers and how we understand now. What kind of plastic surgery would you get? Thanks for listening! Follow us Insta: @Champagnestoriespod Facebook: Champagne Stories Podcast...


Episode 41: Eyes On The Bulge

After a short break, the ladies are back. We discuss Christmas, drinking games, and our new years eve plans. What are some of your new years day traditions? Do you think a bad personality can make a person look ugly? Would you like for your man to be extra friendly? Do you look at bulges/ dick prints by mistake? Would you get mad if your man said another woman was fine? We talk about meeting peoples families, yoga, our plans for 2019, and the Millennium Tour. Thanks for listening! Rate and...


Episode 40: Nerds Send Nudes Too

The ladies are back! This week we talk about judging peoples music preferences based off looks, how to turn down guys you work with, and our parents getting baby fever. We talk about senior year, dating nerds, bad texters, and false news on social media. Do you have to teach people how to treat you? We discuss Marcus Black's post about not wanting a 100% independent woman. How did your parents find out you lost your virginity? Do you believe men when they say they've never cheated before?...


Episode 39: Morning Head

The ladies are back after a much needed break. We discuss what we've been up to for the last few weeks. It's officially been a year! We discuss what we've learned from the podcast during this year, and how things have changed. Should women initiate sex more often? Then we talk about what unconditional love is, and if you can love your partner unconditionally. Are you hard headed or do you learn from prior mistakes? We talk about morning head, keeping your relationship private from social...


Episode 38: Men Can Be Hoes Too

The ladies of Champagne Stories are back with two guests, Shawna and Kavon. We discuss what men consider a hoe, and if men can be hoes too. We talk about anal sex, taking it slow in relationships, and sleeping naked.


Episode 37: I Probably F.cked Yo' Girl

The ladies are back this week with two guests, Josh and Kavon. We talk about faking orgasms, one night stands, and what birth control is really for. What's the quickest you've had unprotected sex with someone? The guys tell us their views on marriage and going through phones. Is there actually a such thing as a home wrecker? Would you date a guy that had to take viagra to get it up? We talk about doing 69 in cars, eating booty, being sprung, and freaky Canadian girls. Enjoy! Thanks for...


Episode 36: Yo' Sneaky Ass!

This week we talk about the worst jobs we ever had, love and hip hop drama, and our stories of men doing creep stuff at work. We talk about open relationships and if some women just agree with it because of their man. Men who lie, people who drink too much at company parties, and never going to sleep mad at your man. Do you go through phones? How old were you when you got your first phone? Thanks for listening!! Follow us: Instagram: @ChampagneStoriesPod


Episode 35: Squirt Up Outta Here

The ladies of Champagne Stories are back! This week we discuss what we've been up to during break. We talk about how life is with a newborn, taking trips, starting businesses and adulting. What's your favorite things about fall? Is it better being single or in a relationship? Is it officially cuffing season? We talk about how we'd pick the other girl for a threesome. And we try to distinguish the difference between running a train and having a threesome. Thanks for listening!


Episode 34: These Hoes Be Wildin'

The ladies are back after a break! We catch up and discuss what we've been up to over the last two weeks. We have a special guest, Alexis. She tells us about the difficulties of opening a dispensary. Cassie tells us about the struggles of being pregnant. Someone has a new boo??! We talk about how the podcast started and how far we've come. We talk about checking the white box on applications. Does karma for men show up in having daughters? We talk about hitting the mega millions, going...


Episode 33: 90s Babies Got Issues

The ladies are back this week with a special guest, Dij. She teaches us about the upper echelon of life. We talk about Dussepalooza, being too old to drink liquor, going on vacations, and songs we know all the lyrics to. We discuss some things that millennials need to stop doing. Kylie Jenner being named a "self made" billionaire. Getting lost in the comment sections on social media. Have you ever washed walls? We discuss how some people don't know how to interact with people due to social...


Episode 32: Black Card Revoked

The ladies are back with a special guest, Temp from The Grown Folk Table Podcast. We also have a friend of the show on, Bethany. First we catch up and learn new things about New Yorkers. We share some embarrassing things that have happened to us during sex. What's your favorite condom to use? What if her wig comes off during sex? Do you change the way you talk for work? And We play a game to see who gets to keep their black card. It's LIT! Thanks for listening! Follow us: Insta:...


Episode 31: I’ll Kiss Anybody!

The ladies are back after a week off! We catch up with each other and discuss our weeks. We share the stories of our first kiss and how awkward it can be sometimes. Are you selective with the people you kiss? We discuss our views on marriage, and if we would like to get married or not. People taking out loans to have big weddings, and if we saved anything special for our future husbands. Does your parents relationship affect your views on marriage? Do you think that people get married or...


Episode 30: B.tch That's My 3 Meat Spaghetti

The ladies of Champagne Stories are back! We catch up and talk about fathers day and the incredibles. We have a discussion about our thoughts on suicide and Kate Spade. Then we talk about food! What's your favorite struggle meal? What's the difference between spaghetti and lasagna? Best pizza? Have you ever called your man a Bitch or has he called you one? We share our thoughts! Thanks for listening! Rate and Subscribe! Follow us: Insta: @ChampagneStoriesPod Facebook: Champagne Stories...


Episode 29: What About Yo Friends?

This week ALL the ladies are back! We were joined by a new guest, Lisa. We start off talking about songs that we're currently obsessed with and how you can go back and relate to certain albums years later. Have you ever seen someone you had a fight with in a professional setting? Then we discuss the importance of having good friends, and how we know that we have a true friend. How do you tell your friend that she has bad hygiene? Can you mix all your friend groups? What if your man cheated...


Episode 28: It’s A Pre-Date

The ladies of champagne stories are back this week with a very special guest, Jojo. We discuss the Morgan Freeman allegations, Drake vs Pusha T, Drake being in blackface. Do we prefer our men to manscape? What's a pre-date? Should your date take care of the childcare costs on the first date? We discuss some of the unrealistic expectations that men want from us. Are millennials more openminded than our parents? Would you prefer to date a random person or would you rather someone know him? How...


Episode 27: Earwax That B.tch

This week, we're joined by SJ and AJ from The Connected Experience Podcast. We cover a bunch of topics this week ranging from Kash Doll + Drake, celebs that we would smoke with, and college being a slut fest. We discuss men that your girl can't party with, and our views on marriage. Would you speak to an old fling while out with your boo? Would you want to know who your boo has had sex with? Staying in relationships for the kids, starter threesomes vs experienced threesomes, earwaxing, the...


Episode 26: He Got Exposed

The ladies of Champagne Stories are all back together this week. We discuss the first annual Urban Podcast event and share how much fun we had. We share our stories about wives and girlfriends reaching out to us about their men. Getting our man back after cheating, black women not dating nerds, and why we don't date dudes from the hood. Are we celebrating national masturbation month? We spread some awareness about Mental Health Awareness month and give tips on how we de-stress. Thanks for...