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Episode 29: What About Yo Friends?

This week ALL the ladies are back! We were joined by a new guest, Lisa. We start off talking about songs that we're currently obsessed with and how you can go back and relate to certain albums years later. Have you ever seen someone you had a fight with in a professional setting? Then we discuss the importance of having good friends, and how we know that we have a true friend. How do you tell your friend that she has bad hygiene? Can you mix all your friend groups? What if your man cheated...


Episode 28: It’s A Pre-Date

The ladies of champagne stories are back this week with a very special guest, Jojo. We discuss the Morgan Freeman allegations, Drake vs Pusha T, Drake being in blackface. Do we prefer our men to manscape? What's a pre-date? Should your date take care of the childcare costs on the first date? We discuss some of the unrealistic expectations that men want from us. Are millennials more openminded than our parents? Would you prefer to date a random person or would you rather someone know him?...


Episode 27: Earwax That B.tch

This week, we're joined by SJ and AJ from The Connected Experience Podcast. We cover a bunch of topics this week ranging from Kash Doll + Drake, celebs that we would smoke with, and college being a slut fest. We discuss men that your girl can't party with, and our views on marriage. Would you speak to an old fling while out with your boo? Would you want to know who your boo has had sex with? Staying in relationships for the kids, starter threesomes vs experienced threesomes, earwaxing, the...


Episode 26: He Got Exposed

The ladies of Champagne Stories are all back together this week. We discuss the first annual Urban Podcast event and share how much fun we had. We share our stories about wives and girlfriends reaching out to us about their men. Getting our man back after cheating, black women not dating nerds, and why we don't date dudes from the hood. Are we celebrating national masturbation month? We spread some awareness about Mental Health Awareness month and give tips on how we de-stress. Thanks for...


Episode 25: You miss me?

We’re back like we never left!


Episode 24: 5months Wetter, HOLLA.

This week on Champagne Stories, we're joined by Hauffa from TheSlimmieHauffa Show and J Johnson from Shoptalkpodcast. We discuss a variety of topics surrounding double standards. Can men be stay at home dads? Would you date someone that makes less money than you? Woman dating older men and men dating older women? Why men can have high body counts but not women? How often do you go rounds? We also talk about bitches loving to suck D, Rihanna recording 2 albums, short stays, edging, pregnant...


Episode 23: He Ain't Got No B!tches

This week, the ladies are joined by two special guests, Jams and Stuntman Beatz. We talk about music and their upcoming projects. What's constitutes as support and does Detroit really support local artists? Favorite album of all time? We talk about J Cole's album, Detroit rappers, and there just may be a freestyle! Sierra defends Nicki but she isn't a Barb. Stuntman and Jams share how much they love black women. And in true Champagne Stories Podcast fashion, things got a little personal at...


Episode 22: All Tea, All Shade, B!tch All Offense

This week, the ladies are joined by the hosts of CallYouBack Podcast, Robyn and KSymone. We talk about some of the worst things someone could do to you and theres a hilarious joke off. Cardi B vs Nicki Drama. Nicki Minaj new songs. Do people care too much about celebs lives? Tristian Thompson & Khloe. Karma. Horoscopes and astrology charts. Role reversals. And all the reasons not to be nice to guys. Nice for what? Thanks for listening! Follow us: Insta: @champagnestoriespod Facebook:...


Episode 21: Hennything Is Possible

The ladies have a sit down with special guest, Ravyn from HennyConversations podcast. We talk about songs we're currently obsessed with, Cardi B, Big Sean. One of the ladies shares a crazy story about a kidnapping. We discuss the importance of knowing your hood, doing makeup while driving, zodiac signs, dating men like our fathers, the importance of having friends, and taking breaks from our men.


Episode 20: Peen Calling

The ladies are back this week with a super random episode. We play a hilarious game of would you rather. We discuss about blowing up our mens phones, sniffing armpits, peen calling, and getting rejected. What's ghosting? Then we discuss ghosting people, getting ghosted, and the slow fade out. Thanks for listening! Rate and Subscribe! Follow us: Insta: @ChampagneStoriesPod Facebook: Champagne Stories Podcast


Episode 19: Pull Out Game Strong

The ladies of champagne stories are all back together this week! We catch up over a few drinks talk about the recent threats on schools and teachers we wouldn't trust with guns. Then we talk about prom night, high school beefs, strong pull out game, nipple piercings, and other of random stuff! Follow us: Insta: @ChampagneStoriesPod Facebook: Champagne Stories Podcast Thanks for listening!


Episode 18: We're just f.cking

This week, we were joined by Slit, Smoke, Jayda, and Midas. We start off with a hilarious game of would you rather. Slit tells us about his podcast, Slit Life Radio, and the inspiration behind it. How do you properly tell someone that you're just trying to have sex? What's the rules? And Midas tells us about Pantheon Productions and the podcasts coming from them. Follow us Instagram: @ChampagneStoriesPod Facebook: Champagne Stories Podcast Thanks for listening!


Episode 17: Lift That D!ck Up

This week, the ladies of Champagne Stories are joined by three special guests, Kiyea, Domonique, and Chicka. We discuss the craziest situations that we've been in and how we got out. The idea behind women mentally leaving relationships before its over, best breakup songs, how to get over breakups, and going through your hoe phase. Hilarious episode! Thanks for listening! Follow us: Insta: @champagnestoriespod Facebook: Champagne stories podcast


Episode 16: Boys Will Be Boys

Sorry for the wait! The ladies are back with a special guest, Jcoulee. We discuss more crazy things we've done while high, weird sex fetishes, and how to get free trips to Dubai. One of the girls shares the story about her possibly gay ex boyfriend. Then we talk to our guest about some stereotypes we've heard about gay men and he dropped some knowledge on us! Thanks for listening! Follow us: Instagram: @ChampagneStoriesPod Facebook: Champagne Stories Podcast Email:...


Episode 14: Black Love Matters

This week, we're joined by Josh and Antonio, two of the ladies of Champagne Stories' significant others. We discuss getting married young, how he proposed, and how did your parents feel about it? How to tell if she/he is the one, keeping the spice in your relationship after 7 years. Then we play a game to see who knows who best! Who wins? Thanks for listening! Follow us: Instagram: @champagnestoriespod Facebook: Champagne Stories Podcast Email: Rate & Review!


Episode 13: Let's Talk About Sex

The ladies of Champagne Stories are back this week to discuss everyones favorite topic, SEX. Was your first time bad? Have you ever squirted? What's the best kind of sex? We talk about threesomes, getting caught during sex, and tips on giving the best head. Things got a little wild at the end! Thanks for listening! Follow us: Insta: @Champagnestoriespod Facebook: Champagne Stories Podcast Advice:


Episode 12: Unapologetically Black

Champagne stories is back with episode 12! This week, we dive right into the topic of being black in corporate america and double standards. Do you tone yourself down at work? Do you speak differently? How do you deal with people asking to touch your hair? Some of the ladies discuss their experiences with facing racism at work and how to overcome. Could you name something all black people do? Thanks for listening! Follow us Insta: @champagnestoriespod Facebook: Champagne Stories Podcast...


Episode 11: Wild & Woke

You guessed it! This week, we were joined by Wild & Woke Podcast. They share why they started Wild & Woke podcast, what it's all about, and what they each bring to the table. Then things got a little wild. We talk about our biggest pet peeves, celebrity sex tapes, and snapchat nudes. Thanks for listening! Follow us Insta: @Champagnestoriespod Facebook: Champagne Stories Podcast Advertising/Advice: Rate, Review, and Share your favorite episodes!


Episode 10: Battle of the sexes pt 2

We're back with another battle of the sexes! This week, we were joined by a few members of The Collab. They tell us what the collab is, where it all started and what's next. Then we get down to the battle of the sexes! Who won this time? Thanks for listening! Follow us Insta: @champagnestoriespod Facebook: Champagne Stories Podcast Advice/Topics Email: Rate and Review us!


Episode 9: Check yo finances

The ladies of Champagne Stories Podcast are staring the year off right. We were joined by guest, Khadijah, who stops by to make sure our finances are in order for 2018. What is credit? What impacts your credit the most? How do you rebuild your credit? And saving/budgeting tips. Would you co sign for your significant others car? Could you date a cheap person? Thanks for listening! Rate and Share your favorite episode! Follow us on social media Facebook: Champagne Stories Podcast Insta:...