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Chocmami presents Choclate City Radio. This radio show is one of the most talked about shows online. We talk about adult topics while playing the best music from signed and indie artist. Now cum and ride da choclate wave.


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Chocmami presents Choclate City Radio. This radio show is one of the most talked about shows online. We talk about adult topics while playing the best music from signed and indie artist. Now cum and ride da choclate wave.








Choclate City Radio

What could be better than choc and asten? Well it's my cousins making everyone has no manners. Cum and ride this choclate wave.


Welcome Back

Its been a long time. we shouldnt left with out a beat to step to. Welcome back to a wild and crazy ride with me and asten. Yes we will turnt with no manners at all. Join in the fun and catch up with our crazy life. We have truly missed being on the air. Come and ride the choclate wave.


The Choc Lounge Live with Choc presents Michael Stokes

Tonight in the Choc Lounge I have RnB singer Michael Stokes. He has soulful and sultry sound. I first heard him on the hook of It Feels Good with Blood Raw and I was instantly taken in by his sound. So tonight we have him live in the Choc Lounge and its going to be a treat.


The Choc Lounge live with Choc Mami , Asten and Moe

Sincere Grant is one of the hottest unsigned R&B singer/songwriter and performer that continues to keep pushing and producing amazing music for R&B hip hop music lovers and fans worldwide. The Tulsa Oklahoma self-made independent rising music star has taken one step closer to international stardom with his new single “Money On The Stage”. This hot new single is creating a buzz that is being heard and loved around the world by R&B music lovers and fans. Sincere Grant has delivered to his fans...


The Choc Lounge live with Choc Mami , Asten and Moe

Born and raised in Bronx, New York, Vin comes from the humble upbringings where his love for music cultivated at a very young age. He remembers staying up late nights and watching classic R&B Soul and Rock&Roll infomercials, mimicking what he heard and saw. Vin toured for a year in Singapore, Beijing and after returning home, he knew it was his time to get back in the studio. Vin signed with independent music label Monarchy Records (a division of Spectra Music Group). While recording songs...


The Choc Lounge live with Choc Mami and Asten

Manny “Emanuel” De’Anda was born in Pittsburgh, P.A. to a Mexican father Lupe de Anda and African American Mother, Barbara Joyce Burch. Raised in the great city of Pittsburgh, Emanuel’s singing career started off in a group called Crave, where the members met singing in the choir together at WestingHouse High School, where he also starred on the school’s Football and Wrestling teams. With the help of Meanstreet Entertainment founder Big D, Crave had three #1 singles at local radio station...


Choclate City Radio #nomanners Thursday with Coach Incredible

Tonight we will be lie with Coach Incredible. Hailing from Dayton (Parkside) Ohio, bad boy gone good, CoachNcredible is one of few that can proudly say, "I made it out of the hood." Despite a troubled youth filled with crime, drugs and incarceration, he beat the odds. After several years in the penitentiary, Coach Chronic transformed into CoachNcredible and vowed to change people's views on what Hip-Hop has to be. "Trapp-ed" music no more, #YachtMusiK is a NaviGatioN toward a more positive...


The Choc Lounge live with Choc Mami and Asten

Tonight we are proud to present a new segment called the Choc Lounge. Its a segment where we have a live performance by our special guest. Tonight we are proud to present Gorgeous Singing and performing since the age of 4, Gorgeous’ childhood home continuously buzzed with musical talents shared by her 3 sisters and older brother. Falling in love immediately, music was her remedy, providing a platform for self-expression, and utilization of her creativity all the while having fun while she...


Choclate City Radio #nomanners Thursday

Join me tonight as I celebrate my birthday. Asten's birthday is also on Sat. Tonight we will be off the chain with no manners doing what we do the most cut up. lol We will have all kinds of fun so tune in.


Choclate City Radio Slow Jams Sunday

This is the show were you and your boo cuddle up and loisten to best slow jams and have a romactic evening. I stay giving you the music to get you in the mood.


Choclate City Radio

Its been a week and we are back full speed a head. Join me, Asten and Daja as we talk about tax season and the bs of cuffing season that goes along with those big ass returns. We will truy have #nomanners tonight


Choclate City Radio Slow Jams Sunday

This the show were you and your boo cuddle up and listen to best slow jam mixes to get you in the mood to have a romantic evening.


Choclate City Radio Returns

It has been almost a year since I last air my show. Its a new year and a new me Join me, Asten and Deja as we bring you all the thing you love about Choclate City Radio. Cum and ride da choclate wave


Choclate City Radio presents Wayne Wonder

This show is going to be a great one. I know I have been mia but I am back with a greatness. Tonight I will be interviewing jamaican artist Wayne Wonder. We will be riding the da #choclatewave. Join us and have a blast.


Choclate City Radio presents FOE Boyz

Tonight is my first show of 2015 and its my birthday. I will be interviewing the FOE Boyz and celebrating my birthday at the sme time. Join me as I turn up with my guest and friends


Choclate City Radio present Ms Deucie

Its been a long time but I am back. I will be interview female artist Ms, Deucie for the queen city Charlotte. I meet her years ago and fell in love with her grind. She is one of the best female artist out with a lot to offer. Please join me tonight as I get upclose and personal with Ms Deucie.


Choclate City Radio

Join me tonight as I come back to kick it and catch everyone up on the choclate wave and my life. We will be talking about current events. And no I still have #nomanners


Choclate City Radio #nomanners Weds with Dj Hard Hitta

Join me tonight as I finally come back on the air with Texas Dj Hard Hitta. I meet him a few months ago at a Coast 2 Coast event and we been rocking every since. He said He couldnt wait to come on the show and have #nomanners. This show will have you laughing as usual.


Choclate City Radio #nomanners Weds

Join me as I return back on the air tonight. Its going to be crazy. Find out about trip to Miami and the Coast 2 Coast conference. And you know I gotta give my 2 cents about the Ray Rice situation. I will truly have #nomanners tonight.


Choclate City Radio #nomanners Weds

Tonight is the show where we really have #nomanners. Tonight I will be palying old school and music of today. Join me as I keep you rolling and wanting more.