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Cliffo and Gabi are on your wakeup dial on Hit Queensland 6-9am every weekday!

Cliffo and Gabi are on your wakeup dial on Hit Queensland 6-9am every weekday!


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Cliffo and Gabi are on your wakeup dial on Hit Queensland 6-9am every weekday!




Hugh Sheridan Shares His Proposal Story On Stage!

Cliffo & Gabi spoke to Hugh Sheridan ahead of the release of Back to the Rafters and he revealed their regret around their proposal See for privacy information.


Liane Moriarty Chats Nine Perfect Strangers! Guidance Gabi + Katie Conquers Clowns!

Liane Moriarty Face your fears Katie clowns Emma Gingerich - Never Gonna Get One - someone who used to be Amish Guidance Gabi - dad with period chat Harley Breen - Making It Australia See for privacy information.


Cliffo & Gabi Help Katie Face Her Fear Of Clowns

Cliffo & Gabi helped Katie face her fear of clowns by dressing up and scaring her to confront her fear See for privacy information.


We Spoke To Someone Who Left The Amish Lifestyle!

Cliffo & Gabi spoke to Emma Gingerich who grew up Amish and left her community at 18 See for privacy information.


Cliffo's Cat Is A Snob! Million Dollar Alphabucks Advice from Wordologist + Gabi's Issue With Her Watch

What trend did you reject? Christian Hull Face Your Fears Cliffo hates his dishwasher David Astle - Wordologist Million Dollar Alphabucks Taco has become a snob cat Gabi has an issue with her watch See for privacy information.


Christian Hull Faces His Fear Of Balloons!

Cliffo & Gabi have been helping people face their fears and helped Christian Hull attempt to conquer his fear of balloons #HitQLDBreakfast #Cliffo&Gabi #ChristianHull #FaceYourFears See for privacy information.


Million Dollar Feeling..Tips On How To Play From A Wordologist!

Cliffo & Gabi spoke to David Astle, a Wordologist to get tips and tricks on how to play! See for privacy information.


Do You Invite The Oldies To The Hens? Ty Faced His Fear Of Snakes + Most Useless Kitchen Items

Do you invite the oldies to the hens/bucks? Face Your Fears - Ty Snakes Gabi came across something funny when booking Xmas accommodation What's the most useless item in your kitchen? Hacki Gabi Buy, swap, sell - the code See for privacy information.


Cliffo & Gabi Help Ty Face His Fear Of Snakes!

Ty reached out to Cliffo & Gabi about his fear of snakes and with the help of Ranger Ray, he faces his fear! See for privacy information.


A Bird Pooped On Gabi's Head! Cliffo Asked A Woman If She Was Pregnant + Hughesy Chats The Masked Singer

Regretful ways you spent your money when you were younger Memory Monday - Fear Factor - Rupert Thompson Nev & Gabi discussed their love languages Cliffo asked a woman if she was pregnant Daves Hughes - The Masked Singer How'd you destroy a wall? A bird pooped on Gabi's head See for privacy information.


MEMORY MONDAY: Rupert Thomspon Director of Fear Factor!

Cliffo & Gabi were joined by Rupert Thompson the director of Fear Factor who looked back at his favourite memories of the show and the craziest stunts ever performed on the show! See for privacy information.


Gabi Faced Her Fear Of Being Chased! Movies That Weren't Actually Kid Friendly + Do You Have To Take A Gift When You Go To Someone's House?

What kid movie did you think was kid friendly but wasn't? Gabi faced her fear of being chased Do you have to take a gift when you go to someone's house? ways you can use windex Cosmetic issues you may be causing in sleep positions Ash Magic See for privacy information.


Gabi Faces Her Fear Of Being Chased!

Gabi faced her fear of being chased where Cliffo dressed up as the grim reaper and chased her around the office See for privacy information.


How Often Do You Was Your Coffee Mug? 9/11 Survivor Shares His Story + Cliffo's Rude Awakening

Cliffo's rude awakening Brian Clark survived 9/11 Dr Michael Carr Gregg - why facing you fears can be healthy How often do you wash your coffee mug Adam & Symon Gogglebox Naughty 640 See for privacy information.


We Spoke To A Man Who Escaped The 84th Floor Of The Twin Towers On 9/11

Cliffo & Gabi spoke to Brian Clark who escaped the 84th floor of the twin towers when the plane struck through his floor on September 11 #BrianClark #HitQLDBreakfast #Cliffo&Gabi #9/11 #September11 See for privacy information.


What Did You Wish You Asked Before Getting Married? Jackass Injuries + Cliffo Faces His Balcony Fear

What's the one thing you wished you asked your partner before getting married? Jackass injuries Face your fears - Cliffo balcony fear Todd Sampson - Mirror Mirror Roland De Chazal - Australia's oldest postie retires Gabi thought Nev was being a standup citizen Farewell fling See for privacy information.


Cliffo Faced His Fear Of Hotel Balconies!

Cliffo & Gabi are attempting to face their fear & headed to a hotel balcony to see if Cliffo can conquer his fear See for privacy information.


Does Getting Back With An Ex Ever Work Out? Ex Anti Vaxxer Shares Her Story +Cliffo Reveals His Fear!

Face your fears Guidance Gabi - does getting back with an ex ever work out? Ex anti-vaxxer Heather Simpson shares her story The ultimate bedtime routine VS the actual bedtime routine The Bunnings brick return - who's side are you on? QLD's biggest social media earners See for privacy information.


An Ex Anti-Vaxxer Shares Why She Changed Her Mind And Got The COVID Jab!

Heather Simpson was prominent in the anti-vax movement but has since changed her mind and encourages others to get vaccinated See for privacy information.


Hottest Disney Dad's! Have You Faced Your Fear? + Paying At The Drive-Thru With A Smart Watch

Have you faced your fear? Paying At The Drive Thru with a smart watch Memory Monday - Belinda Chapple Bardot Gabi house alarms - what should you have done properly Hottest Disney daddies The pure romance party See for privacy information.