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Cliffo and Gabi are on your wakeup dial on Hit Queensland 6-9am every weekday!

Cliffo and Gabi are on your wakeup dial on Hit Queensland 6-9am every weekday!


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Cliffo and Gabi are on your wakeup dial on Hit Queensland 6-9am every weekday!




Has Your Neighbour Caught You Naked? Gabi's Present From Bear! + Rivkah Reyes From School of Rock

when did you hit technology and it worked? Rivkah Reyes - Memory Monday - Katie School of Rock Gabi's present from Bear Cliffo's love language went too far Has your neighbor caught you naked? Koala vaccination for chlamydia See for privacy information.


PODCAST EXCLUSIVE: Extended Memory Monday with Rivkah Reyes from School of Rock

See for privacy information.


The Most Friday Thing Ever! Pet Weight Loss Success Stories + Patrick Lives It Up On The Reef!

the most Friday thing ever Patrick - live like a millionaire - yacht & helicopter Has your pet succeeded on their weight loss journey? Hacki Gabi The job that could be the back up for Gabi Matt McKinley - KnowNotNo See for privacy information.


Million Dollar Day Rep Patrick Experiences The Reef By Helicopter & Yacht!

See for privacy information.


Patrick Ate Like A Millionaire! Superior Chocolate Cakes! + Do You Have Joint Bank Accounts?

Patrick - live like a millionaire - Tha Fish Feast Once you get married do you join your bank accounts or keep them seperate? Matthew Reilly - author Abbie Chatfield - Love Island Afterparty what's the superior chocolate cake - frozen or mud? Naughty 640 See for privacy information.


Abbie Chatfield Reveals She Checks Her Locks Every Night After Receiving Death Threats!

Cliffo & Gabi spoke with Abbie Chatfield the host of Love Island Australia Afterparty starting tonight! She revealed what she thinks about contestant Ryan sleeping with 500+ people and opens up about death threats she's received See for privacy information.


Matthew Reilly Shares Details Of Netflix Movie Produced By Chris Hemsworth!

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Can I Uninvite My Friends Kid? Cliffo & Gabi's Bunnings Jab Ad! We Spoke To Someone Who Has Been To North Korea!

Guidance Gabi - uninvite kid Bunnings jab ad Never Gonna Get One - Tommy Walker - someone who has been to North Korea Patrick - live like a millionaire - hotel & mansions List of things you can buy with 45.6 billion wons Lucy Wark - founder of It's Normal - sex ed for adults Share the Dignity See for privacy information.


British Photographer Shares What Not To Say In North Korea!

Cliffo & Gabi spoke with Tommy Walker a British photographer about his experience visiting North Korea See for privacy information.


Cheap Appliances & How Long They Last! Patrick Is Flying Like A Millionaire + What Have You Broken Into That You Were Allowed To?

Patrick - Live like a millionaire helicopter what's the cheapest appliance you bought and how long did it last? Top 5 things you need to know new QLD NRL team What have you broken into that you were allowed to? Dan Ewing SAS Freedom Day with MC See for privacy information.


Dan Ewing Shares Whether He Thinks He Got A Bad Edit On SAS Australia

Cliffo & Gabi spoke with Dan Ewing from SAS Australia about being the only non athlete there and rumors of a bad edit! See for privacy information.


We're Taking Patrick Million Dollar Day Rep On A Superyacht! Sophie Monk Chats Love Island & Memory Monday!

Patrick - million dollar Alphabucks day rep - superyacht Memory Monday - heather Burns - Miss Congeniality Sophie Monk - Love Island See for privacy information.


MEMORY MONDAY: Miss Rhode Island from Miss Congeniality

Cliffo & Gabi spoke to Heather Burns who played Miss Rhode Island in Miss Congeniality. They spoke about her fire twirling skills, favourite memories and her iconic line of her perfect idea of a date See for privacy information.


What Did You Pierce Yourself? Dami Im Chats Celebrity Masterchef + Songify Me!

Songify Me - Kimberly by GENES Dami Im Celebrity Mastechef What did you pierce yourself? Gabi's nail colour Guidance Gabi - is it the end? Charlie's first swimming lessons See for privacy information.


Songify Me: Gluten Free Dreams

Cliffo & Gabi have been writing songs for listeners as they are sick of celebs having all the glory! To take it to the next level, they got the help of GENES to write and sing one for Kimberly about being celiac See for privacy information.


Sleeping Together The Night Before The Wedding! Gabi & Nev's Miscommunication + Cliffo's Toilet Confession!

Songify Me Sleeping together the night before the wedding Never Gonna Get One - Jen donated her eggs to her friend Cliffo's toielt confession Gabi & Nev's miscommunication Naughty 640 See for privacy information.


We Spoke to Jen Who Donated Her Eggs To Her Friend!

Cliffo & Gabi spoke with Jen a QLD woman who shared what her experience was like donating her eggs from how the process works and whether she has a connection to the child See for privacy information.


Most Parent Thing You've Said! What Did You Forget To pack + Songify Me

most parent thing you've ever said to your children Songify Me - Caitlin Beggin to Poo Em Rusciano - Masked Singer Why you shouldn't pay cash right now What did you forget to pack when you went away? Dirty Charlie See for privacy information.


Em Rusciano Reveals Best Part About Working On Masked Singer

Cliffo & Gabi spoke with Em Rusciano the runner up and Dolly from this years Masked Singer See for privacy information.


Cliffo & Gabi's UFO Songify Me! What Was In Your Roof? + Hacki Gabi!

Songify Me - Aysha saw a UFO Jett Kenny SAS What was in your roof? Mandy Watts - chicken hats Jack Vidgen - Masked Singer Hacki Gabi See for privacy information.