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Cliffo and Gabi are on your wakeup dial on Hit Queensland 6-9am every weekday!

Cliffo and Gabi are on your wakeup dial on Hit Queensland 6-9am every weekday!


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Cliffo and Gabi are on your wakeup dial on Hit Queensland 6-9am every weekday!




The Sympathy Spew Is Real! Boo from Monsters Inc + Crinjuries

Christmas injuries - who's injured themselves at Christmas? Memory Monday - Boo from Monsters Inc Yvie Jones - Snackmasters The sympathy spew is real Turn your frown upside down The mistake Gabi made with her blow up Santa What did your kid forget? See for privacy information.


MONSTERS INC: Boo from Monsters Inc

Cliffo & Gabi spoke with Mary Gibbs the voice actor behind the iconic Boo from Monsters Inc! See for privacy information.


Cliffo & Gabi's Set Up Saturday Christmas Show!

Did you miss out on setting up your Christmas tree with us? Play this to bring in the festive season while you decorate! See for privacy information.


What Christmas Songs Do You Want Tomorrow? Gabi Fell Asleep At The Hairdresser + When Did You Change Because Of The Person You Were Dating?

What Christmas song do you want to hear tomorrow? Gabi fell asleep at the hairdresser and missed the best part Never Gonna Get One - Gina Dewdney - woman who gave birth to identical triplets When did you change because of the person you were dating? Jamie- Lee Bachelorette Producer Brooke tries fruit mince pie See for privacy information.


Jamie-Lee Wants People To Slide Into Her DM’s After Not Being Chosen By Brooke Blurton On The Bachelorette

Last night Brooke Blurton from the Bachelorette chose Darvid with Jamie-Lee coming in second place - we spoke to her about what that experience was like See for privacy information.


New Mum Shares What It Was Like Giving Birth To Identical Triplets!

Gina Dewdney is a UK mum who had not only the rare experience of having identical triplets but also babies born at exactly the same time! See for privacy information.


Santa Called In From The North Pole! Did Dad's In The Old Days Have It Easy? + James Marsden!

Santa - Set Up Saturday James Marsden - Boss Baby 2 Big sizes in bridal gowns Did dad's in the old days have it easy? Naughty 640 Hacki Gabi See for privacy information.


James Marsden Shares How Acting Has Let Him Hold Onto His Childhood

Cliffo & Gabi spoke to Hollywood heartthrob James Marsden ahead of Boss Baby 2 out in cinemas and shared how acting has let him be a big kid! See for privacy information.


Santa Reveals What To Leave Out For Him This Christmas Eve!

Cliffo & Gabi dialed into the North Pole this morning to chat to Santa ahead of their Set Up Saturday show and revealed what he wants left out for him on Christmas Eve See for privacy information.


The Sound Nipples Make! Bandit from Bluey + Strangest Things Found At A Nightclub

The sound nipples make in the Clifton house Dave McCormack - Bandit from Bluey Makeshift Christmas trees Bear at the vet Guidance Gabi - what should Jess do? Andy Lee - The Hundred Christmas Special Strangest things found at a nightclub See for privacy information.


Dave McCormack On Bandit Heeler From Bluey Being A Sex Symbol!

Cliffo & Gabi spoke to Dave McCormack, the voice actor behind Bandit Heeler from Bluey on what it's like having mums finding the character sexy and what we can expect from the third season See for privacy information.


Set Up Saturday! Cliffo's Fridge Freak Out + Lisa Jakub from Mrs Doubtfire!

A new form of battery on the market Set up Saturday - will you do it with us? Lisa Jakub - Mrs Doubtfire - Memory Monday Christmas lights workout Fridge freak out - when did you get caught in the moment? Elijah Richardson - 8 year old eco-warrior New term like FOMO See for privacy information.


MEMORY MONDAY: Lydia Hillard from Mrs Doubtfire

Cliffo & Gabi spoke with Lisa Jakub who played eldest daughter Lydia Hillard in Mrs Doubtfire and shared her favourite memories from on set and what it was like to work with Robin Williams See for privacy information.


Cliffo & Gabi's Road Trip To Nowhere! Most Outrageous Thing You've Seen Someone Do While Driving + Someone Thinks Nev Is Dead!

The break down social experiment Shannon Noll Someone thinks Nev is dead Most outrageous thing you've seen someone do while driving Hacki Gabi Sophie Monk - Lego Masters Brickmas Which Mario Kart character do you pick? See for privacy information.


Cliffo & Gabi's Car Breakdown Experiment: How Long Does It Take For A Stranger To Stop!

Cliffo & Gabi did a social experiement to see how long it would take for someone to stop for them if there car broke down! See for privacy information.


Gabi Thinks She's The Reason Shannon Noll Didn't Take Out Australian Idol!

Cliffo & Gabi spoke with Shannon Noll about his new music, road trip adventures and Gabi had a big confession for him! See for privacy information.


Cliffo Failed His Driving Test! Videos You Watched To Death + Guidance Gabi!

Guidance Gabi Tammin Sursok Cliffo & Gabi's road trip to nowhere - Cliffo driving test What video did you literally watch to death? Producer Brooke tries..lamb Naughty 640 proof that kids are made out of rubber is our resident tight ass low key rich? See for privacy information.


Tammin Sursok aka Jenna Marshall from Pretty Little Liars Shares Story Behind Landing Her Iconic Role!

Cliffo & Gabi spoke to former Neighbours and Pretty Little Liars star Tammin Sursok about her successful career and her new life back in Australia See for privacy information.


Gabi Re-Attempts Her Driving Test! Is It Okay To Wash Your Dog Bowl In The Dishwasher + We Spoke To A Holocaust Survivor!

Gabi's dirty laundry Cliffo & Gabi's road trip to nowhere - Gabi driving test Never Gonna Get One - Marion Blumenthal Lazan - Holocaust survivor Is it okay to wash your dog bowl in the dishwasher? Rory McHugh - marathon man running for Movember Popular pen poll - what's your pen pick? Jessica Mauboy See for privacy information.


Holocaust Survivor Marion Shares What It Was Like Living Inside A Concentration Camp

Cliffo & Gabi spoke to Marion Blumenthal Lazan who was a child during the Holocaust and retells her story of living in a concentration camp with her family See for privacy information.