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Cliffo and Gabi are on your wakeup dial on Hit Queensland 6-9am every weekday!

Cliffo and Gabi are on your wakeup dial on Hit Queensland 6-9am every weekday!


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Cliffo and Gabi are on your wakeup dial on Hit Queensland 6-9am every weekday!




Close Calls With Death! Vote For Pedro + When Did You Let It All Hang Out?

Gabi the snapping turtle Cliffo & Gabi's School Delay Giveaway Efren Ramirez - Memory Monday - Napoleon Dynamite When did you let it all hang out? Maria Thattil - I'm A Celeb evictee Ask Aunty Gabi When did you have a close call with death? Gabi got her booster yesterday See for privacy information.


Could Maria Thattil Be The Next Bachelorette?

Cliffo & Gabi spoke to Maria Thattil, the latest celeb to be evicted from the I'm A Celeb jungle about her relationship with Joey from Essex and whether she would agree to be the next Bachelorette See for privacy information.


MEMORY MONDAY: Pedro Sanchez from Napoleon Dynamite

Cliffo & Gabi spoke to Efren Ramirez who plays the iconic Pedro Sanchez about his favourite memories working on Napoleon Dynamite See for privacy information.


Do You Wear Shoes and Socks Around Your House? Nev Kicked Gabi Out Of His Gaming Room + Charlie's Horrific Experience At Wiggle World

Charlie's horrific experience at Wiggle World Jen Glantz - Never Gonna Get One - Bridesmaid for hire Are there any women out there still struggling to grow their eyebrows out from the 90's Nev kicked Gabi out of his gaming room Are you a person who wears shoes and socks around your home See for privacy information.


We Spoke To A Bridesmaid For Hire!

Cliffo & Gabi spoke to Jen Glantz who works as a bridesmaid for hire and has helped brides all over the world have their perfect wedding day See for privacy information.


Are We Hotter With Face Masks? Who Pays For What For The Bridesmaids? + How Much You Could Earn As An Influencer

Who pays for what for the bridesmaids? Dr Sam Kovac - can pets get COVID from humans? How much you could earn as an influencer Cliffo & Gabi's school delay giveaway launch Ask Auntie Gabi Face masks make you hot QLD's fossil emblem See for privacy information.


Dr Sam Kovac Reveals Pets Can Catch COVID From Humans

Veterinarian Dr Sam Kovac answers all our questions about pets catching COVID and shares Australia could be getting a vaccine for our furry friends See for privacy information.


Gabi Got Sucked In With New Year, New Me! Cliffo Got Way Too Close To His Pool + Who's Pretended It Didn't Hurt To Save Face?

Gabi got sucked in with new Year, New Me At what age did you stop supporting your kids or are you still doing it? Dr Bronwyn King - difference between cigarettes and vaping Nev misusing Alexa Who's pretended it didn't hurt to save face? Answering the call of nature Cliffo gets way too close to his pool See for privacy information.


Everything You Need To Know About Vaping & Why It's Harmful

Dr Brownyn King joined Cliffo & Gabi to explain more about vaping and the risks associated as there are reports that Queensland children as young as 10 have become addicted to vaping See for privacy information.


Where Did Your Kid Relieve Themselves! Why Cliffo Had To Call 000 + Never Gonna Get One Returns!

Where did your kid relieve themselves? Never Gonna Get One - fell in love with someone in jail - Breah Sutton The rules for packing a suitcase Why Cliffo had to call 000 Ask Auntie Gabi The bizarre booster side effect See for privacy information.


We Spoke To A Woman Who Fell In Love With An Inmate!

Cliffo & Gabi spoke with Breah Sutton a UK woman who formed a relationship with an inmate after meeting through a friend. See for privacy information.


Have You Been Deported? Davina Unleashes On MAFS + Robby Benson from Beauty & The Beast!

Have you been deported? Memory Monday - Robby Benson - Beauty & The Beast Davina Rankin - I'm A Celeb How to entertain kids and dad on a plane Abbie Chatfield - Hot Nights Cliffo's going to make you feel old See for privacy information.


MEMORY MONDAY: Robby Benson from Beauty & The Beast

Cliffo & Gabi spoke to Robby Benson the iconic voice behind The Beast in the Disney 1993 film Beauty & The Beast to share what it was like working on the film See for privacy information.


Davina Rankin Blasts MAFS For Lack Of Duty Of Care

See for privacy information.


Cliffo & Gabi's Summer Series Podcast: Episode 4

Cassandra - surrogate mother Sympathy spew is real Brian Clark 9/11 survivor See for privacy information.


Cliffo & Gabi's Summer Series Podcast: Episode 3

June Gable from Friends Gabi's blonde moment with her scales Victor Glover - NASA Astronuat See for privacy information.


Cliffo & Gabi's Summer Series Podcast: Episode 2

Elisa Donovan - Amber from Clueless Nev kiss testy Peter Combe See for privacy information.


Cliffo & Gabi's Summer Series Podcast: Episode 1

AQUA Gabi's fertility secret Edith Conn - met Princess Diana See for privacy information.


FINAL SHOW OF THE YEAR! Christmas Disasters! + Weirdest Thing Your Kid Asked From Santa + George Sheppard!

Liz Gwynn - Tasmania jumping castle disaster Christmas Christmas disasters TLC No Scrubs the actual meaning The weirdest thing your kid asked for from Santa Bernie Hogan - penalties for abusive customers Brianna how her reunite week went George Sheppard Queensland Carol Helping Hams winner Damien See for privacy information.


Liz Gwynn Live From Devonport Following Jumping Castle Tragedy

Cliffo & Gabi spoke to Liz Gwynn from Devonport on site following the jumping castle accident that resulted in the injury and death of primary school students See for privacy information.