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A casual conversation about all things Houston Rockets.

A casual conversation about all things Houston Rockets.


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A casual conversation about all things Houston Rockets.




What in the World Is Wrong with the Rockets?

Taylor and Jon try and bring more energy to this episode than the Rockets have been bringing to their first 7 games of the season. It was a low bar to clear and they seem to have accomplished this feat. They process their feelings about the Rockets slow start, try and figure out why the Rockets losing in the playoffs each year is so much more frustrating than the Astros losing the World Series, and discuss if they really think Harden can ever bring home an NBA Championship to the city of...


Rockets vs. Bucks Immediate Reactions, Harden's Disappearing Act, the Brodie Shows Promise, Eccentric Hair Theory, and a Very Special Guest

Jon and Taylor react to the Rockets 117-111 loss to the Milwaukee Bucks. We discuss what happened to Harden, how Russ is already bonding with Houston, and crazy hair-style theories. Also, Taylor and Jon are joined by a very special guest, Logan (Bobi) Garza.


Preseason Recap, Analytics vs Feel, Rockets Leadership Questions, and a Mushroom Focus Shot. Plus, Go Stros!

Taylor and Jon celebrate the Astros, then try and figure out if there is any meaningful takeaway from the NBA Preseason. Then, we discuss how far analytics can take the Rockets and what the team really needs to get over the hump. Also, how effective is a mushroom focus shot? Important: No one hallucinated during the making of this podcast. Here are links to articles mentioned during the episode: The Tyson Chandler Article NBA GM Survey 2019-2020


The Brodie Plays! Plus, Preseason Takeaways and a Western Conference Preview

Jon and Taylor briefly touch on the controversy surrounding the Rockets, the NBA, and China. Then, we dive deep into the Rockets preseason and talk about Westbrook's first game as a Rocket, what Jon and Russ have in common when it comes to facial hair, and things we like and things we don't like about the Rockets preseason so far. Also, we take a look at the depth of the Western Conference and ponder what it might mean for the Rockets' playoff matchups. Links we mentioned: Visit The...


Rockets First Preseason Game Recap, Dream vs. The Admiral, and Exploring Houston's Depth

Jon rants about David Robinson being ranked higher than Hakeem Olajuwon on Bleacher Report's 50 best NBA players of all-time. Jon and Taylor recap the first preseason game against the Shanghai Sharks. We also discuss Harden's new one-legged shot, what there is to learn from a preseason game against a non-NBA team, how to pronounce Danuel and Thabo, the Rockets' bench and roster depth, and other NBA teams and players we're excited to watch this season.


A Lifetime of Rockets Heartbreak, 2019-2020 Season Preview

Jon and Taylor recap all the heartbreak they have been through as die-hard Rockets fans. Then they preview the upcoming season highlighting the duo of Russell Westbrook and James Harden. Show Notes (Mostly error corrections) - Scottie Pippen joined the Rockets in 1998. - Hakeem Olajuwon, Scottie Pippen, and Charles Barkley were on the 1998-99 roster, but Cylde Drexler retired after the 97-98 season. - Brandon Roy did not hit a game-winner against the Rockets in 2015, that was Damian...


Intro Episode - Welcome to the Clutch City Convo!

Jon and Taylor discuss why they're doing this podcast, how they fell in love with the Houston Rockets, and what the Clutch City Convo is all about.