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We interview business leaders, sports leaders on positive coaching, and podcast business tips and SEO tips.

We interview business leaders, sports leaders on positive coaching, and podcast business tips and SEO tips.
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We interview business leaders, sports leaders on positive coaching, and podcast business tips and SEO tips.








Chase Hughes Authority to Persuade

Chase Hughes teaches ninja interrogation and persuasion methods to government agencies. Like how to get a foreign national to flip, even though if he is caught, he will be killed. So he knows lots about how bendable the human mind is and how to manipulate it for evil. But preferably good. Here he teaches us many concept of persuasion and the most important of all. Authority. How to get it. How to demonstrate it. Authority...


Carol Testimonial

Realtor Carol Gilles called to thank me for helping her close a $1million plus deal.


Branding with Coach Tim and Marco Casanova

More Get the book Partial Transcript [0:00] I have a wonderful guest for you today it is. A subject that we all heard. And if your like me sometimes we kinda gloss over this word and that word is branding and because of that I thought to bring on a branding expert. Marco casanova .. [2:39] Branding is in a nutshell relationship management...


Viral Marketing



Blogging for Real Estate

An outline to create your blog content. I found this on a harddrive and it was me just audio note taking but it was good enough to publish.


Coach Seamon on Building Team,Culture, and Leaders

Coach Seamon on Building Team,Culture, and Leaders by Tim O'Keefe


Authority Marketing:Dominate Your Market Like Fox News and CNN

Get authority by answering: What Does This Mean To Me? Take over your marketplace by becoming its thought leader on and offline.


Building Leaders Through Culture With Coach Mo

Join Coach Scott Morrison as he explains a thru z how he installed his culture proposition in through his organization in order to build leaders and a successful team.


Kaepernick, NFL,Trump and Publicity

This talk can be called Consumer Protection for Your Mind, or How to Control Minds for Fun and Profit Today we have Dave Lakhani of We tackle the NFL and getting attention for your cause. As soon as we ask for attention we are asking to be judged. Interestingly, as we analyze the events, we too are screaming for attention. This is the economy for which we all exist. Long ago Dave taught me to enter a conversation that I want under my name. Contribute to the...


What is Bitcoin?

I have followed Chris Tomasulo since the late 90s. He was affectionately branded as Dr. Sulo and published which is why I met him. He is such a master of persuasion that he was modeled and featured in a seminar documented on tape and DVD by master NLP practitioner Jonathan Altfeld (who also shared his applied NLP to football coaching here on SoundCloud.) Chris has always been interested in investment opportunities and like persuasion, he has created an archive on...


Dr Matt Chiropractor Hermosa Beach Business with Tim O'Keefe

Dr. Matt discusses health for young athletes and us midlifers so we get to have a great late life. He shares one of his secrets to business success through what I call curation expertise. Dr. Matthew Costantino, D.C. Los Angeles College of Chiropractic - B.S. Biology 1989 - D.C. 1991, San Diego State University San Diego, CA - Athletic training. International Upper Cervical, Chiropractic Assoc. (100+ Hours),...


Nick Holt on Coaching

Holt attended high school at Bellarmine College Preparatory in San Jose, California, where he played football and baseball and graduated in 1981. He enrolled at the University of the Pacific in Stockton, where he played linebacker and lettered for four years for the Tigers, redshirting in 1982 due to injury. In his senior season of 1985, Holt was an All-American honorable mention, Pacific's MVP and a team captain. During the 1983 season, Pacific's offensive coordinator and assistant head...


ECC Gifford Lindheim Shares the Secrets to His Football Coaching Success

ECC Gifford Lindheim Gifford Lindheim Phone Number: 310-660-3593 Email: Coach interviewed after San Berdu game. Key takeaways from the interview: -22 years as a coach -Coaches philosophy for success. -Kids need to know you respect them and believe in them. A personal relationship with players. -Its a people business. -"Im always busy, but never too...


How Mark Parrish is Dominating Social Media

MARK PARRISH Realtor c: +1.612.385.5920 e: Big or small, Mark sells them all. He treats every client with the same level of service regardless of price throughout the Twin Cities. When you work with Mark, you get Mark. You are not pawned off to an assistant or another team member. Mark opens up on his very unique online persona. How he leverages social media in unique ways to dominate his local marketplace. Mark is a leading authority on the Twin Cities Housing...


Bernice Ross Asks Tim about Content Marketing

Real Estate Coach Radio with Bernice Ross ***Making Facebook Work for You Again*** How to sculpt the feeds you want into your wall. How to easily add value into your friends feeds. The point of social media. Why Dunbar number limits your real social reach. How to theme your social media to the days stories and topical and to control your story to become a thought leader. How to make yourself into a personality that exudes trust. Why the net...


How to Trigger Yourself Your Team for Success:: Tom and Kim of Essential Skils

How much better could you be? If you could install a virtual button into your team that guarantees their peak state for their peak performance? Join me with Tom Vizzini and Kim McFarland of Essential Skills. This episode is packed with gold. However Tom and Kim share a very simple yet rich technique to make sure we guide our selves and others in the right direction. The episode is loaded with tons of examples and even ways for you to test this out safely in the real world. *How to get better...


Rex Sikes on Positive Football Coaching and Playing

Rex self describes as a "mystic couch potato". Sometimes. It is in the deep reflection that many get stuck and is maybe what he means by this term. However, Rex has had an epic career proving that he is not just content on contemplating. He implements. Background: Started acting at the age of 3. Lived in Hollywood as an actor and taught acting 1974 to 1991. Began studying various forms of therapy in 1978 Began research on healers and psychics in 1979 Began his spiritual journey in 1980,...


Jim Mora : Programming Your Football Team For Success

Coach Jim Mora teaches us core principles, Key values and beliefs that guide his programming and how to develop better football players. On coaching his kids When to coach and when to parent and when to coach his own kids on athleticism. What it means to play with certainty. Don't create things that do not need to be created. Sometimes means minimizing what you are asking them to do mentally.So they can play fast. Tangibles and intangibles. Intangibles that set the best of the best players...


Kenrick Cleveland A Secret to Motivating Your Players

Kenrick Cleveland The power of a coaches influence and how it can lift up or destroy Coaching for life vs coaching for a practice or game A simple technique to get into the heads of your players. Learn the same technique that took an S&L to a Billion dollar bank. The 3 question system that takes about a minute that will reveal to you, your player's most important internal values that will motivate them for their own reasons. Why this will enhance their playing experience. Why my or your...


Deconstructing Eduardo Nuno: 8 X National Champ Offensive Line Coach

The offensive line is usually the most odd and intelligent group on a football team. A good o line loves to be called blue collar. Join me with Eduardo Nuno as discusses how to build an offensive line for a national championship team. 8 x National Championship offensive line coach at San Francisco City College. Coach Ed is an amazing study. He grew up in Tijuana and crossed the border to attend high school and play football in the San Diego area. Going back after school. Amazing fortitude....